Bunesliga Awards #1484 (late)

Player of the season; Christopher Nkunku

Robert Lewandowski is still undoubtedly the best player in the world. With another dominating Bundesliga season, perhaps the last one in German Football that he will have. However, even though he is among the best players in the world, he sits on top of the mountain alongside Karim Benzema doesn’t necessarily mean he was player of the season in the Bundesliga. This was a very exciting and competitive Bundesliga season. Maybe not at the summit but throughout the league. In this campaign, they were more than a few candidates rightfully in the conversation. Patrik Schick, Robert Lewandowski, Julian Brandt, Florian Wirtz and Christopher nkunku. Ultimately RB Leipzig attacking midfielder, established himself as one of the best players in the league this season and a top 10 performer in Europe this campaign. Christopher just went to another level this season; even though RB Leipzig was unable to pressure Bayern Munich for the league title, his individual brilliance played a considerable role in qualifying for the champions league on the last day of the season and winning the German cup the first trophy in club history. From a performance standpoint, he just took another step forward, quickly developing into one of the best players in the world. Going from eight goals the season before to a season in which he had 20 goals and 15 assists. He is the best playmaker in the Bundesliga, regularly creating big chances for his teammates and himself. The communication and relationship between himself and Konrad Laimer developed into one of the most potent Duos in German Football. RB Leipzig had an incredibly rough start to the new season; during the first half of the campaign, they found themselves outside of the top 10 Champions League football; it looked like it was slipping through them. A change of manager and mentality helped RB Leipzig turn it around, looking like the best team in Germany during the second half of the season, ultimately securing Champions League football on the last day of the season. The impact a voltage of Christopher Nkunku and his playmaking ability showed a more significant impact in them turning their season around. Without his performances, they would have been on the outside, not to mention his Brilliance in the cup run that sees RB Leipzig get the hands on the trophy. In an incredibly tough season with so many top players, Christopher Nkunku shows the world that he is among the elites being the best player in the Bundesliga this season that features the best player in the world.

Signing of the season; David Raum, Hoffenheim

The Bundesliga signing of the season goes without saying. The best left-back of German Football, David Raum, arrived from Furth as he helped them earn a promotion to the Bundesliga. They have since been relegated, but he was a part of the team that got them promoted before last season. He had a contract expiring at the end of last season he reached a pre-contract agreement with Hoffenheim on a free transfer. Making him more or less an obvious choice for signing of the season. David Raum, within his first five games, had already proven to be the best left-back in the league. A player with an explosive ability to go forward while also possessing defensive traction makes his side of the field especially dangerous to attack. A lot can push forward and be very explosive, but they have a player that can do that among the best while also having good defensive awareness makes him one of the most valuable players at this position. His cross of the ball and delivery from that left side has been extremely deadly, especially in the game against Bayern Munich, where he could do whatever he wanted. In a debut Bundesliga season, he had three goals and 11 assists, making him one of the best passers in the league with incredible awareness supplying in a cross, as I mentioned. Hoffenheim overachieved but faded down the stretch, failing to qualify for Europe. However, they were comeback Kings earning 21 points from losing positions, Raum being a big part of that. The fact that Hoffenheim was able to get in for free is just mind-blowing and itself. Even though they failed to make Europe this season, Hoffenheim has a lot of quality in their squad, and they’re only going to be even more dangerous next year.

