Appalling penalty call favors Fiorentina as Roma cant Recover as they are Stunned in Tuscany #1462

A.S Roma 0 Fiorentina 2FT

Following punching their ticket to the conference League final on Thursday, Roman traveled to Firenza to take on a Fiorentina side looking to fight for European football next season. A victory for Fiorentina would take them level on points with both Roma and Atalanta. Meanwhile, Roma is dealing with the emotions of making a European final to write the wrongs of their goalless draw against Bologna. Roma beat Fiorentina on The Opening matchday of the season as Roma came away as 3–1 winners in Rome. Roma has been in spectacular form; the last couple of performances in the league hasn’t exactly been ideal. It was a tough schedule as of late, but Roma probably should have maximized more from their previous games. Roma still has the ambition to finish in the top five and finally finished ahead of their Rivals down the road for the first time in a couple of years. Meanwhile, on the other side of the coin, Fiorentina has improved massively this season, largely behind their manager Vincenzo Italiano taking them up a level. They have lost their last two games but were building quite an impressive winning streak before that. It would be a tense atmosphere considering everything on the line is European football for both these teams. In a Monday night battle, we expected to see a special showing of what Italian football has been about this season a lot to gain and a lot to lose as we approach kickoff in Firenza.

After preparations and predictions, the match kicked off in Firenza as a match with European Ambitions, and a lot took shape on a Monday night with Roma and Fiorentina ready for battle. However, before the battle could commence, the official made an atrocious decision that very well could have impacted the rest of the match. Fiorentina screamed penalty just moments into the match. Nico Gonzales made a blatant dive in the box trying to win a penalty. Video review intervened on the replay; the dive was even more obvious than in live time. Roma rightfully protested the decision. Gonzales pushes through resistance from outside the box before collapsing the second he gets in the penalty area. Rick karsdorp was the defender Inside the Box; he attempted to get his foot on the ball but made no contact with the ball or with Gonzales. Nonetheless, he flails to the ground before the official gives the penalty in the fifth minute. I’m willing to give Nico Gonzalez the benefit of the doubt; it is possible he was running so fast into that position after being tightly guarded that through his motions, he ended up falling down in the Box regardless he initiated this contact and if there was going to be a foul called it was on the defender outside the box it looks like a blatant dive. Still, even if it wasn’t, even if he didn’t do it on purpose, there is no possible explanation for giving that particular chance of the penalty. Something that could go on to be a game to finding a decision in a game like this fighting for European Supremacy. You can not make a Call of this magnitude considering the importance of the results. It is very difficult to rebound from what was a clear dive after just a few minutes. Gonzales steps up and converts the penalty beating Rui Patricio to give Fiorentina a 1–0 lead. He proceeded to celebrate like crazy he got away with murder with an atrocious dive and then celebrated like he’s won the League. I like Gonzalez, but this was atrocious on his part and especially the part of the referee. Unfortunately for Roma, it got much worse. Just a few minutes later, a shot from Jordan veretout hits the shoulder of Sofyan Amrabat. Was it looked at and wasn’t called. Now that’s not a penalty, but considering the penalty they just gave on the other end, it should have been called one. If you’re going to call the game this way, you have to do it down the middle for both sides, so considering the logic behind the first penalty given, the second penalty should have, even if it wasn’t one. You could see the tension build as an angry Roma just kept getting more and more riled up. Roma does need to learn how to compose themselves better under these situations. Still, the anger was undoubtedly understandable; seeing that we were just minutes into the game and the referee gifted Fiorentina a goal and then refused to give a penalty that was more justifiable on the other end, it felt like they were battling against the world. It wasn’t just the penalty’s fact; they weren’t getting the calls, Pellegrini, getting his shirt tugged by milinkovic, the referee is completely ignoring. Roma was trying to get something going, but you could sense the agitation. In the 11th minute, Fiorentina added on to their lead as Bonaventura found just enough space Inside the Box, finding the bottom corner just outside Rui Patricio’s reach. Like that, Fiorentina took a 2–0 lead, the effects of the early dive certainly taking shape in the game. Not even 15 minutes into the game and Roma would have to do the impossible just to get the point in front of a thunderous Viola crowd. About 10 minutes later, Roma tries to engineer something to get themselves back in the game. Finally, a call goes their way as Lorenzo Pellegrini is given an opportunity from a free kick in a dangerous position. Lorenzo Pellegrini has scored the most free kicks in the League this season with another opportunity at a very vital time. The Roma captain hovers over the ball before following through well-timed and well-placed, but somehow Fiorentina goalkeeper got his hands on it. Jordan veretout a minute later, connects on strike from the outside of the box, unable to place it, but Roma was starting to push despite there being evident frustration. It looked like Fiorentina had themselves another one which was correctly called offsides. Fiorentina ends the first half with Gonzales misfiring and rui Patricio denying Milinkovic. Ending the opening 45 minutes in a very controversial first half as Fiorentina holds a 2–0 lead.

