European Storylines of the week #1376

Priemer League is More One Sided Then the so called “Farmer League”

Manchester City’s dominance has been extremely impressive; they are running the table in the Premier League yet again. Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City is now 12 points clear at the top of the Premier League table. This should not be much surprised because it is like this every season. We cannot keep hiding behind the truth. The fan base of the Premier League has continually shown disrespect towards Serie A, the Bundesliga, La Liga, and the French league. Those that do that are sitting on a throne of Lies. This is not to take away anything from Manchester city and what they’ve been able to do, but over the last five years, there has been one title race, one just one. Of the Premier League titles that Manchester City Has lifted, they have more or less walked it all but one season. We can talk about the dominance of English football in Europe Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, and Tottenham have all been to European finals over the last five years. There’s no disputing that English football has probably the best collection of top teams. However, don’t believe what you hear about the Premier League. The Premier League is still very strong. However, this idea that the Premier League is the best globally is ridiculous. This idea that you cannot be a great player unless you prove it in English football is ridiculous. This absurd narrative that all the other top leagues aren’t good enough and the Premier League is full of Warriors. I’m going to be transparently honest here the Bundesliga is the best league in the world, Serie A is the second-best league in the world, and La Liga is the third-best leading in the world. The Premier League is the fourth-best, but it’s not better than the three I just mentioned. The Premier League has seen Manchester City dominate four of the last five years; there isn’t a title race to talk about most of the time. The Champions League race doesn’t have enough in it and the race for the Europa League. Juventus and Bayern Munich have dominated Germany and Italy over the last decade; even though they keep winning a rarely have walked the league, they are getting pushed practically every season. The run that Juventus had at the top of Italy was a cakewalk; maybe one or two of those years, most of the time I had someone breathing down their neck but winning mentality prevailed in the end, and they got their hands on the trophy. They never really had a situation like Manchester City, where 10 plus points won most of their titles. The Bundesliga and Serie A have a title race every season as an incredibly competitive race for the Europa League and the Champions League; it’s usually only separated by a few points. La Liga always has the title race, and the Champions League race is always tight. I’m not disputing that the Premier League is excellent. However, they are the last people on earth that have the credibility or authority to call anybody else’s league a farmers League. The dominance of Manchester city has highlighted the fact that the majority of the Premier League is not strong as a collective. Obviously, you can argue for certain teams and how good they are, but as he collected from top to bottom, there is nowhere near the Bundesliga Serie A or La Liga. The French league, the league everybody calls a farmer’s, has been more competitive over the last two years in the Premier League. PSG is walking at this year, but the difference between 4th place and 10th place is 6 points outside of that. It is extremely tough to make European football, especially in Italy and Germany. There are incredible teams in the season that will fail to make Europe; that’s how competitive it is, especially at the top. West Ham United is in range of making the Champions League this season. In Spain, Germany, and Italy, they wouldn’t be a consideration if you look at some of the teams that they have Sevilla, Atalanta, Fiorentina Real Betis, Friedberg, Bayer Leverkusen, Hoffenheim, Hellas Verona, Torino, and so many others West Ham would have incredible difficulty making the Champions League in any of these other leagues I watch the Premier League every weekend within the top four leagues they are significantly the hardest to watch because a large portion of the games can be dry. You just don’t see the excitement that we see in the Bundesliga every Saturday morning or an Italian football, not to mention with France and Spain can bring to the table. We have to get rid of this idea, but the Premier League is just on another level than everyone else; it’s simply not true if you look at everything and consider everything the quality of the league from top to bottom, the Premier League is not going to win that argument. Is the Premier League the league with the best top teams? Yes, there’s no disputing that even though they do not have the best team in the world in that league, they have probably two of the next five. Look at the quality of players in low-level teams of these other leagues it’s incredible the quality we get to see every weekend. Again I have tremendous respect for the Premier League, but if you look at the Premier League over the last 5 years, there was not an argument there to suggest that the Premier League is the best league in the world. The phrase doing it in the Prem should go in the grave beneath the dirt. Bruno Fernandes could not handle Italian football; he was one of the worst players in the league; he goes to England he’s one of the best players in the league people always make the other examples but don’t bring the Premier League examples to attention. Leroy Sane last season came out with a beautiful quote regarding this whole farmer League narrative; just because you prefer one league over the other does not mean that the other top leagues aren’t just as good City’s dominance is extraordinary, but if you follow the bread crumbs over the last few years you can’t definitively say that the premier league has been or currently is the best league in the world there are four Elite leagues in Europe the Premier League is one of them. Still, they’re not at the top of the pile, and I haven’t been for several years. If you look at the dominance of Bayern and Juve, those two teams most years, they were pushed until the very end and created separation at the end. I don’t like having to do this; it’s not something I enjoy having to bring to attention, but it’s something that needs to be talked about; the reputation of the Premier League and where it actually exists are not the same thing, by the way, this isn’t an Italian fan ripping the Premier League my league is Serie A my team plays in Italy the best league is Germany I will finish with one last statement you do not need to play in the Premier League to prove your greatness Ciro immobile, Robert Lewandowski, Marco Reus, Nicolo Barella, Karim Benzema, and others have nothing left to prove you don’t have to go through the Premier League route to be an all-time great and I reject any other implication.

