Roma vs Inter Match Day 34 Preview #1447

3rd Times a Charm vs Inter?

Could a third time be a charm for this Roma team? Roma had heavily improved their form and performances against the top sides in Italian football when Mourinho arrived. They beat Atalanta twice, a team they had not defeated since 2017, and managed to take two drawers against title Challengers Napoli. Split the derby with Lazio, but honestly, they outplayed their Roman Neighbors in both games, and even though they lost both games against Juventus, they outplayed them in both of their games. However, they have struggled against the teams from Milan. They were swept against AC Milan, and Inter Milan has already beaten them twice this season. Even with all that, they had improved in their performances against the top teams in Italy. Inter Milan what comfortable in both of their victories against Roma this season, with former hero edin Dzeko scouring on both occasions. They won the first meeting at the Stadio Olimpico, and they were knocked out of the Copa Italia quarter-finals at the San Siro. Inter Milan is the most well-put-together team in Italy. They have the most depth and the most potent starting 11 in the league. They should be on their way to another league title. They have the quality and the depth to be a problem for anyone. Even though they’ve had some inconsistency this season during significant stretches, they are the best team in Italy, and it’s not particularly close, not yet anyhow. The Gap will close by next week, but they are the best team in Italy at this very moment. However, they only recently got themselves back on track; they had some wildly inconsistent stretches, dropping some shocking games, losing to sassuolo at home, and failing to get anything going against Genoa. They are back in business, but they are not unbeatable. Roma hasn’t had the best of luck against Inter Milan this season, but that could change on Saturday night. Roma has arguably been the best team in the league since January. They are unbeaten in their last 11 games, recently scoring a late equalizer against Napoli that has kicked them out of the title race. They have the mentality, the courage, and the quality to pull off an upset. While this match is crucial for Inter Milan, a win against inter Roma more or less secures themselves in the top 5; they have one more difficult game against Fiorentina shortly after but outside of that, they put themselves in a position with a victory here to qualify for the Europa League and finish in the top five which would be considered a wildly impressive season. Like I said last week before the Napoli game Roma aren’t losing games, and even though they’re about to go up against the best team in the league, a team on pace to win another title, there is no guarantee that Inter Milan is just going to show up and walk over them. In their previous two meetings, inter was excellent and had control throughout; however, the difference is the Roma team that they will see on Saturday isn’t the one that they had beaten twice this season. They have the quality and the discipline with the mentality to beat Inter Milan in their own house. A third time could be a charm, after all. If Roma continues to play as strong as they have defensively, don’t make mistakes, and convert the chances when they come, do they have a legit shot at beating Inter at the San Siro? This team isn’t losing; they will give everything they have to get points on Saturday Inter should be very wary of this Roma when they roll up on Saturday and hostile territory.

Back to back Titles with the Grasp for Inter

It is not necessarily A must-win for Inter Milan on Saturday, but there could be huge ramifications on the league title if they can do so. This is difficult to split between the two teams Inter Milan has the best roster in Italian football. Still, Roma is in impeccable form and has plenty of reasons to feel a sense of confidence even going into the San Siro. Inter Milan has another game in 3 days against bologna arguably and an even more important game than Saturday for the season. Roma will present a more difficult matchup, but the game at hand could determine everything, especially in regards to the top of the table and whether or not Inter Milan cannot retain their league title from last season. However, if Inter Milan collects maximum points in the grand scheme of things, they will most likely win the league as long as they take care of their business the rest of the season. Napoli, in all likelihood, is out of the title race with their draw at home against Roma on Sunday. AC Milan has the most challenging schedule among the top teams to end the season. Inter has a very winnable remaining schedule; if they can beat Roma at home on Saturday, they will win the league title. Maybe not mathematically, but they will have more than one hand on the trophy. A win on Saturday, we’ll give them one and a half hands on it. Inter will still have to win their game in hand, but it’s all but over if they’re able to do so. There’s a significant importance of Inter Milan winning this game not only because of the Rivalry aspect but also because, essentially, a win on Saturday and a win on Wednesday, we’ll see then go clear at the top of the table. AC Milan and Napoli still have challenging fixtures left this season, whereas Inter Milan is facing the bottom of the table to finish off this campaign. Inter Milan would take a giant leap closer to a back-to-back League with a win on Saturday. Titles. If inter loses or drops points against Roma, they’re not in jeopardy of seeing it slip away quite yet; the game in hand has all the control; a loss against Roma in a win against bologna still would be enough to lift the trophy if, as I said they take care of business the rest of the way. Losing this game would not take them out of the driver’s seat but winning the game would almost certainly give them the title.

A Battle of Titans in Milan; Momentum and Grit vs Talent

Inter Milan and Roma both are coming into this with some incredible momentum. Roma as I’ve mentioned is unbeaten in their last 11 games and has shown the mentality to get points when it seems impossible with late Dramatics in games against salerntina, Napoli, and sassuolo they have been a completely different team since January and we are seeing it weekend and week out a top 5 position in the league is becoming closer and closer to a reality as well as it getting them through to a European semi-final in the conference League Roma had a sense of belief right now that even though they may not have the more talented team they could pull off an upset by their grit alone this is not a team anyone really wants to play right now for all what we have seen since the New Year Roma are on a mission to finish in the top 5 and Inter will not scare them one bit. Meanwhile inter have punched their ticket into the Coppa Italia final on the back of two goals from Martinez. This will set the stage for the Coppa Italia final against Juventus as we will see the Derby d’Italia in the final they also have been in Fairly good form in the league as well being in the driver’s seat of the title race. Each team will have a particular priority as they approached the game on Saturday. Containing Martinez will be hugely influential. Martinez is one of the most inconsistent Strikers in the league but when he is in form and feeling good he is very difficult to stop. The reason Rome has been doing so well is there not conceding many goals they have the best goalkeeper in the league but the defense has done their part throughout this run of form. There’s no reason they can’t handle Martinez but they have to be mistake-free and tread lightly as he is a player that can make a difference, especially in a game like this however on the other side of things he also could disappear, and Roma can neutralize it that will be their focus in the defensive structure. When you think of the attacking mentality it’s going to be the link of play of Mkhitaryan looking to find Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham in attacking areas. Inter Milan’s defense is not what it was last season you can break through and Samir handanovic is still an exceptional keeper but if you get into dangerous positions you can make him vulnerable for Inter Milan they have to avoid mistakes, especially in that area or just outside the box in the Midfield. Inter Milan has the death and they have the more complete team but Roma has individual difference makers that can put them in uncomfortable positions. Inter Milan needs to avoid those scenarios at all costs it will be a battle Titans Inter Milan are trying to wrap up the league title and Rome are trying to assure a top-five finish Mourinho making his return to Milan will also be a big storyline ahead of the match there is a possibility for an upset Roma know what they need to do but the talent and the squad of Inter is not something that can be ignored the match will come two small details Inter Milan should be the favorites and rightfully so while this is probably the best chance for Roma to spoil the party in what is expected to be an intense Affair.

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