Roma vs Bologna Talking Points #1456

Bologna has the Quality Why aren’t they chasing Europe

On Sunday night, Bologna leaves the Stadio Olimpico with a hard-earned point against one of Italy’s most in-form sides in 2022. It was an Incredibly inspiring performance. Watching them on Sunday sense feeling a little let down by this Bologna team. Bologna currently sits 14th in the league table, which is the most confusing thing about all of this. They’re not going to get relegated, but they’re not chasing Europe either. While Bologna isn’t underwhelming their expectations, there’s something off about it. Hellas Verona, Torino, and Fiorentina have been flirting with European football this season. Two very strong sides, don’t get me wrong, and they deserve the plaudits that they are getting this season. However, player for player, I’m not sure they have a more talented team than Bologna. The real question is, why are they continually stuck here? Why aren’t we seeing progress at least broaching European football conversations season by season? Bologna has so much talent in this team that they need to be doing more. Have the likes of Marko Arnautovic 13 League goals this season; Musa Barrow is consistently one of the most versatile and under-the-radar Strikers in the league. In the Midfield, they have Mathias Svanberg, one of Italy’s best up-and-coming young midfielders. An outstanding goalkeeperŁukasz Skorupski, kept them in the game on Sunday, not including the likes of Roberto Soriano, Nicholas Dominguez, Ricardo Sansone, and Ricardo orsolini. Take it in and think about all the high-quality players they have. Considering the team they have put together, not at least pushing for European football. Bologna is 14 points away from a European spot; they never even flirted with it for a minute. They simply cannot have this Squad finishing below the top 10. We were all invested in what Mikhailovich was going through with his leukemia. However, at some point, a football decision needs to be made; he is not getting this team Over The Line. He’s not been there a lot of the time, but when he is there, he’s not exactly taking this team to the next level. I am not trying to suggest they should get rid of him; all I’m saying is to look at the team he has in front of him and look at the results they’re getting in the process of that. A top manager can make a huge difference; let’s be brutally honest here Torino is a bad team. They’re certainly good enough to survive the season, but they’re not very good. They have a couple of standout players top to bottom; the squad is incredibly average. Ivan juric, who kept Hellas Verona in the top 10 the last two years, has engineered a very average Torino team into the top 10. Bologna is significantly more talented than Torino; it’s not even a conversation worth having; at some point, you have to look at what they have in front of them and ask themselves why they are consistently finishing away from Europe. The talent is there; the team is already put together; they played brilliantly on Sunday; they handled that game perfectly, but considering how well they played, the thought that keeps going through my mind is why are they so far from Europe, considering the squad that has been built. If they want to take that next step, they will have to make a difficult decision because this team should be banging on the door of the conference League at the very least. That isn’t happening under this regime.

Wrong Approach to the Game

Roma has to feel a sense of frustration on Sunday at the Stadio Olimpico. Bologna executed their game plan and looked very productive throughout the 90 minutes in Rome. This was always going to be a challenging game, and it should have been treated as such. Roma is still thriving for a top-five position this season. Sixth-place finish with still get them into the Europa League, but finishing fifth would show an incredible level of progress from last season and even from earlier this season. Finishing the top five would be remarkable considering the struggles that this Roma side has gone through this season. For the better of the two teams on Sunday, they had chances to win the game, and maybe if the goalkeeping from Bologna wasn’t quite so consistent, they probably would have scored. It was a slow start to the game. Eventually, they grew into the game and became significantly more dangerous, especially when Mourinho brought on Lorenzo Pellegrini, Tammy Abraham, Rick karsdorp, and Nicola Zalewski. In my opinion, four players should have started from the beginning of the game. Had they started more of their key components in this team, I think the chance of them winning the game would have been much higher. I’m not saying for certainty that they would have because Łukasz Skorupski had an incredible performance in the bologna goal, but it would have raised the chances of a possible victory. Considering how tight it is between fifth and sixth in the league with Lazio, it’s something that should have taken a higher priority. Lazio has finished in front of Roma for the last three years. Roma retaking Rome’s reins is essential; they have been a significantly better team this season, and finishing behind Lazio again would be disastrous. They do own the head-to-head, meaning they still control their own destiny. However, three points here would have been a level of separation. Admittedly I was not a big proponent of the conference League. It is a competition that deserves a level of respect, but the reason I was created was so UEFA could make more money by adding another European competition. I think it’s a beautiful thing for smaller teams, the likes of Union Berlin, Bobo glint, and smaller teams in general, especially some of the less popular European leagues and countries. For many teams, this should be a huge honor of a competition. Roma’s a team that is historically one of the biggest teams in Italy; their team that’s been to Champions League semi-finals in my lifetime; they have finished second in the league eight times; they’re going through a transitional. Obviously, but historically speaking, Roma is a huge team that should be in Europa League and Champions League. I found it very difficult to take total transparency seriously until probably the quarter-final. Being an excellent experience for Roma to end their title drought and win the competition, it’s something that Roma should take seriously, even though I question the morals behind the competition. It was a 1–1 draw in the conference semi-final against Leicester city; they’re taking the second leg back to Rome for the possibility of getting to a final. It’s massive for the club and would be incredible to win the competition; as a Roma fan, I want to win that competition. I think it’s something we should take seriously and try to win it. However, finishing in the top five is equally essential; finishing in front of their rival, if they’re unable to do that in this season, that’s not going to land well. That’s why I didn’t like that Mourinho rested so many key players. Injury-prone ones, you bench. I’m behind Lorenzo Pellegrini and Rick karsdorp starting the game on the bench. However, there was no reason for Roma not to start Tammy Abraham and Nicola Zalewski. We all were left frustrated from that performance, the reason why Mourinho did not start enough of our key players. I understand resting players for the semi-final on Thursday but not all of them; we still have to try to finish in the top five and finish behind Lazio down the road. Fiorentina and Torino are still on the schedule; they are two challenging games; every Roma fan has their own opinions on everything; personally, I don’t believe it was worth the risk. I back Mourinho in its totality; I think he’s precisely the manager to bring this Roma team back to the Glory Days; the project he’s putting together is incredible in Rome are going to be a team to be feared in this League, but on this particular issue, I disagreed with his approach.

