Roma does the double in the Derby as Roma closes the door on the best campaign in club history #1470

The Roma women have had an incredibly successful season. Last weekend in their demolition of Sampdoria the ladies officially confirmed Champions League qualification for next season. As Roma achieves the Ambitions they set out for at the beginning of the season. Roma will finish second in this league and will battle for being Copa Italia final attempting to retain their trophy. However, there was still one more match left in this campaign. As we approached match-day 22 the final match of the season. After humiliating Sampdoria with an 8-0 the victory they would head down the road just across the way to take on Lazio for the Derby Della Capitale has The Derby of Rome took place. While Roma confirm Champions League football for next season Lazio needed a strong result and performance to keep their status in the league intact. It was going to be a mountain to climb Roma was unbeaten in their last 20 games and absolutely on fire this was going to be a very difficult proposition for the blue side of Rome. In the reverse fixture, Bernadetta Glionna scored a free-kick late in the second half to secure a very dramatic 3-2 victory for Roma. Even though the match may not have been significant in the context of the season. It didn’t change the fact that it is the derby. A match in Rome that is more important than any other. While on the women’s side this is only the second meeting between the two teams doesn’t make it any less important when you play for these clubs regardless of men or women you understand the importance of superiority and getting a leg up over the crosstown rivals. It may not have the hatred it does in the men’s game but still was extremely important or Roma to establish themselves at the top. Gifted the opportunity to relegate Lazio on the last day of the season. A significantly unique situation. Lazio and Roma are always going to be in Italian football together in the men’s game the opportunity to relegate their big rivals on the last day of the season was something that the ladies weren’t going to pass out. Even though winning or losing the game made no difference because their position has already been secured in the top two but the possibility of being the reason they’re not in the Italian Top Flight next year was going to be something As we approached kickoff in Rome for the final day of the season.

After preparations and predictions, the match got underway at the Stadio Sportivo Campo in Rome. For the Derby Della Capitale between a Roma and Lazio. Two teams on opposite sides of the table. In what was expected to be a dominating display from Roma. Huge unbeaten run runners-up in the league and qualified for the Champions League while Lazio needed to do the impossible just to give them a chance to survive the season. Even though in the reverse fixture it was a five-goal Thriller Lazio were very fortunate in that game to have scored at all. They were played off the park and completely dominated by their Crosstown rivals. This weekend it wouldn’t be any different. Complete control and domination as Roma in the first minute before anything could get settled humiliated Lazio. The moment they got the ball it looks like they morphed into pep Guardiola’s Barcelona quick passing approach and constant ball movement. They drove the ball from their own box into an attacking area with their quick Pace passing attack. Just 36 seconds into the game Milica Mijatovic retrieve the password Inside the Box before sliding it into the back of the net with a surgical finish in the top right corner as Roma before a minute had passed took a 1-0 lead. Really setting the stage and showing the separation between the two teams. Roma was playing for City Supremacy alone. Yet they came out very hyper-aggressive and took advantage immediately. Lazio occasionally positions themselves in dangerous areas but very rarely could do anything with it. The Roma defense made it really difficult on them and even when they had some opportunities they weren’t able to remotely challenge Camellia Caesar as a lot of their shots on goal went straight into her hands. Roma continually applied the pressure on a set-piece coming off a corner kick Bella made a connection with her head directing it towards the far post-Vanessa Bernaur followed through on a header of her own as she tried to shovel it into the top corner but the connection was a little wide as Roma are unable to double their lead despite a great opportunity to do so. Less than 10 minutes later Roma manages to cash in on it. In the 27th-minute Gregii it’s a beautiful ball across the top coming from the Midfield near the halfway line all the way into the box doing all the Dirty Work as Valeria Pirone just sticks her foot out in the air on her first-time volley going over the goalkeeper who would run out of the box and into the back of the net as Roma took a 2-0 lead. As in the opening half-hour, Roma scored twice to establish themselves in the game and more or less secure the points. We were able to see more of the same most of the first half as Roma took a 2-0 lead into the second half of the derby. Roma didn’t have to work too much in that first half as the girls handled themselves seemed like without breaking a sweat. Roma had a similar lead in the reverse fixture but like I said before that was mainly down to the fact that Lazio took advantage of minimal opportunities.

The second half got underway in Rome with the Roma ladies already in cruise control. Lazio nearly gives it away in their own area starting in the second half. Valeria Pirone was able to pick off a pass from the defense pushing into the box before striking on a one-on-one remarkably the goalkeeper make the save. The veteran attacker should have taken advantage of that and have scored. The ball was cleared out and eventually sent back in but Rama couldn’t find the necessary touch. Lazio tries to get a goal out of the derby with a rare chance they find themselves in the Box with Lazio connecting on a low strike Camellia Caesar extends her hands before collecting the ball. Roma continued to look like a much more dangerous team and not long after be save by the Romanian keeper Roma would score again in the 64th minute. Angela Soffia from just outside the right corner of the box sent in an unbelievable cross pinpoint accuracy as Sophia Haug flies through the air getting her head on the end of it as the ball sores into the top corner at the far post as Roma took a 3-0 lead. So precisely executed by the Norwegian who get just a perfect touch on the ball however the delivery and accuracy from Angela Soffia was magnificent certainly one of the best assists of the season for this Roma as they are giving it to their City rivals. Following the third goal things just went into cruise control Roma just kept possession and moved the ball throughout the closing stages of the second half. Roma had a chance to get a fourth goal at the very end when Andressa Alves connects on a perfect cross coming from Midfield follows through at the end of her boot as the power and accuracy would have been one of the goals of the season but just had a little too much on coasting over as the final whistle blows as Roma relegate Lazio with a 3-0 victory in Rome on the final matchday of the season as their encouraging performance should give the team the right confidence for the Copa Italia final next week as Roma show their superiority in the Rome Derby.

Even though this weekend’s match was just formalities Roma does the Derby double over, Lazio. They finish the season with an unbeaten run of 21 games. Since October they have been the hottest team in Italian football as they show their qualities once again in a rivalry even if nothing was on the line. Roma finishes this season and has second-place finishers with 54 points just five points off the top of the table. Next season Roma will be much more equipped to deal with Juventus as they will be given an opportunity to kick the crown off of their head. The Coppa Italia will await them next week as Roma still has the possibility of winning a trophy and retaining the trophy that they won last year. In addition to qualifying for the Champions League and finishing runners-up this season, they had the number one attack in the league with 60 goals and defensively were incredibly strong at the back the loss of Allison Swaby to the very poor w WSL didn’t seem to damage what Roma went on to accomplish this season. Even without her the defensive structure and consistency were the best in the league. Romo had 6 players with at least five goals and 13+ different goal scorers. Not to mention the production that we saw from Pamela Lazaro who had 17 goal involvements this season along with Bernadetta Glionna 13 and Manuela Giuliano with 12. The arrival of Spugna and the work that Betty has done with transfers and building this team this season have been excellent. This campaign Define by a few games this season had Roma but able to hold it against Juventus and had not dropped points against Inter Milan and AC Milan they very well could have won the league. Next season they will certainly be gunning for it. Not to mention getting an opportunity to play among Europe’s best. If they keep this team together next season and avoid losing any critical pieces sky is the limit. They’re certainly a question regarding how they will balance the Champions League and League Play. One thing is clear though regardless of what happens in the Coppa Italia a game that Roma should feel somewhat confident considering they arguably outplayed Juventus in both of their prior meetings. This has been the best season in club history this young and experienced Roma team is one of the up-and-coming sides in European football and is slowly building something incredibly special with the right additions in the summer Roma could be scary good.

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