Roma vs Venezcia Talking Points #1469

Mismanagment of Priorites

Roma has had an inconsistent season yet not long ago it looks like they were on track to reach all of their Ambitions for the season. There was a lot of momentum behind everything they were going after. Roma was on the verge of pulling out a great turnaround. The three most vital of ambitions were steps away from being reached as Mourinho was on track for a very successful first season at the Stadio Olimpico. However, there came a moment when everything went off the rails. The top priority was misplaced everything became unbalanced and everything Roma has been striving for this season is on the verge of collapse. They still might be a lot of momentum and belief behind this project in Rome. There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about what Roma can do in the coming years. Despite that everything over the last 3 weeks has begun to fall apart. Roma had three major Ambitions this season a few weeks ago all of them were going to get met. Now maybe only one of them it’s still on the table. Going into the season it was clear there was still much to be done. The Champions League was going to be out of their reach and it would be an unrealistic expectation for Roma to expect hold themselves to that standard. There were three things that held major importance to achieve. First and foremost just like in any season finishing ahead of Lazio and winning the derby is an absolute must. Roma lost their first derby but dominated their second one. It looked like they were well on their way to doing that. They had a four-point lead ahead of them in the standings. Prior to matches against Bologna, Fiorentina, and Venezia. Fiorentina was looked at as a significant challenge, especially in Florence but looking at the remaining games there was a sense that they should have collected maximum points and all of the games except maybe Fiorentina and then they finish with Torino. All of those remaining games maybe to drop points seems like a possibility. Finishing no lower than the top six was another realistic goal for the season before the last couple of games they were well on their way to doing that as well. Then finally winning the UEFA conference League. They beat Leicester City in the semi-final second leg in Rome to advance to the final. Roma were sitting pretty 3 weeks ago on Pace for a top-five finish finishing ahead of Lazio and winning the conference League. Not long ago all of this was in their control. Winning a European Trophy and ending the trophy drought would be such an amazing thing for a club that hasn’t won anything for so long. However in doing so getting to the final caused their priorities got all out of whack losing sight of the importance of their remaining league matches. Roma does need to keep their team healthy before the conference League final but Roma also has a civic duty to finish ahead of their rivals for the first time in a couple of years in a season where they have a much better team. Finishing in the top six is a must there needs to be a level of improvement from last season and now Roma could have their worst finish in years. The second Roma got to be conference League final that League Play became viewed as less important. Finishing ahead of Lazio is a bare minimum finishing in the top six is something very important winning a European trophy would be amazing ending the trophy drought would be amazing but at what cost. It has been an erratic collapse the last few weeks Roma has lost sight of the extreme importance of finishing the season strong trying to gather as many points as possible. Roma all of a sudden stopped playing their strongest possible Squad week in and week out and in doing so has sabotaged qualifying for the Europa League in the league. An 8th or 7th place finish and a conference League is a very disappointing season. Roma has had everything in their control all they needed to do is take the league matches left on the schedule incredibly seriously. The fans started acting as if it was a reasonable thing to start putting players in the starting lineup that hadn’t seen the pitch for months. Bologna and Fiorentina showed respect by playing their strongest teams Roma did not do that in either of those games. Priorities shifted in an incredibly negative way the Roma fans started acting as if the conference league is more important in the bare minimum requirements of the season. I am completely invested in Jose Mourinho and this run my project but the way they have handled the last 3 weeks was a response. This isn’t in our hands anymore we need to ask for help from Juventus and Sampdoria. Roma should have never put themselves in this position.

Relagated with Heads held high

Venezia stay at the top of Italian football abruptly ended before Saturday’s game. Salentina and Empoli splitting points confirmed their relegation back down to Serie B. We will have to say goodbye to the best jerseys in the league and a team that certainly has had its moments this season. However, they will be relegated with their Heads Held High. Following their performance against Roma at the Stadio Olimpico. Remember Venezia beat Roma in the reverse fixture breaking a 34-game unbeaten run against newly-promoted teams. They already had one historic victory against one of Italy’s Giants. While Roma is not the team they were in the 2010s and the early 2000s relatively speaking Roma is one of the bigger clubs in Italian football. Venezia manages to beat them in the first meeting that by itself is extraordinary. Venezia was on the verge of doing it again. Although their relegation was already confirmed in the opening minute they found a way through. Taking a lead 53 seconds into the game. They held on to it for dear life as we saw an onslaught from Roma. Eventually, Roma got their equalizer has shomurodov got the leveler. They held on to earn a point. In two matches against Roma, they earned Four Points which is extremely impressive, especially for a team that just was promoted in the summer. They might have got relegated but to Historic performances against Roma, this season will be something they will remember for a long time. Relegated or not they went down in style with a point that isn’t at the Stadio Olimpico something that will stick with them even if they’re going down.

46 Shots One Goal Football Cruelty

Roma, was living in their house of horrors on Saturday evening. The impact of the results could be very demeaning for their season it wasn’t necessarily a horrible performance but the evening was indeed horrible. For whatever reason, the football gods weren’t going to give Roma the benefit of the doubt. An unexplainable feeling of absolute misery Roma still probably should have won the game there’s no doubt about that. However, the circumstances of misfortune were repetitive and painful. Roma put together arguably they’re most attacking fluid football we have seen from them this season. It just wasn’t meant to be it was extremely painful to undergo the 90 minutes that they played at the Stadio Olimpico in front of the fans in their last home game something was bound to go wrong there are not even words that can reasonably describe the level of frustration and Agony that was felt. Roma had 46 shots in the match 16 on goal. I can’t say for certain but probably a seasoned High for Italian football. They only got one goal out of the situation to make matters worse they hit the post on four different occasions just incredibly brutal. Football can be cruel sometimes it’s not just the fact that they had an avalanche of shots it comes down to the timing. Everybody can have games like this at some point for this to occur on the final home match of season 37 makes everything that happened much more brutal. Football is a beautiful game there is so much Beauty about this sport but as proven Saturday it can also be incredibly cruel football gods I said not today. Roma now nothing is in your control anymore.

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