Serie A Match Day 36: Drama at the summit and at the Bottom #1464

Napoli’s fans OUT on Spalletti afrer Fantasic season

Napoli underwent an Incredibly successful season during this campaign. Napoli is classic pretenders; they typically have a solid start to the season. They build on their momentum and keep pushing it forward until, eventually, they endure a tough defeat. Napoli doesn’t have that winning mentality; they lack the materials and the minerals to overcome adversity and push for the title. The formula is they start hot; they look unbeatable, they hit a bump in the can’t adapt from it, their form trends downwards, then they exit the title race. Most of the time, they fall through the cracks and throw the title away with much of the season still to play. Maurizio sarri brought Napoli the closest they have been since 1985. In those two seasons, they had all the momentum driving before collapsing in the end. However, most seasons fall short way before the mark. Napoli was top of the league for the first month of the season, at the very least. Roma took a point from them in a 0–0 draw at the Stadio Olimpico; before that, they were on flames. Napoli wasn’t playing very well much of that run but still always managed to pick up the points. After the Roma draw, most expected a slight collapse in the next couple of games, but they got back on that horse again; even though their performances left something to be desired, they kept on winning. They were right there in the thick of it is, a 3 team title race with Inter Milan and AC Milan. There were several portions during the second half of the season in which, genuinely, they looked like the favorites for the title. There was a possibility of Napoli winning the scudetto for the first time since Diego Maradona was in Naples. It would have been such a special moment for the city of Naples shortly after the death of Diego Maradona. Luciano spalletti guided the ship, putting pressure on Inter Milan and AC Milan. After a two-year absence, he returned to coaching and was doing a fabulous job with a Napoli that was quite visibly overachieving. Eventually, three matches defined their season, exiting the title race in the end. A loss against Fiorentina in Florence, a draw against Roma with Stephan El Shaarawy scoring a late equalizer that killed their title race possibility, and then losing a two-goal lead against Empoli in a 3–2 defeat that officially eliminated any possibility of winning the title. However, contrary to past seasons, Napoli was involved in the title race until the very end; usually, they would have Tapped Out much sooner; it wasn’t a lack of intangibles or attitude that kissed the possibility of a league title goodbye, sometimes an important critical part of the season top teams can get overwhelmed by sides that are motivated on the night. Fiorentina was in the process of trying to gain European qualification, Roma was looking to finish in the top five, and Empoli had revenge on their mind from the previous meeting. Napoli never did this to themselves; the Milan teams were just too powerful. This is the closest that they were going to get to a league title. Luciano spalletti did an incredible job considering the status of the team. After the incredible season they had, Napoli fans now want him out and have protested and demanded a new manager. Coerced with delusion, they were in the title race most of the season, and because they didn’t win, this is somehow Luciano spalletti is that fault? They have got to be crazy. Look at the status of the Napoli Squad. Fabian Ruiz is a fantastic player; they have quality in this team from top to bottom; this does not look like a Champions League side. Luciano spalletti qualified Napoli for the champions league, and it’s going to finish in the top three. They finished fifth last season, and now they’re complaining? Protesting the job that Luciano spalletti has done is out of line. This is the closest Napoli will get to a title; in all likelihood, they won’t be contenders for a long time coming. Inter Milan and AC Milan are still fighting for the league title. One of them is going to win it; both of them are going to reload and upgrade their squad. Then have a look at what Jose Mourinho is doing with Roma and Maurizio sarri is doing with Lazio Vincenzo Italiano with Fiorentina. They’re only going to get better, especially Roma; they are coming and are far more likely to contend next season than Napoli, who is losing Lorenzo insigne and probably more. Napoli fans have some urge publicly protest this blasphemy.

