Rui Patricio Heroics Not enough as Roma frustrated in Bologna draw #1455

A.S Roma 0 Bologna 0FT

Roma on Thursday took on Leicester city in the conference League semi-final as they returned home to the Stadio Olimpico after facing defeat against Inter last weekend as they continue to chase down a top-five finish this season. Meanwhile, bologna comes as potentially a very imposing visitors that beat Inter Milan in midweek to put a back-to-back scudetto in jeopardy. Surely will give them a stroke of confidence away from home at the Stadio Olimpico. Bologna won the earlier fixture this season with a 1–0 victory as they attempt to pose another threat to this Roma team, who, despite their defeat against Inter Milan, are unbeaten in 11 of their last 12 games. The European race in Italy is ongoing and intense. We could see another chapter of a dramatic Serie A season as kickoff approaches in Rome as we are getting down to the final couple of matches of the season.

After preparations and predictions, the match gets underway at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome on Sunday night. Bologna coming off a vital Victory against Inter Milan, would pose a challenge in this one. Their confidence was sky-high, and they were ready to embark on the challenge ahead. Meanwhile, Roma put together a brilliant defensive display against Leicester city in the conference League semi-final. On Thursday, Roma rested many key players, with Tammy Abraham and Lorenzo Pellegrini missing out. Surprisingly bologna had control possession as they pushed forward when they had the opportunity, but the Roma defense did prove to be a threat once again. Without Tammy Abraham, in the lineup, Nicolo zaniolo dictated the approach, continually pushing the ball forward, trying to be effective. There was a penalty claim when Gary Medal extended his arm in the opening minutes. Inside the box, a clear handball and penalty that wasn’t called despite a review was a regrettable decision in what was a clear penalty. Zaniolo, around the 10-minute mark cut through the defense into the side of the box as the defense blocked his strike. Not long after, he tried to build on it, this time ripping an ill-advised shot from outside the box. About five minutes later, Nicolo zaniolo had the ball at his feet but surprisingly made the unselfish play threading a past towards Perez as he misfires. Even though Roma is unable to capitalize, Nicolo zaniolo showing his unselfishness by making the right play at that moment shows he’s making progress. Bologna was pushing back; besides having an advantage in possession, they were moving the ball exceptionally well across the pitch, getting into Roma’s danger area. Nicholas Dominguez found just enough space to supply a perfect pass inside to Marko Arnautovic, following through on his first touch hit with power but into the hands of Rui Patricio. The Austrian probably would have had a better chance to score if he controlled the ball first and then took a strike on goal. It was difficult to split the two teams in the first half with both teams having their moments. Following the chance from the Austrian Carles, Perez just a few minutes later retrieved the ball from outside the box before striking from Deep; unfortunately, the Łukasz Skorupski got his hand on it. Prior to the half-hour mark, Nicolo zaniolo got a brilliant chance. While Roma was pushing forward from just outside the box, Maitland Niles sent a poorly hit cross that just happened to land in the perfect position. Nicolo zaniolo from the left side cut in before looking for the top corner, but the keeper put his hands up, forcing the corner kick. The first half began to winds down as both teams looked for an opportunity to take the lead going into the second half. After Jordan veretout got the Spaniard a ball in an attacking position, Carles Perez was denied again from outside the box. In the closing moments of the first half, rui Patricio was called into action twice. Ricardo orsolini was put through by Dominguez, and Roberto Soriano put through Marko Arnautovic; the Portuguese shot-stopper managed to come to the rescue on both occasions as the first half came close a goalless draw at the Olimpico so far.

