Tammy Abraham and Lorenzo Pellegrini lead Derby Humiliation as The Wolves Rip the Head of the Eagle #1425

A.S Roma 3 Lazio 0FT

One of the most crucial matches of the Italian football calendar arrived on a Sunday evening in the capital. European football’s most heated rivalry added another chapter to its legendary history. A tale of gladiators settling a score a battle in one of the world’s most historical landmarks in cities as Rome sits Center Stage for a clash between sworn enemies between Roman Warriors. The red of the city represents the wolf, while the blue represents the eagle. A football match that is deeper the 90 minutes on the pitch is one of the oldest rivalries in sport. The Derby Della Capitale between Roma and Lazio. Regularly, neither of the Rome-based clubs are fighting for trophies and titles in Italy. This has made the Derby of Rome the most important in Europe and Beyond. The entire purpose of the season is to win the Derby and finish ahead of them. It is about bragging rights, territory, and superiority more than anything else. There isn’t a rivalry that has such great importance history and genuine dismay for one another. So many battles with so much at stake. Winning is the only option. Derby’s success is drinking the tears of the mortal enemies failure is the feeling of a knife plunged. This is the Rome Derby, the most hated, passionate, and essential rivalry in all of football; this is the biggest game of the campaign with the cheer results handling on everything. Lazio and Roma are currently fighting for Europa League qualification. The truth is that only one of these teams is likely to get it; a derby victory for either team could be huge. Lorenzo Pellegrini’s late penalty against udinese saw Roma miss an opportunity to stay in front of them with a draw last weekend. Roma came into this on three days’ rest after Tammy Abraham’s 91st-minute goal put Roma through into the quarterfinals of the conference League. In the reverse fixture, Lazio held a 3–2 victory. Roma leads the battle but has only tasted victory once in the last three seasons. This has only intensified the dispute between the two teams. It was expected to be climatic intense and passionate, and that’s exactly what it turned out to be.

After preparations and predictions, the Derby Della Capitale got underway at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, an incredible atmosphere as the Derby unraveled. Roma wasted no time showing their superiority Lorenzo Pellegrini on an attack turned his defender inside out before threading to henrikh Mkhitaryan, forcing a corner. Roma’s captain Lorenzo Pellegrini in the first minute of the game, attempted to curl it directly from the corner as his strike hit the post before falling in the lap of Tammy Abraham, the Englishman, striking with his body bouncing off his leg into the back of the net. The fastest ever goal in the Roman Derby as Roma ran out to a 1–0 lead after 56th seconds. Tammy Abraham’s 22nd goal of the season makes him the highest-scoring debut season in the Roma colors leaving Gabriel Batistuta and Vincenzo Montella in the dust as he makes a big entrance.

56 Seconds and Boom! Tammy Abraham makes a Derby Entrance as Roma take lead

Incredible connection from Lorenzo Pellegrini and the spacing of the Englishmen is there at the right time, and just like that, a dream starts for Roma, causing disaster to their crosstown rivals. The mentality shined through Lazio had possession, but it didn’t make a difference. Roma was playing from Back to Front Mourinho’s decision to go with the back five paid off Rodger Ibanez, and Chris Smalling often pushed up, leaving Lazio no breathing space. Not that long after the first goal, Roma Tammy Abraham threaded the ball towards Lorenzo Pellegrini; he struck from a difficult position seeing his strike hook to the left. Moments later, Nicola Zalewski fired a strike from outside but was blocked. The Polish youngster has progressed well has quickly become a vital piece of this Roma puzzle. Lazio was trying, but the way Roma’s defense pressed made it impossible for them to even put themselves in a position to do anything. Lazio was hung out to dry could not find anything they were being swallowed. Just at the 20-minute mark, Rodger Ibanez tried to connect on a header coming from a corner; by this time, the connection was a bit too high. Lazio attempted to strike back, misfiring Rui Patricio didn’t react. Ciro is immobile, the one to look for; he is the top scorer in this team for a reason, but he was out-dueled on two opportunities by Rodger Ibanez Roma running circles around them. Roma was asserting their dominance, then Roma stepped up again in a big way. In the 22nd minute, Sergio Oliveira was shielding the ball before spreading out to Bryan cristante who threaded one of the best through balls I have seen this season perfectly executed with accuracy and pinpoint precision Mkhitaryan collected it before sending it through to Rick Karsdorp, who made a run in front of them as Dutchman followed through on the cross as Tammy Abraham position himself perfectly staying on side catching it in the air smashing it into the top corner and just like that in a blink of an eye Roma take a two-goal lead in the Derby with only 22 minutes gone Roma took a 2–0 lead.

