The Yellow Submarine Stuns Bayern Reign of Terror Munich awaits #1438

Villarreal 1 Bayern 0FT

Bayern Munich came into the champions league as one of the favorites to lift the trophy at the end of the season. There is a high possibility that they will be the ones to lift it in Paris. They have one at the champions league six times in two years ago; when Bayern Munich was fully healthy, they ran through everyone to win the Champions League final. Last year Robert Lewandowski got injured before the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Had that not happened, it is likely that Bayern Munich would have won back-to-back Champions League titles, and they would be going for a three-peat. There have been some question marks regarding them, but for the most part, they are firmly in the driver’s seat as one of the contenders to Win It. They took down RB Salzburg in the round of 16 7–1 on aggregate; however, they drew in Austria. Nonetheless, the quality of their team and the depth of our team put them at the very front of the race. They would be going up against last year’s Europa League winners Villarreal struggling in La Liga, but there is something special about them in Europe. They pulled a vast upset off against the mighty Juventus, scoring three times in the last 20 minutes of the second leg at Allianz Stadium. They went on to eliminate them with a 4–1 aggregate victory. The Yellow Submarine would be loud and ready in Spain as a crowd of 21,000 at the Estadio de la Cerámica in Spain would be the stage for a Champions League quarter-final, one of the favorites against A True Underdog as things started to unravel in Spain as we approach the kick-off.

After preparations and predictions, the match got underway in Spain as this Champions League quarter-final kicked off. Villarreal had a relatively aggressive initial presence putting a lot of pressure on Bayern Munich, not shying away from the moments, and going to battle against one of Europe’s best. Bayern Munich had a pair of chances to start the game; it didn’t start any differently than any other match from Bayern Munich. Joshua kimmich got himself a perilous position from inside, but the Villarreal defense got in the way as he attempted to swipe at the Villarreal goal. A minute later, Benjamin Pavard found some space hitting an ambitious strike from Deep had enough on it, but it would hook to the right. In the 8th minute, Villarreal pull them into a shock lead; the match was about to be flipped on its head. Parejo, as an initial strike, blocked before sending the ball into Danjuma, who picked out the bottom right corner to give Villarreal a 1–0 lead. Bayern Munich has the best team globally with very few flaws whatsoever. However, they find themselves again behind, away from Munich. The Yellow Submarine was going crazy as the fans erupted. An imposing strategic plan from Emery. Villarreal would continue to put up a fight; however, Bayern Munich still has hazardous weapons throughout the squad; the 2020 Champions League winners still move the ball exceptionally well and look dangerous constantly. Just past the 20-minute mark Joshua kimmich is well within his range, struck from Deep with his attempt on goal looking to the left. Bayern Munich would not be discouraged as they continued to move the ball with a young Jamal musiala making everything happen from the Midfield. Bayern Munich went for deep again, this time from Lucas Hernandez; this one is very into the right. Villarreal never let up as they would go for a second goal. On a set piece, Parejo swings the ball into Julian foyth, getting his head on the end of it before going left. Seven minutes later, it looked like Villarreal got themselves a second and found the back of the net; however, two yellow shirts were in an offside position as the goal would not stand. This abruptly ended the first half with the Yellow Submarine of Villarreal holding a 1–0 lead.

The Strategic plan of Villarreal so far was working at home in front of their supporters, somehow holding a narrow lead against the world’s best team. Last time this Bayern team was at full strength, they won the Champions League certainly not something to overlook as they were right there with one of the best teams in the world. Do not fool yourself. Bayern Munich has the best squad assembled in European football; there’s nothing they don’t have. Villarreal shows no fear with a deserving lead. A few minutes into the second half Bayern Munich continually tried to show their superiority, getting themselves back on level terms with the mentality of this team. Alphonso Davies, minutes into the second half, used his sledgehammer from Deep but hooked to the left once again. The Canadian left-back has scored from these types of distance many times before. 2 minutes later, Serge gnabry heading to the box stinging for that top corner, but the German had a little too much power on it. A minute later, Bayern was there again, Joshua kimmich finding Lucas Hernandez through the air as the header went wide. A tremendous level of aggression was shown from Bayern Munich; even though they were down, they played very well. Jamal musiala was handling the business from the Midfield feeding into the attack, but it wasn’t falling yet. Villarreal went to the bench I’m bringing in Pedraza. A little less than 10 minutes later, Robert Lewandowski woke up. Kingsley Coman threaded him a through ball in which the world’s best player was denied from a close distance. All fire need was one of those chances to go their way, and it is an entirely different game. Bayern Munich made two changes as Leon goretzka, and Leroy sane would be introduced. Shortly after the changes, Gerard Morrero went for the spectacular, trying to pull one over Manuel Neuer with a strike from 35 M out. 2 minutes later, Joshua kimmich headed pass to Kingsley Coman, following through from a distance, still could not find an opening. A minute later, Leon goretzka found his footing off a corner putting his head through a cross but couldn’t find it. In the late portions of the game, both Leroy sane and Kingsley Coman nearly broke through at the very end two hugely important saves from Villarreal as the Yellow Submarine held off a second-half Onslaught from Bayern Munich to hold the advantage with an incredible 1–0 victory as Munich awaits.

