Roma vs Empoli Talking Points #1381

Tammy Abraham: One of the Best Strikers In the World

There are very few attackers in World football that are better than Tammy Abraham. Truthfully the only ones I can think of are Karim Benzema and Robert Lewandowski; it is a very compelling argument that Tammy Abraham is a top-three striker in the world right now. Not necessarily in general but at the current moment, those are the only two that are having better seasons. The season as a whole has been a bit inconsistent from Roma’s output; however, there certainly could be an opportunity that they could turn the corner. Champions League football probably is not a possible outcome, but finishing in the Europa League would improve last season. As things progressed, they can continue to build on this campaign. The friedkin group is doing its best to rebuild the squad and make it a winner again. They deserve an enormous amount of credit for the Tammy Abraham deal. It was a battle for weeks between Arsenal and Roma. However, ultimately the Italian side was able to convince him. Roma forked out 36 million for Tammy Abraham; it seemed like a lot of money at the time; also, upon his arrival, he has given the number nine jersey, a jersey that was previously worn by Club Legend edin Dzeko, who has scored 119 goals over six seasons for the club. A lot of pressure was going to highlight that situation he was going to have to perform; there was no way around it. However, yet again, he has been absolutely superb this season, one of the most impressive performers of these weekends games; again he is just operating on a completely different level at the moment. Bojar mayoral last season was the Brightside oven otherwise brutal season. The Spanish international scored 17 goals last season; he has since Departed back to La Liga. His lack of usage seemed a bit harsh, but the way Tammy Abraham performed is a big reason. Tammy Abraham against empoli only continued his truly incredible form after scoring in the Coppa Italia Victory on Thursday. He added two strikes in the first half against a strong Empoli side. Tammy Abraham has 17 goals this season has scored 14 goals in his last 14 games; he has been exactly what Roma paid for Roma for the first time in a couple of years has a superstar at the striker position. Don’t get me wrong, edin Dzeko was a superstar the last couple of years you could see his age. Right now, we have a 24-year-old Striker scoring as frequently as any attacker in World football; he has reached 10 League goals this season. Chelsea has a Buy-Back option in 2023 that will cost approximately 88 million if they choose to activate it; as I said before, even though it is clear their making mistakes here, Abramovich will not swallow his pride and make that decision almost a admit that they messed up. Romelu Lukaku is there; eventually, he’s going to get back on track and start scoring, so I think it’s highly unlikely that the Buy-Back Clause will be activated or that Tammy would even want that as much as he loves the club. Tammy Abraham should be the number one choice at the World Cup; what he’s doing at Roma is very similar to romelu Lukaku at Inter Milan. He is in a perfect situation with good pieces around him; as Roma fans, we watch this team every week, and with the good and the bad, Tammy Abraham playing like a monster is not something that surprises any of us. Among Italy’s best strikers, Tammy Abraham is right there; with Ciro immobile, we have two Roman Strikers at the top of their game showing world-class capabilities every week in this league. Tammy Abraham making that big-money move from Chelsea not only has given Roma a superstar, but by the end of this, it will look like an extreme bargain a goal on Thursday in the Coppa Italia scoring twice on Sunday he is scoring at an unconscious level. There’s a reason he will continue to get recognition. Roma and Tammy Abraham fit like a glove as we repeatedly see incredible performances.

Empoli are fighters They have got something

Empoli has been one of the season’s surprises, and even at their worst, they show the capabilities. This team recently got promoted from Serie B it was expected to be a team that will be fighting with Venencia Spezia Genoa and others for survival. It’s been quite the contrary; they’ve been able to climb the table away from the relegation zone, and unless something horrific happens, they won’t have to worry about that all season. They have beaten and taken points off some of the best teams in the league. With the right decisions going forward, perhaps a younger manager back and take this team forward for the next couple of years; this could be a team to look out for. They’ve handled their business in the market well, and they are performing well. They did get torn apart in the first half against Roma on Sunday, conceding four goals within minutes of each other it was brutal on the defense. In the second half, they came out with energy; they played with confidence, and even though they knew the chances of winning the game or gaining the point was almost none, they still approached the game with the same level of enthusiasm and importance. Many teams in that situation would have just rolled over, but they’re different Empoli rallied back a bit now, while rui Patricio, the Roma goalkeeper, was not at fault for either of the goals; I still got them. With a sweet strike from Andrea pinamonti and a big deflection that ended up working out for them, they scored twice in the second half to minimize the deficit. They may not have won the game, but the fascinating thing about this team is they don’t back down from anything; there’s a reason that I seem to like this can do well against some of the better teams in the league if they go down they go down swinging. With a few adjustments for next season and perhaps a manager that isn’t at the end of the road, they really could challenge themselves and at least get into the UEFA conference fee. European football could be on the table for them, especially after improving on this team because, as currently constructed, this is a solid team that will only grow with time.

