Chiellini and Paulo Dybala Goodbye to Juve; Luis Suarez Atletico farewell; Serie A Drama #1471

Euopean Recap

Juventus farewell to Chiellini and Paulo Dybala

On Monday night, Juventus played their final home game of the season. They have assured themselves Champions League football for next season. Still, overall, it has been a slightly disappointing campaign for the Bianconeri elimination in the Champions League round of 16, again losing the Copa Italia final to Inter Milan and never challenging for the title. The decision to bring Max Allegri has proven to be a poor choice of judgment, his appointment being a good portion of what has been wrong with it Juventus this season. However, the match on Monday was very little about the match itself; the Allianz Stadium was filled to the Brim as the supporters wanted one more chance to say goodbye to two Club Legends. Alvaro Morata and Dusan vladovic scored the goals for Juventus, but Lazio rallied back with Patric minimizing the deficit before Serge milinkovic savic scored a late equalizer in the closing moments to assure Europa League football for next season. As I said, the match though, wasn’t really about the result, they would have preferred that Juventus got the victory, but in the end, it was a goodbye for Giorgio Chiellini and Paulo Dybala. It was an emotional atmosphere after the final whistle, so many were in tears seeing two of the club’s all-time legends for the very last time. Giorgio Chiellini is one of the best defenders of this generation and one of the greatest defenders in league history. He defines excellence at the center back position. Aura of consistency, he spent 17 years with Juventus coming to Turin as a young player that was never given the opportunity at Roma, something that still haunts me in my soul. Spending a couple of years on loan with Livorno and Fiorentina, Juventus signed Giorgio Chiellini 560 appearances; nine League titles later, he became one of the best bits of business in history of Italian football. Being consistent at the top level that he has shown over his time at Juventus is remarkable; even as he got older, he may not have been as quick as he once was, but his defensive ability never wavered even once. At 36 years old, he led Italy to the European Championship last summer, being arguably the best defender at the tournament. He has been the leader that Juventus needed; he’s led them to multiple trophies and has been one of the best players in Italian football for over a decade. When we think about this generation of Serie A, he’s one of the first people to come to your mind. We honestly cannot say enough about all he has done for Italian football; he has been one of the world’s best defenders, everything that Virgil Van Dyke is praised for right now, Giorgio Chiellini has done for a decade. He reached an incredible level of Excellence that will be very hard to be replicated; it was an emotional goodbye for Juventus best player of the last decade. It’s not just a loss for Juventus before Italian football as a whole. The most likable of characters, they always have a couple of moments each season that leaves you in disbelief. He is likely heading to the MLS; at least, that is what is speculated. His departure was a mutual decision from both the club and himself; it was the right time to step away as this weekend, we will see one of the best defenders ever to live one last time in the Juventus jersey.

He wasn’t the only one that Juventus had to say goodbye to. Club Legend and current Juventus captain Paolo Dybala played his final game at the Allianz stadium in front of the fans on Monday night. Paolo Dybala arrived as a young player on the rise after making a name for himself at Palmero. Juventus snapped him up for only 23 million; he came into Turin, and he became a superstar. Very quickly developing into one of the best players in the world. He spent seven amazing seasons at the Allianz stadium. Consistently one of the best and most explosive players in Italian football. Incredibly versatile and such a pleasure to watch. He thrived under so many different teams with different personals and pieces with Juventus. We can talk about all the lead titles that he won under Antonio Conte, Max Allegri, and Maurizio Sarri. He has shown his versatility and his adaptability in all of them. Taking different types of roles within the team has consistently been one of the best players in Italian football; he’s had some Seasons where he has scored in huge numbers and others where he found other ways to be effective within the team. Regardless of the surroundings, he always seemed to find a way to step up in the big games in the defining moments. Over the 7 years that he spent at Juventus, many of The League titles that they won were defined by moments from Paolo Dybala. One of the most magnificent players in Italian football. The Elegance, the grace of The Flash, and the efficiency with which he plays. One of the most influential players at the club during this time. He’s left an incredible Legacy at Juventus; there are so many moments you can latch on to. The biggest issue with Paolo Dybala was his availability; he suffered injuries far too often, and had he been injury-free his entire time at the club, he would have taken it to another level. He’s one of the best players in the world, and he continues to be that, but if you’re going to Define Paulo Dybala at Juventus. It’s the 20/20 season; it hits much differently. It was one of the most influential individual tactful seasons in the history of Italian football. It showed the true genius of Paulo Dybala. It was a tight race between Lazio and Juventus for the League title. It is hard even to scoop the essence of what Pablo Dybala did during that season. Cristiano Ronaldo scored 34 goals that season; his numbers were incredible, but Dybala engineered a lot; regardless of what you think or feel that season Pablo Dybala put him in so many critical situations allowing Ronaldo to score as many goals as he did. Without the influence of Dybala on that team, they do not win the league, and they probably wouldn’t have finished in the Champions League either. Pablo Dybala didn’t have the most incredible numbers that season, 11 goals and seven assists that campaign; however, it wasn’t even debatable that he was the best player in the league. That season was significantly better and more important than Cristiano Ronaldo. If you look at the energy of that season and what Pablo Dybala was able to do, it was so extraordinary, something we won’t see again for a long time. Had they had the Ballon d’Or, he would have finished in the top three; his impact and his influence on that title is one of the most influential seasons of all time. Ronaldo fans can say what they want, but he would have scored half as many goals, and he wasn’t nearly as important to that team as Pablo Dybala; without question a legend and an all-time great for Juventus looking over his time during this stretch that 2020 season and what he was able to do Under Maurizio Sarri was one of the greatest seasons ever in Italian football. The fans in the stadium were just as emotional about him because, as they well know, he will be wearing a different Jersey next season, and it probably will still be in Italy. Upper management is the reason he is not returning to the team; they would not meet his very reasonable demands for a new contract, and they let it expire. Allegedly in the stadium after the match, he told inter fans that he would never play for them; how true is that comment its unclear. As crazy as it sounds at the moment, and it does sound crazy, Jose Mourinho Roma is the favorite to land the Argentine playmaker with Inter very involved; we will see what happens and where he ends up this summer, but he’s an all-time great in the black and white as the fans were incredibly emotional seeing two of their all-time greats for the final time.

