Roma vs Salernitana Talking Points #1442

My Problem with Nicolo Zaniolo

The problem with Nicolo zaniolo needs to be addressed; we cannot continuously ignore it any longer. Nicolo zaniolo is extremely talented and has shown so many moments of Brilliance for this Roma team during his time here so far. In 103 games for the club, he has collected 18 goals and 14 assists. Certainly, a productive showing especially considering his injury concerns. The youngster has had two serious knee injuries that have kept him out the entirety of last season and a good portion of the year prior. He burst onto the scene, developing into one of the brightest talents in Italian football. His goal against sassuolo highlighted his Talent and what he could become during that first season. Some of the top sides in Europe at the time sparked an interest in Nicolo zaniolo. Tottenham, Liverpool, and most notably, Juventus have reignited the interest. Many Roma fans have taken him into their hearts as one of their own. It is so unfortunate that he had those knee injuries, as perhaps we could have something in him develop into a much more refined player. It was never expected that he would explode directly after those knee surgeries. However, there is a reason I haven’t taken as much affection towards Nicolo zaniolo as many others. The lack of form that we have seen from him this season may have something to do with the operation for the last two seasons. However, his injury concerns have nothing to do with why I’m having a consistent problem with the youngster expected to take Roma by storm after his breakout season. I’m not going to sit up here and belittle his Talent or the things he is capable of. The management and coaching staff sees him as an important asset. I do not see him the same way for two very particular reasons. The biggest issue with Nicolo zaniolo is something we all need to acknowledge the proper way instead of hiding behind the affection that many of the romanista have for him. Selfishness and decision-making It will stand in his way, ultimately reaching what he’s capable of. The attacking midfielder is incredibly gifted and certainly has been able to do some incredible things. He can be such an interesting and dangerous component in the counter-attack, especially with the ball movement and control when it is at his feet. He battles through every ball and is just a magician; it can sometimes be very difficult to get the ball off of him. His incredible footwork and dribbling ability certainly have made him such an excellent Prospect. He has a very refined and compiled arsenal of gifts, is very versatile, and can play multiple attacking positions as an attacking midfielder, winger, and striker. There’s certainly a lot to like, but the negative aspects of his game can be incredibly damaging to a Roma team this season that is desperately fighting for the Europa League. The expectation next season will be to qualify for the Champions League; his selfishness and decision-making could very deteriorate to the detriment of Roma’s season. As talented as he is not evolving in his attitude and decision-making. These two aspects of him have nothing to do with the injuries that he has fared in the last couple of years; it has to do with the mental part of his game, it does not seem to be changing at all. I’ve been very patient with him all season, hoping he would finally turn the corner it just hasn’t happened, and if things don’t change, he could become expendable. If Roma were to move on, they would ask for a high price considering his talent level, and Roma would like to keep him as a key part of this group, but if things don’t start changing, that’s where it could be heading. In the game on Sunday, he came off the bench at halftime and gave Roma a level of explosion in the build-up, especially in the Midfield. It gave Roma entirely different elements. However, he was incredibly selfish, and his decision-making was horrific during crucial parts of the game. Roma needed two late goals to secure the points ultimately; when Roma was behind, the young Italian was trying to take on the entire team by himself and never looked interested in passing the ball in fact, I’m not sure he completed one pass in an attacking area when Roma was pushing forward. His decision-making in critical situations has been a problem all year; it’s something she needs to improve on desperately. He’s a relatively young player who wants to get back into the level of form he showed two years ago and feels like scoring is the only way to do so. He needs to understand it’s not all about him; that game Sunday is about coming together as a team and picking up an important three points ahead of their two most important fixtures of the season. There were three different situations in which Tammy Abraham was in a more dangerous position, and Nicolo zaniolo wouldn’t give him the ball. Tammy Abraham could have scored twice on Sunday if it wasn’t for the youngster. Decision-making I can live with; he’s a young player trying to get his confidence back occasionally; we’re going to see a player that age, especially one that has not played for a while, making poor decisions; we need to see that improve, but to a certain extent you can get by with that. However, his selfishness was completely unacceptable, especially in a game Roma was losing for him to behave that way with a ball was appalling; he was magical with the ball in the build-up and did some incredible things. Roman would have scored their goals much earlier than they did; he kept Roma out of the game until the end. Roma has another youngster that they feature from time to time, Felix Afena; he scored a brace in 5 minutes against Genoa earlier this season to burst onto the scene. He’s another player that has struggled with his decision-making, but he’s not selfish, and maybe the more he has been given opportunities, the more he’s evolving. His decision-making has improved in the games he has been featured in. By next season decision-making may not be a problem at all regarding the Ghana International. He’s evolving, becoming a much more complete player and Talent, showing someone they can rely on. Another youngster, wingback Nicola Zalewski has made smart decisions, and when he has had a bad moment and takes accountability for it, he is evolving rapidly through each game. The Polish and the Ghana youngster are showing the ability to evolve and improve; meanwhile, Nicolo zaniolo staying in the same place isn’t improving; his decision-making isn’t getting better, and as talented as he is, he’s been significantly less reliable than the other two. Not he’s not capable of evolving; he’s choosing not to, and that’s where I have a problem; it’s a mental block because, in his head, he thinks he is a superstar when he really isn’t. He got a little bit of success; it’s all gone to his head, and he wants to be the one scoring two goals for Roma. His link-up play with the other attackers when he isn’t selfish is tremendous, but if this doesn’t change, he will soon be fighting for his Roma life, and even if he were to move on if he doesn’t change, it wouldn’t have success anywhere else either. I would love for him to be a crucial part of this new era of Roma, but he cannot do that until he starts to evolve and change and decision-making and his selfishness until he can get away from that. He reminds me of Ben Simmons, one of the most talented players in the NBA. Refuse to play the Philadelphia 76ers this season and has been riding the bench of the Brooklyn Nets since the trade with James Harden. He is an incredibly gifted six-foot-nine point guard with Incredible passing ability that can get to the rim whenever he wants; the NBA has become a Shooters League, and he refuses to take a jump shot even attempt one. His reluctance to evolve is preventing him from being what he’s capable of. Similar to Nicolo zaniolo, I am losing my patience; realize it’s not all about you; with better decision-making and more of a selfless attitude, he would be one of the best players in the league; you need to check yourself if you really want a future in Italian football. This may have been harsh, but it truly stands in the way of him getting to the very top of the game.

