Roma flatlined at the Olimpio Europa League slipping #1468

Roma approached their final home game of the season on the back of two challenging and disappointing performances, a 0–0 draw with bologna, and a loss to Fiorentina on Monday night. Their control was beginning to slip out of their hands. Roma needed to win the rest of the games this season and get favorable results elsewhere to finish in the top five, which has been the main priority this season. Roma would try to bury their demons in front of the fans at the Stadio Olimpico recently relegated Venzcia would try to finish their season on a high note. Their relegation was confirmed earlier in the day before Saturday night’s clash between Venzcia and Roma. Supporters packed in the Stadio Olimpio in what was expected to be a vital clash for Roma’s ambition to qualify for the Europa League, at least based on league position. Venezia ended an unbelievable run of form against a newly-promoted team as Roma had gone through 33 games without tasting defeat against a newly-promoted side. Away from home as they suffered a 3–2 loss in Venzcia as they ended the incredible streak, Venezia would look to pull off a league double against Roma with only two matches to go; tension was rising in Italy as kick-off approached in Rome for matchday 37 in Roma’s final home match of the season.

The match kicked off in Rome with a bang. In front of a full crowd, the red and orange colors and the passion exemplified being felt throughout did not bother or intimidate Venzcia in the first minute following a cross from the right-wing David Okereke positions himself before getting his head on the end of it guiding his header past rui Patricio into the bottom corner as Venzcia took a stunning 1–0 lead. A very rapid start for the opposition. It could not have started any worse for a Roma team that had much to play for. The good news is they were still 89 minutes left for them to turn it around. However, given how Roma has played lately, it was certainly not what this Roma team needed. No goals in their last two games, and now they were off to a horrid start. Right at the 10-minute mark Bryan Cristante was blanked by the defense following getting in the way of a strike on goal from close. Roma starts to open up and look much more. Roughly 10 minutes later, Lorenzo Pellegrini coming from a free-kick from outside the box in perfect range, makes a good connection before hitting the bar. Roma had much of the ball and managed to move it quite quickly, getting into the attacking areas often not long after Leo Spinazzola cuts just outside the box before trying to direct it into the bottom corner, going a little wide. It would be his first start of the season, having just returned from injury very active involvement from him in the first half. Minutes later, Roma was getting themselves into those areas again. Lorenzo Pellegrini saw his strike on goal blocked by the defense before Carles Perez took a strike on goal as the goalkeeper got a hand on it. Roma dominated the run to play, just searching for that advantage to get themselves back into the game. Just a little past the half-hour mark, the visitors would be reduced to 10 men Kiyine was sent off for a dangerous tackle as Roma would now have a man advantage. Roma had a quick Spurt of energy to end the first half. Jordan veretout was denied from long range; Maitland Niles suffers the same fate with a goalkeeper making a save, causing a deflection as the minutes ran down. Carles Perez gets denied as a goalkeeper tracks his long-range strike in the bottom corner, providing one late chance that ends the first half with Venzcia holding a 1–0 lead as Roma goes down 53 seconds into the game. Even though Roma was showing their resiliency by continuing to push for the equalizer, there was still much left to be desired following that first-half performance.

Roma made three changes immediately to start the second half. Rick Karsdorp, Nicolas Zalewski, and Stephan El Shaarawy entered the game in what could be a very vital 45 minutes. All three players probably should have started from the beginning, but the thought was it would give Roma that extra surge out of the gate, tipping the momentum a little further. Outside of the opening goal, the visitors hadn’t done much. Roma came out fiery, knowing did anything less than three points collected would put themselves in huge Jeopardy of slipping out of the Europa League spots. Lorenzo Pellegrini getting his head on the end of a Bryan Cristante cross to get the second half rolling, hooking to the right. Moments later, Bryan cristante Long Ranger hit the bar as Roma’s defensive midfielder felt the frustration. It was the second time the crossbar had denied them. Tammy Abraham did his best to try to follow through on the rebound, but his header fell into the goalkeeper’s hands. Lorenzo Pellegrini initiated himself again into the thick of trying to follow through on strike from a difficult angle, but the result was the same. 2 minutes later, on another free kick Lorenzo Pellegrini hit the bar again; an evening of Misfortune it was starting to feel like for whatever reason it just wasn’t falling for Roma in a crucial part of this season. Roma had 30 minutes to score two goals. Mourinho went to the bench bringing on Shomurodov. Almost immediately after the substitution, Nicola Zalewski set up Stephan El Shaarawy, who drilled a strike into the bottom corner but was denied once again and by the goalkeeper. Roma came again, this time Rick karsdorp connecting with Stephan El Shaarawy as he followed through on the header, but it was no good. It seemed like no matter what they did, no matter how many chances they had created, it just wasn’t going to fall for them. The tension was building; they were playing a game against time, and they were yet to find The Equalizer they needed. Chances kept coming in it was an onslaught of Roma attacking play. The number of chances that room could create in this game was unbelievable. 15 minutes remaining, Roma still searching for The Equalizer. Nicola Zalewski being set up by Lorenzo Pellegrini from outside the box; the young Pole tries to curl it into the top corner before the goalkeeper makes the save. Roma retrieved the ball back. Tammy Abraham had an attempt on goal blocked; shomurodov threaded the ball inside to Pellegrini on a one-on-one; the Roma Captain takes a look on goal as his strike is denied but luckily fell toward shomurodov making no mistake as the Uzbekistan forward drills to strike into the net getting the much-needed equalizer. It would be his fourth goal of the season. Roma, an unbelievable in the attacking sense, regularly getting forward but had a real difficulty finding the back of the neck; however, given that they got The Equalizer, it could have shifted in their direction, and still was enough time to get a winner they needed. The performance itself may not have been great, but they still could get maximum points as they approached a crucial final stretch of the game. Shomurodov looked for a second, but his strike from Inside the Box was deflected. Pellegrini then pulled from outside, but the defense got in the way once again. 10 minutes remaining, Chris Smalling gets on the end of a Nicola Zalewski cross. Continues to struggle to find a Target. Time was not their friend Stephan El Shaarawy from Deep denied; Lorenzo Pellegrini from Deep denied; Nicola Zalewski from the side blocked Bryan Cristante from outside the box denied; Nicola Zalewski left side hit the post before the time of the game; shomurodov putting his head through a cross from Tammy Abraham on-site and on target but doesn’t fall. In an incredibly active stretch from Roma, they couldn’t find it in the end. As the final whistle goes, despite 46 shots and 16 on goal, Roma only gets one goal out of the equation, and now their status in the top six is in Jeopardy down to 10 men; all the advantage is on their side; all the chances in the world and still can’t get there, in the end, it’s humiliating and embarrassing and brutal performance for the second straight week their Europa League status taken out of their hands as Venezia will go back into Serie B with their shoulders high Four Points games against Roma this season.