Drama at the Bottom

The activity in the fight for survival adds more intrigue to the bottom of Italian football. It has been one of the most gripping components, with only six points left up for grabs this season. The four teams in question, 20th Place Venezia with 25 points, Genoa with 28 points, Caglalri with 29 Points, and the most fascinating bunch Salernitana with 30 points, continue to try to pull off one of the greatest Escapes in football history. Venezia is the most unlikely to pull this off and could be mathematically relegated by next week. There may not be that much hope for their survival, but they’re still is a slight chance. They would need to win both of their remaining games and have favorable results go their way. The difficulty obviously being a trip to the Stadio Olimpico to take on the Roma that is angry and agitated from their last two results. However, this last weekend they managed to fight another day in a match of incredible emotions. They took a two-goal lead in 15 minutes; then, bologna came roaring back with three unanswered goals. Venezia still has some fight in them though equalizing and then finding themselves the winner. They are probably getting relegated this season, but it took something within them to fight another day; after being 15 minutes away from a draw against Juventus the previous week, they close the deal against bologna to give themselves a chance, even if it is a slight one. Genoa lost what was likely to be the last derby against Sampdoria at least for a year last weekend. Genoa’s status in the league was up for grabs; it seemed like they were one performance away from mathematical relegation. However, they have been given a leap of faith all of a sudden against Juventus at home. Paulo Dybala put Juventus in front before equalizer in the 86th minute; then, they earned a penalty with the last kick of the game. Domenico Criscito stepped up and delivered it beating Juventus and grabbing three points. They are now two points from safety, and maybe they can survive the season; after all, it still is rather unlikely but never say never, especially with the environment and the fans of Genoa going to do everything they can to keep them in the league. However, the most critical game regarding the bottom of the table took place between Caglalri and Salernitana. The sea horses are on the verge of pulling off one of the greatest Escapes in Italian football history. Being guided by the man that took Crotone from 13 points after 29 games. To beat Inter Milan and many others going on a late surge before beating Lazio to keep themselves in the league, it is the greatest Escape in football history. Nicola has done this before; there’s no reason to say he can’t do it again because that’s exactly what he’s on the verge of doing. Taking points off Atalanta and then beating Venezia, escaping the bottom three for the first time this season. Cagliari and Saleritana go head-to-head; if the sea horses come away victorious, they will be four points clear from the relegation zone; it wouldn’t be over, but certainly, to a certain extent, survival be almost assured. They took the lead with a penalty; they held on to it for dear life; two red cards in the second half saw them give an absurd 9 minutes of stoppage time. They held on as long as they could, and then Cagliari steals a point right on schedule. Making it incredibly vital in their last two games against udinese and Empoli to get survival. It is in their hands as challenges will await them. Genoa and Cagliari can’t get it done on their end; it won’t matter, but they want to make a statement and take at least one of the few remaining two games to assure the Great Escape. There’s a lot of drama at the top of the league, with the title probably coming down to the last match of the season, but at the bottom, there is just as much drama, and this last weekend we saw another revealing chapter to that story would Saleritana pull off the Great Escape?

Inter Keep Pressure on AC Milan and win the Coppa Italia over Juventus

There has been substantial attention to the top of the summit in Italian football. The scudetto will be heading to Milan one way or another. The only question that remains will be whether celebrations be in the blue or red. Is Inter Milan going back to back, or will AC Milan take back the city they feel truly belongs to them? Inter Milan had a scare against Empoli as Inter’s on-loan Striker Andrea Pinamonti took the lead, and then Empoli scored again. They opened up a 2–0 lead. Inter Milan was in total understanding of what they needed to do. Maximum points or nothing, even a draw would see AC Milan certainly capture the title. Martinez wouldn’t let it fly, taking it upon himself and his teammates to turn it around quickly. Within 10 minutes, it was level has Inter Milan and managed to score twice. They pull away in the second, going to the top of the League temporarily. AC Milan took on Hellas Verona on Mother’s Day. It was incredibly difficult to test them mentally and physically, but they looked much stronger and sharper than in their performance against Fiorentina. Hellas Verona scored first, but a brace from Sandro tonali, who has made unbelievable improvements, saw AC Milan turn it around to reclaim the spot at the top of the League. We will see what occurs in any final two matches, but this league title will come down to the last possible moment. AC Milan has the control, but if there were to be a slip-up, Inter Milan would be waiting there to retake the league title. It will be a theatrical and thrilling finish to the title. Inter Milan may or may not win the league title undetermined at this point; however, in midweek, it was the Derby d’Italia in the Coppa Italia final. Inter Milan hasn’t listed the Copa Italia since they were treble in 2010. Over the last decade, Juventus has won the Copa de Italia more times than not. In addition to having won the league title during an eight-year surge most of that era that also lifted the Coppa Italia, and even in a bad season like last campaign, they still won the trophy. It has been a fantastic season; he had a difficult one for Inter Milan. Grabbing another trophy would add to the surge after winning the League last year and the Super Coppa earlier this season. Two great rivals with a trophy on the line, the defending champions of the Copa Italia and the defending champions of the League and Inter Milan team that looks to be the one reiterate the standard excellent in Italian football and Europe. It turned out to be one of the best Cup finals of recent memory with non-stop from end to end. Nicolo Barella with an absolute bomb from outside the box very early in the match. A dream start that was thrown away with Samir handanovic howler allowing Alex Sandro to draw level. 2 minutes later, we saw a moment of magic from the Serbian Superstar Dusan Vlahovic, scoring an absolute worldy as Juventus would take control. They would hold it until the bitter end; they were 10 minutes away from another Coppa Italia. However, Martinez is dropped Inside the Box has Inter Milan is given a penalty with a lot on the line. Hakan calhanoglu stepped up with so much pressure; make no mistake about getting the equalizer. Forcing the Coppa Italia to go into extra time. Once again, Juventus made a mistake as Inter Milan won another penalty. Ivan perisic steps up and converts, and then shortly after, Inter Milan’s wingback space and delivers a blistering strike. In a six-goal thriller with plenty of drama, Inzaghi wins Inter Milan the Coppa Italia over Juventus. The first time Inter Milan has lifted the trophy in 11 years. Inter Milan could pull off a league double if things bounce their way. They have done the first part, and even if they fail to win the League this season, Inter Milan picks up another trophy in what was an absolute classic. The penalties might be slightly arguable at Inter Milan got, but in the end, Inter Milan was deserving, and both by the rule of law were penalties, even if they were pretty soft. We cannot minimize this trophy as Inter Milan are worthy winners as they win The Coppa Italia once again.

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