Roma vs Fiorentina Match Day 36 Preview #1460

The Emotions Driving Roma to Top 5

Roma punching their ticket to the conference League final on Thursday after getting past Leicester City. A Night to Remember as Jose Mourinho gets Roma to a final that the fans have been longing for so long. There is a certain emotional element surrounding the club at the moment. Some significant momentum and confidence will push them into a Monday night Clash against Fiorentina as the viola will open their doors in a huge match for their European ambitions. Meanwhile, Roma will go into Florence hoping to keep themselves in the top five as they are neck-and-neck with Crosstown Rivals Lazio at the moment. However, Roma’s own head-to-head meaning in a scenario where they end up with the exact same amount of points Roma would he get the nod. Getting to the Conference Finals was vital and important but Roma must still remain focused top five. A top-five finish and a European final success would be a remarkable season for this team that’s only going to get better. Fiorentina will present a challenge even though they’re not in great form at the moment they have been a tough side to deal with, especially in the last couple of months. They will be gunning for the wolf’s head on Monday considering the importance to keep their European Ambitions alive. This will be a very difficult game we can both teams have something to play for. All Things Considered still should find a way through to collect the points. A lot of the outside world doesn’t understand the importance of finishing ahead of Lazio considering it has been several years since they have done this. It is a motivator within this team and there’s no doubt this plays into the psyche of a team that desires a top-five finish this season. There is definitely still some emotional residue from Thursday night they will come into this extremely confident thinking they can take on the world. Even if Jose Mourinho doesn’t play a full team they have enough quality in this squad from top to bottom to get the job done. They are unbeaten in 13 of the last 14 games very rarely conceding goals nothing is getting through this defense Fiorentina trying to carve through it will probably take all of their energy meaning they could get lackadaisical and their defensive structure all the momentum is riding with Roma even in Florence they should see this thing out.

Mourinho could Rotate Squad

Roma has a big European final in a couple of weeks meaning Jose Mourinho will be cautious regarding his team selection. It’s unlikely Romo will see the strongest lineup on Monday night. However, at the same time, Mourinho knows the importance of finishing ahead of Lazio and achieving a top-five finish. However at the same time, Roman needs to avoid any serious injuries. Fiorentina is a team that is fighting for something Roman needs to put out a strong side that can deal with what they will throw at them especially away from home. However, Squad rotation is important, and in a game like this Roma can afford to rest some of Roma’s critical players. Regardless of the situation should be starting up top no questions asked. Players that are not injury-prone or who don’t have a history of injuries should be ready to go but this is also a game that could be an opportunity for players like Felix to prove himself in a relatively big game. It’s a difficult scenario because, on one hand, you want to play your strongest and get a top-five finish but on the other hand, the risk of injuries is too high at the moment Roma has a significantly upgraded Squad to who they will play in the final but if they lose a key player to injury so that is going to largely a fact the final and whether they can win it. Squad rotation is important and I suspect most of Rome has key players who will play in this game but not all of them necessarily need to be starting from the beginning. It’s unclear what Mourinho will do but I would be surprised if we see full strength Roma that played on Thursday these players are exhausted from a very grueling semifinal so for that reason I could see Mourinho rotating the squad a little bit to give some rest to those players that put in an incredible shift on Thursday night. We could see the likes of Max Kumbula, Felix Afena, Jordan veretout, and Carles Perez and maybe see shomurodov in action as well. Outside of those names, I do still expect most of Roma’s regulars to be there but some of the players that went to battle on Thursday will need a little bit of rest, and even though it’s a big game I could see Mou making the smart decision and not risking components of the team that are important. Regardless of what the squad rotation is Roma still has what it takes and should find a way to win this game but if he can rest some of Rome’s key players he should but not at the expense of the results Roma still need to win this game and should win this game while he’s doing that he can rest some of his more important players.

The Time is now for Florence

It is now or never for Fiorentina if they have the ambition to qualify for European football. Even though it might be very tight they’re not playing well at the moment after a really impressive stretch it kind of all collapsed as of light. They played really well in their loss to AC Milan last weekend but haven’t managed to get results in a couple of weeks. Three starters will return to the team before Monday’s big Clash against Roma. It should find a way to boost their confidence the momentum and confidence fat Romo has right now will be a very difficult battle against but in Florence with the fans behind them may be able to re-energize their beliefs regardless of what they’re going up against. Fiorentina is having a remarkable productive season Vincenzo Italiano is in the running for manager of the season certainly. The question is can they galvanize in a game like this and perform against a team that has so much confidence going for them at the moment. Fiorentina it’s a very strong team but several individuals can make an impact in any game like that honestly this feels almost like a must-win if they want to qualify for Europe. It’s not done and dusted if they lose this game but they could make it more difficult on themselves considering Atalanta won their game. To get themselves on the front foot they need to start the game quickly and put Roma into a vulnerable position. It is quite possible Roma will not play with a full squad still with enough players in that team to be able to handle themselves a game like this. Roma is very rarely conceding goals this is why Fiorentina must take a very aggressive approach from the jump if they’re going to get any points from this.

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