Serie A Battles at the Top and the Bottom of the Table #1459

Salernitana out of the relagation zone

Salernitana continues to Surge for improbable survival. Salernitana spent 130 years in the lower divisions of Italian football before finally making the jump and winning promotion last season. It was evident from the first game that they would have to fight for their lives to stay in the top flight. It was going to be very difficult to accomplish that. They didn’t seem to have enough quality within the side to do what it takes to fight off relegation. They were Italy’s punching bag for the majority of the season; miles from safety as an improbable task was put in front of them. The chance of surviving seemed almost impossible. I thought going into February; they had a 0.01 chance of surviving. Even though their performances had improved, they had a lot of ground to make up and needed help from others to make it the faintest possibility. Then suddenly, they started picking up form as they have been collecting points regularly, finding ways to win games in a critical part of the season. A loss to Roma at the Stadio Olimpico provided the fire within their belly. The Romans ended up 2–1 winners; the Roma goals being scored in the 82nd and 84th minute turned it around, but there was just a sense even from the opposing side of things that if they took the energy that they displayed in the game against Roma maybe they would have a chance again, they would have to play almost without error and would need a little bit of help. There are only a few games left this season, and those things have turned true. Salernitana managed to string together a winning streak beating tough teams such as Fiorentina and udinese. On Monday, they underwent potentially their biggest challenge of the season, having to go on the road to take on Atalanta. While Atalanta does not have the season they would have liked, they have been particularly brutal at home it was a difficult situation to go in, especially as a team that is looking to pull off the greatest Escape in Italian football history. Fortunately, Hellas Verona were 2–1 winners in Sardinia against Caglalri. Meaning maximum points for the seahorses could temporarily get them out of the relegation zone. It turned out what could be a very defining match of the season on 23 minutes; Emerson gave Salernitana survival hope as he opened up the scoring in Bergamo. Salernitana defensively held their own against duvan Zapata and Luis Muriel. Keeping the Atalanta attack at a distance, however, they didn’t just sit back; they attacked when they had the opportunities and came close on several occasions; if it wasn’t for the instincts of Musso, they could have put the game away. Unfortunately, one of the few standout players this season for Atalanta, Mario Pasalic, found just enough space Inside the Box drilling a strike into the bottom corner. It was a positive point, but truthfully, they deserve more in a very uplifting performance. They are unbeaten in their last 10 games; they had minimized the deficit to just two points between themselves and Caglalri. To add even more Intrigue to the situation this coming weekend, who do they play, you ask? Cagliari. If they beat Cagliari on the weekend, they can open up a four-point cushion between themselves in the relegation zone. At the end of the season, the battle for survival is against udinese and Empoli, two challenging games a game from which they certainly can get points. The greatest Escape in Italian football history has just been given another job is that point against Atlanta by the end of the season May mean everything. On Thursday evening Salernitana they built on an incredible performance in Bergamo in an attempt who escape the drop at least temporarily. They took care of business in a tough battle with Venzcia as they attempted to take advantage of their game in hand. A 7th-minute penalty saw them take the lead as their battle for safety heated it up. Venezia drew even before Simone Verdi scored the winner in the second half to see them collect all three points, setting up a crucial Clash against Caligari that can see them create separation as they are on a path to pull off one of the greatest escapes in football history. Davide Nicola has taken this team on the verge of survival, escaping the bottom at least for the time being, with a favorable schedule to end the season that could see them survive a season they were never supposed to. Five years ago, Crotone had 14 points by Match Day 29 with nine games remaining; somehow, they did The Impossible, getting to the final day of the season and beating Lazio to stay in Serie A. They eventually tapped out and were relegated not long after that season; that was the greatest escape of all time; these two parallel events cross each other Davide Nicola engineered Crotone to the Great Escape, and now it looks like he’s about to do the same with Salernitana if they are to survive the season Nicola will have been the man to pull off the two biggest Escapes in football history still work to be done but their last two games very well could have vital implications of pulling off the Great Escape.

