Derby Della Capitale Talking Points #1426

Derby Domination

The Derby Della Capitale is the most important match in Italian football. The most heated rivalry in the world. The passion, atmosphere, history, and most importantly, the displeasure for each other. On Derby Day in Rome, the entire city shut down as Roma and Lazio gather to do battle like gladiators. The importance couldn’t be clearer as it has been said many times the meaning of the season he’s to win the Derby and finish ahead all of the crosstown rivals. Most years Roma and Lazio are not contending for the scudetto has the entire complexion of the season is based on who wins the Derby. It is about Supremacy in the city. However, last night’s circumstances were a little bit different than usual. Lazio came into the match as favorites with 48 points on the season. Roma was just behind them with 47 points. Lazio had won the reverse fixture and has finished ahead of Roma the last 3 Seasons Roma with just two victories in the last four seasons against them. The Romans had a score to settle; they looked for blood, and they found it. The characters on the sidelines with Jose Mourinho and Maurizio sarri only added to what was a climactic Derby all the eyes of the world on the Stadio Olimpico. Lazio has the top scorer in the league, Ciro immobile alongside a decent Midfield with milinkovic-savic Luis Alberto. On the other side, it was Player of the Year candidate Tammy Abraham, and one of the best midfielders in Europe in Lorenzo Pellegrini; both have the capabilities with the surrounding pieces to collect the vital points from their arch-rivals. The Vicious mentality of Roma and their Sensational approach drowned Lazio in the opening minute. Before the start of the match, there were a lot of intriguing storylines between the two teams but one of the most telling with the battle between Ciro immobile and Tammy Abraham. There truly was only one winner. Roma managed to drive the ball forward, earning an early corner. Lorenzo Pellegrini attempted to go directly from goal, hitting the post before falling to Tammy Abraham scoring the opener 56 seconds into it. As the English striker surpassed Roma icons, Gabriel Batistuta and Vincenzo Montella as Tammy Abraham scored his 22nd goal of the season, the most ever for a debut season. Lazio never stood a chance in the game; they were severely outplayed and outclassed by their counterparts. Roma started on the right foot and never took their foot off the gas. Tammy Abraham managed to grab a second goal, any goal that displayed some of the very best team chemistry we’ve seen this season. Captain Lorenzo Pellegrini then scored one of the best goals ever seen in this Derby. 40 m free-kick from the inside of his foot perfectly placed from deep range into the top corner where no one could get it. The link-up play between Tammy Abraham and Lorenzo Pellegrini has been astounding this season, both stepping up in the biggest game and in the biggest way. Believe It or Not, Roma had a three-goal lead and was just adding more and more humiliation as Lazio couldn’t get a thing going. They were suffocated, humiliated, and embarrassed in front of a global audience. There certainly is an argument that it was the best first-half performance Roma has ever had in the Derby. Roma was on another level; it was a performance of perfection. Not only did they keep Lazio quiet all game long but Roma has stepped up to the plate; everyone pitched in and played their part and was incredibly influential in a one-sided Derby victory for the Romans. Henrikh Mkhitaryan returned from suspension as he was truly a magician in the Midfield as Roma just plays to another level when he is involved. The defense was spectacular; the output we saw from the wing-backs with Rick karsdorp and the young kid Nicola Zalewski showed its incredible qualities to play as well as he did at the years old in a derby of high magnitude was astounding to see. They just ripped apart their rivals; everyone played their part; they were extra motivated by the right mentality, and they just ran through them. Bryan cristante might have been the unsung hero this game the way he played and dictated the Midfield contributing and both facets of it, not to mention that incredible pass that orchestrated Roma has a second goal. Mourinho snatched it out of the park, ultimately leaving Lazio for dead this was one of the most dominant Derby performances we have ever seen certainly in the recent future as Roma’s performance shows something we already knew that Rome is red Roma got the revenge they needed this performance in particular to kick-start the season. From an individual standpoint, Lorenzo Pellegrini & Tammy Abraham may have just put themselves in the driver’s seat four-player this season. Still, most importantly, they dominated their Rivals; they made the Derby look easy. Now Roma has the bragging rights until they meet again, which will only give them the right mentality and confidence to push through finish the season strong with perhaps a top-five finish now a distinct possibility.

