Roma vs Udinese Match Day 29 Preview #1419

A Victory is a MUST

The importance of the points tomorrow night cannot be more evident. Over the last two weeks, Roma has played arguably some of their best football of the season. So much, so they closed the gap with 5th Place if Roma has somehow managed to finish in the top five, it would be an extraordinary accomplishment considering the up and downs of this campaign. Not long ago, the idea that Roma would qualify for the Europa League and finish ahead of their Rivals seemed like an impossible task. However, over the last two weeks, that has changed. There is now a real possibility of a top-five finish. This is why there is an incredible level of importance with the results not only on Sunday but also next weekend. It’s hard not to look ahead given the Derby is very close, and the result of the Derby could ultimately determine which of the Rome clubs will qualify for the Europa League. Roma must do everything they can to keep the momentum fiery show the performance they showed against Atalanta and Spezia while also displaying mental strength. Udinese has a horrifying record against Roma with only two wins in the last 15 years against them; both of those came in the last few years but historically speaking, Roma has always performed well against them. That may not matter, but history says Roma should find this one without too much difficulty. On the other hand, they have shown their colors against some fairly dangerous opposition in Italy, and at home, in their own backyard, they should feel somewhat confident at least getting something from the game. Roma have to stay focused; mental strength will be essential. Clampdown they have to go into the derby with as much confidence as humanly possible Tammy Abraham has been Roman’s big-time scorer this season. Still, in this particular matchup, I actually look to Lorenzo Pellegrini; he came on late in the conference league in Holland and should be less refreshed for the task ahead without henrikh Mkhitaryan; the Romans are going to need is creativity in the Midfield and his leadership. While, as always, the link-up play with Tammy Abraham will be important Tammy Abraham might score in the game, but I look for Pellegrini to set the pace; he is the team’s best player, and this just feels like a game where he has the opportunity to dominate and set a big statement before their biggest match of the season. The importance of this game couldn’t be more apparent. Roma knows what they have to do; it’s up to them to execute on it.

Udinese Could be Tricky

Udinese certainly can be a difficult matchup for anyone. They no longer have the Superstar element with Rodrigo de Paul at Atletico Madrid and Juan Musso now goalkeeping in Bergamo. However, they still have the qualities to make this a difficult matchup for a Roma team that needs the points. The first meeting was a very narrow victory for the Romans at the Stadio Olimpico; it will be much more challenging away from home. The way you would approach this game in past Seasons would be different because Rodrigo De Paul, in neutralizing what he can do in the Midfield, would be a big aspect of how you stop them now they don’t have Superstar power is a little bit more complex. Roma is a better team with more explosive weapons, but Udinese can hold their own against the very best. They managed to escape against AC Milan, Who currently sits at the top of the table. There’s no questioning that when they are motivated and playing well, there is a difficult task to deal with. They might be 14th in the table but only have one loss in their last five games. They have significant quality in their squad, and if they get themselves going, they can certainly use that while also not having the walls fall down defensively. This is always a tricky matchup for anyone; just because they’re not at the top of the table doesn’t mean they won’t have a game plan to slow down the opposition. They will have their home fans behind them, and we’ll try to make it a challenging atmosphere. An aggressive approach will be needed from Roma just based on that the later it gets in the game, be more likely a point to be stolen. Udinese will want to be ambitious and go for a goal they have enough in that team to score. They will try to make the game close practically the entire match duration. They are not a team that scores many goals, but they don’t need to. I think it’s highly unlikely to park the bus, but they can suffocate them when things start going their way. It is a tall task considering what Roma has on their side. Still, if they can keep an AC Milan in check, history says that this is an unlikely result for them, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do it; there’s enough in this team to pull off the upset it’s always going to depend on the approach they take and if they allow Roma to get on the break. Rome isn’t a counter-attacking team under Jose Mourinho, but when they get on the break, they are lethal; they slowed the game down and made it very slow-paced and a lot of possession football they’ll have a fair shot all that least making things difficult I think it’s unlikely that they can actually get the point here Roma has too much to lose. Still, udinese will not make it easy on them.

Max Kumbulla Could be Important

Roma has arguably the best goalkeeper in the league in Rui Patricio; however, Romans’ defense quality has been up for debate at times. They have looked really strong in some games, and others have been disastrous. Lately, Roma has been on a string of very high-functioning defense. In addition to that, Roma has dealt with some injuries back there and some suspensions. In particular, the last couple of performances has shined the light on Max Kumbulla. The Albanian center-back arrived in Rome Last Summer after a tremendous campaign in Italian football with Hellas Verona. He was one of the best young defenders in the league, without a shadow of a doubt at that time; he was very highly regarded with many teams interested. However, we haven’t seen the best of him until now. He struggled significantly during that first season and has been a reserve since his arrival. The Albanian was not cheap; in fact, he was rather expensive; it cost Roma 30 million, which is an awful lot for a Defender that hadn’t yet found a way to become a constant in this Roma team. As of late, we are finally getting to see Max at his very best. He has had some really strong and mentally tough performances. Max Kumbulla has given Roma a huge Spark defensively, at least lately. Roma’s defense has been more or less relatively consistent, especially with four clean sheets in the last five games. Max Kumbulla has been settling in Roma’s starting defense, showing what a warrior he can be when he’s at his best. Consistency has been an issue, but he hasn’t really got an opportunity to start regularly this season. However, slowly but surely, he is earning his respect and credibility in the Roma team. Very cheap performances this season have been underwhelming from him every time he has been given the opportunity; he is shown Mourinho and the coaching staff what he can do. He’s definitely a Defender Roma will want to hang on to it for the foreseeable future; the price tag might have been steep, but he is on his way to justifying the means. Considering Roma’s tough matchup on Sunday and how important it is that Roma get maximum points, I believe Max could be a big part of that; he has been disciplined well versed in aggressive when he needs to be he has the right mentality to be a big part not only have Sunday but going forward he is finally thriving in the capital you could even say he has arrived I expect him to play a big role on Sunday.

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