Christoph Baumgartner steps up again as Hoffenheim hold Bayern #1421

Hoffenheim 1 Bayern 1

The Bundesliga season continues to heat up as we reach the closing stretch of the campaign. Champion is yet to be named, the European races still very much up in the air, and the relegation battles become more intriguing by the day. On Saturday afternoon, we saw a Clash between two teams still fighting for various things this season as Bayern Munich and Hoffenheim came to blow at the Rhine neckar Arena with over 25,000 in attendance. The Bundesliga has been behind closed doors for a large portion of the season, but the fans have been let back in the stadiums and the most vital part of this German Adventure. Bayern Munich was coming off a draw against Bayer Leverkusen last weekend and their advancement to the quarter-finals of the Champions League following a 7-1 thrashing of Austrian side RB Salzburg. The Bavarians are zeroing in on another Bundesliga title; there is still a possibility they will race in the late part of the season. Meanwhile, the hosts are riding a five-game winning streak as the Bundesliga’s comeback Kings are looking to battle RB Leipzig for the Champions League’s final spot. Hoffenheim has secured over 20 points from losing positions. Hoffenheim got hounded in the reverse fixture but have proven in past years that they could handle Bayern at home they are certainly in the better form. At the start of the match, Hoffenheim announced to their fans that Andrej kramaric had re-signed a new contract after previously being speculated that he would leave the club after the season. It ignited the Fire Within them as Bayern Munich and Hoffenheim locked horns as we saw an Incredibly tense matchup between two teams that were ready to battle; as both their seasons started to reach Breaking Point, it turned out to be an Incredibly thrilling Saturday afternoon between the comeback Kings and the Bundesliga’s best.

After preparations and predictions, the match got underway in Hoffenheim Hoffenheim came out swinging with an incredibly aggressive approach pressing one of the most dangerous sides in European football. The roadmap to handle Bayern Munich is out there; unfortunately, only Bundesliga teams have the guts to do it. Hoffenheim was no different attempting to make a real dent in the early. In the opening couple of minutes, they nearly asserted themselves in front with Manuel Neuer; back, it would be a more challenging approach, but hoffenheim almost broke through. Hoffenheim got into a dangerous position when Giorgino set up andrej kramaric the ink on his new contract hadn’t tried yet as he collected the ball before sending a powerful shot at the Bayern Munich goal Manuel Neuer made the save only for the ball to be threaded back Andrej Kramaric the Croatian attacker follow through. Still, the Bayern Munich defense got in the way. Very concerning start for the league leaders; they have had trouble with inform Bundesliga sides. Hoffenheim looks like they were dictating the pace of the game; they got themselves in dangerous positions were effective, especially on the left side, with David Raum finding space to be very effective really pushing back. The Bavarian still is one of the deepest teams in the league and shows their qualities with their brilliance. Kingsley Coman connected with Serge Gnabry attempting to put Hoffenheim under pressure. Oliver Baumann has come on in the last month as one of the top Keepers this season manages to make the save. He has been so essential for the Bundesliga overachievers. Bayern came forward again. Kingsley Coman doing the creating with Thomas Muller getting on the end of it Oliver Baumann was there once again. Robert Lewandowski had an incredibly quiet first half; he announced himself in the game, getting his head on the end of a Joshua kimmich delivery but unable to find the Target on that occasion. Bayern Munich started to heat up, getting in those attacking areas again. Hoffenheim was holding their own, but the Bavarians had extraordinary weapons. Leroy Sane, in a matter of minutes, stuck from Deep coming close on his first connection and then coming back a few minutes later doing the same, but the pressure was Rising. Hoffenheim attempted to hit back with Angelo Stiller being denied from outside the box by Manuel Neuer. Hoffenheim started building momentum Georginho tried to sting one from the side of the box but failed to get a positive touch on it. Then the moment finally arrived for Hoffenheim in front of their fans. In the 32nd minute, a beautiful struck cross by David Raum was continuing to push on that left side delivered a well time cross into a box with Acres of space as Christoph Bumgarner flew through the air getting his foot on the end of it, hitting the bottom left post before rolling into the back of the neck Hoffenheim take the 1-0 lead the stadium erupts as they had a deserving advantage against the mighty Bayern Munich. We very well knew this was not going to be simple enough; this is Bayern Munich. As expected, Bayern got into dangerous areas and tried to draw it level any late parts of the first half. Leroy sane orchestrated a perfectly-placed chance as Sule got his head on the end of it but all of Oliver Baumann being crucial yet again handling the situation. Hoffenheim had dealt with the game so well that Robert Lewandowski had been quiet; it is difficult to shut down the best player in the world completely; it was only going to be a matter of time. In stoppage-time, in the 45th minute, Joshua kimmich found Robert Lewandowski got his head on the end of the cross, beating Oliver Baumann as Bayern drew level with only seconds to spare in the first half. There still would be all to play in the second half in a tense 1-1 draw thus far.

