Roma vs Napoli Match Day 33 Preview #1443

The Scudetto Could be Determined on Monday’s Result

The entirety of the Serie A title race could be determined by the results we will see in Naples on Monday night. Roma is unbeaten in 11 games, having been on a mission during this season’s closing stretch. Meanwhile, Napoli had been in a title race the entire campaign; it was likely that the scudetto race was going to be defined by one or two matches late in the season. Monday night arguably is the most critical match left this season. It is true AC Milan has a run of complex games to end the season. Inter Milan’s taking on Roma at the San Siro next weekend could prove to be very important. However, Monday night will likely decide who will win the league. AC Milan has a treacherous Road to end the campaign with Fiorentina, Lazio, Atalanta, sassuolo, and Hellas Verona remaining on the schedule. AC Milan would need to be almost perfect the rest of the way. After back-to-back draws, they have sabotaged themselves. In regards to Inter Milan, they still have a game in hand that will come after the Roma game next weekend. All of the teams in the title race have the most manageable schedule as long as they take care of business on Saturday; they are heavily in the driver’s seat. AC Milan still has a chance to win the league, but it still feels like a Longshot with their schedule considering the situation. Napoli was damaged by their loss to Fiorentina on the weekend; however, if they get through this chunk of their schedule, they can go right down to the wire with Inter Milan. There are still reasons to be optimistic about what could happen. However, more importantly, failing to get a result on Monday night would see them exit the title race permanently. This puts Roma in a prime position to be a major player in deciding who wins the league. Napoli and Roma are not too fond of each other. An opportunity for these Romans to go to Naples and kick Napoli out of the title race would be incredibly satisfying. However, it’s not like Roma has nothing to play for; they are still trying to capture a top-5 spot this season as they desire to qualify for the Europa League. They are in the semi-final of the conference League and will have an excellent chance to win it if they take out the Foxes. If they win the competition, they will go into the Europa League automatically; however, this Roma team still desires a top-five finish, which was one of this team’s Ambitions at the start of the season. It will be incredibly tense because the title race hanging in the balance legitimately is in Roma’s hands. With a strong performance and a victory or even a point against Napoli in Naples, they will be removed from the title race. A Roma victory would put Inter on a crash course to the league title very well could all come down to this. Roma could hand Inter Milan the title while kicking out Napoli with a victory in Naples, forcing their title drought to continue.

Roma Unbeaten in 11 Sets Stage for Upset

Roma couldn’t have come into this game more prepared and at a better time. They are unbeaten in their last 11 League games. Today’s date is April 15th. Roma’s previous defeat in the league was January 9th. Let’s face the fact this Roma team isn’t losing games. They are winning the majority of the fixtures that have been put in front of them. The majority of the criticism and concern surrounding this Roma team has improved exponentially. Rui Patricio is the best goalkeeper in the league; that’s never been a concern this season; however, the defense put in front of them has had some inconsistent stretches this season. Since the loss to Juventus, they have been substantial at the back. Gianluca Mancini and Roger Ibanez as always been part of this backline, but more importantly, Chris Smalling has rediscovered his 2020 form over the last couple of months. Not to mention the contribution they are getting from Rick Karsdorp and polish nineteen-year-old Nicola Zalewski. The Midfield has been highly consistently led by Lorenzo Pellegrini while getting the support of henrikh Mkhitaryan and Sergio Oliveira. Then you have the main man up top who has had as great of a debut season out of the striker position as any player in Roman history, with Tammy Abraham having 15 League goals and 24 goals in all competitions. He is a difference-maker, and he is crucially essential for Monday. The link-up play between Mkhitaryan, Lorenzo Pellegrini, and Tammy Abraham will be crucial. That triangle is the most crucial part of this Roma team for a game like that. Then let’s not forget Nicolo Zaniolo; he may not have performed well on the weekend, but he will come into this game on Monday, coming off the best performance we have seen in two years, scoring a hat-trick in the conference League quarter-final against Bobo glint. Roma has all the momentum pushing them for this very moment. They struggled and had to achieve two late goals last weekend to get their points will only enhance them for a game like this. Roma may not be at home for this fixture, but Napoli is beatable as we saw Fiorentina do precisely that against them. If they’re able to keep the big man up top in check, Roma shouldn’t have an issue getting the victory even in Naples. Napoli will be the favorites, but Roma isn’t losing games; you can add the tension of the importance of this particular fixture for the league and the Rivalry between them; Roma will be motivated and ready to take their head off and send them packing from the title race.

It starts and ends with Victor Osimhen for Napoli

Napoli survives most of the season without throwing it away after a scorching start. Historically speaking, when Napoli looked like a title contender over the last half-decade, they folded under pressure and collapsed. There certainly have been those moments this season, but they have stayed on course and kept themselves in the title race as long as possible. There were even portions of this season where it looked like they were the favorite to win the title. Monday night is essential to their season for various reasons. However, if Monday night doesn’t go their way, they could ultimately be kissing a potential league title goodbye for good. Lorenzo insigne is playing in his last season in Naples; he has been in Napoli for over a decade; it would be somewhat disheartening to see this end heartbreakingly. Napoli has the qualities but honestly overachieved with their current roster. They certainly have a lot of quality inside this team; there’s no questioning that, but compared to the other teams at the top of the league, they don’t have quite the squad. Victor Osimhen has been leading a charge for this Napoli team; when healthy, he has been one of the best attackers in the league. Had he played more games, there certainly could have been a possibility of him being in the best 11 of the season. He’s done well enough to make the bench but had he stayed healthy, we could have seen the very best of him. He has 12 goals in 21 games in the league. He is one of the most exciting players in Italian football, exhilarating, fun to watch, and very effective when he is at full strength and firing on all cylinders. The simple answer to the question of how they stop a red-hot Roma team starts and ends with a Nigerian. He was held in check at the Stadio Olimpico earlier this season by Matias Vina, a player who has been rarely featured in Roma’s defense. All the pressure will be on him to deliver; even though Napoli has some nice players and is solid, he is their loan Superstar. They have a great team collectively, but individually in each panel of their team outside of maybe Fabian Ruiz, they don’t have the refined Squad that can overpower themselves if he has an off game. He needs to be at his absolute best, and the Napoli Midfield needs to put him in positions where he can be effective and dangerous to a Roma defense that will be up for the challenge. I don’t need to repeat the obvious if they lose this game, their title chance is over, and Inter Milan is going to win it. They just are. Considering the schedule of AC Milan, I still could finish in the top two, but in regards to winning the league, I think it would be done and dusted by that point. They are at home, where their fans will be behind them. Napoli needs to come together as a team and get Victor Osimhen into dangerous areas consistently; he needs to explode. Even though Napoli is having a better season on current form, Roma has the advantage and the momentum going into this. The Fiorentina defeat hasn’t put them in the right mind frame, but they got to go out there and give absolutely everything getting through the ball in dangerous positions. Napoli will give themselves the best chance possible. They have other weapons in this attack, but it will start and end with Victor; if he is shut out, the title race will be Beyond them. Victor Osimhen needs to be spectacular; the importance of the match couldn’t be any more understated. With a victory, they can still go on and win the title, but that does not happen, they collect maximum points; there’s going to be a lot of pressure on Victor, and he certainly has capable of it; there’s no doubt about that the question is will a tough Roma defense be able to deal with him like they have dealt with many other attackers during the back half of the season this match is going to decide everything Napoli know that Roma knows that Napoli needs to win to keep their title Ambitions alive.

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