I tried to come up with a rational explanation for what we just witnessed in Rome this evening. There are no words that come to mind that can rationally explain the level of embarrassment and ineptitude we saw in 90 minutes at the Stadio Olimpico. In Roma’s last three games, the Giallorossi has two points. Roma was flying high almost the entire duration of the second half of the season. Roma was defeated by Inter at the end of April; before that, their last defeat all the way back to January. Roma was playing some of their best football of the season. They barely were conceded goals; they showed and displayed levels of mental strength, not to mention the ability during a genuinely incredible run. During this stretch, finishing ahead of Lazio seemed like a possibility, but a top-five finish was likely in their hands. On top of that, there is an opportunity to win a European trophy. Now only one of those three things seems like a possibility. The mirror moment Roma beat Leicester City to advance to the conference League final, their priorities went off the tracks. All of a sudden, the league became less important; there wasn’t a sense of urgency that got them in that position to begin with. Roma, stop playing with a full-strength squad week in and week out. Mkhitaryan got injured, making him unavailable for the rest of the season. All the momentum was with Roma to finish in the top five, and then they got a little success making a European final, and everything went out the window. Players that haven’t seen the field in months started getting into the starting lineup against good teams. In their performances, there was just something missing; it felt like the league became unimportant. Roma had everything under control, and then, following their advancement to the conference League final, they dropped points against Fiorentina Bologna, and now Venezia was in their hands. Prospect of winning a trophy for the first time since 2008 is massive for the city and the fans of Rome. However, at what cost? Finishing 8th and winning the conference league is not a good season; it is merely behind what is expected. The expectation for this Roma team was an improvement. It is completely unacceptable to finish in the top six, finish ahead of Lazio, and win the conference League even if they go on to win it the way they’ve handled these last three weeks is shameful. The match itself was brutal 43 shots 16 shots on target, and only scoring one goal. They managed just one point in two games against the bottom of the league. Venezia was relegated before kickoff; they were reduced to 10 men at halftime; they scored in the first minute, and Roma was chasing the game the entire time. Football is a painful game sometimes, and occasionally you’re going to have performances like this where no matter what you do, the goalkeeper isn’t going to give an inch not the performance on Saturday that bothers me; the way they handle themselves from the top to bottom the last three weeks Roma now need to put their faith in lowly Sampdoria beat Fiorentina keep themselves in the top six. The priorities of not only the players in the management the everything. Roma fans treating the conference League advancement as the Champions League final. While European Ambitions have yet to be met yet, and now it’s slipping away, Roma could finish outside of the top seven; it will be a worse season than last year. I understand Squad rotation but at the expense of sabotaging their Europa League status is unacceptable. I’m entirely behind Dan and Ryan Friedkin; they’ve been tremendous owners so far. I am with Jose Mourinho in the project He is building; I think this Roma team will only get better and better. However, with all that being said, look at where we are now winning the conference; finishing out of the top 6 is simply not acceptable. We want to win a trophy, and it would be huge for Italian football, but now finishing in the top six has seemingly been impossible. The second we got to that final, our priorities were out of whack. The loss of henrikh Mkhitaryan has been unfortunate. Had Armenian been available through the last three games, we would have won at least one of those games, but it doesn’t change the fact that the priorities were wrong. The approach was cowardly the second the final whistle blew on that Thursday night against Leicester City; it’s not a mentality problem. Still, their priorities from the jump of that out of hand; they didn’t take these final three games incredibly seriously; they really should have that part are obvious now.

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