Bunesliga Team of the Season Part 2 #1489 (late)

Central midfielder; Julian Brandt, Dortmund

The most dynamic and vital player for Dortmund has been Julian Brandt. It’s taking a little while for him to hit the ground running at signal iduna Park. He has shown flashes of brilliance since his move from Bayer Leverkusen but hadn’t quite found the confidence to put it all together. Last season he showed flashes of what he could be to the Midfield and the type of playmaker he could become. However, only five-goal involvement before this campaign. This season in the Bundesliga, he took it up a level showing his quality; he sincerely looks like a Cornerstone to build around. 19 goal contributions in all competitions, 17 in the Bundesliga. He was part of a Dortmund team that faltered in its most essential moments; however, he didn’t shy away from everything individually. Finding ways to be effective in the big moments. Despite the opening goal against Bayern Munich in the classical, even though they ultimately couldn’t close the deal in the game, his impact in situations like that has made him such a spectacular player this season. It wasn’t a one-off either he’s been consistent from the start of the season to its conclusion. Dortmund is a star-studded team with so many talented players in a team that featured erling haaland and Marco Reus; he was the Creator, the most dynamic in the team. Without question, Dortmund’s best player last campaign, and even though they’re very talented, it wasn’t particularly close. The level of impact he had game in and game out was spectacular. As a facilitator and goal scorer for a Dortmund team, it struggled with injuries but still managed to finish second; he had his footprints all over their success this season. Unfortunately, a lot of the times, it felt like he was doing it alone. In a strange way, the losses against Rangers, Ajax RB Leipzig Bochum, among others, shows even further the type of season he had. Julian Brandt is the player Dortmund needs to build around that was made abundantly clear to me in this campaign. Surround him with the right pieces that work with his skill set, and Dortmund has the potential to close the gap.

Central Midfield; Florian Wirtz, Bayer Leverkusen

This one is simply a no-brainer Florian Wirtz at 19 years old, was the best midfielder in the Bundesliga this season with Bayer Leverkusen. He was the obvious choice for young player of the year. Bayern Leverkusen shot up into the top three after an inconsistent previous campaign. Florian Wirtz isn’t the sole reason but yet still primarily responsible for the club returning to the champions league for the first time in six years. He is broken or set every record imaginable for his age bracket. Over the last couple of seasons, he has proven that he is just ahead of the Curve. Jamal musiala and Jude Bellingham, the other young talent in the Bundesliga, are incredible as they both have considerable Futures ahead, as we’ve seen improvement from the both of them. However, Florian Wirtz is the best young player in the Bundesliga. His impact on that team in multiple areas shows his unbelievable quality. 19 goal involvement in the Bundesliga, that’s not counting what he has been able to do in the Europa League and in the German cup. Every time I said this, I have been criticized for this take, but Florian Wirtz is the best young player in World football. At the very least, in his age bracket, there is no player in the world that is 20 years and under that can match him. The dynamic midfielder is so good that even if you stretched it outside his age bracket and include players between the ages of 21 and 24, he is still substantially superior to anyone in that age bracket. With the exception of the ones leading the Next Generation Mbappe and erling haaland removing those two from the conversation, Florian Wirtz is a more refined and more complete player than Phil Foden, the media darling of English football. You take anyone in that age group outside of the two; the only one you could argue is on the same level as him is Real Madrid midfielder Camavinga. Regarding the impact he has had on Bayer Leverkusen this season, it’s been unparalleled what we have seen in past years from this position. The ability to make an impact in multiple areas. Goal-scoring ability, in addition to him as a facilitator, impeccable vision remarkable dribbler with magnificent ball control, he is one of the most intelligent players in the Bundesliga. We can talk about the numbers all we want; with the nine goals and 10 assists that he had this season, not to mention that he tore his ACL with a month left in the season, he could have very well challenged Christopher nkunku as player of the Season. Schick has been incredible, scoring the goals this tremendous season; the way he sets the pace in the counter-attack has made this team such a thrilling success this season. When Bayer Leverkusen gets on the counter-attack, more often than not, Florian Wirtz has the ball at his feet. But the most intriguing thing about all this is Kai havertz, now at Chelsea, was a rising star Through Leverkusen. At least at the time, he was the Golden Boy in terms of Bundesliga Talent. He left and has spent the last two seasons at Chelsea; the crazy thing about all of this is the numbers he put up when he was in the Bundesliga and what he has done in all facets. They sold Kai havertz; a young teenager that was in line to replace him was Florian Wirtz. He ended up better than the talent in that department. Showing the skill and talent of The Scouting Department, Florian Wirtz did something the kai havertz never did, leading them to the Champions League; it just highlights the impact he attached on a team that hadn’t been in the Champions League for a long time.

Central attacking midfielder; Christopher nkunku, RB Leipzig

Christopher nkunku was a revelation on all fronts this season, especially in the Bundesliga. He was named the Bundesliga player of the season by the league; he was my choice as well. When you think about what he brought to an RB Leipzig that battled through adversity this season after a tough start under Jesse Marsh, we all know the story he was relieved of his duties, Dominic Tedsco took over, and RB Leipzig hardly put a foot wrong achieving Champions League football at the end of the season. Being recognized as the Bundesliga player this season is almost impossible. The reason being could be the best player in the Bundesliga, you have to outperform Robert Lewandowski, in my estimation, the best player in the world. It was a season of near Perfection for the French International that had failed to get into National Team until recently, as France will have another explosive option at the World Cup. Christopher nkunku was top 3 in goals and assists this season in German Football. The influence and impact he had on this team were masterful; very few players across Europe had this type of season. Not only was he the best player in the Bundesliga, but he was a top-10 player in the world this season; very few throughout Europe could match the standards that the French midfielder this season. We are looking at a player that not only had 20 goals and 13 assists in the Bundesliga but in all competitions had 50-goal contributions. Numbers may not be the most crucial thing but Numbers Never Lie. He played six Champions League games this season; he had seven goals. They ended up in the Europa League, and he was their star and that competition as well. Everybody talks about the missed chance in the semi-final, but there is no doubt he was their biggest playmaker. The work he did in the German cup just added to it 35 goals 18 assists; this is Ballon d’Or standard; when you talk about Messi and Ronaldo at the peak, he wasn’t quite at standard, but he wasn’t far off of it that’s how good he was this season. As I said, it takes something extraordinarily special to outperform the best player in the world when you’re in the same league as him. The future of Robert Lewandowski is undetermined, but it seems increasingly unlikely that he will not be in the Bundesliga next term. He was part of the team that won the German Cup on penalties which was the first trophy in club history. From an individual perspective, this was one of the greatest individual Bundesliga seasons. After a hard-fought campaign, he got his team into the Champions League and was head above the pack, sliding in simply in this team of the season.

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