Fredkin Group Delivers with Oliveria a DM away from Contention?

Sergio Oliveira, it looks like one of the best signings of the January transfer window. In just three games, he has already established himself as one of the key components of the Roma Midfield. It makes Roma significantly a much more dangerous team with incredible ability and experience. In his first League start against Caglalri, he scored the game’s only goal from the spot in the victory on Thursday in the Coppa Italia; he was instrumental in the Roma midfield. On Sunday against Empoli he orchestrated Tammy Abraham’s first goal and scored a strike of his own. In League Play, in just two games, he has two goals and one assist; capturing him in January has been something that will be really important going forward. It will only cost around 15 million as Roma hold a purchase option. The influence he has had in the Midfield so quickly has been wildly impressive. He goes from Porto to Roma and does not miss a step; he has been convincingly one of the best players on this Roma team so quickly. While it’s only been a couple of games, he has been absolutely fantastic, and Roma certainly solves a problem in their Midfield. The link-up play and communication between henrikh Mkhitaryan and Sergio Oliveira has been important in Roma getting forward and into those attacking spaces to feed Nicolo zaniolo Tammy Abraham. The types of options that they have in attacking Midfield are plentiful. It has been convincingly one of their most important assets of the team in the last three games. Roma is a team now that is pushing forward much more frequently and putting themselves in dangerous positions almost constantly. We are starting to see much more attacking play coming from this team feeding through the Midfield. Not to mention Lorenzo Pellegrini will return to the team on Sunday; this is a Roma Midfield that includes henrikh Mkhitaryan, Sergio Oliveira, and Lorenzo Pellegrini. Roma’s most significant problem in getting itself back into the games might have fixed itself with this acquisition. Roma now has the dynamism in their Midfield to get themselves back into games in situations. There’s a lot to be positive following that performance, and going forward, Leo spinazzola could return to the team this month, giving them a whole different level of explosiveness. In addition to that, Nicolo zaniolo found the back of the net again; hopefully, there’s more to come from that. There’s still an impending situation with Felix working on his decision-making. It will be a constant struggle, but if Roma can get him up to speed, it could help them dramatically. However, all the positive things discussed when we speak about this Roma team are missing; there’s a component that they don’t have a proper defensive midfielder. If they could get one, I believe this team is good enough all-around to challenge for the title, not yet not this season, but next season if they could fix that issue, they could be soaring. The defense needs a little bit of work as well; there’s no doubt about that, but a defensive midfielder could be so valuable right now. Sergio Oliveira has some qualities that you would see in a defensive midfield, but he is an attacking midfielder by Nature, although he is an expert in ball control and regaining possession, two things that Roma’s defensive Midfield have struggled with this season however like I said he is more of a central midfielder one attacking midfielder we need him to push forward and the apart of building the counter-attack. With all due respect to Bryan cristante, who is hard-working despite not being the most gifted player, and the Roma fans do appreciate along with Jordan Veretout, who has been one of the best defensive midfielders in the league the last couple of years. Still, while he deserves a spot on this team as a regular starter, I’m not so sure anymore. Roma still has Darbo, but he’s Young; and hasn’t quite made a big impact on sorting out his problems and making them a contender next season or potentially start making those steps they need to find a defensive midfielder that is proven and has a quality the one that seems to reach those Surplus requirements is Marseille defensive midfielder, Boubacar Kamara. He’s relatively young; he’s been playing French football for several years as a starter and an important player and would be the perfect solution. However, that might be difficult because Roma will not be the only team interested he is in the last year of his contract and will be available to sign for free in the summer; it is Roma’s priority whether it is trying to sign in in January for a big sum or try to get him for free in the summer one way or another that is the one hole that Roma desperately need to occupy all-in-all if you’re able to pull off a deal like that and it’s yet to be seen whether they can they could put themselves in position to contend for trophies next season and perhaps return to the Champions League there’s a lot of things here that are sorted a defensive midfielder is exactly what is in need Sergio Oliveira coming into this Midfield has been masterful her all my might be a lot closer than people think a top-quality defensive midfielder would give momentum and confidence to Roma team that could make the Champions League next season with a proper DM the sky is the limit.

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