Schalke is Back; Koln in Euope and Realgation Fight for the Ages #1467

Bunesliga Week Review

Schalke is Back in the Bunesliga

One of the biggest and most influential teams in German Football has returned to the Bundesliga. Schalke is back in business after earning promotion-winning Bundesliga 2 one year removed from their relegation last season. In the 2021 season, Schalke got off the wrong foot and never recovered as they underwent their worst season in the Bundesliga. The departures of Weston mckennie and Daniel Caligiuri significantly impacted their relegation. The previous season they had survived after an erratic season; the individual performances from Weston mckennie and Daniel Caligiuri are the primary reasons they managed to stay in the Bundesliga. The defensive midfielders kept Schalke’s head above water in what turned out to be a very difficult season; their performances alone prevented them from relegation in 2019. Without them, they reached a point of no return; they could not Thrive without their influence on the team. They tried to get creative, bringing back some familiar faces and putting all the hope in American youngster Matthew Hope; it was trial by fire. One of the worst seasons in Bundesliga history, finishing with 16 points and going through different managers at the time as their relegation was officially confirmed. A heartbreaking sight as Schalke is such an important figure in German Football. There was a level of concern that this would be like Hamburg, a big team that gets relegated and finds difficulties returning to the Top Flight. However, Schalke managed to handle themselves in an up-and-down season but ultimately got there, in the end, earning a promotion and earning a ticket back to the Bundesliga, schalke is back. The Dortmund and schalke rivalry is the best in the Bundesliga; considering all the history and what it means for the both of them, not having the pleasure to see the Revier derby was a hard pill to swallow as one of the most anticipated matches of the Bundesliga season with no more. We will see The Return of this fixture next season. It seems like they’ve been gone forever; that’s how much the impact schalke has on German Football. After getting rid of their top scorer from the previous season, they’ve done this, along with several heavily involved pieces in the relegation. Winning promotion is huge for German Football for so many different reasons; it will add another element of excitement to the Bundesliga next season. Now that they won promotion, the question is, how can they stay here? It would be heartbreaking all over again; it’s in a year from now; they’re heading back down to Bundesliga 2. Schalke needs to do everything to avoid that at all costs. They must figure out what needs to be done to stay in the Bundesliga and avoid a catastrophic meltdown next season. They will have a decent amount of money to spend; they need to be very cautious and make sure they are making the right type of signings that will help their team stay in the Bundesliga next season. One suggestion that might work is to raid Armenia bfl it looks like they will be facing the sword this season. Schalke has an opportunity to take advantage of some of their talent. As we know, Patrick Wimmer has been poached by Wolfsburg, taking him off the table. However, Ruben Castro is one of the best Bundesliga goalkeepers; he is an exciting proposition for a player I will have the desire to stay in the top flight. Okagawa the dynamic and explosive Japanese Talent someone that can make a difference in a team like schalke. Then I would look at Ruben Vargas at Augsburg, Nicholas Stark at Hertha Berlin Tanguy Koulibaly at Stuttgart could all be valuable options for this team next year. However, sending some cash on a center-forward that can do the job for the next year, I would look no further than Luka Jovic; he is not a part of Real Madrid’s plans; when he played for Frankfurt, he had to be special sauce and was a very influential player bringing him into this team putting him up top for Schalke would give them more than an enough to survive this season unscathed. The important thing is that schalke is back, but there may need to find a way to stay here.