The Last Derby Della Lanterna for now

Sampdoria vs Genoa, the Derby Della Lanterna, is the oldest Derby in Italian football. One of the most fascinating and historical rivalry matches across Europe. In a derby that somewhat flies under the radar, Genoa and Sampdoria typically aren’t fighting for Europe or putting them in a position to win trophies. In the last 5–10 years, both clubs have been looking to survive another season in the top flight. Making both Derbies each season is significant. Both teams have had some close calls over the years; the points they have gained from this Derby have helped both sides stay alive at the top of Italian football. It is a derby that’s so intense, so passionate so much history behind it. One of the oldest rivalries in football. Unfortunately, this is about to come to an end, at least for the time being. Genoa & Sampdoria will always be connected because of their rivalry. This is a big reason why the majority of this league’s fans want either either in Serie A or both of them in Serie B; there should never be a situation in which we have to miss out on the Derby. The matches themselves may not be that dramatic or satisfying, but the atmosphere and the colors on Derby Day are artistically beautiful. Whether it is a sea of blue or a sea of red, it is a sight to see, and, sadly, we may have to wait another year for us to endure the fascination with the Derby Della Lanterna. Genoa and Sampdoria played what will likely be their final match for at least a year, not the most exciting match of football, although it had its drama. Sampdoria took the lead in the first half game that went down to the end as Genoa’s penalty was saved in the final kick of the ball that saw Sampdoria collect the points. Genoa will be heading down to Serie B next season, only awaiting confirmation mathematically. Meanwhile, Sampdoria will escape the drop this season; however, there are reasons to believe that Sampdoria could be joining them soon. While Sampdoria does have some strong individuals is a team that has been rubbish for the last five seasons; they have been dragged down into those conversations of whether or not they could remain in the league and stave off relegation. Claudio Ranieri, for three years, was in charge of Sampdoria and kept them in the top flight. However, with the current institution and the players that will undoubtedly leave in the summer, Sampdoria could be heading down sooner rather than later; it’s hard to say what will occur next season, but Sampdoria will certainly be among the favorites to be relegated. I believe they can only hold out for so long. Genoa will probably go into next season as favorites to be promoted in Serie B; that’s easier said than done, but hopefully, it will only be a matter of time before they’re in the same league again. Whether that means Genoa doesn’t get promoted. Sampdoria is relegated or Sampdoria survives another season, and Genoa is promoted. It’s a sad sight to see us not be able to experience this Derby for at least a year; hopefully, The Dramatics will continue sooner rather than later, and we’ll get to see this fantastic fixture again. Geona’s win vs. Juventus helps them in the relegation battle but will likely go down.

The Battle of Milan for the Title

The title race in Italian football very well could come down to the very last day of this season. It is extremely tight at the top with one of the Milan teams poised to host the scudetto over their heads. The celebration will erupt in Milan it is just unclear whether the blue or red portion of it. It has been an exceptional title race that is going to reach its conclusion in the next couple of weeks. AC Milan Inter Milan and Napoli have been fighting the entire campaign to get their hands on the trophy. Napoli recently exited the title race with a late draw with Roma and a loss against empoli. Leaving AC Milan and Inter Milan remaining in this title race. Inter Milan had a game in hand against Bologna and a red carpet of a schedule to take them two back-to-back titles. However, as we know that was flipped on its head as they faced defeat two bologna. Allowing AC Milan to sit on top even after the game in hand. Sandro tonali late goal to win it against Lazio could be a very defining moment of the season. This last weekend the battle to the Finish heated up even more so. Inter Milan handle their business against udinese with Ivan perisic and Martinez scoring the goals to hold off an ambitious udinese that has been playing quite well as of late. On the other side of things AC Milan were heavily outplayed by Fiorentina. Stefano Pioli has been excellent since taking over at AC Milan but last weekend against Fiorentina he got everything wrong. His tactics had gaps in them that the viola tried to exploit almost regularly. AC Milan could not impose themselves well and even though they had chances they were wasteful in front of and put together an absolute rugged performance truly not deserving a darn thing from the game. However sometimes it’s about taking advantage when an opportunity is given to you. Even though AC Milan put together a really horrendous performance they showed their winning intangibles and their desperation for the title as Rafael leao cashed in on a horrible mistake from the Fiorentina goalkeeper scoring with less than 10 minutes to go to keep AC Milan on top of the pile. It is getting extremely tight and tense at the top neither team can afford to slip up. AC Milan needs to be absolutely perfect the rest away and hopefully they will have learned from their poor performance against Fiorentina meanwhile Inter Milan needs the maximum point as it is not in their control but a come from behind win vs Empoli engineer by Martinez adds the intensity I suspect it’s only going to heat up during the final games of this season with the champion yet to be determined and will probably not be crowned until matchday 38 as the red and blue of Milan will fight to the death to get their hands on that elusive trophy.

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