Tammy Abraham on Fire as his brace craves open Empoli Roma win three in a row #1380

A.S Roma 4 Empoli 2FT

Following advancing to the quarterfinals of the Coppa Italia on Thursday and a narrow 1–0 victory against Caglalri on Sunday, Roma would head out on the road to take on an Empoli side that nearly ousted Inter Milan in the Coppa Italia. Roma managed to secure a narrow victory at the Stadio Olimpico in the reverse fixture. Roma has just ended their losing streak and now seems to be getting their groove back; meanwhile, Empoli has been one of the surprises of this Italian football season as red-hot Tammy Abraham and Roma would lock horns with Empoli on a Sunday afternoon Clash in the heart of Italy. It turned out to be an incredibly Flawless first half for the Romans. A rapid start as Roma cut open Empoli repeatedly. Sergio Oliveira finds Tammy Abraham, who is just Flamin Hot, beating a keeper and giving Roma a 1–0 lead. Before not too long, he would get himself another making it 13 goals in his last 14 games; another Tammy Abraham strike would give Roma a 2–0 lead. They were not done yet. After scoring in his first game on Sunday, Sergio Oliveira would score in his second League start as his strike makes it 3–0, then to end the first half henrikh Mkhitaryan picks out Nicolo zaniolo and follows through as Roma held a 4–0 lead in the first half. Roma wasn’t as dominating in the second half as they had the points more or less secure; however, this is an Empoli team he always finds a way to fight back. Andrea pinamonti hits a sweet strike to get them a goal back. Near the conclusion, Nedim Bajrami manages to secure a second goal for the hosts taking a huge deflection on the way to another goal. However, it was too little too late Roma dominating the first half of play gave them more than enough cushion to secure the points without too much difficulty as Roma held to a 4–2 victory led by Tammy Abraham’s brace, who continues to be the difference-maker for this Rama team as the Romans will go home Happy as they will go into Sunday’s game against Genoa with great confidence.

After preparations and predictions, the match got underway in Empoli as Roma looked to keep things moving after their Victory in the Coppa Italia on Thursday. Empoli is a tough side to play and have been successful against some of the bigger teams in the league; they showed their capabilities of getting into dangerous positions early. Bandinelli put his header through a cross coming from the wing but didn’t manage to test rui Patricio as he couldn’t direct his header down. Empoli struck again; it was bandinelli yet again stretching his rain from outside the box, but the Portuguese a shot-stopper, managed to collect. It was a promising start for the hosts, but that’s about all the positivity they had in the first half as things were about to turn in a very dark way. Roma was fired up after Nicolo zaniolo was brought to the ground in what should have been a penalty it was waved off, and VAR did not intervene; this angered the Romans as Jose Mourinho and Roma took it up a notch. Henrikh Mkhitaryan was inspired from Deep before Tammy Abraham; a minute later came close after being set up by Mkhitaryan, the England Striker hit from Point Blank Range but had the same fate as he was unable to find the back of the net. Roma continued to push on as Tammy Abraham wanted another go at it; he is in sizzling form, and there was just this sense that eventually, he was going to have his way. Sergio Oliveira found Tammy Abraham in the box supplying a superb hit cross Tammy Abraham came forward, following through with his head while it might have been a dangerous situation wasn’t quite On Target. Then in the 24th minute Roma got their goal Sergio Oliveira Struck from outside the box as threads it into Tammy Abraham the in-form striker would make no mistake converting past the goalkeeper as Roma would take a 1–0 lead that would be his 9th League goal of the season and his 16th in all competitions he is simply on fire at the moment. Around 6 minutes later, Maitland Niles had a strike saved from close. Before it happened again for Roma in the 33rd minute, coming off a corner, Gianluca Mancini connects on an initial header that fell to Tammy Abraham right in front of the goal, blasted a strike the goalkeeper managed to make before Gianluca Mancini put away the follow-up. Further analysis on the replay showed that Tammy Abraham’s strike did cross the line before the goalkeeper pushed it out as Roma will take a 2–0 lead.

It would be Tammy Abraham’s 17th goal of the season in all competitions; the English striker has scored 13 goals in 14 games; there are very few Strikers in World football in better form. It would go from bad to worse for the hosts. In the 35th minute, after collecting the ball from Nicolo Zaniolo Sergio Oliveira, Struck from inside the box into the top corner to give Roma a 3–0 lead. It would be his second goal in two League games for the Portuguese midfielder who joined just a week ago. Then in the 37th minute, Roma would get yet another one on a beautiful counterattack orchestrated by Hendrik Mkhitaryan; he whipped the ball over to a wide-open Nicolo zaniolo finished the job bearing a strike into the back of the neck as Roma took a 4–0 lead. Roma was ripping them apart from limb to limb at the end of stoppage-time Rodger Ibanez saw his header save As Time expired in the first half. Roma held a 4–0 lead thanks to two goals from Tammy Abraham and Strikes from Nicolo zaniolo and Sergio Oliveira.

