Bunesliga Team of the Season Part 1 #1488 (late)

GK: Gregor Kobel, Dortmund

For the goalkeeper in the team of the season, there are a lot of different directions I could have gone. However, the goalkeeper that stood out to me the most was Dortmund keeper Gregor Kobel. The Swiss International joined Dortmund Last Summer from Stuttgart, becoming the number one for the black and yellow at signal iduna Park. He showed his qualities at Stuttgart as it looked like a sneaky bit of business from Dortmund. Not only did he perform consistently during big moments, but the importance of Gregor Kobel turned out to be one of the most vital parts of this Dortmund team. Dortmund finished second in the league this season but didn’t have a top 5 defense this campaign. This season they have the 9th best defense in the league teams in the middle of the table and near the bottom conceded fewer goals than Dortmund. Puts a huge level of importance On Gregor Kobel to perform regularly. Dortmund has the quality with Hummels and akanji, but collectively they weren’t as sharp as they would have preferred and put the goalkeeper in a vulnerable position far too often. They conceded 52 goals last season. Bayern Munich only conceded 37, proving to be a significant separation between the top two. A lack of defensive consistency cost them in the title race. However, it just shows the qualities of Gregor Kobel and the way he has performed this season. Without his influence and the way he has come up when his team has needed it the most shows that have, in fact, that he was able to have at Dortmund season despite their defensive issues. Dortmund could have had a much different season without his overall impact on the team.

Left back; David Raum, Hoffenheim

David Raum turned out to be the signing of the season, one of the biggest bargains of the last couple of years in the Bundesliga. He joined Hoffenheim on a free transfer that turned out to be very significant. He is one of the most free-flowing fullbacks in German Football. He has been a breakout star in a team that, at times, was pushing Europe. The versatility and athletic ability he has shown this season has been something special. He is very attacking-minded by Nature and lethal Force going forward. Not only in terms of joining the counter-attack when Hoffenheim brakes but also in his vision and ball placement going down the Left Flank. This was more or less a no-brainer, considering the level of influence he could have on this team in big moments. The performance against Bayern Munich is one from the catalog the most significant performance he had this season. How he got into those attacking spaces and constantly serviced the attack Inside the Box was just beautiful. Not only is he one of the best attacking full-backs in German Football but this season in World football, he has been at his Peak, one of the best in the world this campaign. If he can build on this season, it won’t be long before some much bigger clubs come knocking, and his name enters the conversations surrounding full-backs in Europe. With all he does in the attacking sense, he also can contribute defensively with quick feet he’s very agile and can get back into those spaces to prevent himself from being vulnerable in the defensive area going forward certainly his strength with 11 assists this season in the Bundesliga also with the occasional ability to score but what I like about David Raum is that he is very calculated when he starts to push forward he is very aware of his surroundings has knows when to go when he gets that green light for he explodes what the intelligence of being aware of when to make those spurts makes him such an effective player. This season, he’s one of the best in the league.

Centre Back: Nicolo schlotterbeck, SC Freiburg

SC Freiburg had one of the best defenses in the Bundesliga last season. They were an incredible team as they found their way into qualifying for the Europa League while being heavily in the Champions League picture until the end. Their entire back line contributed very extensively. The leader of the pack, the one that became most difficult to break down as an opposing attacker, was the individual brilliance of Nico Schlotterbeck, one of the best center-backs in Europe this season. If you’re going to look at a player that had the biggest influence on the improbably successful season, it would be Nico Schlotterbeck. This season, we saw him go up against nearly every attacker in the Bundesliga and have success. His movement and transition from the defense into the attack play a significant role in what they did and why they were so successful. Defensively, he was the cover for SC Friedberg when they were caught; after pressing, he held back and held his own against the best the Bundesliga has to offer. He had a particularly difficult time with Patrik Schick in both games against Bayer Leverkusen; however, outside of that, very minimal Bundesliga attackers could figure him out, including the best of the best Robert Lewandowski is the best player in the world. Still, even the Polish Superstar found it very challenging to coexist against such a tight net Defender hardly made any mistakes. Especially winning tackles before the opposition got into dangerous situations. Unfortunately for SC Freiburg, the club could not retain him as he was sold to Borussia Dortmund; he will certainly be missed next season; even though the club brought in Matthias Ginter to replace him, they’re still big shoes to fill. To me, the best center back in the Bundesliga and a top 5 Center back in the world this season he’s Young; he’s recently got some action with the Germany national team, and he’s got huge potential he’s only going to get better but this season we got a little taste of what he could become in the Bundesliga.

