Roma vs Juventus Talking Points #1368

The Problems at Roma are deeper than the Manager

We saw a total collapse at the Stadio Olimpico from Roma on Sunday night. As Roma throws away three points against Juventus. Allowing to choke in the most humiliating way possible. Roma came into the game as heavy underdogs after being dealt with just three days earlier against AC Milan; this team did not have confidence going for them. They would be without Rick karsdorp and Gianluca Mancini. There were several concerns regarding the defensive structure and whether or not they could handle themselves against Juventus; ultimately, that is exactly what derailed them. However, losing to Juventus was more or less expected. Roma has not fared well against the old lady, especially in recent times to get results. You could argue Roma outplayed them in the majority of their meetings recently. Still, Roma lacks the minerals and the winning mentality that turned performances into results. However, on Sunday night, it looked like they were on their way to beating them in what would have been a very defining performance. Tammy Abraham put Roma in front before Dybala equalized; then, at the start of the second half, Lorenzo Pellegrini and henrikh Mkhitaryan both found the back of the net as Roma opened up a 3–1 lead. Rome was staring at a potential convincing performance against Juventus before it was thrown away in seven minutes. Juventus scored in 70th, 72nd, and 77th minutes to go from 3–1 to 4–3 up erratic defending heavily being influenced on what can only be described as 7 Minutes in Hell. Roma had an opportunity to level it with a late penalty, but they were demoralized by how quickly everything fell apart. Roma was in Dreamland, and then they weren’t; it happened so quickly. It is quite clear that this club is a mess now; there’s no denying that we’re trying to argue anything different. The truth is that Jose Mourinho has not been good enough. Roma is slightly better than last season, Maybe, but they’re very vast margins; this is more or less the same as last season; only minimal improvements have been made. However, it’s straightforward to say getting rid of Mourinho might solve the problems, but ultimately changing the manager does not make a difference considering all the current issues at the club. Mourinho, with time, could maybe turn this around; he needs the backing even if he has not been that good this season. Even if it doesn’t seem a realm is going in the right direction or improving in changing, the manager won’t do a thing. Many people say Mourinho has lost the plot, but unfortunately, the plot was lost before you even arrived, considering everything that Roma has to deal with and has to change. Thiago Pinto and the Friedkin’s are trying to turn this around and do their best job. I have faith that they’ll be able to do this, but many changes need to be made before that’s possible. The players are not good enough, and Roma needs to make changes before they can legitimately look like a team that could challenge for something. The problems at this club are deeper than the coaching staff; it looks like Roma will sign Sergio Oliveira from Porto in the coming days as an agreement has been reached on both accounts, but that’s only the beginning of what needs to change. Roma has far too many players that they need to get rid of; the players aren’t good enough. Roma needs to keep the good enough ones and get rid of everyone else. Players should stay as follows Gianluca Mancini, Chris Smalling, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Tammy Abraham, Felix Afena, henrikh Mkhitaryan, rui Patricio, Rick karsdorp, Matias Vina, Nicolo zaniolo, Stephan El Shaarawy, and Darbo. Anyone who is a young player who hasn’t broken into the team should also stay. Outside of this, Roma needs to get rid of a lot as much as I like Rodger Ibanez and Jordan veretout Roma have to move on there are too many inconsistencies, especially in the defense and the Midfield it is unreasonable Roma continuingly to ask Tammy Abraham and Lorenzo Pellegrini baby superheroes every game both of them are certified Butler’s and Lorenzo Pellegrini is one of the best midfielders in the world they are having career seasons both of them not to mention the job at Rui Patricio has done in goal considering the situation. Still, the defense continually puts the goalkeeper in vulnerable positions, and the Midfield just isn’t good enough and can act as a liability. So as I said, getting rid of the coach doesn’t do a thing; you could put any manager in the situation, and they would struggle. Mourinho might be the right manager, and he may not be the right manager, but getting rid of him because maybe he isn’t good enough isn’t going to solve the problem put any manager in the situation they’re going to struggle to overcome it until the environment. The players change; nothing’s going to change. Right now, my club is an absolute mess. Thiago pinto and the Friedkin’s know what they’re doing, but there’s a lot of work to be done, and it will take some time. The performance on Sunday the collapse just highlighted all the things that still need to change; this is a project for a reason. We’ve yet to see significant improvements; making brat decisions isn’t going to help anyone.