Roma found it difficult composing themselves after initial frustration from the referee’s howler. It seemed like it was getting to them. Roma has to be better under those pretenses; their anger and frustration are Justified, but they cannot let it affect their play; there were still 45 minutes to turn it around but all things considered, it was a very disappointing first half for Roma. Jose Mourinho was forced to make a change at the break. Nicolo zaniolo coming in for Sergio Oliveira. The Portuguese midfielder hasn’t done anything wrong, but Roma was holding a two-goal deficit and needed a little bit of explosion to get themselves a puncher’s chance in the second half. A box-to-box, while controlling midfielder, isn’t what they needed at that moment; they need a player that will push the ball to get themselves into attacking areas immediately; his performance individually has been pretty solid, but Mourinho had to make the change under those circumstances. Roma took a little while to find their footing in the second half, but eventually, a chance came when Nicola Zalewski discovered space from the corner before delivering a cross. Inside the box Tammy Abraham gets his head on the end of it, unable to convert. Fiorentina was feeling the crowd’s energy as they were thriving under the moment. Again the official’s decision-making and nothing to do with their performance it wasn’t their fault; they still were doing their part to establish themselves in this game. Rui Patricio denied Sofyan Amrabat from outside the box. Before Alfred Duncan was serviced, Arthur followed through on a header but did not face the Portuguese shot-stopper. Even though it wasn’t going Roma’s way, it wasn’t a lack of Desire, and they continued to push for an equalizer with hopes of leaving enough time to get themselves another. Jordan veretout went from a distance again, but Roma still struggled for their opener. Mourinho went to the bench as a, Stephan El Shaarawy was brought on as Nicola Zalewski went to the bench. At that moment, Stephan El Shaarawy, probably the right tactic can be an infusion of energy at times. Aroma continued to have to fight, but there was just something about how Fiorentina was performing. Bryan cristante attempted to find space, but the defense got in the way. Jonathan Ikone hits back but has the same results as cristante as the Roma defense gets in the way of a strike from outside the box. It was getting later and later into the game Romans’ chance of capturing something was minimized extensively. Stephan El Shaarawy finds Space whipping the ball to Lorenzo Pellegrini in from the side of the box; the Roma captain takes a strike at the Florentina goal, but the defense is getting in the way again. Mourinho made another change bringing in Carles Perez for Lorenzo Pellegrini. Late on, Nicolo zaniolo strikes from a tough angle, hoping to get a consolation goal but fails to get the results he hoped for. In stoppage-time, with the game gone, Leo spinazzola makes his first appearance of the season as he comes off the bench for the last couple of minutes. Following stoppage-time, the referee blows for a full-time whistle as Fiorentina stun Roma in Firenze; an appalling penalty call gets Roma off to a bad start and never fully recover as they lose grip on 5th place as they face defeat.

Roma’s performances in the league simply haven’t been good enough as of late. It’s so spectacular emotional in amazing for the Roma fan base to see them get to a European final. On May 25, Roma should have a great chance to lift the trophy; it’s something that’s very important to this club and a big reason why Jose Mourinho was brought in in the summer. That’s all well and good; the top five, regardless of the rest of it, needed to be a priority this season. There was a stretch of time during this campaign where it seemed impossible. Suddenly, it became achievable; the momentum was behind them and driving them towards a top 5 finish. Even after the result last week, it was still in their hands. After Monday’s performance, it has been taken out of their hands. Not to mention Atalanta and Fiorentina are both on the same points. Roma owns the head-to-head against Atalanta and goal difference against Fiorentina; however, this place is now occupied by Lazio; fortunately, they have Juventus this week, and Roma would be allowed to pass them up one last time this season to get the top five however this is only possible if they lose one of their final two games finishing sixth be a horrible representation of the season. Ciro immobile is one of the baddest Mfs in Italy; he is the sole reason they are where they are at the table; he is their only difference-maker, even though milinkovic-savic it’s also excellent, but for the most part, without his production, this team isn’t anywhere near Europe. Roma cannot finish behind a one-man team. It has been taken out of their hands, and they have not been as good as of late this game. In particular, it clearly showed that they missed henrikh Mkhitaryan. Fiorentina did well to earn their points; they are a spectacular side that has done incredible this season. They have a real possibility of making European football this upcoming campaign, but certain circumstances played some Factor in the results. Nico Gonzales is one of my favorite attackers in the league. I think he has so much to offer, and his level will go up yet again next season. However, his scandalous Behavior on a penalty claim in the fifth minute was appalling. He created his own contact when wrestling with a Defender from outside the box; the contact was made from himself, then he thrust himself forward and went to the ground. Rick karsdorp makes no contact with the player or the ball. A clear and obvious dive and probably should have been given a yellow card. The referee gave the call, they scored from the spot, and the game was never the same again. The lack of consistency from this particular referee played a significant role in this game. The thing is, if you’re going to let that one slide and give it to you and see a penalty that they didn’t deserve, then on the other end a few minutes later, when the ball hits the shoulder of Amrabat, you damn well better give a penalty the other way. The fact of the matter is neither one of these two penalties, but if you’re going to call it one way, you have to call the other way as well; you have to keep the same energy for both sides of this; you have to call this game down the middle with that sit by the opening goal and the toxicity of that moment, and Fiorentina took advantage of its scoring a second. Roma didn’t play well enough to earn the points, but the dive that was given as a penalty changed the course of the game. I’m not sitting up here screaming Scandal Romo should not have got points; all I’m suggesting here is making a call like that that was clearly not a penalty in the fifth minute of the game like this changes the game’s outcome.

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