Rui Patricio’s Importance Zaniolo’s Growth

Sunday night’s draw was filled with frustration from giallorossi. Roma wanted to continue to have a separation between themselves and Lazio. Especially with some challenging games, it was a feeling of frustration without question but still some optimism that can be taken from the draw. First things first, Roma’s defense has been exceptional level as they continue to become incredibly difficult to score against. The backline has come together and had a much better second half of the season, mainly contributing to their surge in 2022. Rui Patricio is the best goalkeeper in Italian football. I don’t think that’s up for debate at all. Roma founder man between the posts to finally replace Alisson Becker as Roma has struggled to find an adequate replacement with Rui Patricio; they have a world-class keeper who has come up big in Roma’s most crucial moments. The save he made at his near post at the end of the game denied a bologna victory. Robin Olsen, Antonio Mirante, and Pau Lopez would have all conceded from that situation. Rui Patricio deserves all the praise in the world for stabilizing the backline and the goalkeeper Roma has security in the back now, which makes them a much more dangerous team. Not many teams since 2022 have been able to score on him, which is why they have the momentum against Leicester City in the semi-final on Thursday. However, the most telling aspect of Roma’s performance was Nicolo zaniolo. I’m not going to hide behind the comments I’ve made this season. I have been very critical of Nicolo zaniolo. Not long ago, I questioned whether or not he was growing as a player this season. Many situations were repeating the same mistakes and not learning from them, especially in comparison to the other young players on the team. I speculated that I would be willing to cut ties for the right offer. However, I retract that point of view, considering what I’ve seen lately. He scored a hat-trick in the quarterfinals of the conference League against Bobo glint just days after I unleashed on him following Roma’s home Victory against Salernitana. He has been progressively improving ever since. However, Sunday night starts to see the growth and progress I have asked for all season. It wasn’t going to happen overnight, considering the uni injuries he has had the last couple of years. There’s no doubt the young Italian still has some kinks to work out as he took an ill-advised shot from outside the box that was covered by two Defenders when he probably should have kicked it outside Oregon with a different approach. However, a moment from that game yesterday stuck with me. Nicolo zaniolo was spectacular throughout, but after picking off a pass from the midfield in the first half, Nicolo zaniolo and Carles Perez pushed forward; the Spaniard had made the run a little earlier, putting himself in an on-site position on the right side as she approached the box. The ball was at Nicolo zaniolo without hesitation. Instead of taking everybody on like he has done almost all season, he makes an immediate through Pass into Perez; the Spanish Winger didn’t score, but that’s not the point. Nicolo zaniolo made the incredibly unselfish play even though Roma couldn’t orchestrate a goal from that situation; this is what we want to see from him seeing the whole field and making the right decision. He did not have a lot of time to make his choice, but he made it immediately because he saw that threading the ball for Perez was a better route for the team. Multiple times in this game, he showed unselfish nature after scoring his hat-trick; he’s been much more of a team player, really kind of positioning his teammates well he’s starting to adapt and grow in this team; we finally see that progression, and considering this is the first year of his injury by next season if he keeps the same type of energy we could see a version of what he was before he was injured. I was very skeptical about giving him a new contract considering he has another year-and-a-half left on his deal; the reason I halted on that idea was that I wasn’t sure Nicolo zaniolo was going to be able to adapt, and we’ve seen this season that he has been very selfish at times but to make that play at that moment. Many moments at the game show that he is growing and making better decisions on the pitch, not necessarily ones that benefit himself but ones that benefit the team. I think he is finally starting to get that I am ready to put a contract on the table for him; the talent is there, the ability is there, and now selfishness is there; if he continues to play this way, Roma is going to win a lot of games to end the season when I saw him make that decision I was incredibly proud of him we might have a special talent yet with Nicolo zaniolo.

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