Roma vs Inter Talking Points #1449

Inter Milan will win back to back titles

Inter 3–1 Victory against Roma on Saturday more or less confirms what we already know they will retain the scudetto and win the league title. Even though AC Milan is only a point or so behind, there’s no route for them to win the title if Inter Milan takes care of their business. The strength of their schedule in the final couple of games very much goes in their favor. Roma, in all likelihood, is going to finish in the top 5 and have a decent chance of winning the conference League. They were the only opponent left that may be to take points off Inter Milan. Their final games are against Bologna, Empoli, udinese, Caglari and Sampdoria. Inter shouldn’t have much trouble getting the points from their final game. It is very much in their hands. AC Milan has a tough schedule to end this season, and Napoli had just been kicked out of the title race. They are a force to be reckoned with in Italian football. They took on an unbeaten Roma team since January 6th with 11 consecutive games without defeat. Sometimes mentality and attitude can overpower Talent, but Inter Milan is ruthless and managed to collapse the game very quickly. Roma played very well against them, But ultimately Inter Milan pulled away very quickly. Scoring two goals in rapid succession at the end of the first half and immediately at the start of the second half. The way they move the ball and the individuals they have makes them incredibly difficult to beat. They are the best team in the League, and it was on full display on Saturday night. The electricity of the San Siro certainly helped the situation, but the performance on the pitch was breathtaking. When you think about what they have coming up, it’s hard to imagine any of the remaining teams giving them a much difficulty. Roma is significantly better than all of the teams left on Inter’s schedule. They are deserving winners of this week; they have been the best team in this campaign throughout it, and if it wasn’t for a few minor slip-ups in the middle of the season, their title would have already been confirmed. They are unstoppable at the moment; they’re a very confident side showing its ability to execute as the pressure Rises on the season. The second goal in particular, highlights why they’re so annoying to play against. The way they moved the ball so quickly got into a Counterattack in situations and left Roma not even a sliver of hope to stop it, as is Denzel Dumfries carves Roma open. Then you think about the individuals that we saw in this game, the strike from Marcelo brozovic finding enough space to curl an Unstoppable strike in the top corner and then a perfectly-executed corner in the second half from Martinez. Sometimes you come up against a team that just has a level above you, and no matter what you do, no matter what game plan you come up with, they’re not going to be stopped. Inter Milan, top-to-bottom, is significantly the most superior team in the League. In comparison, AC Milan and Juventus have the means to close the gap next season. They still are ahead of the rest, and I think it’s rather likely that they will win this League three years in a row. We’ll never see the Run that Juventus put together to win that many titles in a row, but I could see this Inter Milan team win a couple more. They lost essential parts of their team, and they managed to deal with that change in their manager, and there wasn’t a massive separation between last season and this season; they have found different ways to be such a dangerous team this season in Europe and in the League. They are in the Coppa Italia final and have a fairly good chance to win the double this Inter thing; they’re not going away anytime soon; all the pressure will be on Roma, Juventus, and AC Milan to try to turn things around. It is going to take something spectacular to stop them from watching that game on Saturday; you just kind of feel the sense that they deserve to be League winners, and as incredibly frustrating and annoying they can be as an opponent, there’s such an incredible team to watch The Depths that they have in addition to one of the best starting 11s in World football Bayern Munich, and Man City might be the only teams in the world with a better starting 11 then what Inzaghi has to his disposal this Inter is just special, and they’ve been selling it all season.