Everything set up for an Insane Final Match Day in Serie A

Last Saturday, we saw there was endless drama affecting the Bundesliga final matchday with the European places and relegation races switching and moving what felt like every other minute. An absolutely crazy final day of the season in Germany. This weekend we very well might see the very same in Italy. The title race, the European Chase, and the battle for survival are still hanging in the balance in what should be a very dramatic ending to arguably the best domestic season in Europe. At The Summit, Inter Milan and AC Milan both have the scudetto Within Reach. We are quite aware of what city will be lifting the historic trophy but what we don’t know is what color is celebration will be. This last weekend both teams took care of business AC Milan teaching Atalanta in Bergamo thanks to goals from Theo Hernandez and Raphael Leao, securing a 2–0 victory for AC Milan. All Eyes shifted to inter. Taking on Cagliari in Sardinia. A defeat or any dropped points would end the title race. However, Inter wasn’t going to let that happen. Martinez scored twice, doing what was required to keep Inter Milan Within distance. Leaving this coming weekend to decide everything. Inter Milan hosts Sampdoria at the San Siro, a team that has given them problems in the past and is not an easy Prospect to deal with. Meanwhile, AC Milan will have to travel to a challenging environment as they take on sassuolo away from home. The green and white has a very respectable record against the top six this season and will present a significant challenge for AC Milan; however, if they’re able to prosper and pick up three points, they will win the title for the first time since 2011. Both inter and AC Milan will be undergoing difficult matches this weekend both Sampdoria and sassuolo have enough to beat them; either team could lose this weekend; this only adds to the drama and the tension that exists at the top. The Champions League places are already secured, but there’s still much to be decided for the Europa League and Conference League positions. On Friday night Roma will kick off the final matchday of the season with the conference League final the next Wednesday as they change the schedule to allow the Romans to have more rest. Roma currently sits in sixth place with 60 points after a disappointing draw last Saturday. They will make the trip to the Stadio Grande Torino to take on Ivan juric and Torino. Not a simple matchup as they possess some challenges as well. With a victory on Friday, Roma will assure a top-six finish. Both Atalanta and Fiorentina sit at 59 points, meaning if something goes wrong in the game on Friday, Roma still could finish outside of the top six. Sampdoria did Roma a gigantic favor last week. Lazio will play Hellas Verona on Saturday the reason this is relevant is Roma could still finish in the top five, but only if Lazio tastes defeat Saturday. On the occasion that Fiorentina and Atalanta both get the draw in their game and Roma loses, Roma still holds the advantage because of the head-to-head against Atalanta and the goal difference over Fiorentina. Fiorentina host Juventus as they have a difficult match in their own right. There’s a lot to be decided and a lot to be found out this weekend. On Wednesday, Roma has the conference League final in Albania; if Roma wins, if I’m not mistaken, another Europa League spot could come available to Fiorentina or Atalanta. Now let’s look at a very tight relegation battle. There is 1 Point separating Salernitana from Cagliari and Genoa. If Salernitana wins their game, they will be assured safety and pull off the Great Escape. They take on udinese could be pretty tricky. Meanwhile, Genoa and Cagliari need udinese to get a result. Genoa has bologna at home, and Cagliari has Venzcia very winnable. But if both of those teams lose, then the udinese match becomes irrelevant. It should be a very crazy and hectic final match of the season in Italy.

Luis Suarez Emotional Goodbye to Atletico Madrid; Where to Next?

