Roma Ladies are flying Roma drown Napoli to make it seven straight #1382

The Roman women are now the hottest team in Italian football at the moment. Juventus it’s still in a Prime position to capture the league title at the end of the season. However, Juventus had their winning streak stopped in their tracks, a monumentous opportunity for Roma to make up some ground and close the gap at the top of the table. Roma had picked up six consecutive victories; they are the hottest team in the league playing with the emphasis and the right mentality to continue putting pressure on the top of the table. Last weekend a late penalty saw them secure maximum points at home. On Sunday, Roma traveled to Napoli for the Derby Del Sol. Napoli this season has been the polar opposite of Roma; they don’t have a victory in their last five games, and there is a serious threat of relegation this season. It would be a Monumental challenge, even if they were at home. In the reverse fixture in September, Napoli or ripped apart in Roma as the Roma ladies hounded them in a 4–1 victory. It was expected to be more of the same Roma came into these as big favorites expected to do the double. Napoli yet was surprised they did a terrific job of showing restraint and holding off the inevitable. Napoli provided next to nothing going forward and rarely challenged the Roma goalkeeper. However, Napoli defended well and got a great showing from Rachel Baldi, the former Roma goalkeeper. Roma shows their aggressiveness and is still slightly shorthanded because of some covid cases. However, they saw the return of Andressa Alves Bernadetta Glionna while Camilla Ceaser and Valeria Pirone still remained out. Roma was brilliant in front of goal, but it took some time to truly breakthrough; they had to wait until late in the second half with roughly 10 minutes remaining coming off a free-kick and an attempted clearance by Napoli new signing Emil Haavi follows through on the header to give Roma a 1–0 lead with not much time remaining. Emma Lind manages to make a late save that guaranteed the points for Roma. They have won seven games in a row if Juventus begin to drop points, maybe just maybe. Roma can take the crown hard to imagine anyone beating them right now; there’s operating on a totally different level.

Following preparations and predictions, the match got underway in Napoli for the Derby Del Sol as the Roma women are looking to make it seven victories in a row in addition to doing the double against Napoli. Meanwhile, Napoli is hoping to get something had they only have one point in their last five games and are in serious threat of relegation. This would be a losing battle for them, even if they were doing the right things and trying to hold off Roma as much as possible. You would think that having Home Advantage would have gone their way or perhaps kept Roma in check, at least for a short stretch, turned out not to be the case. Roma was flying directly from the kick-off. Just minutes into the game, Roma pushes the ball forward, gets into a counter-attacking space, and nearly converts immediately. Andressa Alves returns to the team after having covid last week puts Roma in position. As the Brazilian International spread the ball to Manuela Guliano, the Roma captain fires a shot on goal just inside the Box. Rachel Baldi wasn’t tested, and she could handle it catching the ball in her hands. 2 minutes later, Roma got into a dangerous position. Greggi cut from the left wing just outside the Box, attempting to curl it into the right corner; it’s unclear if it was intended to be a strike or an intended cross into Andressa Alves, who is right there at the far post regardless of her strike misfires just a little high. It was relentless; they just kept coming forward. Roma had total control ball; they were moving very quickly, and even though the Napoli defense did a reasonable job, it was tough to deal with. Moments later, Greggi applied a through ball on the cross right outside of the opposing box, sling it to Lazaro as she followed through on a strike that was just inches away; then, almost immediately, they got on it again. From Midfield, Pettenzzo supplies a great through ball into Pamela Lazaro, who takes one touch before Andressa Alves takes a strike looking for the bottom corner; a goalkeeper made the save the defense attempted to clear out with some difficulty. Anna Serturini regained the ball from the right-wing trying to send a cross back inside, but the Napoli defense was there to deal with it. We were approaching a half-hour mark, yet Roma still had no goals despite their relentlessness on the attack. Greggi did it cross into the Box to find Anna at the far post; she was by herself zeroing in On Target it was right there for her but was unable to capitalize a slightly disappointing finish from her considering she’s one of the best players in the league and she usually would find no difficulty finding a back in that from that angle. Roma was doing work from the wing again as Haavi sent a cross into the box to find Manuela Guliano; however, it was a poor finish, not reaching the target. Not long after, Manuela Guliano found just enough space to find Anna Serturini Inside the Box striking on the first touch; however, Rachel Baldi former Roma goalkeeper who has practiced and trained with Anna for the last couple of years, read the situation perfectly, making an acrobatic save as she was able to deal with the power of her strike. In the closing moments of the first half, Napoli finally got forward and attempted a counter-attack, the ended up going nowhere as New Roma goalkeeper Emma Linda grabbed the ball to end the first half. Even though Roma had failed to score in the first half of play it was a really ruthless performance so far they just pushed did a lot of work coming from the wing as well as pushing it through the middle they had not found the goal yet it certainly was, they were showing some of the best-attacking football they have shown this season really blistering and dangerous on the attack Napoli’s defense and goalkeeper handle themselves quite well if they hadn’t Roma could have been in front by multiple goals already. Napoli’s only hope is to hold them off until the end they barely have the ball, and when they did, they did nothing with it