Centre Back: Philipp Lienhart, SC Freiburg

Completing the Friedberg center-back partnership as I have Philipp Lienhart right next to Nicola Schlotterbeck. As a pair this season, they have been nothing short of spectacular. These two, in particular, had the most considerable influence over the incredible season that they had this season, overachieving the expectations. It was a breakout season for Nico Schlotterbeck. However, for Philipp Lienhart, it was more than what we had expected from him. He has been one of the most underrated center-backs in the Bundesliga practically since he arrived from Real Madrid. The Austrian International is one of the most complete defenders in German Football. He never quite gets the love he deserves but is an absolute Warrior that could contribute in multiple ways as a center-back. He can push forward, starting a counter-attack but also sit back and handle the pressure thrown at him. He is brilliant on set pieces, always finding himself in tight spaces incredibly effective and efficient player. Not only that, he possesses certain types of skills you very rarely see in a center-back. He has immense ball control and dribbling skills; it is not as he needs it all the time, but he can pull it out of his bag whenever he wants to. He is a Brute Force, even if he doesn’t appear very physical is my favorite Center back in the league. He has all the capabilities; it’s become a regular for the Austrian national team; the growth and Improvement we see from them each season it’s tremendous. Five goals this season but also High numbers of tackles and Ariel balls. In the air dealing with 50/50 balls, he wins the battle 86% of the time; he also is the leader in the back, keeps the entire back line organized plays a big role in everything they do in the defensive and attacking facets. I wouldn’t say this season is that much different than last his consistency has been something we’ve always seen this campaign; now it was about time he gets his due. His importance within the team will even grow next season when his center-back partner has Departed. When you talk about a consistent center-backs that operates on a high level regularly, Philipp Lienhart may not be a big name to everyone. Still, he proves season and season out that he is one of the very best the Bundesliga has to offer.

Right Back: Jermaine Frimpong; Bayer Leverkusen

The Dutch fullback is one of the most exciting players to watch in the Bundesliga. The 21-year-old has been a bargain for Bayer Leverkusen since arriving from Celtic; he has brought a different level of explosion and versatility to the Bay Arena. Last season was a very inconsistent stretch for Bayer Leverkusen; however, this campaign, they took a stride in the right direction, qualifying for the champions league for the first time in five years. The productivity of Patrik Schick is a considerable reason why. However, Jermaine Frimpong and how he’s contributed to the attack regularly has been a revelation to Leverkusen and what they can do in the attacking aspect. Especially in counter-attacking situations, he has formed a good relationship with Patrik Schick and seems always to be looking for him and those types of situations. This season he has been ahead of the curve when it comes to fullbacks in the Bundesliga. He’s been able to find his footing and take it to another level. His level of athletic ability has proved to be an asset to the attack. Defensively he certainly needs some work still, but he possesses the agility not to get caught out most of the time. He’s not quite as efficient or effective as David Raum, but he’s developing into quite a player and improving each game. This season he had one goal and six assists, showing his importance. His vision and cross into the box can be a little bit hit-and-miss; his delivery is spectacular when he has a good look. If he can adapt and improve the defensive stability in this team, It will make him even a bigger asset than he already is. He has done more this season to prove his worth in the Bundesliga, proving to be one of the elites that he should be a shoo-in for the World Cup for the Netherlands. On the attacking side, he has created a high voltage of chances. Improving the defensive side will make him an even bigger threat than he already is.

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