Historic Derby for Bochum as they stun Dortmund in 7-Goal Thriller #1454

Bochum 4 Dortmund 3FT

The Bundesliga title was decided last weekend as Bayern Munich became champions for the 10th time in a row. Dortmund had to watch Bayern lift the trophy at Allianz Arena after the Bavarians celebrated at the expense of their rivals following a Bayern Munich 3–1 victory in the Der classica. The league title may be decided, but there remain plenty of intrigues to the Champions League race still remains up in the air, and the relegation battle, as heated and intense as it has been all season, we just a couple of games remaining a lot can still happen. On Saturday afternoon, Dortmund looked to get the loss to Bayern behind them and finished the season with strong momentum especially considering the form erling haaland since he has returned from injury. They would welcome Bochum to Signal iduna Park as the newly-promoted side could confirm their stay in the Bundesliga with a victory. However, in order to accomplish that, they would have to do something they have not done since 1988 at Bochum hasn’t beat Dortmund at home since. In the reverse fixture, they split the points in a very critical part of the season as Bayern had just beaten them earlier to create a little more separation at the top in order to stay at Pace with them; they needed all three points that night and were unable to get it damaging themselves in the long run during this Bundesliga title race. As we approached kickoff, we saw a sea of yellow surrounding the stadium; the yellow wall was ready in what was an incredible atmosphere; on a Saturday afternoon, 82,000 filled the seats at signal iduna Park as Dortmund and Bochum Clash horns as the Bundesliga season winds down.

The Rue Derby got underway as the match kicked off at signal iduna Park. The Derby kicked off with an early twist and surprise from the underdogs. Bochum clearly came to Dortmund intending to collect maximum points. They wasted no time tilting things in their favor. In the third-minute Takuma Asano was driving the ball up the right-wing before sending in a cross that found the head of Sebastian Polter; it was a bullet as his header rips through the back of the net with no hesitation as Bochum punched Dortmund in the mouth early to take a 1–0 lead. Sebastian Polter scored in the reverse fixture and scored here on Saturday night again. Dortmund for caught off guard and had to pay for it. In what can only be described as a perfect start. Five minutes later, believe it or not, despite Dortmund’s squad, they were punched in the mouth a second time. In the eighth minute, Bochum tries to go over their top leading to one-on-one but can’t find the angle on it; who takes the ball out, spreading it back out into the Midfield as Takuma Asano, once again being the facilitator, finds enough space to spread the ball towards Geritt Holtman as he collects the ball before connecting on a deep strike that beats the goalkeeper into the bottom right corner within a span of 10 minutes Bochum begin to run riot running out to a 2–0 lead.

Signal iduna Park suddenly or silenced with a rapid start as the Rue Derby could not have started any worse. The yellow wall was quieter than a church mouse on the big stage. Dortmund was lost for words after an improbable start for Bochum. Dortmund had to find some sort of inspiration to push themselves forward and get themselves back in the game slowly but surely. Overthinking it or going too aggressive would make matters worse they had to take it one step at a time to indeed find a way back in. A couple of minutes later, axel Witsel pushes his running from a distance coming a lot closer than anticipated but failing to capitalize. However, in the 16th minute, Dortmund would be given a bit of luck a few minutes later. Bochum was called for a penalty on a counterattack that was pushed forward as the referee pointed to the spot. The arm of the defender was away from his body as he made contact, making it a simple decision for the referee. Erling haaland steps up and converts into the bottom corner forcing Manuel Riemann to go the other way as a Dortmund gets one back. The signal iduna Park starts to make some noise again, egging Dortmund on to get an equalizer. Moments later, Takuma Asano had a striking block from the side of the box, and Herbert Bockhorn saw a follow-up strike from close range deflected off the defense. Dortmund looks to be in again as Jude Bellingham sets up Julian Brandt, who fires a strike from close range but is denied by Manuel Riemann. Dortmund was pushing themselves to get the equalizer they were looking for. Manuel akanji puts his head through a Julian Brandt corner, slightly missing the mark, and then a few short minutes later, erling haaland supplies a through ball into Marco Reus before his shot was saved from close as the keeper makes a save on a one-on-one. In the 30th minute, a little more luck went in their Direction while attempting to clear out a ball inside the Box; Bochum gets called for another handball forcing the referee to point to the spot a second time. Erling haaland stepped up going the other direction list converting in the bottom left as erling haaland brings Dortmund back with two penalties as we seem to have a thriller on our hands. It seemed to be just heating up with both teams going after it. With 10 minutes left in the first half, Marius Wolf strike from the side of the box was halted, then Manuel akanji missed the mark off another corner. In the closing moments of the first half, Holtman and Sebastian Polter both have chances in the closing moments but cannot find themselves a third goal despite how close Polter was to that goal.