A little under 10 minutes into the second half, Andressa Alves nearly scores a stunning goal following a scramble into the box. Brazilian International caught the ball as it cleared before striking with power from outside the box; it felt like the moment, but the save was made at the right opportune time. Roma continued to push forward, getting dangerous position and trying to break through it wasn’t happening at there was a sense that eventually their moment would arrive Napoli defense was doing a great job they were winning a game with a clock while Roma was losing it but the inevitable ultimately did occur. More than 15 minutes ago, Haavi picked out a cross for Alves, but another save from Napoli. However, just minutes later, they arrived at the moment in the 78th minute coming off a free-kick from the left side of the box kind of at an angle substitute Bernadetta Glionna sent a ball into the box Alves attempted to get a touch and got a slight one as she collied with the Napoli Defender trying to clear it out it blurred the vision of the goalkeeper has she attempted to collect the ball all the same time then at the right place at the right time the Norwegian Ice Princess Haavi followed the Ball and got her head on to it sending her header into the back of the net as Roma took a 1–0 lead with about 10 minutes remaining. It would be the first goal in the Roma colors for the new signing as she gave Roma a vital goal. Almost a minute later horrific pass from the defense saw Alves take off the ball from inside the box before attempting a strike; unfortunately, it was deflected. Napoli got on the counter-attack in the closing moments of the game; they look good as they move the ball into a dangerous position before firing a shot. However, the Swedish goalkeeper saved just a few minutes later on a corner kick. Napoli had one last chance the ball hooked in. Napoli tried to score with the header, but it was a bit High after the full-time whistle. Roma once again shows their superiority in the Derby del Sole as they hang on to an important 1–0 victory, their seventh win in a row as they keep their hot streak going.

Roma continues to win; they are in the sizzling form now, and it does not seem like this will stop anytime soon. The last two games may not have been utter domination, but they are still getting the job done in the end. This weekend it was a goal off of a set piece; with roughly 10 minutes remaining last weekend, a stoppage-time penalty sealed it. We could be sitting here from the previous two games and talking about Roma getting draws. Both of them while would not have been a justification of the performance because, against Napoli and Empoli, it was a performance of domination and control. Still, at the same time, they could have dropped points in both of these games; however, they continue to find ways to win games there’s a lot of pressure on them to continue to play well. Roma continues to sit in second place with sassuolo breathing down their neck; that is seven consecutive victories now; they’re absolutely flying the hottest team in Italy at the moment. This was another incredibly positive performance from Roma it may have taken until 10 minutes remaining to decide the outcome ultimately, but Roma dominated the game and eventually got the goal they were looking for. They were hitting the target on almost every shot; the Napoli defense and goalkeeper did a good job of holding off what would be inevitable; however, Roma overwhelmed them. Napoli only found the Target on one shot barely had possession; it essentially became a waiting game, eventually going to break through, and to see their new signing do it, it’s just icing on the cake. This Roma team is a Champions League team next season; there’s no doubt about that Juventus drop point over the weekend, meaning they have minimized it to just six points if they beat Juventus in the reverse fixture and either Inter Milan AC Milan or sassuolo end up beating them there might be a window of opportunity for Roma to have the capabilities of potentially stealing it. This is incredibly unlikely that they will be one of the favorites for the Coppa Italia Roma winning the league, even though it seems unlikely at the moment. Just look at Roma; the last two games, they dominated the game it took some extraordinary things for them to win it winning mentality, winning intangibles they came through when they needed to. Going into the game last weekend, Roma had four starters out with covid; this weekend, they had two out of covid Roma hasn’t seen their team at full strength in League Play since the Derby in mid-December. When they are back at full strength will be even more full-throttle than they are now they have a club-record seven consecutive victories they will have a test against Inter Milan in a few weeks a gray able to handle them I think it’s highly likely this team will not leave this season empty-handed may not have been the best performance. Still, they’re getting the results, and that’s all you can ask for.

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