A Relegation Battle Coming down to the Final Day

The level of drama that we have seen in the relegation battle has been gripping. There has been a sense of unpredictability. The relegation fight in the Bundesliga can be quite brutal. In certain respect quite different than many of the other top leagues. There’s so much quality from top to bottom each season we are seeing teams with quality being sent down to Bundesliga 2. Typically the Bundesliga does have an atrocious team that goes through a challenging season. Furth never stood a chance after being promoted from Bundesliga 2; they didn’t have a squad equipped to deal with the strength of the Bundesliga. The team that finishes at the bottom of the Bundesliga table somewhat can be a punching bag for the rest of the League. However, removing that from the equation, the other 17 teams of them have some level of quality. Obviously, the mighty Bayern Munich, Dortmund RB Leipzig, and a few others at the top of the table have a significant advantage in the totality of their squad. However, relatively speaking, the Bundesliga has just a different level of quality. We have seen teams get relegated that have a fairly decent Squad. The league is always so competitive at the bottom of the League, and we see a lot of late transition in the closing weeks of the season because, team by team, there’s enough quality even at the bottom of the League. I like the relegation system that they have in Germany. Where the team that finishes third from the bottom gets a crack at staying in the Bundesliga by beating the third-place team Bundesliga 2. However, the 18-team League does a disservice to too many relegated teams that probably didn’t deserve it. In the general sense, they should have a 20 Team league but with the same relegation rules. Seen the teams that are forced to go down each season seem just a bit too harsh. Armenia is, in all likelihood going to be relegated. As I’ve already broken down, there is a lot of quality within their team, and they played well enough not to be relegated; it just so happens that the teams that survived had a little bit more; it seems kind of brutal to have them relegated. Armenia bfl doesn’t get relegated in the Premier League, Serie A, or La Liga, three leagues with 20 teams. This is why it’s so fascinating because every season, you’re seeing a team that probably would not be relegated in another League go down. Unfortunately, teams that go down have to bite the bullet and risk Financial declination Following season. Now we’ve seen teams get relegated and come back up like Schalke this season; the lack of financial advancement hasn’t seemed to bother them, but in a lot of cases, it’s not so simple. We have seen quite a bit of shake-up in a matter of weeks. Augsburg, Stuttgart, and Hertha Berlin are all teams on the verge of being dropped into Bundesliga 2. The leadership and experience of Daniel Caligiuri have played a huge role in Augsburg building some distance from the relegation zone. No moment has been more important to their season than their victory against Armenia. Daniel Caligiuri is a defensive midfielder he doesn’t score goals very often as his impact in the defensive areas in the Midfield and feeding into the attack while offering protection is what makes him such an underrated player in Germany however, his winning intangible also allows him to be such a factor he doesn’t often score but when he does they come at vital times. His goal against Armenia was something that allowed the momentum of their season to swing. Then we take a look at Hertha Berlin. They don’t have a particularly strong Squad; even though they have certain admirable components of their team, it looked like it was finally gut-check time, and relegation was imminent. Find that momentum at the right time, they start gaining points, and all of a sudden, they are three points from safety. It’s not over yet; they could get dragged down to the Drop Zone and have to play in the playoffs, but considering the momentum behind them going down all of a sudden, it changed; they got a couple of important points during crucial parts this season, and it looks like they will escape the drop yet again which is a good thing for the Bundesliga. We would lose the Berlin Derby in that scenario; given the fact that Union Berlin and Hertha Berlin most of their history have been in separate divisions, it’s vital for the Bundesliga’s success. It would feel so off; it’s not over yet, but they put themselves in a good position. Then finally, you look at Stuttgart, a team that never should have been dragged down to the bottom to begin with, but they were hovering in 19 for most of the season and got a big Point against Bayern Munich they, have given them a significant chance at survival. They have dealt with so many different situations this season that has led to what has to feel like an extremely disappointing campaign. Stuttgart had won the Bundesliga in 2007; they developed players like Benjamin Pavard, Mario Gomez, and Sami Khedira. They have the talent with his six-foot-seven Austrian Hitman Saša Kalajdžić, who has been missing part of the season and hasn’t really been able to reach the Heights he had last season due to injury concerns. Talents like Coulibaly, Endo, and Sillas (faced suspension). They also have numerous of notable other pieces they should have felt they should never have been in this position. To begin with, I picked them to finish 9th this season, and it happened to go the other way; however, they picked up points at the right time. Hertha Berlin still has a three-point advantage on them, but they are in 16th, which would give them a shot to reclaim their status in the playoffs against what looks like Hamburg or Darmstadt; that’s another element of this the possibility of Hamburg returning to the Bundesliga would be something long-awaited. The relegation battle could come down to the very end. Stuttgart would be favored in either of those matchups considering their talent, but it is at another level of intrigue ahead of the final weeks of the season.

