The Title Race is on Manuela Giugliano leads Roma past Inter Juventus awaits #1412

A.S Roma 2 Inter Milan 0FT

The Roma ladies would be back at it again following the international break. Roma would look to carry the momentum into a critical stretch of the season that very well could define this campaign’s title. This past Sunday, they would host Inter Milan in Rome. This weekend, they will lock horns with Juventus and the following weekend against AC Milan. Spagna had this Roma team fulfilling the potential of a Champions League side. The Roma ladies almost certainly will qualify for next year’s Champions League. He has built this team into a winner. Roma did a tremendous job bringing in some key additions, not to mention all the work they have done in January; this is one of the deepest teams in Italy at the moment, and they have an incredible chance to win significant trophies this year season. They are the holders of the Coppa Italia, and they are already sitting in the semi-final where they could avoid both AC Milan and Juventus. Roma would get their Captain back as Bartoli would return at precisely the right time. Roma has won their last nine games as they are reaching historic marks this season; welcome Inter Milan to Rome, another side that has been incredibly productive this campaign and has ambitions of their own. This will be the first stop in a stretch of three games that could be the most significant indicator of how things will finish the rest of the season. For the most part, had control of the game and used it to their advantage. They continue to be a menace in front of goal as they would get their breakthrough right before halftime Andressa Alves gave Roma a 1–0 lead from the penalty spot. They took the lead into the second half. They put the game away for good in the opening minutes with a stunning strike from Manuela Guliano as Roma would cruise to a 2–0 victory, making it 10 consecutive wins. The expectations and Ambition for this campaign were Champions League football; however, Empoli handed Juventus their first loss of the season this weekend. Roma and Juventus will lock horns this coming weekend with an opportunity to go level on points. This is one of the best teams in Europe at the moment; a league double may not be out of their reach if they keep going. Spagna has these girls absolutely flying with yet another victory brushing aside a test in Inter Milan.

After preparations and predictions, the match got underway in Rome as we witnessed one of the season’s most significant matches thus far. Everything was set to kick off between Roma and Inter Milan. There are not too many adjustments for the home side, but most notably, Roma captain Elisa Bartoli is returning from injury as she has only played eight of the 14 games this season before her return. Roma had gone through most of their winning run without her being back into the squad only enhances them ahead of a crucial stretch of the season. Surprisingly, Inter Milan had a slight advantage in possession; however, it did not seem to affect the home side’s performance. Roma dominated and looked like a hazardous team. While Inter Milan struggled in many aspects throughout picked the wrong time to have a bad day at the office. In the opening minutes, Roma is on the verge of a breakthrough. Manuela Giugliano found space on the outside, supplying a cross into the box to find Anna Serturini, who ended up taking an inadvertent touch before Pamela Lazaro took a strike on goal. Still, her finish went a little bit wide. Roma continued to get themselves into dangerous positions and did seem to have a sizable advantage in all aspects. Inter Milan is an incredibly strong team with some significant players; they were unbeaten in their previous four games but did find it difficult against this Roma side. This is not something uncommon a lot of good teams are going to find it difficult against this Roma team was so many qualities, especially in Rome; it is a difficult proposition Inter Milan is a very strong team but just could not handle the Romans. Things were kept in balance, and it looks like we will be heading into the second half with a goalless game. The tension rose as we got deeper into the first half. Angela Sofia was taken out just outside the box before Andressa Alves followed up with a deep strike, but Durante saved as he managed to push the ball over. Despite the Roman domination just a few minutes later, Inter Milan nearly capitalized on an own goal. Lucia Diguglielmo had a poor touch as she essentially directed a ball into her own net. Caesar wasn’t found the ball as it started to roll, and it looks like inevitably it was going to be an own goal; however, the left-back used every ounce of energy that she possessed, running at full sprint to an empty goal at the last second she managed to clear it off the line has her face planted into the ground after showing her desire and dedication to the team keeping them from conceding. It was a moment that meant a great deal in the 45th minute Roma finally broke through. Roma is given a penalty after a free kick from outside was sent into the box before Inter Milan called for a high kick, inevitably dropping Bartoli in the box as the referee pointed to the spot. Andressa Alves end of the first half converting a penalty as Roma took a 1–0 lead.

