Roma vs Salernitana Match Day 32 Preview #1439

Nothing Left to Play for

Salernitana last campaign got the promotion to the top of the Italian flight for the first time in club history. It was inevitable that they were going to struggle with this campaign. There should not be many surprises about where they are this season. Although they did their best putting their squad together it did lack essential ingredients to survive the season. They started poorly and never really got things into gear. At this point, they’re just weeks away from the mathematic relegation to be confirmed they don’t have a prayer to survive. Maybe they still have the motivation to try to do the impossible but they would have to go on a terrific run and win almost every game remaining yet it still might not be enough. The team realizes where they are the truth is there’s not much left to play for in the season anymore they will be relegated and make a return to Serie B. Their trip to the stadio olimpico might be just formalities. All they have left this season is a sense of pride and that’s what they’re going to have to battle with on Sunday night. They suffered a 4-0 defeat in the reverse fixture it’s hard to imagine things will be any different. As challenging as it may be considering Roma are unbeaten in their last 10 there could be a lack of fight from them the motivation to go to Rome and perform just might not be there. The only thing that really put them in the right mind space is perhaps the prospect of taking points in Rome against one of the most in-form teams in the league. When they get relegated make it say they took points off Roma that’s genuinely the only bargaining chip for this team. Relegation will be confirmed shortly and after what has been a disastrous first season there’s a good reason they aren’t going to have a second one. I would like to think they still battle and fight but they might not have the energy or the mentality to burn themselves out trying to avoid a defeat that is probably unavoidable. The hope is a battle and fight and try to do something in Rome but in the end these last couple of games don’t mean a great deal as their place in Italian football is in great Jeopardy and they’re unlikely to be able to avoid it.

Roma could rest Some starters

Roma did face defeat in Norway against Bobo-glint in the conference League quarter-finals. They will be feeling the frustration from their performance along with their inability to close the deal. As they will return it to Rome for the second leg with a 2-1 deficit. However, it should not affect them that much regarding what will likely happen on Sunday. They’re going up against the bottom of the league the team that has nothing to play for. It is very important that they don’t underestimate them and throw away the season even before the two matches against sin Napoli and Inter Milan. They have to focus on what is in front of them before they can start thinking ahead. Lorenzo Pellegrini took an unnecessary Yellowcard at the end of the victory against sampdoria. He will be unavailable for this particular match which will give him breast ahead of the games against Napoli and Inter Milan. Mourinho should maybe consider resting Tammy Abraham along with him. Roma does not have to play an incredibly strong team they have to a strong enough team to get the points. Felix Afena should get the opportunity to start up top for Romo. In this matchup, we should see several less-used players. Roma should still put together a strong team to get the results and it’s important they don’t underestimate but there’s no reason to risk injury tired legs against the bottom of the league. Napoli and Inter Milan will dictate the rest of the entire season it’s not really worth risking even if Roma plays the reserves they still should find a way, in the end, to get the points as long as they get the points that’s all that matters. However, with that being said Roma needs to keep at PACE with Atalanta and Lazio that aren’t far behind they shouldn’t jeopardize their chance of maximum points so perhaps proceed with caution but if Mourinho sees it as a possible resting some of Roma’s more important players might be something that should consider they won 4–0 in the reverse fixture away from in Rome they should have no problems getting points which is why resting some of the key players typically Tammy Abraham and Lorenzo Pellegrini could do them a great deal of good with the upcoming matches that have significant moral worth.

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