Roma vs Lazio Match Day 29 Preview #1424

Roma MUST win at all Costs

The Derby of Rome is one of the most critical derbies in World football. The Derby means more to Rome than any other city in the world. Roma and Lazio are rarely contending to be crowned as Champions at the end of the season. The very meaning of the season is winning the Derby. Roma and Lazio are arguably two of the most underachieving teams this season. Not in contention for Champions League football, a Europa League finish for either would be a tremendous success considering how the season has gone. Both teams have been wildly inconsistent with having question marks surrounding the manager. Maurizio sarri attempted to recreate what he did in Naples, and it has been a trial by fire. This season, Lazio was never a Champions League team and has been incredibly disappointing considering some of their quality. In Italy, they have the best striker in Ciro, immobile a very formidable Midfield with Serge milinkovic-savic and Luis Alberto. Even though they do have the qualities, Lazio has a different cast and characters; they have not lived up to the expectations. It seems more often than not their superstar is carrying their team has so many contributing Parts that have underachieved and not been up to expectation. This Roma team hasn’t been that much different. Roma has incredible individual components to the team that has been tremendous for them, but getting results hasn’t gone hand-in-hand. Tammy Abraham has been firing for the Roma’s Lorenzo Pellegrini when healthy is probably the best midfielder in Italy, not to mention some of the young talent they have, including the experience with Rui Patricio, the best goalkeeper in the league, and henrikh Mkhitaryan, a very important playmaker for Roma. Both of these teams have reached a part of the Season where they have reached Breaking Point as they have had to accept some realizations. Europa League is the expectation, and believe it, or not one of these teams probably is going to the conference League. At the same time, the other will find themselves in the Europa League; however, given the decline of Atalanta is certainly possible that both of these teams could end up in the Europa League. However, the meaning of the season for both of these teams is making the Europa League and finishing ahead of their rivals. Top-to-bottom Roma has the better team; however, you cannot underestimate the impact of having a superstar like Ciro immobile. The influence he can have on a team is tremendous. However, you could argue that Roma’s overall surrounding pieces are slightly better. Top-to-bottom Roma is a better team; they just don’t have a player like the man up top for Lazio. Ultimately the Bane existence of this season in what each of these teams will accomplish could very well come down to this particular match. Not to mention the hatred and the importance of the Derby to the city of Rome but also Lazio coming to this game one point ahead of Roma, who collects the points it could be a big swing in either direction. Rome is a Roma City; they are the more popular team, and they are the ones with slightly more history. Despite that Lazio has finished ahead of them in the table three years running the previous nine years, it was all Roma they now have the opportunity to swing it back into their Direction regarding the Europa League spots and which Rome team will finish ahead of the other could very well be determined by the 90 minutes we will see on Sunday importance of this match not only for what it means to the city or what it could mean for the table could not be more understated they must win at all costs. They cannot fail; it will not be a bigger opportunity to silence than Sunday night Rome will be ready for battle; will they be able to pull it off? That’s another question altogether. If Mourinho cannot pull this off and Roma looks the way they did last weekend, his position at the club should be compromised. If Mourinho cannot win this Derby, it is on him Roma with fluid the last two weeks, and then something changed he was back on the bench if he wants to prove his worth he wasn’t the right manager for this project but if he wants to keep his job if you want to deserve his position he cannot fail.

