Glionna’s 2nd half brace puts the hammer down on Sassuolo as Champions Leagues edges closer #1428

A.S Roma 3 Sassuolo 0FT

The Roma women’s incredibly historic campaign took another turn. On the back of winning the Coppa Italia last season, the goal in mind has been and continues to be qualifying for the Champions League. Roma is the most in-form team in the league. They have been as close to flawless as it gets with this team having the materials to take the crown from Juventus sooner rather than later. Roma is unbeaten in their last 16 matches in Serie A and the Coppa Italia. Currently sit second in the league and have one foot in the door of the Coppa Italia final. Despite their terrific form, they haven’t collected maximum points since the win against Inter Milan. Unfortunately, before this match, this weekend, the team’s best player Anna Serturini, would not make the trip due to a covid positive. Roma would go on the road without her to take on Sassuolo, a battle between 2nd and 3rd. Valeria Pirone scored twice in a 2–0 victory in the reverse fixture. The green and white have been a tough team for a while, a challenging prospect, but with the Champions League qualification within their grasp, they ran through them away from home, even without Anna. Roma had dominated their last three games, unable to secure victory in two of them; on this occasion, they wouldn’t allow that to happen. They were in control and showed their superiority Pamola Lazaro drew blood right before the break to give Romo a 1–0 lead. Only for Bernadetta Glionna, the score twice late in the second half as Roma secured maximum points extending their unbeaten run stretch to 17. Meanwhile, position themselves five points clear with four games remaining. Roma has gone through the most challenging part of their schedule and could go through the rest of the season without a defeat. Following a massive victory, historic Champions League qualification is right there for them as Roma goes into sassuolo and convincingly handles their business.

After preparations and predictions, the match got underway as Roma’s Champions League surge continues looking to do the double against a strong Sassuolo. The big news coming into the game was that Roma would be without their best player Anna Serturini; however, this Roma team has severe depth and quality throughout it, as vital as she is. They had dominated their last three games but haven’t picked up maximum points in a while; this game was going to be defined by whether or not Roma could finish their chances in front of goal. Roma had complete control from the very beginning. They moved the ball very well back and forth, and they built up a through the Midfield. The hosts would be put in a situation where they had to take advantage when the chances came because this Roma team came out aggressive they came out with the desire and the mentality to keep the unbeaten run going. Early in, Roma found itself in a dangerous area with the possibility to capitalize. Angela Sofia threaded the ball towards Lazaro, who saw an open path towards Glionna; however, the defender closed down to get the ball out only to fall in the lap of Greggi; the youngster fires away but hits it a little wide. Even though Roma is unable to score on their opening chance, they did show the threat they pose as they found multiple panels to be threatening. Roma continues to dictate the game, putting a lot of pressure on the hosts to try and reply. Sassuolo did not have a lot of high-quality chances in this game; they struggled to put anything together in the first half but eventually got themselves an intriguing opportunity as they were pushing the ball forward. Clelland is under pressure from behind on the counter-attack, but it’s pacing ahead with the ball at his feet. Roma’s defense started eliminating the space; the attacker made a precise decision to go for goal. It was a somewhat complicated angle to strike; she had the power as it was hit quite well but just coasted a little high as Camellia Caesar did extend even though it was a high strike. Sassuolo probably could have handled that situation better especially considering they did not have a lot of the ball, and it’s unclear how many changes they would have to put pressure on this Roma team that is determined for the Champions League. A minute later, Angela Sofia found Glionna, who then took one touch, swinging back towards Angela Sofia as the versatile defender attempted to catch them off guard with a deep strike but just a little high on the Finish. Roughly 10 minutes later, the pressure only rises as Roma gets into their rhythm. Manuela Giugliano sends a beautiful through ball to Andressa Alves she gives one-touch giving the ball back to Roma’s playmaker Manuela Giugliano was alone by herself with no one closing down she decided to go for this spectacular striking from over 30 m out she had the distance as her low strike just drifted to the left at the last second despite the good look Manuela Giugliano shows her frustration. As we got deeper into the first half, it was more the same as chance has begun to come more frequently for this Roma team. Bartoli hit a chipped cross down the right flank Bernadette Glionna was there to collect before sending a cross into the box Pamola Lazaro got her head on it as the goalkeeper came out of the box to supply a touch at the same time it was cleared out falling to Greggi ripping a strike from outside the box this time only inches from finding the bottom corner. Three minutes later, Roma moved the ball through so many different bodies, nearly breaking through. Glionna sent a cross from the right-wing into Angela Sofia. The goalkeeper was out of position; the defender followed through, trying to clear it out but didn’t leave the area, forcing another defender to come in to try to clear. Are lands in the corner of the box Greggi controls before spinning the defender inside out? She found Manuela Giugliano outside the box before the ball was returned as Glionna found Lazaro following through on a short cross hit from inside the box but still unable to find the back of the net. So many opportunities in that one sequence; it was just a sense that the goal was coming. Finally, in the 43rd minute, the Roma’s established their dominance. Manuela Giugliano hit a deep cross from Midfield Lucia Di Guglielmo chased it down as it was approaching out of bounds; she crossed it into the box at the last second has Pamela Lazaro caught it with a backheel just about crossing the line giving Roma a 1–0 lead.