Bayern Munich was very fortunate to get themselves back into it with the late goal by Robert Lewandowski Hoffenheim did appear as the much better team in the first 45 minutes. They were finding areas in Bayern’s side of the field where they could exploit they were doing a great job, primarily mainly down the Left Flank in which they had space to send crosses into the box, which is how they scored. On another point, Oliver Baumann looks spectacular in goal but handling himself exceptionally well. The result of the second half was going to be a battle and very difficult to predict; still, a lot to play for. Hoffenheim decided to make a tactical switch after the first half bringing in bebou as giorgino was sacrificed as it was not his best performance. Hoffenheim is essentially giving themselves another attacking option especially going forward with Andrej Kramaric already in motion. However, there was no doubting that Bayern Munich would come out very aggressive, and that’s exactly what they did. In the opening minute of the second half, Jamal musiala orchestrated an opportunity to Kingsley Coman. They try to connect from the side of the Box before the half the Hoffenheim defense got in the way. Just a few minutes later, Bayern Munich was right there again as Thomas Muller send a through ball into Leroy Sane, but Bayern Munich failed to convert on an excellent opportunity. They continue to step up to the plate, but unfortunately, Oliver Baumann makes another terrific save on Leroy sane denying him for close range. Not long after, Hoffenheim was looking to assert themselves in front. David Raum facilitated Andrej Kramaric but was dealt with by Manuel Neuer, saving from close range. Hoffenheim and made another switch with Dennis Griger replacing samassekou. Bayern Munich kept coming through with this ruthless presence. Oliver Baumann denying Kingsley Coman yet again, then with a little more than 20 minutes remaining, Serge Gnabry shows his qualities as he hits the post nearly could have been a goal. Lucas Hernandez came close but could not get the goal that they needed. Then a moment later, Hoffenheim made an erratic mistake at the back, allowing Jamal Musiala in a one-on-one around the keeper, nearly tucking it. Still, the presence of Oliver Baumann continued to be crucial for Hoffenheim as they dodged a bullet. Bayern Munich was Relentless though Robert Lewandowski was getting into a dangerous position inside the box, looking to finish it off for Bayern Munich. Oliver Baumann once again, getting his fingertips on the end of it made the most significant difference in the game. Hoffenheim would make their final changes with Jacob bruun Larsen and Kevin Akpoguma both entering the game in hopes of upholding the point and possibly getting a winner. Jacob Bruun Larsen immediately puts Andrej Kramaric into a dangerous area inside the box, but Manuel Neuer managed to deal with it. Then a moment later, Angelo Stiller from outside the box tries to do something but is unable to get themselves in front with less than 10 minutes to go Bayern Munich would make a pair of changes Eric Maxim choupo-moting and Marcel sabitzer would replace the Musiala and Thomas Muller. Far too late in the game to make these sort of changes Julian nagelsmann should have gone to his bent much earlier. Eric Maxim choupo-moting got his head on the end of a Marcel sabitzer cross, hoping to make a statement late but Failure to Launch in front of goal. Then at the very end of the game, in stoppage time, Jacob Brunn Larson put his head through a cross and the game’s final seconds, but Manuel Neuer managed to grab it as time ran out. Hoffenheim and Bayern Munich split the points as Bayern Munich drop points for the second week in a row, giving Dortmund perhaps a beacon of hope of closing the gap. At the same time, Hoffenheim continues to fight for the final Champions League spot, probably feeling hard done by considering their extremely strong performance against the champions.

Things are starting to heat up regarding this last stretch of the Bundesliga season. I rate Julian nagelsmann highly, but this is the second game in a row in which they have dropped points in the Bundesliga. Splitting the spoils with Bayern Leverkusen last week and now with Hoffenheim. Even though Bayer Leverkusen is in the Champions League team and Hoffenheim is fighting for that final spot, Bayern Munich should not be dropping points like this. Last week against Leverkusen, Patrik Schick was out; it could have been a much more different result had he been able to play. Bayern Munich still should win the champions league, and I don’t necessarily think that the reflective form in the Bundesliga should be directly involved with whether or not they can win the Champions League. As I said, for many years, Bundesliga teams knew how to play against them; they have more guts, and they’re more self-aware of Bayern Munich than Champions League teams. However, there are reasons to be concerned especially considering Julian nagelsmann did not make a substitution until the 81st minute; considering the weapons that Bayern Munich does have at their disposal, they have to be making that decision earlier. There is reason to be slightly concerned in regards to the Champions League. I don’t think it’s a massive thing but it’s certainly something that can be difficult depending on the situation. Dropping points again here against Hoffenheim gives Dortmund an opportunity to close the gap and potentially heat things up late in the season. Dortmund has a game in hand; if they win, it will only be four points. They still will have another shot at Bayern Munich this season if they’re able to beat Bayern and the league leaders dropped another point before that; maybe there’s a chance they can do the impossible. I think it will be a dogfight until the end of season now, but it’s hard to believe that Dortmund will be able to do this. Usually, regardless a manager players or system, when all the pressure is in the middle of the table, they collapse unless we see something we’ve never seen before from them I find it hard to believe that they can get themselves back into it in a real way. Still, they’re certainly could be an opportunity for them to do that thanks to Hoffenheim result against Bayern. Hoffenheim played at an extremely high level against Bayern Munich; they were arguably the better team, and even though they’ll take a point against Bayern Munich, it does not help them as much as you would think. RB Leipzig Friedberg and Hoffenheim all are on 44 points but because of goal difference and had to head Hoffenheim see themselves in sixth if they were able to finish the job against Bayern Munich they would be in the top 4 it is going to be a race until the finish for those teams. Leverkusen also are less secure in their position with only one point ahead of those teams, not to mention Patrik Schick still hasn’t returned. The best midfielder in the Bundesliga, Florian Wirtz, has just ruptured his ACL and will be out for months; this puts all the pressure on Moussa Diaby to be superhuman during the last stretch it is a possibility that they could get dragged out of their position in 3rd the Champions League race is scorching in firing right now obviously Hoffenheim will take the point. Still, they feel they could have done more despite being the better team. Oliver Baumann was absolutely sensational against Bayern Munich, the best player on the pitch on Saturday; he needs to keep that energy and channel it the rest of the season. I still think it’s going to be a coin flip of whether or not they make the Champions League Friedberg and RB Leipzig are very competitive and strong teams in the Champions League race really could be defined and decided on the final game of the season, the pressure is rising in the Bundesliga for everyone this was another example of that in a terrific 1-1 draw.

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