After the opening 45 minutes, we already had a 4-goal Thriller with much to be decided. Takuma Asano and erling haaland proving to be the breakout stars of the first half as they both will try to take that extra step to finish the job. After a very attacking Centric first half it took a little while for the game to open up again but when it did it was something to see. Roughly 10 minutes into the second half both Jude Bellingham and Takuma Asano had chances at the opposing goal blocked by the defense. Followed by a horribly timed Rafael Guerrero strike. Both teams were showing their worth and their desire to win but in the 62nd minute, a giant Norwegian by the name of erling haaland complete his hat-trick to put Dortmund in the lead a beautiful time to low cross from Marco Reus meet the foot erling haaland has Dortmund take a 3-2 lead. Belgium 10 minutes in had a 2-0 lead that leads has vanished and now Dortmund was in front, however, the way they were playing there was no indication that this was now going to tip Volcom has done enough this season to earn the respect they were not going to go away whether or not they’re going to get another goal is one thing but Dortmund certainly had no reason to be in cruise control. Felix Passlack entered the game for Dortmund. almost immediately after the goal, Sebastian Polter got his foot and the end of a cross coming very close but not close enough. Volcom had to replace Holtzman following a minor injury as Christopher Antwi Adjei came to replace him. It became more back-and-forth as we got into the critical part of the second half. Volcom brought on Jurgen locadia and Simon Zoller a couple of late changes trying to turn the tide for the visitors. 15 minutes remain Volcom had a pair of chances has Anthony Lucia header from inside the box was dealt with. Then Simon zoller had the same fate as his header is denied by The Keeper. Jude Bellingham fires from outside and Marco Reus is denied close only for the game to start to turn the other way. In the 81st minute substitute, Jurgen locadia catches and control Milos pantovic cross before calmly kicking the ball into the bottom corner at least this wasn’t over yet Volcom get their equalizer as they level it again. Dortmund brought on Dan axel zagadou, Tom Roth, Reiner and Volcom brings on Elvis rexhbecaj. In the 85th minute we were on the verge of a classic Dortmund collapse. Boca comes into the box connects on a strike hitting the arm of axel witsel his arm was extended in what was a clear penalty. Vulcan hasn’t won a game in Dortmund since 1988 a historic victory was sitting in their lap Milos pantovic steps up hitting it right down the middle into the back of the net as Bochum explode in what was about to be a very famous victory that they will remember for a long time. Dortmund try to configure something in stoppage-time but after the final whistle blows Vulcan does the impossible at signal iduna Park one of the games of the season in a 4-3 when as they will stay up in style following an incredibly famous victory has Dortmund can only watch out on in disbelief.

It was Derby Day in Dortmund on Saturday afternoon, while the Rivalry between Dortmund and Bayern Munich is much more recognizable. Dortmund and Bochum are in close proximity to one another; it’s hard to say whether that added to the intrigued and willingness to win, or was it perhaps the opportunity to chase history and do something that has not been done since 1988. Bochum has just returned to the top of German Football; they have been gone for quite a while in past years; it has been a rare occasion that these two have an opportunity to get the better of one another. Bochum hadn’t beaten Dortmund at signal iduna Park since the 1988 season it was deeper than it being a derby and wanting to have to tear you already over the other. Bochum obviously isn’t going to be relegated this season, but going into the game, it was still mathematically possible a win at Dortmund would guarantee their survival for next season. We expected to see a tense yet exciting Affair between the two teams, but we could never have imagined what we saw in the end. Everyone was mesmerized by the Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Manchester City last Tuesday. Manchester City had a two-goal lead three times in the game, and Real Madrid kept coming back in what was an ultimately a 4–3 victory in the first leg of the semi-final. Everyone was talking about how it was the game of the season, potentially one of the best matches of all time. Even though there was less riding on this Derby we saw on Saturday, it eclipsed it. It’s close, but this Bundesliga Clash was more exhilarating than the Champions League seven-goal semi-final. Similarly, though Bochum opened up a two-goal lead inside of 10 minutes. Then erling haaland scored a hat-trick twice from the spot and a third time with a signature high-flying strike from the Norwegian. Dortmund scored three consecutive goals, and it looked as if they were going to close the door on the game. An epic collapse that only Dortmund knows how to pull off. Bochum scored twice in the last 10 minutes a wonderful equalizer and then a penalty with very little time remaining to pull off the impossible. Dortmund threw it away; the character of Bochum showed everything. You could see how much it meant to them; they hadn’t beat them here since 1988; not only that but with the victory, they confirmed that they would be in the Bundesliga next season. This isn’t necessarily a team that chased down Europe at any point this season, but they’ve earned the respect of their peers and other teams in this league. They won the season series over Dortmund, and they beat Bayern Munich play courageous football with a very aggressive approach and mentality; this is why they’ve been a success this season and why they are remaining in the league. They have been manhandled at times this season, but doing what they have done this season against some of the top teams is truly remarkable. This was the most exciting, exhilarating, and thrilling match of the season. Real Madrid versus Man City was special; Leverkusen against Dortmund was Unreal but considering everything that occurred and The Dramatics of all of it, this was the best match of the season; it’s even difficult to describe the essence of what went down at signal iduna Park. History made safety confirmed a Dortmund collapse a true Bundesliga classic

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