Bayern’s Bavaria Revolution Begins: The Ajax Double Part Two#1496

Noussair Mazraoui Free From Ajax

Ajax: 193 Appearances Goals: 10

Eredivisie: 2018–19, 2020–21, 2021–22
KNVB Cup: 2018–19, 2020–21
Johan Cruyff Shield: 2019

Noussair Mazraoui arriving for free from Ajax gives Bayern Munich another dimension of quality on the right side. Alleviating any weaknesses that Bayern Munich has defensively. Two seasons ago, Bayern Munich’s defensive ability was brought into question considering the number of goals they conceded. Last season things were much improved, but with this deal, Bayern Munich just gets that much better. Dayot Upamecano and Lucas Hernandez did a tremendous job as a center-back partnership last season, showing significant improvements. However, they didn’t have great availability for consistency on the outside. Alphonso Davies missed a chunk of the season with a health issue, and it just wasn’t the same. On the other side, a lot of the time, it was Benjamin Pavard who hasn’t provided enough quality consistently as a fullback. Now the potential they have at left-back and right-back is extremely dangerous. Alphonso Davies is back and business; he is without question one of the best players at his position in the world. On the other side, now Bayern Munich has brought in one of the most versatile fullbacks in the world with Noussair Mazraoui; they now have the best collection of full-backs in the Bundesliga. Noussair Mazraoui is just 24 years old and has grown into an incredible option at that position, the best in the Dutch league, in my estimation. Bayern Munich is a team of pressure and winning at all costs. Something Noussair Mazraoui is familiar with in Holland winning the league is a requirement; anything short of that is an utter disappointment. He has the winning mentality and has won multiple League titles during his time in Holland; he will bring that same type of energy to a Bayern Munich team that will expect the same. Not only that, for his era under Erik ten hag, Ajax went on deep runs in Europe; often, their assets were sold off after their success. Noussair Mazraoui stayed in Holland longer than most so many different experiences and European campaigns. Frenkie de Jong, Donny Van De Beek, Matthias Deligt, Hakim ziyech, Justin kluivert, Kasper dolberg and more. Ajax has regularly lost a key piece every single season; the full-back has stayed and has grown into a fantastic fullback that offers so much. During his European adventure with the Dutch Giants, he went to a Champions League semi beating Real Madrid and Juventus; in the process probably would have won the Champions League had they gone through, a Europa League final, a Europa League quarter-final this season finished top of their group without a defeat despite being matched up with Dortmund. He offers Bayern Munich a high level of athleticism and exceptional dribbling ability. He knows how to position himself in dangerous areas finding service for the attack while supplying balls from the wing into the Box. For a long time, he has been one of the most underrated fullbacks in the world and has an opportunity to grow into a much more refined player that will give opposition headaches in the Bundesliga. With Alphonso Davies on one side and Noussair Mazraoui on the other makes, the attacking aspects of the team are extremely dangerous, also having the capability to contain himself and defensively getting a player of his quality for free is an incredible business. He immediately fills into this team as a proper Bayern Munich player. He already understands the importance of winning titles and the importance of thriving in Europe at Ajax; this was mandatory for a successful season; it will be much more difficult in the best league in the world, but he just joined the reign of terror, everything he has done up to this point in Holland he will have the exact expectations in Munich he understands that Bayern Munich will expect and he has the quality his arrival fills a need as Bayern Munich get even stronger with the addition.

Noussair Mazraoui: “The moment I heard Bayern Munich wanted me, it felt like your heart makes a little jump. Right from the start I knew immediately that this club is my dream club”

I’m a right full-back who is very all-rounder. I can do almost anything. I’m strong even if I don’t look really strong. I have speed playing forward. I’m technically good. It’s crazy to say much about yourself but my attacking abilities are really good”

“I played a lot in midfield. I play as right back but I come a lot of times inside in the midfield and make an extra midfielder. That’s what the clubs like right now about full-backs who are comfortable on the ball in midfield. I have this quality”

Ryan Gravenberch 20 Million (Ajax)