Paulo Dybala’s Contract Situation

Paulo Dybala seems to be back to his best as Juventus continues to climb the table. As I previously stated, I believe that Juventus will finish second in the league this season. Certainly, with Pablo Dybala leading the way now that Federico Chiesa is gone for the season. Juventus are playing some of their best football of the season; they’re getting results on a pretty regular basis; they are heating up at precisely the right time as they are growing as a team into the second half of the season. Pablo Dybala scored against Roma udinese, and the other day in the Coppa Italia, he’s at his very best right now. He is rolling this Juventus team towards the Champions League. However, there is an impending issue regarding his contract. They have been in talks for weeks has, Paulo Dybala wants to reach an agreement. Paulo Dybala camp is not thrilled with how the negotiations are going. A new contract isn’t being put together quickly enough. Paulo Dybala desperately wants to remain with Juventus I think a lot of people forget he had an opportunity to go to Tottenham and Manchester United; he has rejected advances away from Juventus pretty regularly. When the Argentine is healthy, he is one of the best players in the league, definitely within the top three. The last time he was completely healthy, he was the player of the season in Italian football; he outclassed Cristiano Ronaldo then what was an incredibly significant season Paulo Dybala what about the rest. He has had some health issues since then, but he’s looking like that player once again. In 2020 had the Ballon d’Or been given out, Robert Lewandowski would have won the award convincingly; however, I genuinely believe Paulo Dybala would have been voted into the top five. Considering he was the main reason surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo’s incredible season and the driving force behind Juventus winning the league. The beauty of Paulo Dybala is he does not need to put up big numbers to be highly effective; he has shown that at different parts of this season but as of late, he’s finding the back of the net regularly. I understand his frustrations with the deal not progressing. When he scored against udinese even though he denied it, he didn’t celebrate, and he glared at the Press Box directly at the sporting director, kind of making some sort of statement he denied that this is what he did; he had said he was looking for his friend I don’t believe him I have no problem with what he did. Paulo Dybala is one of the best players in the league this season. He’s going to take Juventus to the Champions League, and with one or two more signings, Juventus could be back in the thick of things as far as winning titles in the upcoming years. Legitimately there is no reason for the negotiations to stall; the Argentine has earned the right to name his price. Juventus need to get off their hands and handle this situation. Inter Milan are reportedly interested if the contract expires. Juventus do not want him to go across town to Milan to start playing his football with Inter Milan this is not very complicated this is as simple as it comes he will be among the players considered for the player of the season at the end of the campaign pay the man whatever he wants or Juventus will lose him for nothing the way they have handled this entire ordeal it’s embarrassing Paulo Dybala is a gem there’s no reason why this is stalling give him a fair offer and get this deal done this is a team that’s trying to fight for Champions League football this is a distraction Juventus simply just needs to tie the knot and get the ink on the dotted line this isn’t difficult they need to get moving.

Robert Lewandowski Named FIFA BEST Men’s Player Again

Robert Lewandowski was robbed of the 2020 and 2021 Ballon d’Or; it was an absolute travesty as I have repeatedly said that the 2021 Ballon d’Or was one of the most one-sided Awards in recent memory, at least of the last decade. Yet France football gave it to Lionel Messi just because he won the Copa America. Lionel Messi is the greatest of all time, but like I said when I talked about this last, that does not make it his god-given right. He was absolutely screwed over by France football. However, this week it was somewhat corrected. This last week the FIFA best player was handed out. An award ceremony but honestly, on a fundamental level, have more respect and integrity than the Ballon d’Or. They have given it out since 2016. Cristiano Ronaldo picked up the award in 2016 and 2017, Luka Modric won the award in 2018, Lionel Messi won the award in 2019, and Robert Lewandowski won the award in 2020. However, Robert Lewandowski added another one. The Bayern Munich striker that scored 69 goals in the calendar year was given the recognition he should have had a few months ago. While it does not correct the disgrace, the Ballon d’Or from a few months ago, Robert Lewandowski finally gets his proper recognition for the 2021 year. He is awarded as FIFA’s best men’s player for the second consecutive year. He continues to be the best player in the world, and that continues not to be a debate. He scored a hat-trick in the Bundesliga last week and a few days ago picked up the award. Robert Lewandowski scored 34 goals in 27 games in season 23 in the Bundesliga and 9 in the Champions League. During the last campaign, Robert Lewandowski broke the record set by Gerd Muller 40 goals in a Bundesliga season; he’s very well could break his record yet again. As long as he is healthy, Bayern Munich will win the Champions League this season; they are the best team in the world by far. Patty did not gotten injured last season. Bayern Munich will be going for their third straight Champions League; he is the most Unstoppable player in World football has he finally got the recognition that he deserves.

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