Sophie Haug rises late putting Roma one step closer to history #1450

Score: A.S Roma Ladies 3 Fiorentina Ladies 2FT

The final International break has gone and passed as we approached the season’s closing stretch. The Roma women are determined to qualify for the Champions League next season. They are the hottest team in the league, unbeaten in their last 18 matches, with their previous defeat back in October. The Champions League dream is well within their grasp, needing only a few points to confirm qualification officially. Last time out before the international break, Roma pumped Hellas Verona with a 7–1 victory. This weekend the girls would take the trip to Florence to take on Fiorentina, the most underachieving team this season; they have been a team over the last couple of years that is constantly pushing the top of the table, but this season nothing has clicked as they find themselves near the bottom of the table. In the reverse fixture, it was a 1–0 victory back in November following a second-half goal from Anna to secure the points for a Roma. Aroma is five points clear of AC Milan with three games remaining; a result in Florence would go a long way toward qualifying for the Champions League. This has been brought his best season in club history, also having an opportunity to retain the Coppa Italia as I have one foot in the door of the final; the Ambitions and goals they set out at the start of the season are on the verge of being accomplished would Fiorentina be just a stepping stone along the way or did the viola have something up their sleeve we would find out the answer as we approached kickoff in what turned out to be one of the most dramatic results of the season.

Before the start, it had been announced earlier this week that Anna Serturni had recovered from covid-19 and would be available for this Clash. She would return to the starting lineup as the battle would commence in Florence as we got underway. Two teams on separate sides of the table. It was going to be a challenge for a Fiorentina side lacking confidence at the moment. They certainly had the players to make a dent and challenge the Romans, but it would be not easy to contend with. Roma approached the game as we expected, showing early signs of control. Like most matches this season, they had a Monumental advantage in terms of possession. This Roma team transitions very quickly; ball movement has a lot to do with what makes them successful. It was very dangerous on the counter-attack, not to mention having some of the most dangerous players in the league at their disposal. So given the circumstances, it’s not surprising how the events began to unfold. Roma got themselves into hazardous areas quite constantly and looked to be a danger on set pieces and all the other things they could do in the early part of the game. They were repeatedly knocking on the door for the first 20 minutes. Manuela Giugliano set up a tremendous opportunity for Roma, supplying an excellent through ball into Pamela Lazaro supplying a quick touch as Andressa Alves corralled around a few Fiorentina defenders before rifling a shot from outside the box. The connection was well-timed, but the goalkeeper managed to get a finger on it to set up a corner kick. Andressa Alves placed the ball on the corner before finding Lucia Di Guglielmo the proportionate left-back found just enough space to fire him the header into the back of the net as Roma took a 1–0 lead.

Scoring just her second goal of the season, being in the right place at the right time to finish the chance and give Roma the lead. Roughly 4 minutes later, Roma was in there again. Anna Serturini collected a deep cross from Manuela Giugliano. Anna Serturini followed through with a vicious strike with the power and the distance, but her strike drifted upwards at the last second in what was inches away from a second goal. Fiorentina struggled to make anything happen; however, an opportunity would fall on their lap as a penalty was given following Fiorentina being taken down in the box. The referee made no hesitation in pointing to the spot stop. Daniela Sabatino picked out the top corner as Camellia Caesar went the wrong way to level the scores. Fiorentina, throughout the game, struggled to get anything going; in addition to that, they didn’t create that many chances; if they were going to survive this game, they were going to have to take advantage of the ones they were given a penalty in that situation after Roma had been out playing them so significantly is an example of that it gave them a real chance to grab some momentum. A few minutes past the half-hour mark Manuela Juliano picked out a perfect cross into Pamela Lazaro. Still, despite being positioned well, the Spanish International couldn’t get there fast enough. Roma tried to retake the lead with a few minutes left in the first half. Anna Sertruni found space heading across into the box; unfortunately, Mijatovic’s attempt on the volley failed miserably, misfiring well wide of the mark. The first 45 minutes came to a close with nothing to split between the two, a goal apiece but make no mistake. Roma looked determined and played Fiorentina off the park, but the penalty kept them in it as the second half approached.