Ciro vs Tammy

In Derby, the dismay for one another it’s clear. That is the indication, and that is the narrative that will be brought to attention especially considering the lead position at the moment. One of the most intriguing factors regarding this game is the striker battle between Roma’s Tammy Abraham with 21 goals this season and Ciro immobile with 26 goals this season. It cuts a lot deeper than that though two of the best strikers in the league at the moment who are in form. Both of their teams are in similar spots in the league, with one point separating each of them. The pair of Strikers are likely to be the difference in the result on Sunday. However, I’m going to take it a step further regarding the player of the season; its genuine claim that it’s between Tammy Abraham and Ciro immobile. At this point of the season, these two are the best players in Italy, especially in an attacking position. This is the most intriguing part of the entire Derby is the interaction and the matchup we will see between the two of them. They have been equally important to their teams’ success. Tammy Abraham has made Roma history for the number of goals he scored in his first season in the Roma colors. Roma is a very talented team that needs a few more adjustments before they can genuinely challenge for the champions league and Beyond, but no doubt the team has the talent in the works for that to become a reality in time; this is a team everyone should have the rise on for the future even if this season has been incredibly inconsistent he has nine game-winning goals this season an incredibly clutch player that has come through for Roma in some of their biggest moment even if Lorenzo Pellegrini is the team’s best player Tammy Abraham has been the perfect replacement for edin Dzeko and is the moral support for Roma’s captain and what he can provide in the attacking areas he is having the best season of his career. Ciro immobile has the experience and has scored in Derby’s regularly, really being a huge threat to Roma over the last couple of years. However, Lazio is a much older team, but even though they have some crucial components in their side, a lot of their players are in their 30s or older, there is a sense of desperation from Lazio to try to win some trophies in the next couple of years considering it is somewhat of a declining Squad even though it’s still very talented on top of that the number of players that could leave for the exit door next season if things don’t go well. What are the two Strikers that will come to a head and that will Define and a fact which of these teams goes into the Europa League, finishes ahead of the other most importantly will dictate which team comes away with the points on Sunday. It is the most intriguing matchup of the season from an individual standpoint. Almost a 10-year difference in age with two rome-based Strikers operating at the highest level this season, arguably the two best players in the league this campaign. It will be the matchup everyone is looking forward to. The communication between Tammy Abraham and Lorenzo Pellegrini could be the biggest difference in the match it is going to be an all-out battle, but one of these two will have a moment that wins their team, the Derby mark my words.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan is back in Time

Jose Mourinho is coming off an epic disaster in the game against udinese. The confidence might be slightly dented, but Roma should be confident enough to beat the rivals leveling the season series. Historically speaking, Roma has had the upper hand in this Derby; it’s been somewhat split down the middle in recent memory. However, Roma should go into this as slight favorites and expected to win the match. In a game like this, it comes down to very small details. Roma has the best goalkeeper in the league this season in Rui Patricio; after so many years of Pau Lopez and Robin Olsen, Roma finally has a save Pair of Hands and goal. Rui Patricio can make the biggest difference in a match at the highest level; he is performing at an extreme rate this season, keeping Roma’s afloat, and games we’re under other circumstances could have gone a different way. He can bail Roma out of mistakes from the defense with all due respect to Lazio’s keepers; they cannot do that. The influence that he can have in a game like this is massive; he is come up in the biggest moments in some huge situations both for club and Country. He can handle High pressurized situations in a game like this; in the Derby, Rui Patricio is as important as anyone. On top of that, Henrikh Mkhitaryan returns after suspension at exactly the right time. The Armenian is the Kingpin of the Roma Midfield. Lorenzo Pellegrini is the team’s best player, but without the Armenian Roma, they aren’t as effective in the Midfield henrikh Mkhitaryan was absent against udinese. A huge reason they struggled as much as they did last weekend. Roma having to deal without his creativity and playmaking with a huge problem. Now Lazio has a huge problem; he is well-rested and will be in an ambitious mood as he nears a two-year extension to his contract. On top of that, Lazio will be without Mattia Zaccagni, which could be a huge miss for Lazio; ultimately, in the end, lead position does not matter in the Derby; all the records are thrown out it is about showing superiority in the city it’s about bragging rights it’s about everything it’s about having that psychological advantage. Still, Rui Patricio having the experience that he does in goal is a massive advantage to Roma, and now that they have their big playmaker in the Midfield, Tammy Abraham and Lorenzo Pellegrini can eat.

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