The Bond Between Mourinho and Inter Milan is Unbreakable

The bond between Jose Mourinho and Inter Milan is something that will probably never be broken. The Roma manager is leading this team in the right direction with the possibility of being a Champions League regular and potentially a team that can challenge for the League in the next couple of years. Roma is one to be afraid of because of Mourinho’s control, especially in the transfer market. It also comes into what he will be able to keep; Abraham isn’t going to go anywhere because of it. He has done some marvelous things for Roma as he continues to build his team into something special. It would be a special occasion because it was the reigning champions against a team built for the next couple of years to do precisely that. More so than anything else, Jose Mourinho and The Inter Milan supporters will always be in a special relationship. It was a terrific day for Inter Milan as they got a little closer to the league title; even so, they sang Jose Mourinho’s name throughout the 90 minutes; the love and affection they have for him will always be there. Jose Mourinho, who won the Champions League with Inter Milan in 2010, a treble-winning season. We have not seen a Champions League winner in Italy sets. It is an exceptional team not only for Inter Milan but also for Italian football. AC Milan is the king of European football in Italy, but Inter Milan is the only team ever to win the treble. Because of that, Inter Milan fans and Jose Mourinho are attached at the hip. There’s always going to be a special connection and relationship between them. He won a couple of League titles for Inter Milan and some cups, but that 2010 champions league run meeting Bayern Munich is something that the fans will never forget and something that will always be remembered highly. Even a decade later, they still hold Jose Jose Mourinho incredibly high regard. Roma and Inter Milan may not be direct Rivals, but it has been a tense match-up in past years. They have so much love for Jose Mourinho that The Inter Milan fans did not have an issue with him becoming Roma’s new manager. They have been complimentary of his Roma team this season, at least from the fans and supporters I’ve talked to. There are delusional ones. Still, at the same time, the love between Mou and The Inter Milan fans will never waver or disappear; it is a bond for Life. The relationship between Mourinho and Inter Milan might change when Rome becomes a bigger threat, which is undoubtedly on the horizon. Still, the love is there between them in the current moment as if it never left.

Roma Did Do Anything Wrong Just overpowered by Great Inter

The proposition of going to Milan and taking on inter was always going to provide some boulder as Roma looked secure a top-five finish this season; a point could have done a considerable service for all of that. Their two previous meetings against Inter Milan didn’t go well as they were essentially ripped apart both in the League and the Coppa Italia. Everyone understood the challenge that would be in front of them especially having to do this in their house with a title birth soon. However, there were reasons to be optimistic ahead of it. Roma had been unbeaten in their last 11 got themselves to a European semi-final by playing some of their best football of the season. This was a completely different team than the one that went to battle against Inter Milan the previous two times this season. Roma, since January, were showing their mentality and attitude to grind out victories in several games, even squeaking some points late, something that was probably unheard-of from a Roma team, at least in recent memory. What Jose Mourinho has been building in Roma, especially the last few months it’s starting to click as this looks like a dangerous team. Roma still has a bit to do, but the way they’ve been playing lately suggests that potentially they had a chance of stealing a point. As difficult as that seems, there were plenty of reasons to be optimistic, but it just didn’t go to plan. It wasn’t the fault of Roma; they had the right approach; they played reasonably well through the 90 minutes, but it just didn’t matter. Inter Milan, as I’ve been saying it’s just a different monster, and even if you play your best game when there is a talent disadvantage that wide, it’s going to be difficult. Over the last couple of months, Roma has been efficient in all panels of their team. Their defense has improved much; they have the best goalkeeper in a league in the Midfield, and the attack has been linking up very well. They found things difficult in Milan but considering the circumstances, they found themselves with an opportunity and nearly scored before Inter overpowered them. They were overwhelmed, and typically, there would be a level of frustration and anger towards Roma in terms of performance in a game like this. Still, it’s not anything you can say negatively about Romain in this situation. Could they have done better marking the Box on the third goal, certainly? However, collectively they played as well as they could have against an Inter Milan team poised for the league title. Sometimes even if you have the right mentality and attitude, Talent can overpower you; it was the big separator in the match. Roma should be happy and proud of the way they performed; they weren’t necessarily perfect, but honestly, Inter Milan is annoyingly good, and even if Rome were at their best, the result probably wouldn’t have been any different they came up against a giant and couldn’t win the game you can’t blame anyone of the results Inter Milan is just such a special team that even if you play your cards right ultimately sometimes, it just doesn’t matter.

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