Two significant moments would give Roma energized level of confidence and belief going into the second half. Roma was significantly the better team through the first 45 minutes, and they showed it; as I said, Inter Milan could not hang with Rama even when things were at a standstill. They did have a slight advantage in possession but worse sometimes Reckless when they have the ball. Meanwhile, Roma moves the ball more efficiently at higher accuracy as they coasted on the break on several occasions. Inter Milan may not have been delighted with their first half performance, but there was plenty of time to turn it around. The game was only a goal difference going into the second half; they needed the right moment to get the lifeline they needed. Inter Milan certainly has The Playmakers to find a moment or two; however, by the time that was available to them, it was too late as Roma were incredibly aggressive out of the break and wasted no time extending their lead more or less killing the game off. In the 47th minute, Haavi was dribbling around the Box through Defenders going from left to right, showing her feet’ ability. She supplied a quick pass after conversing herself through a couple of Inter Milan players before falling down. Manuela Giuliano managed to collect the pass; she had no thought whatsoever in regards to what she was going to do; she had the audacity and the mentality to go for it; the goalkeeper was slightly off her line the Roma midfielder noticed this follow-through from well outside the box hitting an absolute bomb beating the goalkeeper at her near post from about 2 to 3 meters as Roma took a 2–0 lead. Roma just took their momentum and drove it through the second half. Haavi, not long after, was put through before connecting on a low strike that missed left. Not long after, Roman was on the counter-attack yet again. Manuela Giuliano pushed forward before kicking it towards Anna Serturini, who was stuck in from the corner of the outside of the box; her signature spot she Struck from the right before the goalkeeper made the save. Anna Serturni found space again shortly after from the edge of the box, but the goalkeeper managed to Corral it. Roma kept up their pressure while keeping Inter Milan at arm’s length late on. Inter Milan got themselves a pair of chances. A well-placed corner, they had a chance to be something. Still, Roma defended it well, and then in stoppage-time, Inter Milan tried to strike from the outside well hit but not outside of the grasp of camellia Caesar as a Romanian can collect the ball before hearing a full-time whistle. Roma handled Inter Milan, who had a difficult time in Rome following a 2–0 victory for Roma Juventus also fell; now there are only three points between Roma and Juventus for a clash next week that could see Roma go level on points with the champions.

The Roma ladies are entering an entirely different space than ever before. They are the hottest team in Italian football, with 10 straight victories that have separated them from both AC Milan and sassuolo as they have a two-point gap from 3rd place and a three-point lead on fourth. There’s been a lot of pressure on this Roma team, but they managed to deal with it in an extraordinary way. Roma went through a three-game stretch at the beginning of the season ended with a heartbreaking loss to Juventus, a point against AC Milan, and they lost to Inter Milan; there was a level of concern at the time. They followed that up with a victory against Sassuolo, who at the time or top of the league. They haven’t lost a game or a point since that stretch. It is ironic becuase it is the same exact stretch they are going through right now; it is what it is to come. Inter Milan Play Day pole opposite game to the first meeting they were unable to handle themselves in a game like this against a different looking Roma side that has been on a mission since. Inter Milan had a slight advantage in possession, but it didn’t make a difference; they did not have a shot on goal practically the entire game, and Roma was in firm control all game long Inter was never close to scoring Roma’s heart attack prior to Roma getting the penalty was their only chance. It’s unfair to say they were not up for it; they just could not handle Roma Gabriella Martinelli surprisingly came off the bench, something that certainly looked like an error, but I’m not sure it would have changed the result, but there’s no doubt some mistakes were made from Inter Milan’s perspective but like I said this Roma team is going to give a lot of teams problems the level of confidence they had right now is undeterred. Juventus away from home will be an Almighty challenge; however, it isn’t one that is not capable of dealing with. Last year in the Coppa Italia semi-final they beat Juventus and had success away from home; that Roma team isn’t anywhere as good as this one and with all due respect to Juventus even though they’ve only lost one game this season on the verge of losing points in several other games Roma from their last defeat has been a much more cohesive and consistent Squad. Three points are separating them if they can go to Juventus and beat them, they can win the title. There is a high likelihood that these two teams will meet again in the Coppa Italia final, but this is a hugely important match for the league title if Roma are able to beat Juventus away from home and go the rest of the season without a loss, they could finally be the ones to throw a dagger through Juventus and take their crown that is what is at stake at the moment. There’s no reason Roma should not feel confident in doing that for the first time potentially since the beginning of the introduction of women’s football in Italy; we could have a legitimate title, right? Juventus are the holders. Still, no team is playing better than Italy than this Roma side; it will be a Clash of Titans that could be very telling for the rest of the season. Incredible victory 10th straight win beating a very good Inter Milan team setting them up to take down Goliath.

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