Roma vs Atalanta Talking Points #1417

Atalanta in Champions League Jeopardy

Atalanta’s run in the Champions League might be coming to an end this season. Atalanta has been one of the most attacking-minded in Italian football. You could argue historically considering the number of goals they have scored on the rise to a European regular. This was the third year they made the Champions League over the last couple of years have beaten AC Milan Napoli and Roma to the punch. However, they don’t seem quite as good as the year before each year. Lost some key pieces throughout this but still have a team more than good enough to make the champions league and continue to make the Champions League. However, after Saturday, it looks like they could miss out unless they win the Europa League. Atalanta has so much quality in the squad, but they let their lead slip have Juventus climbed the table and now reclaim their spot in the top four recently. They have not been playing that well but continue to pick up points. Meanwhile, Atalanta has lost three of their last five games and now shares 5th Place with the team that beat them. Atalanta has a game in hand, but they could even fly down further. The core of the problem might be unclear. Still, the ideology of Atalanta is simply a goal-scoring machine that does not defend particularly at a high level, meaning in order to beat them, you have to outscore them. This has worked well under Gasparini, but It might have started wearing off. Duvan Zapata, when healthy, is one of the best strikers in the league; however, he has had health issues last few seasons, and this season they’re struggling to really perform without him. Without duvan Zapata, the responsibility on the defense is less severe, and the attack becomes significantly less dangerous. From where I’m sitting, it does not seem like Atalanta can Thrive and qualify for the Champions League; without him, they have some incredible players outside of him, but without the Columbian, the team just isn’t the same. Even though they did attack quite well on Saturday, they never really looked like a real danger to score; this loss put them in a bad headspace at a really crucial part of the season; the hope of obtaining Champions League again may have just gone out the window.

Tammy Abraham Historic debut Season

Tammy Abraham is having a historic season at Roma this campaign. It may be difficult to tell because the league table does not reflect the impact he has had this season. Roma is still eyeing a spot in next year’s Europa League, potentially finishing in the top five. With a collection of big matches coming up, Roma will undoubtedly be looking to the Englishman to step up when they need him the most. When he took the number nine jersey off of edin Dzeko’s back, they were certain concerns about whether he could live up to the hype of wearing that number. Edin Dzeko had spent six seasons with the giallorossi scoring the third most goals in club history with 119; replacing a club Legend was going to be difficult enough. However, taking his number was going to put even more pressure on the situation. However, Tammy Abraham has been exactly what the team has needed. With the different names being thrown out, Andrea Belotti Roma opted for Tammy Abraham to pay 34 million to bring him to Rome. The third most expensive transfer in club history. He has been worth the investment very quickly, becoming a fan favorite and one of the best attackers in Italy. He scored the vital goals on Saturday against Atalanta and got the winner against Spezia the week prior. He has reached 20 goals for the season 13 league, one in the Coppa Italia and 6 in the conference League. Roma hasn’t had a 20-goal scorer in a couple of seasons. Tammy Abraham is coming and giving Roma exactly what was needed. This season, he was the highest-scoring Englishmen when he justified his World Cup ticket. He is very quickly falling in love with the club as he kissed the badge in Saturday’s victory; he’s been so impactful for a team that is driving just to finish in the Europa League; the value he has in this team is incredible while we all know Pellegrini is the team’s best player, but there’s no question Tammy Abraham has given them another element he has a legitimate argument four players of the season he continues to deliver and be in sizzling form Roma’s most important stretch of the season he has been the reason behind the points. With the Derby upcoming in a few weeks, it will be another chance for Tammy Abraham to step up; he has exploded in this Roma team he’s falling in love with us, and we fall in love with him in The crucial moments of the season, Roma will call upon him as they have all season he has lived up and surpassed the expectations.

Top 5 in Roma’s Reach

After two consecutive victories, Roma might have a possibility to fulfill their expectations set from the start of the season. A top-five finish would be an Incredibly successful campaign. Considering where Roma was not too long ago and how far away they did seem from the top five, they’re in a situation where it could be achieved. The expectation for this Roma team should never have been Champions League; it was unreasonable to expect that. There was a lot of sense of pressure of trying to get Champions League football considering the addition of Jose Mourinho the truth of the matter is Champions League Ambitions were never realistic; a top-five finish is truly what they were after going into next season building on that to get back in the Champions League, but this team wasn’t ready for that yet. After the victory on Saturday, Roma is now level on points with Atalanta even though they have a game in hand there. Considering the form of the opposition, there’s no guarantee that Atlanta will win their game in hand. Roma just got out of a brutal stretch, Mourinho was out for two games with a suspension, and there was a lack of confidence and momentum surrounding the group. The last two matches have been precisely what has been needed. With Mourinho out suspended, Roma has picked up 6 points. Before his suspension, Roma was playing some of their worst football seasons. Those things have certainly changed; it is unclear whether or not the absence of Mourinho has impacted that at all or he was behind some of it; one thing is evident over the last two games, Roma has looked better as a team than they have in months. They have been consistent in all panels of the team, from the defense to the midfield to the attack. Hasn’t been any considerable weaknesses in their last two performances. Not every match will be perfect, but Roma is doing everything it takes, showing that they have the mentality to come in their own second half of the season. They are currently sitting above Lazio; they have one game between now and the derby; if they’re able to win the derby, they can create separation between themselves and their rivals. 5th place is still within their grasp; it all depends on how the game goes with Atalanta but getting back into the Europa League one way or another would be significant progress. The entire reputation of their season hung in the balance before their victory at home against Atlanta; the points put them right where they need to be, feeling great confidence with momentum driving them into the most vital part of the season.

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