Roma makes a huge statement in a draw in Turin the title race in on #1418

A.S Roma 1 Juventus 1FT

The Roma ladies entered league play on Saturday as one of the hottest teams in Europe and the most in-form team in Serie A. Winners of their last 10 games in a row and thanks to a bit of help from Empoli they came into the biggest match of the season only three points separating themselves from the top of the table. Setting the scene for a title race in women’s Italian football is something we’ve barely ever seen. However, on the back of Roma’s Coppa Italia triumph last season, it certainly appears that Roma has caught up to Juventus in nearly every aspect. A rivalry is indeed brewing have we got to see another taste of it. Remember in the reverse fixture Juventus went behind turned it around to win it at the last minute last year Roma went to Juventus Stadium and kick them out of the Coppa Italia on this occasion there were league implications on the line as the title race has set itself between Roma and Juventus both sassuolo and Milan seem too far gone as the title took Center Stage as Roma close the gap last weekend with their win against Inter Milan setting up a very telling matchup. Juventus are always the favorite; they have won the previous four league titles and have shown themselves superior to everyone else until this season. The result in the end and the match’s performance are two completely different things. Romo had a few dangerous chances before Juventus found their way through due to an unfortunate own goal by Angela Sofia. A bit of luck is Juventus did take an initial 1–0 lead. Tough pill to swallow for Roma, perhaps, but the majority of the match, Juventus were second-best. They were struggling and suffocating from Roma’s Midfield and attack, not to mention the very few chances that they had dropped again. Juventus, we’re under siege all game long; they took the lead into the second half, but Roma capitalization off a Juventus mistake stop Pamela Lazaro find space from inside the box to get the equalizer. Roma pushed considerably throughout the remainder of the second half coming mere inches away on a multitude of chances but could not find the back of the net a second time as the clock ran out on the game. Had this game gone on a little longer Roma indeed would have found the winner; they significantly outclassed Juventus sending a strong message as points are split in Turin, the title race is on.

Following preparations and predictions, the match got underway in one of the most important matches of the entire season as title contenders Roma took on defending Champions Juventus with everything on the line. Roma came out much more aggressively, having an advantage in possession and moving the ball at a much more accurate and consistent pace as they built up through their attack. In an attacking scenario, Lucia Di Guglielmo collided with the Juventus defense as an attempt on goal was cleared out has the ball dropped into the air Pamela Lazaro went for the spectacular following through on an overhead kick with excellent connection and accuracy. Still, the Spaniard saw her strike go a little high, a brilliant start for the Romans who are trying to make their statement early. Unfortunately, in the 10th minute, Juventus got a little bit of luck that put them in front. As Juventus are pushing forward, Roma is attempting to clear the ball out of the danger area, but unfortunately, Angela Sofia makes an unfortunate final touch as she tries to get the ball out but is unable to do so as it is recorded as an own goal as Juventus take a 1–0 lead. Juventus were not playing nearly to the level of Roma even in that early part of the game, so to say they were very lucky in that instance is an understatement. Roma’s quality of play did not decrease; it went up after they conceded they look even sharper than before. They were blissful in the Midfield orchestrating a chance to get themselves back into it not long after the goal. Manuela Giugliano, on the break, found Pamela Lazaro, then tried to send a through ball inside as Manuela Giugliano She was running towards it but, at the last second, was cleared out by the Juventus defense. Kind of in the right place at the right time to eliminate what could have been a hazardous situation. Juventus continue to look like they were struggling, really being suffocated by this Roma team. Roma got in their bag, and we’re playing with such confidence the way they moved the ball, the way they looked so sharp even away from home. Roughly six minutes later, Roma had a free-kick just outside the box to the left. Manuela Giugliano made a great connection with the ball take a slight deflection as her free kick just misfired to the near post, but the slight deflection gave Roma a corner. It was hit in from Andressa Alves Landing in the space of Pamela Lazaro, who took one touch before trying to fire it into the roof of the night but came a little high once again, mere inches away from Bravo’s equalizer. Roma came forward again, going hang up through the Midfield Andressa Alves kicked it off to Anna come outside the box in a perilous position; she hit it on the curler, but the goalkeeper somehow gets her hands on it get another corner for the Romans. Coming off the corner, Anna tried connecting from Deep a slight deflection; she collected her own ball then drove the ball a little to the left. Has she tried to give herself more space the Winger followed through a second time but could not find the target truly remarkable attacking football being played by Roma, but I still couldn’t find a way in not yet anyway. Near the end of the first half, Andressa Alves spread the ball to Manuela Giugliano’s intense strike from Roma’s number 10, but the goalkeeper managed to collect the ball in the end. Juventus, who had played dreadfully throughout the first half, had an opportunity at the very end just before the break. Girelli from inside the box sets up Barbara Bonansea, who misses high on the connection Camellia Caesar jumps But ultimately is unbothered by Juventus as they reached the break with Juventus holding on to a 1–0 lead that they probably didn’t deserve genuinely erratic and disastrous first half from Juventus despite the lead Roma were coming Juventus needed to be ready for all the momentum of the first half sat with the Roma’s they were going to get back in the game the question was when.

