Roma vs Torino Matchday 38 Preview #1472

Friday Night is a MUST WIN for Roma

Since the conference League semi-final against Leicester, Roma’s form has been incredibly disappointing. A goalless draw at home against Bologna, a 2–0 defeat to Fiorentina in Florence, and a 1–1 drew against Venzcia last weekend. Roma was in a Prime position to finish in the top five, but as I suggested in my previous column, Roma’s priorities fell out of order. Lazio replaced them in the top five. Now, Atalanta and Fiorentina could be within distance of taking Roma out of the top six, which would be so demoralizing considering the incredible form they have shown during the second half-season. Roma has the conference League final this Wednesday in Albania. Roma will have a great chance to become victorious and win the club the first trophy since 2008. However, Friday night’s match against Torino is critical. It must be treated this way because Torino will not do Roma any favors. They will give their best and try to finish the season on a high note. Roma must take this seriously; it is now or never. Luck might go their way in some of the other results, but top six is a must, and top five is still on the table. Roma has the right to be cautious but not at the expense of mismanaging their season’s final match. Anything outside of a victory would be completely unacceptable. Roma still has an important job to do; they must come out at almost full strength. Ivan juric is one of the best managers in Italian football, and Torino has massively overachieved; it is going to be a tough match, one that Roman must take seriously. As I have stated numerous times finishing outside the top six and winning a trophy would not be a successful season. Roma needs to take care of themselves domestically on the final match of the year, beat Torino, which will only add to the momentum they will take into their European Final on Wednesday. Roma must understand they have a job to do this is the last chance at a potential top-five finish. If Roma is going to finish in the top five, they will need some help from Hellas Verona, but with a victory, they can assure top six; this should be vitally important to the team to secure a top-six finish with a win on Friday and then go win the conference League it’s not a complicated philosophy take care of this business first and then put all your energy on the final on Wednesday.

Ivan Juric will aim to finish the season on a high mark

Torino has been one of the biggest overachievers this season. What Ivan juric has done is nothing short of remarkable. This is a very average team that, in all likelihood, would be fighting for their lives without him. This has been one of the feel-good stories of this campaign. Ivan juric has this team on the verge of a top-10 finish this season. He has completely changed their identity and has made them a much more difficult team to play than they otherwise would have been. With a top 10 finish and this campaign in their sights, Torino will be motivated to perform on Friday, ending their season at the highest peak possible. It will be a challenging Prospect going up against a Roma team with significantly more quality. But make no mistake, Torino will take this game very seriously and desperately wants to finish in the top half of the table. The progression of the team could put pressure on cair to spend more money and upgrade the squad giving Ivan juric much more to work with next season. The Grande Torino will provide a challenging atmosphere for the opposition. With all eyes on finishing in the top 10. Even though this team, from a talent standpoint, does not have a ton within them, the way to the points is high-quality defending. Simply put, their attacking options are very questionable. However, they still might find a way through; whether they do or they don’t, whether or not they’re able to get something from the game will come down to what they can do defensively. Torino has only conceded 38 goals this season, that is less than Roma; they have the number five defense in Italy. They will be going up against a top-10 attack. Torino should still like their chances of at least obtaining a point. It starts and ends with the defensive structure, specifically with the bulldozer; if Bremen can be at his best and make things difficult on the Roma attackers, we could see them giving Roma some problems.

Leo Spinazolla Could start to give Zalewski rest for Wednesday

Leo spinazzola is one of the best attacking-minded left-backs in Italian football. He was one of the standout Stars at the European championships for Italy this summer. He offers so much explosion on that left side, making him a valuable asset to this Roma team. However, he ruptured his Achilles in the summer has kept him out the majority of this season. He made his first appearance of the season against Fiorentina, then last weekend, he got a start playing 45 minutes. With the importance of the conference League final, he will be allowed to start yet again on Friday. This means we should see Nicola Zalewski, Roma’s young Rising Star, given some rest as he will undoubtedly start the conference League final on Wednesday night. It is also possible Rick karsdorp could be given some rest as well. Friday night’s match is critical, but it will allow us to see Leo spinazzola in action. It is still unlikely that he plays the full 90 minutes, but it still gives him a chance to get some time under his belt and give the young polish star some rest ahead of a massive final on Wednesday. Given his injury concerns, he has been out for a significant amount and has barely even featured this season. He seems to be back and healthy once again. However, I think it’s rather unlikely that he plays the full 90 minutes but seeing him get 50 to 65 minutes on Friday would be a beautiful thing. Getting the game under his feet again while getting some rest to Nicola Zalewski.

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