Luis Suarez is one of the best strikers of Our Generation; he could be on the move again this summer, still possessing plenty of qualities to offer a contending team. Last weekend he said his goodbyes to Atletico Madrid in his final match at the Wanda Metropolitano. Atletico Madrid secured Champions League football for next season with their 1–1 draw with Sevilla. Luis Suarez was subbed off in the second half as his emotions got to him, shedding tears saying farewell to the Atletico Madrid fans that sang his name as he exited the pitch for the last in Atletico Madrid’s final home game of the season. He joined last year for free from Barcelona after Ronald Koeman deemed him not good enough as he didn’t feel like he had a use for him. The Barcelona manager was given Walking Papers this season after a horrible start. Luis Suarez Justified his move to Atletico Madrid as he joined last summer on a 2-year deal. Atletico Madrid ended up getting their hands on the La Liga title once again. Luis Suarez was instrumental in Athletico Madrid winning the title. There was a point last season where they were running away with it but eventually hit a snag as he became much closer in the final matches of the season. In a crucial match late last season Luis Suarez secured the winning goal to earn Atletico Madrid all three points, eventually being the goal that gave them the La Liga title. He was right up there with Karim Benzema last season among the top scorers in the league. Last season midway through he, he had 16 goals on 21 shots. Luis Suarez, at 34 years old, scored 21 goals in La Liga on their way to the title. Showing that he still had the qualities to win his fifth La Liga title, adding another to the four previous that he won with Barcelona. This last season he may not have hit the marks from the previous year but still managed to score 13 in two seasons with Athletico Madrid; he scored 34 goals ending his time there with a league title. As he completely justifies and proves he still had his qualities, proving Barcelona wrong in the end. He leaves doing what he was brought there to do. In addition to the league title, Athletico Madrid made the quarter-finals of the Champions League in back-to-back seasons. The question that remains is what is next for the Uruguayan. Despite not being what he was, he still has a lot to offer and desperately wants to participate in the World Cup in November. He will be a free agent in the summer; it is very early in the process; already, four teams are circling for his signature this coming summer. Aston Villa, Inter Milan, Sevilla, and a Barcelona return. It’s hard to speculate Who currently has the upper hand, but I’m going to explore each of them anyways. Joining Steven Gerrard at Aston Villa could be a move purely out of nostalgia. Steven Gerard and Luis Suarez were teammates at Liverpool for a couple of seasons. The team itself doesn’t have enough within to challenge for trophies or qualify for the Champions League. He has them heading in the right direction, but they still have a long way to go. They could perhaps go for the FA Cup or League cup. However, you have to remember Liverpool and Manchester City could and most likely would stand in the way of any further trophies for Luis Suarez. Inter Milan could be an interesting landing spot as he could contribute to a team that is already loaded from top to bottom and still has a chance of winning back-to-back titles. All the momentum currently sits with the red side of Milan, but there’s still a chance. On top of that, they will be poised as favorites for next year’s title and already has the quality to make a Champions League push. Luis Suarez would join an already loaded team with plenty of striking options such as edin Dzeko, Lataro Martinez, and Joaquin Correa, among other attacking options in the Midfield and other areas. It is unclear what else they will bring in the summer, but you can expect that they’ll have a budget to upgrade the team even further. In this current situation at Inter Milan, he would be looked at as a depth piece that could potentially contribute on all fronts. The experience of winning things at the highest level could be exactly what Inter Milan needs to push for the Champions League. This one would probably be the best fit for the four potential landing spots. Number one, he wouldn’t have to score a large number of goals; all he would need to do is contribute and come up in big moments. Secondly, the team that is looking at him right now, Inter gives him the best chance to win trophies. This would be where I would advise him to go if given the opportunity considering his other options. He could stay in La Liga with Sevilla. Julian Lopetegui has done a tremendous job there since arriving. He doesn’t quite have what is needed to win the title; competing with Real Madrid has been difficult. However, there’s no doubt that collectively they have a team that, with the right pieces, could make that more interesting. This one isn’t complicated because of the deal, but it’s complicated because we don’t know what this team will look like next season. Youssef En-Nesyri, at the moment, could be on the move, and until that is set, we don’t know the exact situation that that would be if he were to go to Seville. They might have a decent shot at contending for the title if he stays. I’m not saying they would win it, but they would have a shot. In that scenario, Luis Suarez would be a number two option. However, if Youssef En-Nesyri leaves, Luis Suarez would probably be more relied upon to score a substantial amount of goals. If he leaves, I’m not sure 13 goals will cut it; it all depends on their circumstances of where they are. It is a very interesting proposition, but there’s so much we don’t know about the current situation, but he would be staying in the league around players he knows, and maybe there would be less of a transition if he goes abroad. Then finally, maybe a return to Barcelona? Of all the options, this one seems far-fetched. Even though the coach that let him go is no longer employed, there are others in the building that cosigned that decision. It is a completely different environment with Xavi; the team is being built well, and next season, they might even contend for the title if certain things go their way. That is a very familiar situation, but I find it rather unlikely because Barcelona is building Young, and bringing in a 36-year-old Luis Suarez doesn’t make the most sense; it’s unclear whether or not Luis Suarez would want to go back due to maybe his lack of trust at Barcelona. We will see what happens as this situation develops, but as I said, Inter Milan makes the most sense. These last two years at Athletico have been tremendous; he leaves with a league title and a special relationship with the Atletico Madrid fans at the Wanda Metropolitano as he leads them to their first title in 7 years; the bond is still strong despite the short time spent.

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