Roma wasn’t exactly at their best, with many of their regulars not having started the game being rested for Thursday. Personally don’t see the logic behind the approach; finishing the top five should still remain extremely important. The second-half kickoff with Jordan veretout striking from outside the box on a free kick was very well taken, but the bologna wall managed to take a deflection. A little while later Marko Arnautovic saw a dangerous look but was unable to have the accuracy on strike. There is really hard to find a sense of superiority from either team; the game was being split down the middle for the most part. Roma had maybe a little momentum driving them but very evenly matched across the board if there was going to be a goal, one of these teams needed to find the upper hand. Mourinho looked to his bench bringing on Stephan El Shaarawy, Nicola Zalewski, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Tammy Abraham, and Rick karsdorp as Mourinho made a bunch of changes all at once. The shift in the game started to be evident all of a sudden; Rome was playing with much more confidence and looked like they had the energy behind them to turn it around. Had Roma started this well, it probably would not have had to operate out of this situation. But I understand resting players for the semi-final on Thursday. With about 30 minutes remaining, Lorenzo Pellegrini had a complicated look but still tried to Rifle his strike into the bottom corner but hit it a bit wide. A block by Bryan cristante was followed by a Miss from Dominguez, both sides desperately trying to break through. A few minutes later, Max kumbula puts his head through a Lorenzo Pellegrini cross, nearly crossing the line, but the goalkeeper makes the safe before being cleared out by the defender to avoid a follow-up. That should have been the moment for Roma as they seem to start picking up momentum. A minute later, they were again a cross from Lorenzo Pellegrini to find Nicolo zaniolo, but his header was that with again from the goalkeeper. Shortly after, Bryan cristante came close coming from a set-piece, but Roma still searched for that goal. Roma was starting to dominate the run to play; the ball was in the danger area for the majority of that second half and was holding down packed defensively; it would be challenging to score on this Roma team. They were playing very well; they just needed to go that extra step. With 20 minutes to go, Shomurodov came on for a late push. Almost immediately after the change, Gianluca Mancini set up Tammy Abraham from inside the box in a difficult position; he was tightly guarded, trying to squeeze the ball into the bottom corner, coming very close but not enough. Tammy Abraham grabs his face in frustration. With just two minutes remaining Di Silvestri nearly wins it for bologna, getting his head on the end of a Musa Barrow cross. However, rui Patricio again shows why he is the best goalkeeper in Italy, making a terrific save at his near post to deny a great goal-scoring opportunity. Roma pushes for a winner but can’t find it as it is a goalless draw at the Stadio Olimpico following an evening of frustration. They remain in faith but are a level points with Lazio needing to win the rest of the games this season to guarantee top-five finish players rested for Thursday’s conference League semi-final; the question is following the result was whether or not it was worth it? Roma will try to rebounds next Monday against Fiorentina in Florence.

This certainly wasn’t an ideal result for Roma. They are engaging in a very tight Chase for the Europa League. Roma is likely to get Europa League football at the end of the season, but a top-five finish would vastly improve last and this season, considering how it started. Roma wants to finish ahead of their Rivals as well as Lazio has finished ahead of them the last couple of years; the point difference is that the two are very tight, and after this result, they are level. Roma does hold the tiebreaker having a better head-to-head record against them, but now both Rome clubs are on 59 points. Roma still has some tough matches left on their schedule; it would be incredibly disappointing to see them not hold on to their top-five position. Roma played decently well, and when more of their starters came on, they became ruthless; in the end, if they may become on sooner, they would have won this game. However, both of the goalkeepers in this match came to play and handled themselves exceptionally well. Roma tries to rest some of their key players ahead of a big semi-final on Thursday. Maybe I’m someone that doesn’t take the conference LEAGUE seriously enough. However, I have a hard time doing this even though I want them to win it, and I’m happy Roma is doing well. The competition itself was created so more money could be made it was a selfish action to create this competition in the first place. However, if Roma can get to a final and win it and win a trophy, that would be incredibly special, but even though it should be something that Roma should take seriously, finishing ahead of their Rivals should be taken seriously as well so perhaps not playing a more potent team was a bad idea Roma should have taken a more serious approach to win this game but still control their destiny for top 5,

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