Bunesliga Team of the Season Part 3 #1490 (late)

Centre-forward; Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller has been one of the most underrated players in World football and continues to display the standards that keep him as a top-five player in the world. Few place him in the top tier, partly what has made him fly under the radar while quietly having one of the best seasons in the Bundesliga and in Europe. He has been a top-10 player in the world this season, and you can even make an argument for the top five. He has shown adaptability over the years as Robert Lewandowski was ascending. I bring this up a lot, but I think it’s important to mention that before Robert Lewandowski became the best player in the world and a scoring machine for Bayern Munich, Thomas Muller was their primary goal scorer. He was the guy expected to score a large number of goals and take them to the title. This is something that I certainly mentioned before, but it’s important to revisit that aspect considering the type of player he has become since then. This season he’s been an absolute revelation to Bayern Munich, continuing the reign of terror over German Football. He was considered one of the best players of the season, and you could even argue his contributions and his impact on Bayern Munich were Superior to Robert Lewandowski. He is the best playmaker in German Football and arguably in the world. When we talk about a player that is so Dynamic and so impactful to those around him, it’s hard to find another that can have the impact like that to a certain aspect; you could say Lorenzo Pellegrini in terms of playmaking ability; however, what separates him is he makes a bigger impact than the Roma captain putting up ridiculous numbers that justify everything that he does. In the Bundesliga, he had 29 goal contributions; only Christopher nkunku had more. While his dynamism is largely tied to the creativity in the passing lanes and positioning himself to open up space for others still able to score from time to time and can impact on both sides of it consistently. 8 goals and 21 assists this season; he has been at the top of the list in assists practically every season over the last couple of years. This campaign is no different; he might be 32 years old, but when you consider the impact and influence he had on a Bayern Munich team Under New Management, he seems to fit in any style of football. If you include Europe into the equation, he had 13 goals and 25 assists, 38 goal contributions in all competitions; he’s one of the very best, even if he never truly gets the recognition he probably deserves. He maintains his status at the top of the game. It’s beyond the stats; everything he does for Bayern Munich is underestimated because of Robert Lewandowski; his positioning is facilitation, his goal-scoring ability, not to mention he always comes up in the big moment in the big games he’s one of those players at even at this age shows no signs of slowing down the way he has adapted over the last couple years to continue to be the pulse of Bayern Munich has been nothing short of exceptional, yet somehow we always flies under the radar, but I feel like it’s something that he doesn’t mind which is charisma an enchanting personality he makes everyone around him better while also being the single best playmaker in European football this season was no different his levels are among the very best of the best.

Striker; Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich

Over the last three seasons, Robert Lewandowski has dominated European football like no one else. Unfairly denied of the Ballon d’Or in 2020 and in 2021. The level of dominance he has shown during that stretch only continued into this season. He is the best player in the world. Karim Benzema may be not be far behind, but the standards he continues to show and the consistency of his performances show his unbelievable individual quality. Robert Lewandowski, after this season, has won the Golden Boot in the Bundesliga 7 occasions 5 in a row. Robert Lewandowski had to undergo the pressure to live up to the expectations after what he did in this historic record-breaking season last campaign. As he set a Bundesliga record 41 goals in a season, while he couldn’t quite reach those heights, he wasn’t far off of it. 35 goals in the Bundesliga in 34 games, adding 5 assists in all competitions; he dropped a 50-goal scoring season. Finished the campaign with 50 goals and seven assists. It’s not just his goalscoring ability but his overall influence in crucial moments kept them at the very top. Bayern Munich flamed out in the Champions League but still was one of the competition’s top scorers. I know this is about Bundesliga team of the season, but what he has done in all competitions has undoubtedly highlighted the level of dominance, but he consistently has displayed at 33 years of age; he seems could be going into a whole another area with no real drop-off. He has scored 40 goals in his last 7 seasons, the most dangerous player in the Bundesliga. While he wasn’t the best player, in general, he was still operating at the peak of his powers this season. This very well could be his last season in German Football; if that is the case, it just puts in perspective how incredible he has been for Bayern Munich not only this season but in his career here. He was on pace to shatter every record in German Football. Scored in every big game and applied so many significant moments; he is still the best player in the world, and controversially I would still give him the Ballon d’Or. His performances our Superior to everyone else in the world. There’s no real conversation between himself and Mohamed Salah. Karim Benzema and Robert Lewandowski are very close, but after the season he just had, and the amount goals from open Play is mind-boggling. 41 goals from open play, and he still has the best attacker in the world. This Bundesliga season, he may not have been as consistent and dominant as last season, but his goalscoring record speaks for itself, and his overall individual performances didn’t go unnoticed; he still is the best player in the world even though this wasn’t necessarily his best season 35 goals in the league still Far, and Away the most lethal goal scorer in Germany adds more to his legacy even if this is his very last season in the Bundesliga.