Roma’s first-half performance was nearly flawless; all the pressure was off; all they needed to do was just hang on. I see the game out. Empoli was going to show their best and battle back but going into that second wrong; I didn’t need to be aggressive; they just needed to play mistake-free, and they would likely get it in the end. Empoli many times this season have come back not from a deficit like this, but they have it in them. A few minutes into the second half, Empoli was called into action as Henrik Mkhitaryan hit a stinging strike from outside the box. However, Empoli had a dangerous aspect about them and came out somewhat aggressively during the early parts of the second half. If they found a moment, they could slowly claw it back, and that’s exactly what occurred. In the 56 minutes, bandinelli found just enough space to hit a cross into the box on loan. Inter Milan Striker Andrea pinamonti hit a beautiful strike on One Touch, leaving Rui Patricio no chance as the striker gets a goal back. It wasn’t a defensive collapse. It wasn’t anything that Roma did per se it was a well-timed cross into the box and a Sublime touch. Empoli grabbed the ball out of the net as they looked to get another one. A minute later, Liam Henderson had a good look from inside the Box rui. Patricio managed to grab it, but it was difficult to control given the power put through into the ball. Roma would make their first change as Matias Vina entered the game for Maitland Niles. Shortly after the substitution, Lorenzo Tonelli set up Liam Henderson from outside the box; the English striker hit it with power but just a bit too much as it coasted to the left. Empoli showed their character has it continually got after it in the second half there was a rather unlikely chance that they were going to win this game or even get a point, but they didn’t go down without a fight. Bajrami tried to get rui Patricio off his step from outside the box, but the Portuguese shot-stopper managed to collect the save. With a little less than 20 minutes to go in the 72nd, Empoli would get another one bajrami hit with power from Deep; unfortunately, it took a major deflection off Gianluca Mancini as the deflection ended up going in his favor as it traveled into the top corner once again rui Patricio, not at fault. Roma’s defense did a pretty reasonable job in this game, and Patricio handled himself well; the two goals ever scored were very much down to an unbelievable strike and a bit of luck. Shortly after, Rodger Ibanez misfired, coming off a corner. Empoli continued to battle and fight to make it less of an embarrassment. With 10 minutes remaining, Lorenzo Tonelli was denied by rui Patricio. Felix misfired for Roma as the substitute displays another poor decision, which he needs to work on. In the game’s closing moments, Empoli created a fair few chances at the end. Still, it was too little too late an explosion of the first half Roma held on despite a fightback from Empoli as Roma earned a 4–2 victory in a wildly entertaining affair as Roma took their win streak to three in a row.

Roma picks up the third straight win and back-to-back victories in the league after going through a rough stretch as of late. Roma had handled Empoli reasonably well in the first meeting, but they understood the challenges they could represent coming into a tense game at home. Before this game, they nearly took out Inter Milan in the Coppa Italia round of 16; the quality is there; it might have shown it numerous times this season. Roma came into this with good form, and it showed with a four-goal first half. Incredibly dominant display as they were ruthless, especially on the counterattack. Tammy Abraham continues to be the man of the moment; he scored twice in this Victory, getting his second league brace which brings him to nine goals in Serie A and 17 goals in all competitions, but his form has been exceptional with 13 goals in his last 14 games. He was the difference-maker. Yet again, he stepped up dramatically without Lorenzo Pellegrini, who is expected to return for Genoa on Sunday. Lorenzo Pellegrini returns that this team certainly couldn’t make up a lot of ground and trying to finish in the top five. In addition to the Brilliance that we have seen from Tammy Abraham all season, Sergio Oliveira scores again, having two goals in two League games so far in his new colors. Not to mention we see Nicolo zaniolo find the back of the net, which is essential, mainly because of his lack of confidence at times. The decision-making still needs to improve, but he’s getting there. In the second half, Empoli battles back and shows their qualities, but it wasn’t down to lack of defense, unlike in previous games. A well-hit strike and a huge deflection, neither of which rui Patricio could have stopped. This is precisely the type of performance that Roma will need to continue to build on for the rest of the season. They can leave with confidence and a bit of momentum, driving them into their next couple of games. With Fiorentina and Lazio both dropping points, they can climb the standings. Somewhat worrying the way that Empoli we’re able to come back but in the end, a dominating first-half is the difference Genoa he is on Sunday before a crucial battle in the quarterfinals of the Coppa Italia taking place on Wednesday against Inter Milan this is the type of performance that Roman needs to project over their next two games need to take the confidence that they have and try to use that going forward with Lorenzo Pellegrini back for Roma’s next games they should have the capabilities to continue this form.

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