The Arrival of the Norwegian Fright Train: This will work for Manchester City and Dortmund #1465

Haaland’s reps Master manipulators during Transfer Saga

Erling haaland has made his next big move for the next stage of his career. This was inevitably going to happen at some point. Dortmund won the German cup last season, making sure erling haaland doesn’t leave the Bundesliga empty-handed. Dortmund couldn’t provide him with a team quite good enough to knock Bayern Munich off of their throne. Dortmund seemingly has come up short in the most vital moments for years on end. Even the addition of erling haaland hasn’t seen them get any closer to the Bundesliga title. The opportunities were there for them in the last two-and-a-half years for them to try to grab the title ending A Reign of Terror from Bayern Munich. We cannot pretend he doesn’t take some blame for this, but there has been massive dysfunction seeing the title surge Fall Apart yet again. It’s not simply about not being able to beat Bayern Munich; this is come down to not being able to pick up the necessary points at the right moments. His departure would happen eventually had he been able to win the Bundesliga this season. I highly doubt he would be on the move this summer; yet another disappointing season has led to the club and erling haaland to make that decision. Fabrizio Romano has revealed that erling haaland will join Manchester City next season as City sees him as the missing piece to take them over the top and win the champions league. The deal is worth 51 million as Manchester City gets the job done and secures the striker. Dortmund recognized that he has a contract expiring at the end of next season and agreed to the deal rather than letting him walk for nothing. Erling haaland and his Representatives throughout the season and parts of last season have proven to be master manipulators. He’s going to the Premier League; the strange thing about that is the number of leaks that have taken place regarding the potential of this transfer activity is the complete opposite of the final results. Erling haaland is going to Manchester City as English football will be getting a giant. Still, leading up to this moment, the intentions were made clear they were interested in La Liga and only La Liga. These are the types of things that were being leaked to the Press. Conversations about wanting either Real Madrid or Barcelona and not having a real interest in any other avenues. Barcelona, throughout this process, seems like the most likely destination, with Real Madrid as a close second. The representatives of erling haaland controlled the message and made sure the Premier League publicly wasn’t going to be a plausible destination for the Norwegian. They controlled what got out in the media; they operated through various different leaks, manipulated the entire story surrounding his transfer, and ended up in the very place where there was alleged no interest. The way they handled this and manipulated everyone is scathing and incredible. Erling haaland probably had his eye on Manchester City the entire time, but the stories and what was coming out what’s something very different, quite an interesting approach, but in the end, ultimately, erling haaland probably goes where he wanted to the entire time, maybe it was a strategic plan to get other English clubs do not pursue him any longer. After what happened to Romelu Lukaku this summer at Chelsea, erling haaland could have been an option for the Blues; making it all about La Liga allowed Manchester City to swoop in and secure the transfer; it’s official now Erling Haaland will be joining Pep Guardiola and Manchester City.

