Roma vs Venezia Match Day 37 Preview #1466

Fighting for Their Lives

Venezia is fighting for their lives at the moment. They have lost four of their last five games and are currently sitting on 25 points with two matches remaining. Last weekend they pulled off a late victory against Bologna, scoring twice in the last couple of minutes to keep their season alive. Bologna is a well-balanced team with a lot of talent; the fight that we saw from the bottom feeders showed their resilience and their desire to keep themselves at the top, even if it is an unlikely possibility. It was a seven-goal thriller as it took a lot out of them setting the most important match of the season. They are in a situation now where they need all the points. Not only do they need maximum points, but they need help from the teams around them as well. If any of the other teams in the bottom see Victory this weekend, they will likely be mathematically relegated. There is a slight hope for them to do something and keep themselves in Italy’s top flight, but it is going to be a very difficult Prospect. What makes this even more challenging is they have to take a trip to the Stadio Olimpico to take on a Roma team that still desires to finish in the top five and has not played well in the last two games. Roma will probably come out with a certain level of aggression, wanting to prove they still can finish in the top five. Venezia beat Roma at home in the reverse fixture. They are going to the Stadio Olimpico is just going to be a different type of problem. Roma’s record against newly-promoted teams is astounding, with 31 wins in their last 33 games. Venezia was the team that broke the streak by beating Roma in the Venezia; it will be much more difficult to do it again, but Venezia has no choice; they have nothing to lose; they will take every wrist they possibly can take just to give them the sliver of hope to stay in the league. It is going to be a brutal challenge as they’re fighting a losing battle already, but what do they have to lose?

Win at All Costs

Roma’s performance in Florence on Monday left something to be desired. The horrible penalty call at the beginning certainly took the momentum and energy out of Roma, but they failed to rebound and battle through an unfortunate situation. They never really seemed to have the capability to come back and learn the points. They have taken control out of their hands and given it to their neighbors. Lazio plays Juventus on Monday, who will be piping mad from their deceit to Genoa on the weekend and Inter in the Coppa Italia final. If Juventus win their game, Roma can find a way back into the top five, which will be extremely important. For any of that to matter, Roma needs to take care of their business, something they should be able to do, but it’s a very traumatic part of the season, and everything counts. They have to find a way to play with minimum mistakes and, at this very moment, need to have their focus on Saturday night at the Stadio Olimpico. The importance of May 25th could not be any more clear, but Roma needs to worry about that; when the time comes right now, they need to take care of what they can take care of, and hopefully, their neighbors down the road will drop points allowing them still to finish in the top five. Fiorentina and Atalanta both have the same points; they cannot let a slip up. They struggled without henrikh Mkhitaryan in the Roma Midfield. They have to find a way to use one of their Stars to make a statement come together for these last two weeks and pick up six points. With these top five Expedition not being in their control, they have to take care of what they can. Venezia will do whatever they can as they are fighting for their lives. Roma has to be the ones to stop them; there is no excuse they must win this game; nothing else is important, at least for the time being in this very moment; their complete Focus needs to be on picking up the points on Saturday before we can even worry about the final and match against Torino. Win at all costs; it doesn’t get much simpler than that.

An aggressive approach is needed from Roma

To ensure no slip-ups against Venezia on Saturday, they must approach this game with the right level of enthusiasm and aggression. They are at home at the Stadio Olimpico; the fans will be behind them in support. I am not opposed to Mourinho resting some players, but in its totality, the majority of Roma’s strongest side should be there, considering they need to win their last two games. Venezia has a lot to fight for, and our enduring against a losing battle. You can expect they will do everything in their power to try to get points on Saturday night. Roma has to be the ones to remove that possibility. The top five should be essential and taken seriously; finishing ahead of Lazio for the first time in a couple of years will be huge for the club’s morale. They are traveling to Juventus on Monday, with the black and white having a chance to do Roma a favor. Roma then has to take advantage of that favor if it is given; we don’t know the outcome of that, but if Juventus does help Roma in one way or another, they can’t miss manage it. Over the last couple of months, Roma’s defensive structure has been almost flawless; in their previous game, it left something to be desired, but collectively Roma’s defense has become a strength. Considering the trust they have in their goalkeeper and their defense. Romas’s best approach is to be aggressive from the start. With the weapons they have with the Pellegrini, Tammy Abraham, and Nicolo zaniolo, they have everything it takes to have an attacking mentality and get the job done, start aggressively getting themselves a goal, and continue to push. Give the opposition no breathing space and not a prayer to win the game. Roma needs to ignore what happens on May 25th for the time being and win this game. Be aggressive, take advantage of the massive quality difference, exploit them as much as possible, start extremely fast, and don’t take their foot off the gas, and win this game.

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