Roma vs Torino Talking Points #1475 (Late)

Europa League Secured

Roma reach their objective on Friday night; they qualify for the Europa League with a vital three points against Torino. The Stadio Grande Torino can be quite a difficult environment to go into, especially on the last day of the season with European places on the line. Given Roma’s current form since the conference League semi-final, this was a challenging Prospect mentally, considering dropped points could be damaging. Roma failed to pick up maximum points in their previous three games, which put them in vulnerable positions where they needed help to secure the Europa League qualification. Ivan juric has taken Torino from near relegation to into the top 10; he may not have an overly talented squad, but at the same time, they can be a tough out for anyone. A result for them would almost guarantee top 10, so it wasn’t as if there was nothing to play for. Roma displayed a sense of urgency throughout the 90 minutes putting together a robust and important performance. Tammy Abraham scored a brace, and Lorenzo Pellegrini added another in what was a 3–0 victory on the final matchday. No injuries to report, and Roma finally put their best foot forward after a priority crisis halted them through the last three games. To qualify for the Europa League, they have done that but where they finished in the table slightly undersells the Improvement and progress that Roma has made. Finishing ahead of Lazio and obtaining a top-five spot this season would have been a remarkable campaign; it still might be with a victory in the Conference Final on Wednesday, but on Saturday, they put their faith in Hellas Verona. For a moment, it felt like never going to achieve a top-five spot. Hellas Verona took a 1–0 lead and then had a 2–1 lead. Lazio was without Ciro immobile, but as good as he has thrown a has been this season, and they put together a fantastic performance of grit and determination, ultimately unable to pick up maximum points. They earned a 3–3 draw against Lazio to end the season. For a top-five finish to be possible, Hellas Verona needed to win the game. Roma finishing 6th this season may not have been the original Target, but the important thing is getting back into the Europa League. Finishing ahead of Lazio again would have been incredible for the club and its morale going forward. Lazio finishes ahead of Roma for the fourth season in a row, but there are plenty of reasons to believe that Roma will take the city back next season as there’s much more momentum driving them. Ciro immobile is the best striker in the league and a candidate for player of the season; he ranks first in nearly every statistical category and is a big playmaker for them this season. This is the most significant reason why this finished ahead of Roma. This was all in Roma’s control; they only have themselves to blame for the last three weeks and their lack of priority within the league. Knowing how vital superiority is in the city, it is slightly disappointing. Both 5th place and 6th Place qualify for the Europa League group stage. Still, getting that upper hand against Lazio and potentially winning a trophy has the icing on the cake, but it wasn’t meant to be as Roma finish 6th. It could add a trophy on Wednesday, giving them overall superiority over their rivals.

Ivan Juric Torino Magic

It wasn’t Torino’s night; Roma’s desire to qualify for the Europa League was too much to overcome. The performance wasn’t necessarily up to their standards, never really threatened rui Patricio, and struggled to get any source of creativity going. However, there wasn’t a lack of Desire from them. Ivan juric made several tactical changes even after they had gone down by multiple goals. He still was egging his team on and trying to get themselves back into the game; it just wasn’t meant to be. Roma had European qualification hanging in the balance. They had much more to play for and more to lose; they sailed to get a result. However, there’s no need to get into the specifics of Friday night. However, I believe when you keep things in perspective regarding Ivan juric and the incredible job he has done this season. Torino isn’t a well-balanced squad with a lot of quality in it. Andrea Belotti, at this point hard, to argue as a top-class striker in Italian football. They are average across the board; this team nearly was relegated last season. You could even suggest that they were fortunate to survive, considering the countless opportunities Parma had to avoid the drop. Prior to the appointment of the man that worked wonders at Hellas Verona, there was no reason whatsoever to be optimistic surrounding Corino going into the season. Based on the squad quality, it looks like they were going to be in a relegation scrap this season. Ivan juric did some truly incredible things at Hellas Verona, getting them promoted and then two seasons in a row finishing in the top 10. One of the most underrated managers in Italian football, each of the three seasons that he spent with Hellas Verona, he lost at minimum one key player each season and always found a way to keep safe from relegation and often pushed for European football even though he wasn’t quite able to get it over the line. When he left the club, the thought was he was going to go to a team that had all the capabilities of pushing for Europe. Fiorentina came to mind. Regardless it was just a sense that he would go to a bigger club to try to keep the magic going elsewhere. There’s no sense in going to a club below Hellas Verona, but that’s precisely what he did. Torino nearly was relegated, lacking a certain sense of quality within the squad, adding having a crazy owner so much about Torino seemed off-putting. One of the most inconsistent Strikers in the league, with Andrea Belotti as their only key player, wasn’t much to go off considering the squad in place. There was a question of whether or not he would be able to do the magic again. Carino’s expectations and Ambitions were to survive the season without relegation. Ivan juric got them even further as top-10 finishes this season. Lightning typically doesn’t strike twice but not in the case of Ivan juric, as he has been struck three times with the magic and true genius he has done with Verona and now Torino certainly a coin flip for a manager of the Season, considering what he has had to work with and what he has done it is nothing short of sensational.

Tammy Abraham Best Debut Season Ever

The Serie A season is over, and even though Roma has one match left, this campaign with the possibility of winning a trophy on Wednesday in the conference League final. Tammy Abraham scores twice on the night to end his first season in Italy on the highest of notes. This summer, Roma was under much pressure to find a striker to replace the departing edin Dzeko, a club Legend and the third all-time top scorer in history with 119 goals in six seasons. There weren’t too many options explored; Roma prioritized just one. Jose Mourinho was adamant that the answer to the question was Tammy Abraham. From the outside looking in, there were some reasons to be concerned; even though he had some productive seasons in England, Roma had to replace the legend; they had to get this one right. Eventually, Rome secured the deal for 40 million, the third most expensive transfer in club history. He took Two Italian football like a fish to water. He was even given the number nine jersey that edin Dzeko wore. Tammy Abraham hardly took any time to ignite themselves within the fan base with two assists on his debut. He didn’t come out of the gates scoring, but he eventually hit a stride and never looked back. Some true Roma icons had some unbelievable debut seasons. Vincenzo Montella had 21 goals in his first season; Gabriel Batistuta 20 goals in his first season. Tammy Abraham just put together the greatest debut season in club history. The Englishman ended the season with 18 league goals and 27 goals in all competitions and has been the most productive English striker in the world this season, even more than Harry Kane. He has come up big in the big moments, the penalty against Spezia, the incredible Derby performance, and so many other memorable moments. Tammy Abraham has fallen in love with the city and the fans, and we have fallen in love with him. He vows to do one more thing before the season is truly over delivering the conference League. With so much hesitation with the departure of edin Dzeko, Tammy Abraham took the number 9 and earned the shirt that he wears. The relationship and connection he is created with, specifically Lorenzo Pellegrini and Rick karsdorp, have been something to see even though there is interest in his services from the Premier League. Tammy Abraham has made his intentions clear trying to create history with Roma ending the trophy drought would be a fantastic way to end an incredible debut season; he’s already made a name for himself among the Elites in Italian football, precisely what Roma needed truly one of the greatest seasons in club history and the scary thing is he’s just getting started.

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