The Yellow Submarine of Villarreal stuns Bayern Munich in Spain and takes a goal Advantage into the Allianz Arena for the second leg. Bayern Munich should be a favorite for the Champions League; they have an incredibly well-put-together team, one of the deepest teams in European football, and the best player Robert Lewandowski. They would have won last year’s Champions League had Robert Lewandowski been available in the quarterfinals. The Polish Superstar, the best player globally, was unavailable or against PSG in the quarterfinals. Had he been involved, they would have beaten PSG, beaten Man City, and beaten Chelsea. His injury is the sole reason why they did not win back-to-back championship trophies. Since 2020 Bayern Munich has not proven that someone could beat them. This is why in my eyes, they have been the favorite for the Champions League from the very beginning. Manchester City is exceptional; however, the depth of Bayern Munich makes them slightly Superior then Pep Guardiola at Manchester City. When everyone is healthy, Bayern Munich should be winning the Champions League. The attacking options they have are plentiful. This is why there’s a little bit of confusion regarding the performance against Villarreal and the first game against Salzburg. They seem to have some difficulties away from the Allianz Arena, not to say they’re significantly outplayed, but getting results has been a little more of a problem than expected. I still contend that they are the favorite to the Champions; they should be able to turn this around, but it is a little problematic. The question is, why are they struggling against two teams that they should have beaten handily. As we know, in the second leg against Salzburg, they scored seven; it could be the same, but Villarreal August 8th step above Salzburg. There’s certainly a theory behind why these two teams, in particular, I’ve given them difficulty. For the most part, History says that Bayern Munich finds it more difficult against underrated teams in Europe and the mid-table teams in the Bundesliga than struggling against a top side. Villarreal and RB Salzburg are two teams that have overachieved in the Champions League this season an underdog mentality with both of them. In particular, they approached this game while many Bundesliga teams have played against Bayern Munich, being hyper-aggressive from the front, hoping to catch them off guard and get an early goal. Most top sides do not approach the game in that particular way against Bayern Munich because we know how dangerous they are, especially on the attack. However, they were able to risk everything and nearly doubled their lead before the second goal was waved off. I’m not sure it is totally about being away from home; obviously, Bayern is a much better team at Allianz Arena than other places, but I think it’s the mentality, and they’re very similar to some of the teams that have beaten Bayern Munich because the approach is somewhat different however the concern is Bayern Munich didn’t get a goal back the way they did against Salzburg they’re going to have to go to Munich with a deficit certainly they should be getting to the end of it without difficulty. Villarreal won the Europa League last season, and Unai Emry has that special sauce in Europe; it’s not an easy situation to go into; they are a much better team than RB Salzburg. It’s all of a sudden it became a highly complex situation. Bayern Munich was nowhere near their best even though they had enough chances between them to get there in the end. Julian nagelsmann needs to handle this efficiently; he is a top manager in the world, but a lot of pressure on this Bayern Munich team, unlike he has dealt with before; how Bayern Munich will react to this will determine whether or not they can go and win the Champions League at this moment I would say you could argue Real Madrid are the favorites for the Champions League even though Bayern Munich have the best team they’ve made things difficult on themselves yet again. Jamal musiala a terrific performance against Villarreal; however, top to bottom, the rest of the team really couldn’t control the game like Bayern Munich does. Bayern Munich should have no problem getting there in the end, but there is a level of concern they shouldn’t be struggling like this away from home; they can’t win the Champions League by only performing at a high level in Munich Villarreal deserves a ton of credit for their approach fantastic result we will have to see how Bayern Munich react to this notice if they show us that they still are the best team in the world.

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