Manager of the season; Domenico Tedesco, RB Leipzig

RB Leipzig ended up qualifying for the Champions League in the end, but it came down to the wire. They had a really erratic start to the season, and they had to dig themselves out of that situation. Domenico Tedesco was brought in mid-season. Under Jesse Marsch, RB Leipzig could never find a rhythm struggling so much to get anything going. They started a season off in the opening couple of games, and they couldn’t recover from a rocky beginning under Jesse Marsh. Although they had a team more than a good enough challenge for the league, it just never clicked. The acquisition of Andre Silva Frankfurt was expected to take this team to another level; we didn’t see the best out of RB Leipzig until he was relieved of his duties. Jesse Marsch isn’t a bad coach; he’s done well at Leeds United thus far, but RB Leipzig was just a bit too much for him. He couldn’t handle the pressure, and the team struggled under his leadership. When he left the club, they were miles from Champions League it seemed almost improbable that they could qualify for Europa League even at that time; it seemed like miles away. Then everything was about to change. Dominic Tesco took over as acting manager on an interim basis. Suddenly, RB Leipzig started to make up ground, collecting victories and maximum points on an almost regular basis. They didn’t win all their games, of course, but the point they collected from when he joined to the end of the season is the most significant influence on them qualifying for the Champions League. He took them to the Europa League semi-final and a top-four finish picking up big points during crucial moments like the walloping of Dortmund away from home individual impact he had on the performances of Christopher Nkunku, and Konrad Laimer was excellent, but Andre Silva started looking like the player he was a season before and caught fire all of a sudden RB Leipzig looks like a complete team that could beat anyone on their day since the start of 2022 they collected more points than any team in the Bundesliga and even ended the season with a Trophy winning the German cup. The first in club history from where they were to where they finished was tremendous, considering how they started from the beginning; they perhaps could have pushed Bayern to the brink had he been there from the beginning.

Young player of the season; Florian Wirtz, Bayer Leverkusen

Florian Wirtz made everyone at the Bay Arena forget about Kai havertz. That is the level of talent that this nineteen-year-old possesses, and it has been on full display all Bundesliga season. The talent factory on full display at Bayer Leverkusen is extraordinary in the best youth sector in the Bundesliga. True generational talent has already separated himself as a bona fided Superstar in German Football. We saw the incredible progression of the last campaign this season; it was only taken to another level. Florian Wirtz holds practically every record associated with young players and objectives. He is an unprecedented Talent that is already gathering in the world’s attention because of the incorrect assumption of the Bundesliga, he has been ignored as the majority of the attention among young players goes to others. I very rarely hear him and those conversations; the same could be said in regarding last year’s Young Player of the Year, Jamal musiala. The names often thrown together are Jude Bellingham, Phil Foden, Pedri, Camavinga, Mason Mount, Declan rice, and others. Florian Wirtz always is missing from these conversations. It is a true irony Florian Wirtz is better than all of them. Nothing but respect to those talents and players in his age group, but Florian Wirtz is Just A step above. This has been proven convincingly over the last 18 months. We can talk about the success of Phil Foden and the number of trophies he has won at Manchester City; however, comparably speaking, Florian Wirtz is doing things within this age bracket that none of the others on this list truly have done. The Bundesliga top to bottom probably has the most quality overall, and already at 19 years old, he is the best midfielder in the league. While I admit it is pretty close between him and Julian Brandt is the best in the league. His playmaking ability and his incredible movement position an overall game. When you look at how Leverkusen can operate on the counter-attack, Florian Wirtz is usually the one engineering everything. 9 goals and 10 assists in the Bundesliga; unfortunately, he ruptured his ACL in the closing stretch of the season but still over; the games he played this campaign only further proves that he’s a generational talent. I am cautious with that particular word; among all the young talent in this age bracket, the only other one I consider generational is Pedri. I hold Florian Wirtz, and Incredibly high regard; you look at the quality of play from Leverkusen with him, and without him, they lack creativity; he is a complete midfielder that doesn’t seem to have any reasonable weaknesses; he is operating at the peak of his powers as he enters his prime. Hopefully, he can recover from the ACL and show no signs of slowing down. Still, this season, he was one of the best midfielders in Europe his passing ability and vision, his footwork on the ball are just different, and his goal-scoring ability it’s very versatile. He is a complete midfielder that will have the world at his fingertips this season when he’s been available and healthy; there’s not been a midfielder in this league that can truly challenge the totality of what he does, his impact, and influence, especially the interest surrounding him will only increase in the years to come he stays under the radar the place he probably prefers he’s never been brought up in this conversation despite being Superior to everyone they mention. Without question, the Young Player of the Year in the Bundesliga his body of work this season has been something to watch.

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