The Impact of Sale: Haaland’s Growth; Building Around Julian Brandt

Erling haaland has been a revelation in the Bundesliga. He has spent two and a half years playing in front of the yellow wall. One of the best decisions he’s ever made; it was clear when he came from Salzburg the best move, in particular, was about developing as a player challenging himself at a top league, and growing his potential. Eventually, he would move on to take the next step of his career. He does not leave Germany empty-handed with a German cup he won last year. When he arrived, he wasted no time making an impact, scoring on his debut in the league Champions League and the Revier derby. The Bundesliga took the Superstar he already was and took him to a whole different level. He is one of the best strikers in the world, and he is proving it with his production with Dortmund; in some senses, it is a little sad that he is departing arguably one of the most fascinating and competitive leagues in the world football. However, is his departure going to hurt Dortmund? I’m not sure that is going to be the case. A true Superstar at the peak of his powers, the Norwegian physically is so dynamic and has a knack for scoring goals; it just comes so naturally to him. His goal scoring record in the Bundesliga was phenomenal; his experience in this league is only going to enhance his capabilities as he has grown so much as a player over the last two and a half years with Manchester City; don’t be surprised if he gets even better when other top players surround him. Dortmund has already made arrangements as they will be signing the youngster from Salzburg Karim Adeyemi as he will join Donyell Malen up top for Dortmund next season. Erling haaland was a supreme Superstar at the highest level of German Football. However, having such a vast Talent score so many goals for them didn’t get them any closer to a league title. Jurgen Klopp won back-to-back Bundesliga titles before Bayern Munich started the reign of terror. They did not have a massive Superstar that would be the focus week in and week out. Dortmund operates best as a collective team and unit. There’s an argument to be made that Dortmund will be more equipped to win the league without him. Not because erling haaland isn’t a massive star; he has made such an impact for Dortmund. However, the absence of a star will allow this team to build behind their most crucial player Julian Brandt. Dortmund doesn’t necessarily need to blow it up, but if they surround Julian Brandt with the type of players that work well with his skill set, this Dortmund team could build something extraordinary. It will not be the same as having a superstar that’s going to get you 30 + goals in all competitions each season. Still, the sale could urge them to build up Dortmund the right way with the right signings that feed into their strength and building around Julian Brandt, a player that will be there for the foreseeable future and Dortmund’s higher-ups viewed as the future of the club will help them get to the goal sooner. Julian Brandt with Doyell Malan and Karim Adeyemi could be the trio Dortmund needs to take the next step. Certainly, there will be clubs hovering around Brandt, but Dortmund should stay firm and build Dortmund around Brandt. In all honesty, selling erling haaland might be difficult, but it’s also exactly what needed to happen for Dortmund to become a winning team. The decisions they make in the coming months so critically important this could be a blessing in disguise. If Dortmund can adequately execute on building around Julian Brandt, they could close the gap and reach the summit in due time.

Erling Haaland Will Work: The skepticism is foolish

Erling Haaland’s Linkup play misconception: It’s Becoming a Strength

The Talk of weak linkup play is foolishness and Ignorant here’s Why:

There seems to be a lot of the Premier League skepticism. Honestly, it is utter nonsense. The two narratives that seemed to be painted are erling haaland will not fit Manchester City’s style of play. The other thing is those questioning the transition he will make from the Bundesliga to the Premier League. Another ridiculous point of view. Let’s address these one at a time, shall we? Manchester City has won the Premier League multiple times without a proper Striker. They went for Harry Kane in the summer but couldn’t quite pull it off, and it looks like it’s not going to matter. They’re going to win back-to-back Premier League trophies without a striker. A lot of what Manchester city has done under Pep Guardiola is somewhat similar to the tiki-taka style of play that he played at Barcelona. It’s quite different because he has different personalities and players, but it’s very much about ball movement, passing, and a lot of ball possession. This is why they’ve been so successful without a striker in their team. However, these sorts of things can get exploited without one. Losing the Champions League final to Chelsea last year, Real Madrid came back from the dead, scoring twice in the 90th minute to overturn Manchester City at the Santiago Bernabeu. There have been mistakes made. Having a striker like erling haaland will not disrupt their system. Those critical of his link-up play are that a type of Striker like him will slow down the system and make it less effective. It is ridiculous even to suggest that it is remotely a possibility. This may not be the best fit for him as Barcelona was, but he still will fit and what they will want to do. The link-up play argument is ridiculous because if you watch him work in the Bundesliga, it had improved immensely from when he first arrived. This season particularly and the back half of the last season, it was becoming an elite skill put forth in very critical moments. I’m convinced those making the argument about link-up play are not watching the Bundesliga every weekend because if they were, they would have no complaints in this regard, and they would see the drastic improvements he has made in this area. It’s not perfect, admittedly, he still needs some work there, but with the players around him, the Norwegian freight train has the athletic ability to slow down the play showing his vision and passing skills. He has gone through some injuries this season, but when healthy, he has displayed incredible skills with the wing players that often have led to goals. He’s going to be operating behind the Coolidge of Pep Guardiola; if you look at this Manchester City team and the successes they have had since he has arrived, the individual improvements of most of his players a pretty remarkable. The players he has brought in have improved extensively and have learned to be part of the system he plays; there’s no reason why erling haaland should have any difficulty doing so. He is very versatile, a natural goal-scorer with a considerable build has rapid speed; he is everything that Manchester City needs at the moment and arguably could be a reason why they have come up short in the Champions League so often. Erling haaland is precisely what is required to take them over the top; he’s very adaptable; even in a very different system, he will be able to thrive. Dortmund’s system doesn’t necessarily require players his abilities; it’s not a perfect fit tactically, but he has made it work at an extremely high level. His Link-up play will only get better and more advanced.