Ajax: 103 Appearnces Goals: 10

Eredivisie: 2018–19, 2020–21, 2021–22
KNVB Cup: 2018–19, 2020–21

Ryan gravenberch is the youngest player ever to make an appearance in Dutch Football. At just 16 years old, Rising through the ranks at the very potent Ajax Academy has produced so many special talents throughout the years. He took Everyone by storm in the youth setup and possesses incredibly rare Talent for such a young player. At 14 years old, he said a target for himself; after seeing an enormous amount of success at the Youth Level, he dedicated everything to breaking into the first team within two seasons, and that’s exactly what he did. He only played a handful of games during his first season, and then the following campaign reached nine games in all competitions before he truly broke into the in a very real way just two seasons ago. He has been a consistent Difference Maker ever since he broke through, showing the capabilities and skills that made him such a sold-out Prospect in his early days at Ajax. He caught my eye for the first time during his breakout season. I saw him play once in a while in the Dutch League, but I only saw small portions of him at that point. In League Play, all the pressure is on Ajax to win trophies and perform. However, I was very interested and seeing how he would cope in European football. Ajax found themselves in a difficult group with scoring machine Atalanta and European Powerhouse Liverpool. It ended up coming down to the end, but the high-flying machine in Bergamo ended up beating Ajax to the punch, qualifying for the next round. However, in both of the games against Atalanta and the games against Liverpool, we saw Ajax face a real test. Ryan Gravenberch showed some truly brilliant performances in those games against tough opposition. Regardless of the results of the important matches in the Champions League group stage, he possessed all the qualities of a player that can morph into an elite midfielder. Certainly, there is room to grow a little Raw yet real maturity and intelligence in an incredibly young player that was just Rising in Amsterdam. They went through young boys and Lille in the Europa League, the young Dutchman, came to the occasion in both the round of 16 and round of 32. They came up against Roma in the quarter-final, arguably one of the most anticipated and competitive matches of the entire Europa League that season. Through the 120 Minutes we saw between Roma and Ajax, I was thoroughly mesmerized by the qualities of the young Dutchman taken back by the qualities he possessed as such a young player. I had been impressed with his performances before that what he has shown in the Champions League and Europa League but seeing him go up against my beloved Roma, I got to see him in close range while breaking him down in more specific detail, and I saw all the qualities and the sustainability of his potential. He is a little inconsistent but still in total command with the ball at his feet, seeing the entire pitch extremely well, showing a glimpse of what he could become. We know the rest of the story. Lopez’s penalty saves, and Rodger Ibanez’s late goal in the first leg took out Ajax. An incredible debut season as a regular he only built on that last campaign in the league, and in the Champions League, he was partly the reason why Ajax finished top of their group; they went down in the round of 16 to Benfica, But ultimately couldn’t get to the quarterfinals. A truly Sensational player that has only just started to tap into his potential. Bayern Munich pulled off the deal for just 20 million, which gives Bayern Munich yet another luxury. Ryan Gravenberch, at 20 years old, has an extremely high ceiling with unlimited potential under the right tutelage. Julian nagelsmann, as I mentioned before, gets the best out of his players, putting them in a position to thrive. He gives Bayern Munich a lot of options to join an incredibly experienced Midfield that will only enhance his capabilities with what he will learn from them. Julian nagelsmann doesn’t have one system; he operates his team very differently based on the opponent. Sometimes there are three in Midfield; sometimes was just too; given his long range of skills, he can place him in many different positions. He will be surrounded by two of the very best midfielders in the world, Joshua kimmich and Leon Goretzka. Sliding him into a three-man Midfield with those two surrounding him will be dangerous for any team to deal with. He will not always be a starter, but a high-quality player like him coming off the bench and giving Bayern Munich solid minutes in the Champions League or in the Bundesliga can add a certain element to an already loaded team with a mentality to win everything they can. Ryan Gravenberch is a player that gives everything to the team and has a winning mentality and attitude; he will continue to grow and improve. He is reminiscent of a young Paul Pogba in terms of what he can do with the ball and how he plays. He has a much better attitude and an uplifting personality rather than a toxic one. Still, in terms of Paul Pogba at Juventus, he is a very similar type of player with arguably a much higher ceiling. Ryan gravenberch is only 20 years old versatile set of skills that he possesses is incredibly rare for a player his age. In terms of ball control and footwork, he is Elite and also has physical gifts that will only enhance the midfielder’s potential. Standing at 6 ft, 3 has a very imposing framework and body that allows him to maneuver in tight spaces with the ball at his feet. Rather Thin yet super athletic. With his size and exceptional Talent, I suspect at Bayern Munich; he will start to put on more muscle power and strength. We have seen the body transformation with Leon Goretzka, one of the most physically imposing midfielders in the league and in the world, for that matter. Ryan gravenberch doesn’t need to bulk up like that but adding muscle to his wide frame will make him a type of player that Bayern Munich can build around in the midfield. He’s not a midfielder that will fill out the stat sheet, but he’s still a dangerous passer and a capable goal-scorer; he has the ability in his locker, but most of his game is circulated around his ball movement size and footwork. Ryan gravenberch is a luxury item for Julian nagelsmann; the growth and the potential will only rise in Bayern Munich.

“When the offer came from Bayern, I didn’t have to think about it for long,” explained Gravenberch.

“Bayern are one of the biggest clubs around; players from all over the world want to play for this club.

“I’m coming to Munich to win lots of titles — and Bayern are used to winning lots of titles. Anything is possible with this club, including winning the Champions League. The togetherness in this team is very strong, which I like.”

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