Tammy steps up again as Roma put’s a dagger into Lazio

It would be the 23rd goal of the season for Tammy Abraham but a level of brilliance from all of them. A Perfectly put together just displaying a genius-level everyone was on the same page ran through smoothly as Roma are running wild. They kept showing their mental strength and their mentality and continued to be aggressive. Shortly after, henrikh Mkhitaryan was put through Nicola Zalewski firing a strike from the side of the box but was denied by the keeper. They then came through again once again, The Armenian dictating with Hendrik Mkhitaryan on the counter coming close. As we got deeper into the first half, it was evident that Lazio could not deal with this Roma side. After Lorenzo Pellegrini missed deep, Luis Alberto finally registered a shot on target for Lazio. The Roma defense did such a tremendous job not giving them anything; Luis Alberto followed through, but Rui Patricio had no issues. Lazio’s big stars in the Midfield milinkovic-savic and Luis Alberto connect, but they could do mutually nothing. It was already bad, but it was about to get a whole lot worse. In the 40th minute, Sergio Oliveira was taken down by Lucas Leiva as Roma was awarded a free-kick from well outside the box. Lorenzo Pellegrini stepped behind the free-kick about 10 m outside the box from way out. The Roma captain stepped up, connecting with the inside of his foot curling over the wall into the top right corner where not a goalie on earth could have saved it a world-class go from a world-class player as Roma took a 3–0 lead. Lorenzo Pellegrini could not have hit that any better the fact that he hit it with the inside of his Boot and the way he was able to place it from so far out accurately was ridiculous one of the goals of the season it would be his 11th goal of the season matching his career-high. Words can’t even begin to explain how perfectly it was executed, almost as if you drew a marker from where he was standing into the top corner. It was just Mayhem the Roma fans were going ballistic running through and around this Lazio team it was truly a Mourinho masterclass. 2 minutes later, Roma nearly got a fourth as Lorenzo Pellegrini put through Mkhitaryan The Armenian hit from the deep end, hitting the post at the last second if it were an inch lower it would have added even more gas to the fire. After the first 45 minutes, Tammy Abraham and Lorenzo Pellegrini build a three-goal lead giving Lazio humiliation.

Lorenzo Pellegrini’s Freekick from the gods as the Roma Captain runs up three goal lead.

Roma was running circles around their City rivals. It was already over. Rome did lose a 3–1 lead in seven minutes against Juventus, but this team has improved mentally since then. After the third goal signal to his head, Tammy Abraham implies staying focused. Lazio completed more passes, and they had a 20% advantage in possession, and none of it even mattered. Roma’s defensive setup and structure put them in a hole that it couldn’t get out of. It was the best first-half performance by Roma ever in a Roman Derby. The second half started, and Lazio tried to be aggressive in hopes of coming back. Almost immediately strike from deep coming from Pedro but once again not testing Rui Patricio. Roma still got themselves in that attacking areas. Roma’s second-half performance was about dictation and control, taking a lot of possession, and just keeping pushing. The game was already firmly in their control. They were holding it down; tempers started flaring as Roma and Lazio’s players had to be separated on two separate occasions. Gianluca Mancini elbowing Francesco acerbi and Rick karsdorp, who is always up for scrap, got into it, mouthing “get up”. Tammy Abraham nearly got a hat trick with a little more than 20 minutes to go and probably should have. Bryan Cristante sends another beautiful ball Tammy Abraham manages to stay onside but cannot convert. What was a considerable mess certainly should have been a goal; no question about it whatsoever; however, he scored twice can’t blame him for that, can we. Several minutes later, Roma went to the bench as Matias Vina was brought on as Nicola Zalewski received a standing ovation from the Stadio Olimpico as he exited as he continues to be a fan favorite in Rome as he is starting to become quite a spectacular player someone that will be crucial for the future. In the late parts of the game, Pedro was denied by Rui. Patricio Lazio never showed up and will humiliating on the biggest stage with all of Italy and Europe watching. As the full-time whistle blows, Jose Mourinho re-instills the faith into the Stadio Olimpico as they turn Lazio upside down and inside out, dominating from the first second of the game as Roma show their superiority Roma players participated in the conclusion with Gianluca Mancini waving a giant flag as Roma celebrate a massive victory against their bitter rivals while jumping them in the table and what was a truly momentous occasion as Rome is red once again.


It is increasingly difficult to put this in perspective and break down what occurred on Sunday afternoon. It was a performance of emotional energy that left all of us speechless, from the romanista like myself to the coaching staff to the players on the pitch and all the fans in the stadium. We all understand the importance of the Derby; the entire season hangs on; this is very match. Roma will carry the bragging rights until next season. Roma started off on the right foot and never looked back. Tammy Abraham scored the fastest goal in Derby history while putting together the highest-scoring debut season in the world of colors. Roma dominated this match, scoring three goals in 40 minutes; they were in complete control there was never in any doubt. Many of us believed that Roma won this game, but I don’t think anybody foresaw what occurred. Roma dominated and humiliated the Rival; there is nothing that means more to the fans of this city and this team. Roma is in the driver’s seat of the Europa League Chase and an outside shot at Champions League possibility, but all in all, it is a satisfaction not only beating their Rivals but these level of humiliation that they brought on their Rivals; this is more than a match it means so much and for Roma to perform as well as they did is hard even to fathom. Roma has had a very inconsistent season. I don’t think any of us saw this happening; they have all the confidence and momentum to finish the season strong and perhaps take the conference League trophy with them. Tammy Abraham was brilliant with his two goals the second goal of the game was an artistic Masterpiece from so many different players. Lorenzo Pellegrini’s free-kick heard around the world. The defense, the way they organized, the way they pressured the way they were able to influence the Midfield from Lazio is astounding; the performance of Bryan cristante and Rick karsdorp was incredible, not to mention of the young kid with another spectacular performance. Roma played a nearly Flawless game against their bitter rivals. Mourinho hit it out of the park, and maybe my criticism of Mourinho, while somewhat valid, perhaps a little misguided. Mourinho showed me something if he is given time, he can turn this team into a winner. I don’t believe or agree with everything he does, but it’s proven he deserves time for him to win this game. Another season without heavy criticism, I will not criticize his job security for the rest of the season; this was as close to a masterpiece As It Gets everyone did their job, and the way they just dominated them shutting them out their big stars that they have over there did nothing this was probably one of the worst performances Lazio has had all season indeed in recent memory Roma showed their character their mentality and their credibility with a few more pieces this team could be truly special a team that could win trophies or be contending for trophies every season the Wolves ripped the head off an eagle.

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