Erling Haaland was Built for the Premier League

There are those that question his ability to adapt to the Premier League it is foolish and here’s why.

The Premier League is the league in European football with the best athletes. If you don’t have the right level of athleticism, you are likely to struggle in English football. The Defenders are quicker; the style of play is more physical, and many of the attackers have a certain level of power in their game. It is a physically demanding game in English football doesn’t make it the best league, but one thing is certain the Premier League isn’t something that will catch Haaland off guard; he won’t need to adapt much at all. The premier league has the best athletes; it is the most physical style of play in Europe and has the most World Class players out of any League. However, Germany top to bottom in terms of overall quality European races relegation fights, and more is a better collectively. The Bunesliga is better than the Premier League, in my opinion. The premier league has the best top teams, and that’s something that’s going to be a transition for erling haaland, but it’s not something he’s not capable of. He’s been playing in German Football for the last two-and-a-half years, the league with the best talent from top to bottom and so much quality inside of it. A lot of the superstars of the Premier League built their careers in Germany Son (Leverkusen, Hamberg) Bobby Firmino (Hoffenheim), Kai havertz (Leverkusen) Kevin De bruyne (Werner Brennan, Wolfsburg) Christian Pulisic (Dortmund), Caglar Soyuncu with Freidburg, lkay Gundogan (Dortmund), Joel Matip (Schalke), Konate (RB Lezpig), Thaigo (Bayern). Even further past Premier League winners from Germany Edin Dzeko (Wolfsburg) and Leroy Sane (Schalke), you get the idea that sometimes Bunesliga stars don’t work in England but more often than not, they thrive. So can they do it the Prem? Arguments doesn’t track the names are endless; this whole narrative that if you come from the Bundesliga, you have to be cautious is absurd; the amount of talent that has come from the Bunesliga is insane. We always focus on negativity rather than the success stories of players transitioning from German to English football. Erling haaland will have no problem dealing with the premier league. He will adapt the athletes of the Premier League, he will find a way to thrive in the system, and he will give Manchester City exactly what they need; no more excuses Manchester City has to win the Champions League. The Premier League itself takes the big hit with this deal as a collective. In the last five years, Manchester City has won four Premier League titles (if they win this season); it is not necessarily suggesting that Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool won’t have what it takes to win again, but things have become exponentially more difficult. The premier league is becoming closer and closer to a one or two Team league. The only fascinating thing about the Premier League is the title race. Manchester City’s grabbing this acquisition will make the Premier League even less intriguing and interesting than it already is. They have two of the best teams in the world. This signing it’s an excellent thing for Manchester City because it’s precisely what they need to win the Champions League, but on the other hand, it’s tough to imagine or think of a reason why this is good for the premier league as a whole. They certainly will add to the rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester City though it will be interesting to see how Liverpool responds. That part of the Premier League will be so exciting and so gripping. However, there is one thing that is not up for debate Erling Haaland will be a slam dunk for Manchester City for the price that they are getting him and the production that they’re going to get from it to look at this transfer in 5–10 years time as one of the bargains of this decade.

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