Masterclass from Allegri’s Assistant

Juventus made an incredible turnaround on Sunday night away from home while being outplayed by Roma. This is the fourth match in a row in which Romo has outplayed Juventus and still lost. The winning mentality that exists in Juventus, even in difficult moments and in stretches where they have really looked at a team, has the winning mentality. It is just something that exists inside of the club and out. Their Victory on Sunday was primarily given to them by Roma’s collapse, but the assistant manager made all the right choices. The substitutions he made were very influential on Juventus, turning everything around. Federico Chiesa was severely hurt and had to leave the game; it has been since diagnosed that he tore his ACL, a heartbreaking injury for Italian football, considering his promise. Kulusevski came in to replace him with the 7-minute stretch he scored. He brought on Alvaro Morata in the second half for Moise Kean; he assisted Juventus with his second goal to get themselves back into the game. All the changes and the decisions that he made the biggest difference. Max Allegri was in the stands, and I don’t think they will turn this around if he is on the sideline. Max Allegri once was a great manager, one of the best in the world and in Italy, but it is not the case anymore; he spent two seasons without watching the sport and then returned withhold ideas that don’t work. Juventus has had an erratic first half of the season and only recently had a climb to the table; the reason they were in a vulnerable position, to begin with, was because of Max Allegri. He is not the inspiration behind the recent success; he has nothing to do with it, I would say, nothing to do with it, but very little the players are coming together and performing, and Sunday night, his assistant manager made a big difference. They’re closing the gap on the Champions League places, and I believe they will be in the Champions League; even furthermore, this Juventus team that started so poorly, I think, will finish second in the league behind Inter Milan. AC Milan and Napoli are still a serious question that they can keep up their consistency; if they drop, inform Juventus will be the ones to reclaim it. With an incredible turnaround away from home in Rome at the Stadio Olimpico against Mourinho, this will only ignite the fire that will push them through the rest of the season; it is devastating that they’ve lost Federico Chiesa, but Juventus will find a way especially coming off a performance like this. Roma outplayed them, but the winning intangibles and mentality they have was able to win the game regardless and come back from a 3–1 deficit. A masterclass from the Juventus assistant manager will now set them up nicely for the second half of the season.

You can NOT Put this On Lorenzo Pellegrini!

In the closing moments of Roma’s epic collapse against Juventus at the Stadio Olimpico, there was a way back into it for Roma. Roma was given a penalty with 10 minutes left and an opportunity to still get a point from the game. Lorenzo Pellegrini stepped up but was denied as Roma could not salvage a point. There has been an inevitable frustration coming from that moment, and I think it’s totally understandable to feel let down by his failure to capitalize on the penalty. I would have preferred Tammy Abraham take the spot kick. However, Lorenzo Pellegrini is the leader and the captain of this team; he took the responsibility of a highly pressurized moment it did not fall for him on this occasion. However, at the full-time whistle, he took full accountability for the events that transpired in Rome on Sunday; he took it like a leader. Lorenzo Pellegrini would die for the badge. He is a Roma-born midfielder who loves the club that is similar to Francesco Totti and Daniele de Rossi. I’ve said for many years, Lorenzo Pellegrini; we’ll stay at this club until he’s done playing, even if it means he won’t win a thing; his love for Roma Cuts deeper than anything else we should be honored that he captains the Club. This is why I was gobsmacked by the absurdity of those trying to shift the blame on his shoulders. This season, Lorenzo Pellegrini is one of the best midfielders, if not the best midfielder. He’s arguably been Roma’s best player; his communication and relationship with Tammy Abraham have been critical to the team. The two of them have gotten to know each other on the pitch very well; he has made an effort and making him feel welcome immediately on and off the pitch. He recently returned from injury and immediately against AC Milan to get an assist to get Roma back into the game. On Sunday night against Juventus, he had a goal and an assist just in the second half. He wasn’t the entire reason Roma was in the lead, to begin with. He scored an incredible free-kick that built the 3–1 lead. Without Lorenzo Pellegrini, this team would be even more in the mud than they already are. Lorenzo Pellegrini should have scored the penalty, that is entirely fair to say; however, Roma being in that position, to begin with, was because the Midfield and defense were erratic after he had taken Roma on the brink of points you cannot put this game on the Pellegrini penalty he did everything he was asked to do he dominated the Midfield he exhausted Juventus regularly Pellegrini, and Tammy Abraham took the game to Juventus together, in the end, he missed a penalty. Still, the rest of the team should not have put him in that position; anyone who’s legitimately trying to blame this performance on Lorenzo Pellegrini he’s insane; Lorenzo Pellegrini is one of the best midfielders in the world. It was a masterful performance from him; it’s not his fault, but his defense conceded three goals in seven minutes.

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