Anna Sertruni, minutes into the second half, came dangerously close. Following a scramble in the box, it was cleared out before Anna collected it, and striking searching for the top left corner, he was hit with the right power and accuracy, Landing inches away from another goal, just missing the target in the end. Roma was in control but felt the frustration in trying to breakthrough in reestablishing the lead. The performance thus far was exceptional; they were in control, they would dominate the game, but they just hadn’t found a way to break through again. That moment eventually would arrive, though in the 64th-minute, Roma’s corner that was sent into the box found Haavi, who followed through on a header not quite there as it was going a little wide; however, Pamela Lazaro positioned herself perfectly within the touchline Rises up as the ball is heading for out of bounds follow through giving the keeper no chance to save it hitting the right post before going in as she gives Roma a 2–1 lead. It would be her 11th Goal of the Season as she is proving to be arguably the best signing in club history. Double-digit goals back-to-back Season as Roma puts them in front. However, unfortunately, it wouldn’t last in the 70th minute. Fiorentina takes advantage of another rare opportunity. First, Camelia Caesar makes a great save on an intense strike to set up a corner. However, a well-taken corner saw Valery Vigilucci find just enough space near the right post connecting on strike before deflecting the back of the net as Fiorentina drew level again. For the most part, Fiorentina was being outplayed by Roma for the majority of the game. They barely had any chances, but the difference was that they were taking advantage of them; when they came two chances and two goals, an opportunistic mentality kept them in the game. Roma was relentless in the late stages of the game; they were not going to let this one slip; with a champions league on their mind, they had to find a winner. Lazaro pushed the ball with her back to a Defender from inside the box, tried being creative, finding enough space to send a cross Haavi got on the end of it but was it able to do much with it as it just landed into the goalkeepers’ hands. With three minutes to go, Greggi, while pushing forward, fed the ball to Valeria Pirone. Unfortunately, the goalkeeper made a great save time was running out, but Roma has gotten victories from these situations throughout the season and this unbeaten run. They just needed a chance, and that’s exactly what they got. In the 88th minute, coming off the corner sent into the box, Sophie Haug positioned herself perfectly, rising up above the defender leading with her head, following through on the head into the back of the net; with more minutes remaining, Roma won it at the death as they took a 3–2 lead as she scores her second goal of the season in a vital time. There didn’t seem like there was a way back for Fiorentina; they made good on their chances, but the game Slipped Away in stoppage-time. The referee Blows the Whistle as Roma is victorious, overcoming a five-goal thriller with a winner at The Bitter End that sees them step one step closer to next year’s Champion’s League.

The league title is probably too far away for Roma to accomplish it this season, but it does appear that they will fulfill their goal this season. Aroma only has two games left this season against Sampdoria and Lazio, two teams that have already beaten this season. Roma has a five-point gap between themselves and AC Milan, who sits in 3rd. There are only six points still up for grabs this season. One more victory would officially confirm their Champions League status. Roma’s late win this weekend put them in a position to secure their status in the Champions League next week against Sampdoria. Rome has only been in existence for a small stretch of time; last season, they won their first trophy in club history, winning the Copa Italia; despite their 5th place finish this season, they have gone up a level they’re going to finish the runners up at season and with a win, next week will qualify for the Champions League. In their last 19 games, they are also unbeaten and could make the Coppa Italia final in the coming days. This would allow them to take a trophy from Juventus, who will likely meet them there. Against Fiorentina, continue to show their Relentless mentality and quality this season. Fiorentina hardly had any chances, but they were very opportunistic when they arrived. This made Roma work and fight until the very end, and ultimately they got the goal that they needed to qualify for the Champions League. It has been an incredible season was still a little more Intrigue left before the end of the campaign; one thing is clear the entire season itself was about qualifying for the champions league, and they’re almost there. Next week against Sampdoria, they will likely qualify for the Champions League this season was the goal and will achieve it next season League title. Roma still wants to end the season with a trophy and retain the Coppa Italia; once again, Roma will have a couple of essential weeks, but a late Sophie Haug puts them one step closer to history.

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