Koln in Europe Once Again

One of the most uplifting stories in German football this season has to be the resurgence of Koln. Over the last five seasons, the billy goats Koln has been a team near the bottom of the Bundesliga table each year, having to dig deep within themselves to survive. The Bundesliga is powerful from top to bottom, making surviving the season so competitive. They have managed to avoid relegation each of those seasons; they haven’t faced the drop once since 1998, as they have been an important figure in the makeup of the Bundesliga in this generation. Last season, they fought death to survive and maintain their place in Germany’s top flight. They seemed destined for relegation during the last campaign, finishing in 16th. However, in the play-off over two legs, they took on the third-place finisher in Bundesliga 2. After a 1–1 draw in the first leg, Koln made no mistake in assuring and claiming their status in the Bundesliga. Koln dominates in a 4–1 victory, winning 5–2 over the two legs as they stayed in the Bundesliga. It was a physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging campaign they were ready to fight again and find a way through. Koln at some of the most passionate fans in German football, and it would be a loss to the tradition of the Bundesliga, and we would have to kiss goodbye to the Rhine Derby between Koln and Gladbach. Many expected them to have enough within their team to beat the drop again. However, the season that they ended up having turned out to be incredibly unexpected. Going into this campaign, no one had any ambition of qualifying for European football; securing safety would have been more than enough. Koln had one of the most surprising SEASONS in German Football. The evolution and the progression of the scene were unimaginable as they went from nearly relegated to Europe. A big reason why is the resurgence of Anthony Modeste. He returned to Koln three years ago after scoring 45 goals in two seasons with before his move to China. He returned to the club in 2018 when they were in the Bundesliga 2 with the mentality to help them back. Last season the French Striker only played nine games, unable to find the back of the net. The Frenchman is a capable goal scorer even at 34 years of age, but certain questions about whether he could still display the consistent performances than did in his first stint. He was a goal-scoring machine and an Incredibly gifted and surgical finisher in front of goal during those first two seasons with the billy goats. However, at 34 years of age during this campaign, he is probably the biggest reason why they were able to qualify for Europe this season. He turned back the clock displaying all the qualities that made him a Bundesliga Legend. He became once again one of the top attackers in German Football with 19 League goals this season and 22 goals in all competitions, a career year for the living legend. He has become such an influential piece in the progression of Koln this campaign and was always up for a challenge being able to step up in the big games, and winning the important points. They were quietly having a very productive season, and then all of a sudden, we opened our eyes and saw them on the verge of European football. The longest-tenured manager in German Football did a sensational job in getting this team exactly where it needed to go. After so many difficulties, Koln fans finally had something to show for it. A 3–2 victory earlier this season against fsv Mainz, beating their fellow overachievers with a huge comeback. They have been such a fascinating story this campaign, and there could be more intrigued added into it. Last weekend it became official that they secured at minimum a seventh-place finish earning themselves qualification to European football once again. The billy goats are back in Europe and finally have a team that might be able to go somewhere. They may not have individual Brilliance from very many players, but they have a well-balanced and complete team that can be a menace to play against. The conference league is assured. However, given the circumstances of the German Cup final, a Europa League spot may be plausible. RB Leipzig and Friedberg the battle for the German Cup on May 21st. Germany has the most intense and crazy Champions League race this season. Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, and Bayer Leverkusen have secured their position in the Champions League for next season. However, 4th place is still very much up for grabs. RB Leipzig currently holds down the fourth position with 55 points, Friedberg is sitting at 53 points, and Union Berlin is currently sitting at 52 points. The winner of the German cup gets automatic qualification for the Europa League group stage. In that final, one of those two teams will have made the champions league, and the other will have qualified for the Europa League in all likelihood. Unless it bounces Union Berlin, and somehow they finished in the top five in Germany, Koln is a coin flip to be in the Europa League next year. Leipzig and Friedberg will have qualified in the league by one of the European competitions meaning that a Europa League spot will become available for either Union Berlin or Koln. Everything will be decided in the final matchday of the Bundesliga on Saturday. At the very minimum, Koln will be in the UEFA conference League. A competition that they very well could have a Deep Run at the trophy. One way or another,Koln is back in Europe once again, an incredible achievement considering where this team was not long ago. Last season they were in the relegation play-off, and now a year later, it will be playing in Europe.

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