Roma’s Defensive Impact on Lazio’s Stars

This Roma team has rotated and adjusted their lineup and formation all season. We have seen so many different combinations. Roma has been wildly inconsistent this season as it’s been a little up and down through this campaign; this may have impacted the number of times they have adjusted their setup and strategic approach, especially in games like this. Lately, there has been a sense of frustration regarding Jose Mourinho, but it was a masterstroke from the special one. I’ve never felt all that comfortable with a back five from a personal standpoint. I’ve always felt that approach is a little too negative and sometimes have difficulty understanding the benefit of so many defensive players in the setup. However, back five was a genius decision; it was almost flawlessly. The game and the performance will highlight the incredible things Roma did in the Midfield and the attack with the goals from Tammy Abraham and Lorenzo Pellegrini. Even with that, what they were able to do with the defensive setup ultimately largely contributed and is the biggest reason Roma manhandled Lazio in the derby with all the pressure on them. They played with extreme aggression while also being cautious Tactical advancements. Chris Smalling, Rodger Ibanez, and Gianluca Mancini were the center-backs that Roma deployed. Remember Lazio has a lot of big Playmakers in the Midfield with Luis Alberto milinkovic-savic while also having arguably the best striker in league with Ciro immobile. They could do next to nothing throughout the 90 minutes; they were brutal and never even had a sense of doing anything; there was no confidence whatsoever; they were utterly suffocated and signaled out. Lazio tends to build up through the Midfield when they were unable to do that could not find a sense of alternatives and just were drowned out. They had so much difficulty because Roma’s defensive mentality pushed up with their center backs when Lazio was approaching their area. Gianluca Mancini always tucked back, but Chris Smalling and Rodger Ibanez went forward on numerous occasions to intercept the passing Lanes in the Midfield. Pair of them wreak havoc in the Lazio Midfield. Lazio had control possession and had a lot of the ball, but it did not matter every time they were on the verge of doing something. Chris Smalling and Rodger Ibanez were there every time, no matter what happened. They also pushed out with Nicola Zalewski and Rick Karsdorp, almost becoming Wingers by Design. They strategically made their movements; when Lazio got into the box, they were surrounded, and Roma occupied a lot of space. Occasionally Rui Patricio had to make a save but not very often not one time in this game as he was forced to make a difficult save in the slightest the defense from the center backs to the wing-backs did their job; they were careful but also aggressive about the way they approached they closed off the entire Midfield and Lazio couldn’t create a damn thing top-to-bottom Roma played incredibly efficient. Still, ultimately Lazio lost the game because they got cut off from the Midfield, the place where they create a lot of their chances. It also helped that Roma took advantage of their chances in the attacking sense, but the defense strategy and Game Plan saw Lazio just fold and play to Roma’s hands. When the Midfield was cut off, there wasn’t anywhere for them to go with the athleticism Roma had on both sides; they couldn’t do anything in the Midfield, which resulted in me not doing anything. They led this game and many categories, but it didn’t make any difference because the defensive approach just left them with nothing. The back five was such a genius move, and it worked out without fail.

Jose Mourinho Derby Masterclass he needs Time

It has been a difficult season for this Roma team. It’s not been easy. Roma has been an inconsistent mess at times. We have seen the best of Mourinho and the worst of Mourinho throughout this campaign. It is somewhat difficult to gauge whether or not he is the right person for this particular situation and project. Over the last couple of weeks, I have argued that Mourinho isn’t the right manager for this specific project while doing the best he can with what he has, even though many of his decisions in certain games have been questionable. Mourinho showed tactical brilliance in the derby, his most important game. Not only did Roma win, but they dominated while humiliating the opposition. It made me realize while Mourinho sometimes makes decisions, I don’t agree that he deserves to have the time to build this Roma into something. In hindsight, I was harsh regarding my criticism of the special one. Ultimately I’m not suggesting for certain that he is the right person for this project, but he deserves time to prove that he is. The way he handled the derby shows an awful lot of what he is capable of building with this Roma Squad. I was wrong as the best performance of the entire season; all 11 players could have been genuinely pick for man of the match. His tactical adjustments is largely why Roma had so much success in the derby. It has helped the team’s mentality this season in a huge way; with time, it can translate the pitch. A couple of additions in the summer Roma could look like a totally different team with the capabilities to win trophies and challenge for titles. I’m not saying for certain, but he is the right person for this situation, but we got to get him time. Roma is still in need of some upgrades and a little more depth. With the right type of signings this summer, he might be exactly what Roma needs; we just got to give him time to turn this thing around. I will not criticize his job security for the rest of the season considering what just happened on Sunday; we have to give him the benefit of the doubt and give him the time to build this Roma team into a winner; there is quality throughout the squad with a little bit more this Roma team could be something exceptional.

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