Striker; Patrik Schick, Bayer Leverkusen

Patrik Schick Talent finally comes into fruition as the Czech Republic International explodes in the Bundesliga this past season. Another one of those players that could have been vigorously argued as the player of the season. He would have been my second choice; that’s how much I rated his season of the explosion at Bayer Leverkusen. He was considered a desirable Talent for many years after getting his breakthrough at Sampdoria, scoring 12 in Serie A. It prompted a 42 million move to Roma. He couldn’t thrive in Rome as he came to the Bundesliga initially at RB Leipzig, scoring 9 goals. Bayer Leverkusen cashed in spending 27 million. Patrik Schick scored 13 goals in his first season. Then within one year, he became one of the best players in the Bundesliga just like that. In the European championships Last Summer, he helped the Czech Republic make the quarter-finals. Scoring the goal of the tournament from the halfway line against Scotland, he scored five times, winning the Golden Boot. The momentum and confidence he felt in that tournament drove him into this Bundesliga season in incredible form, with the spirit showing immediately. Bayer Leverkusen had lost some pieces and went through a very inconsistent season. This was all about the change; he was the driving force behind Leverkusen returning to the Champions League; the relationship that he created with Florian Wirtz made them one of the most dangerous teams in the league. With Moussa Diaby as well, a part of that Trio. He started strong and never look back 24 goals in the Bundesliga, only second to Robert Lewandowski; according to the numbers, he was the most efficient striker in the league. Some insanely dominant performances, such as a four-goal output against Stuttgart and scoring in a thriller against Dortmund. He flipped the switch, and once he did, he couldn’t turn it off the dominant Force at the Bay Arena. A player that finally saw into fruition what he is capable of. He had interest from Bayern Munich, Dortmund, and Manchester City before putting pen to paper on a new contract. He’s finally in a situation where he is enjoying his football, getting to inflict his impact on a team that will be playing Champions League football for the first time in 6 years. Patrik Schick also missed time due to injury; that’s the same struggle showing how important he is to them. He has found his footing at the Bay Arena; the Improvement he made from the previous season is astronomical. Patrik Schick was the best striker in the Bundesliga this season; with Robert Lewandowski likely to depart and erling haaland already gone to Manchester City, the Golden Boot next year could be Patrik Schick’s to lose. He was unable to score in Europe this season; the next season with Champions League football, he is the one that they will look to make the difference he’s proven he can handle the pressure, and this season was magnificent from the Czech Republic Talent, but it’s finally showing, but he can be one of the best strikers in the world. He is a few footsteps away from World status; very few attackers this season hit the marks, Patrik Schick. As a romanista who has seen him thrive in the Bundesliga, I couldn’t be happier for him; even though it never worked out in Rome, it wasn’t because he didn’t have the quality he is shown; he is an elite Difference Maker in a team that believes in him, and that looks to him to solve their problems Patrik Schick simply put has been one of the best of the best this season.

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