History made Roma qualify for Champions League for the first time in club history #1461

A.S Roma 8 Samp 0FT

The Roma women have arrived at the day where they can see all their dreams come into fruition. Achieving the Pinnacle of their expectations. This Roma team came into the season with one goal in mind following all the changes that took place to put this site in a position to do something historical. The Champions League was the one thing they had in mind. Before the season, they upgraded in significant areas and felt like they were building a winning team, not enough to take the league title yet, but that’s definitely on the horizon for this team. The moves they made in January take them a little closer to getting to Knocking Juventus off their perch. Retaining the Coppa Italia and qualifying for the Champions League has been and continues to be the purpose of the season. Operating out of absolute strength hasn’t lost a game since October 6th against Inter Milan; they continue to be the most in-form team in Italian football and are three points away from qualifying for the Champions League. They are coming off a 3–2 Victory against Fiorentina that sets up the possibility of confirming qualification for the Champions League. Then at the beginning of April, another one of their goals is on the verge of coming to fruition as they get past Empoli punching their ticket to the Coppa Italia final, where they will take on Juventus with an opportunity to win the cup back to back. Roma is sitting here on the verge of completing both of the expectations set before the season. This last Saturday, Roma hosted Sampdoria at the Stadio Tre Fontane in Rome with everything on the line. Sampdoria has been a decent team this season as they are likely to finish in the top six. Still, on Saturday, there was just a sense that regardless of the situation, there was nothing that was going to stop them from qualifying for the Champions League Roma are unbeaten in their last 19 games Sampdoria with all the confidence in the world as they stood on the brink of history.

The match kicked off in Rome ahead of what was poised to be a historic day at the Stadio Tre Fontane. Sampdoria faced a narrow defeat in the reverse fixture; they have been a capable team this season; however, just a significant separation between Roma and Sampdoria. With everything on the line for this Roma team, they came out extremely aggressive, nothing not a surprising approach as this is what they have taken all season. Sampdoria found it difficult to get anything going. Roma moved the ball extremely swiftly from Back to Front as they pushed on the counter, constantly looking for a breakthrough. Sampdoria still had a decent amount of possession but couldn’t do anything with it when they had the ball. The Roma defense has done what it’s done all season and created a difficult environment for the opposing attackers to get into those spaces has to be effective. This game had a very rapid start from Roma, and it seemed after that first chance, the floodgates opened. Very early in the match, Andressa Alves from inside the Box hit the ball out to Anna Serturini, connected on her signature curler looking for the right corner. Still, the Sampdoria keeper manages to make the save. A minute later, Roma would cash in. In the seventh minute, coming off of the corner, Valeria Pirone had an initial shot saved. Paloma Lázaro collects the ball, instead of firing the rebound, sends a low pass right inside the box, finding Anna Sertrutini, Roma’s Superstar; it’s given plenty of space to operate as she sends a rocket into the top right corner as the goalkeeper tries to get a hand on it Roma would take a 1–0 lead. Scoring her seventh goal of the season, having recently recovered from covid, it’s fair to say she’s back in business. Roma continues to dictate the play, not allowing Sampdoria, which is usually adequate. They got into dangerous positions, and their efficiency in front of goal was ridiculous Roma was on a mission, and nothing could have been done to stop them. 10 minutes later, in the 17th minute, Andressa Alves sent across outside the box to Anna Serturini as she sent it back in into Valeria Pirone, who got her had on the end of it as her header sores beating the goalkeeper to the far post as Roma took a 2–0 lead scoring her eighth of the season it just seemed to be Roma’s afternoon unless there was some epic collapse Champions League football next season would be confirmed. 2 minutes late Roma nearly strike again Andressa Alves plays through Paloma Lázaro she gets the types in a one-on-one situation. Still, the Sampdoria keeper makes an excellent save. 2 minutes later in the 21st minute, Roma scored yet again. Paloma Lázaro sends a beautiful cross from the wing into Valeria Pirone, going up with the header again, this time into the left corner, giving Roma a 3–0 lead as she scores her 9th of the season. Unfortunately for Sampdoria, Roma would continue to pile in the 25th minute Manuela Giugliano; it’s an incredibly well-hit long-range strike from outside the area code into the bottom corner as Roma took a 4–0 lead with the Midfield genius scoring her fifth of the season. It was more of the same from Roma as they closed out the first half with a dominating four-goal lead Champions League was going to be confirmed on Saturday afternoon; there was no way back now they were in total control and dominating the play.