Mouhinho Masterclass again; Unlikly Hero’s win it for Roma

Last weekend Roma narrowly got through Sampdoria at the Luigi Ferraris. It was an ugly victory for Roma that managed to creep into the top five following the result. Roma has the two most difficult matches of the remaining schedule, Napoli and Inter Milan, that could ultimately decide whether or not they make the Europa League. This Sunday, it wasn’t easy, but Roma found a way to get there. It was another Mourinho masterclass as he made the suitable tactical adjustments. There was reason to be critical of Mourinho at different points in a season, but he has proven he deserves time to make this team into something later. He has made all the right tactical adjustments at precisely the right time as Roma. I’ve been unbeaten in their last 11 games. They took on the bottom of the league, and it was more difficult than anticipated. An incredible free kick saw Roma fall behind. Forcing Mourinho to take the game in the second half. He made the right adjustments at the right time. Bringing on Nicolo zaniolo wasn’t the most gracious decision in hindsight. Still, his late substitutions allowed Romo to come from behind, scoring twice in the last 10 minutes to earn the victory. Nicola Zalewski and Carlos Perez came in as late changes, which helped turn the tide. The young Pole continues to show some incredible qualities as we see growth with ease. He made a tremendous impact in the late stages of the game. Carles Perez, at the time, seemed like a strange player to bring on, but he made the most significant difference. The Spaniard scored from outside the box to get an equalizer. Then two minutes later, on a set piece Chris Smalling got on the end of it to earn the victory with his leg goal. The most unlikely of Heroes, Chris Smalling, handled himself brilliantly and was an absolute Force defensively, putting together an exceptional performance and then goes and gets the winner; we could not have asked more of The English Center back for an immensely influential performance that got them the victory. Carlos Perez gave Roma life two minutes later before they got a winning goal. He is not a player that is typically used very often by Mourinho. Still, in the post-game press conference, the rolling manager was very complimentary, complimenting his effort so often in training and in games. He even mentioned that he isn’t used a lot of the time because of tactics, not because of a lack of quality. Indeed, without isn’t there with the rest of the team prescribed and delivered. Two unlikely Heroes settle the match with Mourinho, and his tactical adjustments pay dividends in the victory.

Salernitana showed something

Salentina got swallowed in the reverse fixture against Roma. In addition to that, they’re sitting at the bottom of the table with only a slim chance to survive. The expectation going into the game is Romo would handle this quickly and quietly and could perhaps Sleepwalk to the three points. In my preview, I suggested and questioned the mentality and the desire to pick up results for the rest of the season. We’ve known for quite a while but they’re very unlikely to survive the season and they haven’t shown any data that would suggest that there still is a possibility of them getting out of the Drop Zone. I didn’t really think they have a willingness to get huge results I felt they were playing most surprised and given their situation at the bottom of the table I just didn’t foresee that being a motivator for them. They are currently nine points from safety unless they start winning every game I find it hard to believe that they will survive the drop. However, it was an extremely admirable performance they should be proud of despite not getting the appropriate result. They fought with Romo for the duration of 90 minutes. Showing true desire in character they are just unable to hold them off in the end. With 80 minutes gone they were 10 minutes away from winning the game which would have been a hugely historic victory for them. We know the rest of the story Roma scored twice and get the points but it wasn’t because of the desire of the team they still thought they just came up short. They’re probably getting relegated more likely than not but they will go down swinging.

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