El Shaarawy’s stoppage-time equalizer kills Napoli’s title chase #1444

A.S Roma1 Napoli 1FT

Following Roma’s qualification for the semi-finals of the conference League and a late win against the bottom of the table last weekend, it’s at the stage for one of the Season’s biggest matches. The Derby Del Sol is otherwise known as the Derby of the Sun between Napoli and Roma. It was a goalless draw in the reverse fixture at the Stadio Olimpico; there would be intense pressure, with the results riding on this game has huge implications on the title race. There are only eight games left in Italian football this season; it is still relatively tight at the top. However, the complication of the schedule for AC Milan has put things in a challenging space for them to go and still win the title Inter Milan has a red carpet during the last couple of games of the Season outside of one difficult match next week, still with a game in hand. Meanwhile, Napoli, it’s hanging on by a thread. Luciano spalletti has this team on the brink of glory for the first time since 1985; however, Napoli would need to be next to perfect to win the title; any dropped points against Roma would be incredibly damaging to their Ambitions to win the title as the pressure on the top of the table mounts at the Summit.

Arguably the biggest game of the season kicked off on a Monday night in Naples with a lot of entry and excitement surrounding the Derby do Sol. In the seventh minute, Napoli was given a penalty. For an alleged tackle by Roger Ibanez on Chucky Lozano. A scenario of complete manipulation from Chucky Lozano. In live time it looks like a penalty, and not only that, it looks pretty straightforward. It looked convincing, and it was convincing, but when you see the replay, it’s hard to argue that it is a penalty at all. Chucky Lozano goes down, but he initiates initial contact; he shoves Roger Ibanez with his arm before falling to the ground; it is true they collided, but the reason that happened was because of the contact Lozano makes with his right arm; he does not initiate contact he doesn’t fall into the box, and no penalty is given. However, the referee, who was horrific all night, was blinded to see it. Lorenzo insigne steps up in the 7th minute and converts into the bottom right corner, although Rui Patricio was best effort. Napoli took a 1–0 lead following an early spot-kick. This added a certain level of tension as the Roma players were furious and what was a manipulated situation that the referee caved on. Napoli was building their confidence after the non-penalty. Victor Osimhen was denied after striking from a Mario Rui cross into the box, but the Roman defense did not let it through. A moment later, Chucky Lozano tried to put one past the route, but the Portuguese international wasn’t having it making the save. Less than 10 minutes later, Chucky Lozano was there again to test rui Patricio with a deep strike from outside the box, but the Roma defense again dealt with the situation clogging the lanes and not allowing him to find a strike on goal. Roma did a good job of keeping them at arm’s length but wasn’t creating many chances of their own in stoppage-time; they got a pair of chances to end the first half. Bryan Cristante put his head through a Lorenzo Pellegrini cross, coming off the corner and going a little high. Then in the final moment of the first half, a strike from Nicola Zalewski from the side of the box was collected by Alex Meret. After the first half of play, Napoli had a 1–0 lead thanks to a controversial penalty from Lorenzo insigne.