Sampdoria didn’t show up; it was a disastrous performance thus far even though the goalkeeper had made some big saves in critical moments, not make it worse than it was. A very demoralizing mentality with Sampdoria now having to go into a second-half already down by four goals. Roma fired on all cylinders and could score even more, but the job qualifying for the Champions League was more or less done in the opening 25 minutes. The second half got kicked off, and it became even more brutal on Sampdoria Roma continued to show no mercy. Is the one thing about women’s football I don’t particularly like in the men’s game? There is usually a moment when you’re scoring at will you feel comfortable phasing it out, but I don’t blame Roma; they’re about to qualify for the Champions League, and they wanted to do it with a bang. In the 50th minute, they got themselves in again. Anna Serturini crosses from inside the box, finding Paloma Lázaro as her header goes right down main street into the back of the net to give Roma a 5–0 lead; it would be her season leading 12th goal of the season. It’s fascinating how she’s involved in this campaign; she’s going to end up as the top scorer on the team this season, and she didn’t start this season scoring like this, but she found her form and rhythm starting more games and wasn’t going to be denied she has been arguably one of the best players in the league this season and precisely what probably needed for this Champions League qualification. Sampdoria manages to rip off a few chances in the second half but none that bothered or disrupted Camellia Caesar. So much that before the end of the game, Katia Ghioc, a 19-year-old goalkeeper, would make an appearance before the final whistle. Roma was not threatened during this game but was threatening on the other end constantly. In the 70th minute, they added another Joyce Borini trapped in the corner before poking it towards Manuela Giugliano, sending a cross into the box as Kollmats gets her head on its end, giving Roma a 6–0 lead. In the 86th minute, Valeria Pirone delivers a good ball into the box. Sophie Haug gets a sliding touch scoring a 7th, then in the 91st minute Sophie to Valeria to Pirone before finding Bartoli scoring an eighth as Roma run wild against Sampdoria to earn an 8–0 victory as they qualify for the champions league for the first time in club history; a historic day and an emotional day for the Romans clinching a landmark Champions League berth doing it in dominating fashion.

Saturday was a historical afternoon in Rome as the Roma ladies qualified for the champions league for the first time in Club history. Over the last couple of years, the turnaround has been a spectacle to see. The squad continues to grow and build into a team that has earned the right to compete among Europe’s best. Spugna took over the team this summer and brought in the right type of signings both in the summer and in January to take this Roma team to where they sit now. A second-place finish with only two losses on the season in a currently unbeaten in their last 20 games on top of that after winning the Copa Italia last season against AC Milan Coppa Italia final again this season hoping to win this back to back as they will take on Juventus later in a few weeks. They have been building this project for a couple of years now, and they’re finally seeing it in fruition as Roma after filling their capabilities now. The signings of Paloma Lázaro, who has been their top scorer the last two seasons, Manuela Giugliano, arguably the best midfielder in the league, Elena Linari being vital to the defense of help, Andressa Alves, Camellia Caesar playing a vital role in this team, and if you want to go a little further bringing in Angela Sofia from Hellas Verona in 2018 started to see this team go in the right direction not already counting the incredible pieces that this team has already with Anna leading this team in the attacking constellation with Bartoli being the leader in the back it’s been a complete transition. Still, with some of the adjustments and players they’ve brought in this season, and the last couple of seasons, they’re starting to look like a team that should be feared. They only lost two games this season, and in one of those games, they lost in the 92nd minute; they outplayed and got results against the majority of the top teams this season, including teams like AC Milan and sassuolo that were pushing Juventus at times last season. A second-place finish for this Roma team is simply incredible. They have not lost a game since October 6th and should be the favorites for the Coppa Italia Clash against Juventus. Juventus narrowly won the league title this season by a couple of points. Next season, they are going to have to watch their back. Roma proved they’re coming for the title this season, and next season if they take the momentum they’ve displayed since October, they got a good chance to win it. Juventus should enjoy their trophy, but next year, Roma coming through the league and have the team to do it; the January signings were so important getting them involved in the team was vital; having those players for an entire season starting from matchday one next season they can take the crown. Incredible performance on Saturday; they wouldn’t be denied humiliating a Sampdoria side. I did think running up the score was unnecessary, but I don’t blame them one bit, considering what was on the line. I think the scoreline was somewhat harsh on Isabel Ortiz; if we look at the score, we can see the eight goals from Roma, four of those coming in the first 25 minutes. However, the scoreline and stat sheet will not show you how often Isabel Ortiz came up with a crucial save Time and Time Again. Isabel Ortiz prevented Roma from scoring in double digits; the stat sheet won’t tell you that, and I don’t think Isabel Ortiz should be associated with her team’s awful performance. In the end, though this is about Roma on qualifying for the Champions League, they are slowly becoming one of the best up-and-coming teams in Europe.

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