Roma vs Sampdoria Preview Match Day 30 #1429

Roma’s Sizzling Form

Roma comes into a Sunday Clash against Sampdoria with a lot of reason to feel optimistic about the challenges that lie ahead. Before the international break, Roma picked up an incredibly emotionally charged victory in the derby against Lazio. Winning convincingly with a 3–0 victory, all three goals scored in the opening half. Only eight games are remaining in this Italian football season. Roma’s Europa League Chase it’s still very much on the cards; these next eight games are critical to where the Romans will finish at the end of the season. Roma looks to battle with Atalanta, with both clubs at 51 points. However, the side from Bergamo has a game in hand; because of this, Roma needs to be more or less flawless just in case Atalanta does end up dropping points. 5th place gives automatic Europa League qualification; on top of that, a top-five finish would be a rather remarkable season for Roma all in all. Sampdoria away from home could be a challenge as they split points in the first meeting. Roma is unbeaten in their last nine league matches and is in a highly confident mood at the moment. They have a sense of optimism about them as they approach the last stretch of the season. Everything seems to be clicking in all panels of this team. Mourinho re-established himself and his importance with the Tactical Master Class against Lazio. Roma has the best goalkeeper in the league in rui Patricio the defensive structure of Roma has been much improved in the last couple of weeks Roma’s Midfield and attack have been linking up together quite precisely. The impact of Tammy Abraham, Lorenzo Pellegrini, and Henrik Mkhitaryan has been a big reason for their recent success; all three seem to be on the same page and determined to get this Roma teen into the Europa League. Sampdoria certainly does pose some challenges, especially at the Luigi Ferraris; it will not be a stroll in the park; considering how well Roma has performed in the last couple of weeks; they shouldn’t find much difficulty handling themselves against a Sampdoria side that is trying to survive the season. All the momentum remains with Roma, and the importance of results at this point of the season could not be more clear Focus, and concentration will be vital in Roma getting three points on Sunday.

Mourinho’s Roma finally clicking

Jose Mourinho has had a hot and cold season on the Roma bench. He has shown tactical brilliance while also showing horrific performances. Since the beginning of the new year, I have been extremely harsh on Mourinho. My criticism and claims at the time were valid and may still be; however, considering what happened in the derby, it is clear that Roma needs to give themselves a chance under Mourinho. Roma will try to bring in a few more crucial signings over the summer while getting rid of some of the deadwood. Once this happens, we will truly be able to see what this Roma team is made of and have a better read and perspective on Mourinho. However, the Tactical genius that he showed against Lazio shows the world that he needs time with this Roma team. I’m going to back off of my criticism until the picture shows more fruition. Once Roma has a more complete and compiled team on top of the highly talented side they already have, we’ll evaluate this properly. So, for the time being, I’m going to hold off criticism on Mourinho, considering the genius he pulled off in the derby against Lazio. However, in this game, it is important that Mourinho continues to build on Roma’s incredible performance in the derby put all that energy into trying to find an advantage from a tactical standpoint against Sampdoria away from home. How Mourinho will be able to handle Sampdoria will be very telling on how Roma could fair the rest of the season. Mourinho needs to be Sharp, especially against a team that is trying to survive the campaign. This match is not going to be a simple one. Mourinho must show that he can string together another brilliant performance in doing so, making some difficult decisions. Nicolo zaniolo should come off the bench against Sampdoria, and the adjustments that are made ahead of this game could be very important to see whether or not he can keep the same energy; he is safe in his position for now, but this late stretch could be very influential for the future Sampdoria was not the simplest of challenges because of this he will have to make some difficult decisions Roma have an opportunity to finish in the top five showing their qualities against Sampdoria will take them closer to the destination Inter Milan. Napoli is both still on the schedule. Mourinho understands he needs to win every game to give Roma the best chance; we just have to let Mourinho work the rest of the season, and then we can evaluate later.

Sampdoria should be aggressive but proceed with caution

Sampdoria can always be a tricky match to try and handle. They managed to get something from the Stadio Olimpico earlier this season. The Stadio Olimpico may not be a fortress, but it is a place that is difficult to play. They were able to grab a point in that matchup in Rome. They will feel much more comfortable in their own backyard. The approach could be one of aggressiveness at home in front of their home fans with everything being magnified, especially at this point of the season; that might be the approach to go with. Roma will have a great game plan instilled and have the weapons that will make Sampdoira pay if they make mistakes which is why they need to proceed with caution; they should not under no circumstances park the bus or play very passive they need to be aggressive but be very calculated when they do so. Defensively their number one priority is going to be trying to slow down Tammy Abraham; we know the type of damage he can do in front of goal. Sampdoria does not have the pieces to stop him but to slow him down and try to disrupt the link-up play from Lorenzo Pellegrini, and Mkhitaryan seems like an impossible task. Still, they have to play as physically as possible to throw Roma off the Rhythm. Sampdoria is probably safe this season as they are seven points from the bottom; however, they have lost three of their last five games; if they continue to drop points regularly, they could be dragged down there again; it is going to be very difficult to get something considering the form of this Roma team they need to pull out all the stops to do this but also be cautious while doing so at the end that is probably wishful thinking. Still, Sampdoria must make Roma work for it; they cannot allow them to get accessible opportunities; otherwise, the game will end in 15 minutes. They must go down swinging if they go down, for morale alone is essential.

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