Although Roma was down, they still put together a strong performance in the first half. The fact of the matter is that they conceded in the first half because of a controversial penalty that shouldn’t have been given. They defended very well; they got themselves and attacking areas very infrequently, but they never were under duress or felt danger by the Napoli attack. Napoli created chances, and occasionally rui Patricio was forced into making a safe, but they never made him work in the first half. The only separation was that penalty; it was still wide open for anyone to Win It. Mourinho made a poor decision in the starting lineup but fixed it mediately at the start of the second half. Henrikh Mkhitaryan was brought in for Bryan Cristante. Bryan Cristante didn’t necessarily do anything wrong. Still, Roma just didn’t have that figure in the Midfield that could link up with Tammy Abraham and Lorenzo Pellegrini, so it was a switch that needed to be made. Napoli tries to regain control in the opening minute of the second half Chucky Lozano tries to link up with Victor Osimhen; the Nigerian attacker tries to get in from close, but the Roma defense comes to play shielding the chances from Napoli from their goalkeeper. Rui Patricio didn’t have much to do the majority of this game because of how well the defense performed against a Napoli attack that just couldn’t get things going. Continued to be a tough onslaught from both sides they understood the importance of a positive result. Napoli’s very existence in the title race was hanging in the balance; meanwhile, Roma was still looking for a top-five finish this season and needed to be at their best to get there. With a half-hour remaining, Lorenzo Pellegrini became very close to breaking through for Roma. A through ball was threaded to him by Gianluca Mancini before the Rama captain tried sliding it through from the side of the box. The goalkeeper made the save. Rome was building on their momentum as we got into the crucial parts of the game. Three minutes later, Rick Karsdorp sent out an Immaculate cross for Tammy Abraham the English striker came very close to yet another goal this season, but his header from Point Blank Range was saved in the bottom corner. Napoli was losing their way a little bit, and Roma was pushing. They felt in control and still needed to find a way through to get that goal that they were looking for. Roughly five minutes later, Gianluca Mancini puts his head through Lorenzo Pellegrini’s cross coming from a corner; it was right there, very close but just not quite. It was a very physical game, with Napoli playing quite aggressively. As we saw Napoli get away with some seriously dangerous tackles, this only infuriated the Roma side, who felt they were getting nothing called in their Direction. Rui Patricio was denied Elmas and Peter Zielinski as the game was winding down. With 15 minutes to go, Jordan Veretout and Stephan El Shaarawy entered the game. Immediately Stephan El Shaarawy setup Nicolo zaniolo dribbled through some Napoli Defenders before firing a strike on goal; unfortunately, a goalkeeper managed to make the save as time was running out for this Romo team. Three minutes later, Roma’s backup goalkeeper Daniel fuzato received a red card after exploding on the referee following a Roma penalty that wasn’t given. For the record, the penalty in question should not have been given in favor to Roma. Alex meret plays the ball first before Nicolo zaniolo is taken out without question; the right decision was made. The tension rises as they are fighting to the end; with 10 minutes remaining, Victor Osimhen tries beating rui Patricio on the counter but can’t find enough space to seal the game off. Carles Perez and Felix Afena brought on late, hoping for a late equalizer in the closing minutes. A victory for Napoli would have put them right there with Inter Milan in the title race; meanwhile, a late goal for Roma would mean their destiny would be out of their hands. In The 91st minute, Roma broke Napoli’s hearts in Naples. Rick karsdorp sent a beautiful through ball into Pellegrini; Pellegrini crossed it into the box. Felix Afena supplies a mi touch allowing it to roll to Tammy Abraham, who takes a slight touch freeing up Stephan El Shaarawy alone. Stephan El Shaarawy talked it into the bottom corner as Roma was still a point late, possibly killing Napoli’s scudetto hopes. Napoli and Roma would play out the final seven minutes of stoppage time after the full-time whistle Stephan El Shaarawy’s stoppage-time equalizer is enough to see them still a point in Naples.

At this point of the season, every point is crucial. This game would be very defining as to whether or not Napoli had a legitimate chance to win the title. It was always challenging against an unbeaten Roma team in their last 11 games. They were going to present some challenges for Napoli, even in Naples. Dropped points against Roma were going to make things difficult on Napoli. Whether or not Napoli wins the title is now out of their control. They had an opportunity to Define their own destiny in this title race and perhaps win it in Lorenzo insigne last season. A late goal from Stephan El Shaarawy may have jeopardized their Ambition for the title. Unfortunately, a win against Roma would have allowed them to control their own destiny; now, they will have to win the rest of the games this season. In the game itself, Napoli was very fortunate to be in front in the first place. Had the penalty not occurred, Napoli would have lost the game. They were very fortunate to be in front in the first place; Roma was the better team in this game and probably deserved more points than they got. It was a less split match down the middle, and maybe points exchanged were the most justifiable results. Napoli did not threaten Roma that much; they attacked well, and they got themselves in dangerous areas but never looked like they were going to score. The game ultimately came down to whether or not Roma could, and in the 90th minute and Incredibly well-put-together team goal, the title race is shake-up a little more. Roma maintained their position to finish in the top 5 while Napoli allowed the arrivals to come into Naples and take the title race out of their hands. Napoli’s road to a league title will now rest on whether or not Roma can beat Inter Milan next weekend in addition to taking care of their own business. Roma handled themselves well in Naples and outside the penalty, putting together a very strong performance. Mou’s mistake was made at the beginning of the game, but Mourinho corrected it immediately in the second half, and Roma was much more dangerous for the rest of the game the point could end up being one of the reasons Napoli won’t win the title.

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