It would be the ninth goal of the season for the Spanish International has she has Roma in front at the end of the first half. In the second half, it was all business for Roma; they hardly felt threatened for the duration of the 90 minutes; they got the late goal in the first half, and they just controlled the pace of the game. They got forward on the counter-attack, they looked dangerous when they moved the ball, and they were just a step of had at all times. Essentially a repeat of the first half, they neutralized the opposition, and then late in the second half, they went for it, and they got paid off handsomely. In the 71st minute, Roma got on a counter-attack, starting and ending with Manuela Giugliano, who dictated everything as Roma’s most vital playmaker. Lazaro got her feet on it, driving the ball towards the left wing before sending just outside the box as Glionna collected beat the defender from just inside the box, striking with power taking a deflection before the ball landed in the back of the net as Roma would take a 2–0 lead.

As the game was closing out with five minutes remaining, Sassuolo tries to get a goal back across from the wing into the box caught on the volley but not giving Camellia Caesar many problems as she grabs the ball and holds onto it. In the 90th minute, they got themselves on the break and would not be denied the third minute of stoppage time. Manuela Giugliano pushed the ball forward in the middle of the pitch before sending a fast-paced ball into Glionna on the left wing with Greggi running down the middle. The athleticism and the pace on the ball from Glionna were unmatched, cutting into the box moving in before sending a well-slotted strike into the bottom corner to give Roma a 3–0 lead and eventual victory. Greggi was right down the middle; she maybe could have laid it off, but when she’s moving with the ball with such confidence, there will only be one result. It would be her sixth goal as Roma picks up maximum points even without an available handling Sassuolo away from home as the Champions League dream starts coming into fruition. As they get one step closer towards Europe.

Roma does the double, making a clean sweep against a highly-regarded Sassuolo team with a lot of quality. Their unbeaten streak reaches 17 games across the league and cup competitions. Roma has been absolutely flawless since October’s defeat to Inter Milan. Over the last month, Roma has gone through Inter Milan, AC Milan, Juventus, and now Sassuolo. This was, without question, the most challenging part of the remaining schedule. Roma is now Five Points clear in second place. Roma will come for the crown that currently sits on the head of Juventus, but that perhaps will happen next season. They handle themselves quite well without hardly any difficulty this weekend, getting a massive three points after only splitting points in their last two games against Juventus and AC Milan, which they dominated significantly. This Roma team only seems to get better with each week Spugna has taken this team to different levels. Roma has only been beaten twice this season, and both of those defeats happened within the same month. Since that stretch of the season, Roma has been operating at their absolute best. They have the second-best offense in the league with the second-best attack. Roma has 12 different goal scorers this campaign, most of any team in the league. They are prepared for what will lie ahead as this is the team meant for European football. Qualification is almost a certainty. Roma has already played the top part of the league twice this season. All of their remaining fixtures are coming from the bottom half of the table. There is no reason to believe that Roma can’t win all five games. On top of that, they just might get another crack at Juventus. They got one foot in the door at the Coppa Italia, hoping to retain their trophy from last season. The way Roma put this team together not only in the summer but also in the deals they were able to pull off in January has been influential in this team being so good this campaign. They are probably not ready to win the title this season, but Roma will be going for the jugular next year. Their depths from top to bottom make them a significant threat; they are not going to go away; they are here to stay. It was a significant victory for their Champions League dream that soon would become a reality. Even though they had not been defeated, they did have back-to-back drawers. Roma will finish this season with Hellas Verona, Fiorentina, Sampdoria, and Lazio; in all of the remaining matches, Sampdoria is the only one that could be difficult the rest of these matches as long as Rome is focused and prepared for the challenge should be a piece of cake. They are five points out of the top with 12 points available still to go; there is still a slight possibility that they could do the impossible, but first things first, securing European football for the first time since the club’s existence, their ambitions are soon going to be a reality without Anna Serturini they shut out one of the best teams in the league dominate the Runner play genuinely deserving of their points as they approached the final stretch of the season incredible confidence.

Women Serie A Table

1. Juventus 15–2–1 47Pts
2. A.S Roma 13–3–2 42Pts
3. Milan 11–4–1 37Pts
4. Sassuolo 11–3–4 37Pts
5. Inter 10–2–6 32Pts
6. Sampdoria 9–1–8 28Pts
7. Empoli 5–5–8 20Pts
8. Pomigliano 6–1–10 19Pts
9. Fiorentina 5–3–10 18Pts
10. Napoli 4–3–11 15Pts
11. Lazio 2–2–13 15Pts
12. Hellas Verona 1–1–16 4Pts

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