Although Juventus was in front, Roma had them right where they wanted them. The Romans were dictating the game; they held all the cards even from behind. Roma had much more of the ball; they were moving it at a high level; they weren’t making any passing mistakes; meanwhile, Juventus couldn’t match the energy Roma came out firing in the second half just as they were in the first 45 minutes. Juventus needed a plan because they were getting humiliated and swallowed by this Roma team and red-hot form. Immediately to start the second half, Roma put themselves in a dangerous position yet again. Several Juventus shirts surrounded Anna found enough space with the thinnest of margins to send a cross into the box only to find Haavi falling through before hitting the bar. However, it didn’t matter because a foul was called on Lazaro ask she bumped into the goalkeeper while they were in the air. The Spanish International disagreed with the situation cracking a smile as she pointed to herself mouthing me, but the striker just got up and kept it moving. Roma was going to find their moment soon enough. In the 60th minute, Juventus sloppy play would catch up to them. Cernoia made a foolish passing mistake from the Midfield as it was shortly picked off by Haavi as the Norwegian slings the ball for Pamela Lazaro on the left side of the box as she was pushing forward; meanwhile, two Juventus Defenders came to help out as they closed down the space; however, Pamela Lazaro was unfazed somehow the reading the ball toward the far post into the bottom corner as Roma got their goal back that they thoroughly deserved as Lazaro runs to the corner to celebrate with her teammates now there was everything to play for. Juventus did not show up for the game, and honestly, it was lucky to score in the first place. Roma was determined for that second goal. Lazaro collected a deep cross from Roma’s own box; the striker spread the ball towards Anna in a really dangerous position as Roma’s record goalscorer ripped off a well-taken shot but just a little high on the Finish. A minute later, Roma was there again. Andressa Alves sent a cross into the box headed out by the Juventus defense, but Manuela Manuela Giugliano, from a distance, followed through for the spectacular, but the keeper got their hands on it. With 15 minutes left, Roma was relentless. Bernadetta Glionna put the defense on skates with tremendous dribbling as she sent a Crossing strike at the keeper, who managed to get her hands on it; there was an opportunity for a follow-up from Roma they were unable to convert that remained even. Six minutes remaining, Roma nearly scored twice. On a counter-attack, Andressa Alves puts through Haavi, but the defense picks it up before anything can happen. Then moments later, Greggi dribbles in the box to free up space before sending a cross into the box to find Bernadetta Glionna’s great touch but a bit High. Roma did everything they possibly could have won the game; the luck wasn’t on their side this time at the full-time whistle. Points are split between the top two. Roma thoroughly dominated Juventus as the host did practically nothing for 90 minutes. Romo may not have won the game, but they did prove their point; this isn’t a Juventus League anymore; the title race is on these two; in all likelihood, we’ll meet again, and the Coppa Italia final the Rivalry is just heating up the crown can still be snatched.

Roma sees their historic 10-game winning streak come close; however, the Romans still maintain their unbeaten run of 11 games. They have separated themselves from second and third place; the meaning of Champions League football next season is almost a certainty. Three points this weekend would have taken them to level with the top of the league. However, there’s still much to play for before the end of the season. Roma went on the road to take the top of the league, the defending Champions, the superpower in women’s Italian football, and significantly outplayed them. Juventus were turned upside down and inside out; they were demoralized to handle this Roma team. Juventus only had seven shots the entire game, only one on target. In addition to that, their passing accuracy struggled significantly and put themselves In Harm’s Way plenty in this game. Even though the decent got themselves out of some pretty scary situation, it could have been a lot worse than it was. This is a team that’s top of the league; that’s what all these trophies and they just could not handle the trauma put in their way. Next season when those two teams start from scratch, Roma will be the ones to beat. Regardless of the circumstances of what will happen, Roma is built to take the crown off of their head for the rest of this season. Roma dominated this game and probably felt like they should have won it. Juventus looked lazy; they looked lethargic, and they just struggled to do anything against this Roma team. Roma probably deserves to win the game, but I think one thing is clear after Roma’s performance has made their point abundantly clear. This Roma team can take the crown off their head; they have what it takes to continue putting pressure on Juventus and ultimately knock them off. Roma is in due course to make the Coppa Italia final again to meet this Juventus team. Roma is the team that has given them the most trouble over the last two years, and you see exactly why. They are not intimidated by this high-powered Juventus offense; they have the best player in the league this season and the highest scoring player who is 22 goals; she couldn’t do a darn thing for the entire game. Roman outclassed them and outplayed them in every possible metric, and out that they just sent a message to the entirety of Italian football, we now have a team that can take them down; the Roma ladies just put gas to the fire.

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