Henrikh Mkhitaryan joins Inter on Two Year Deal. Grazie Mkhitaryan #1483 (late)

Henrikh Mkhitaryan has reportedly left Roma to join inter on a two-year deal. The Armenian playmaker had an expiring contract following this last season. Henrikh Mkhitaryan was subbed off in the 15th minute of the conference League triumphs in Albania. He played a significant role this season in Roma, ending their trophy drought after 14 years. He celebrated with the giallorossi as they took the UEFA Europa conference League into the city as they celebrated with their incredible support back in Rome. Inter Milan wasted no time pursuing The Armenian to the San Siro as Inter Milan plans to offload Arturo Vidal. The blue side of Milan won the Coppa Italia and got themselves out of the group in the Champions League but narrowly missed out on the title to their bitter rivals. Inter Milan offered the 33-year old a two-year deal at 4.5 million. However, Roma still attempted to retain the midfielder with 14 goal contributions this season. Roma offered a one-year deal with an option of a second on 4 million a year. Over the last 24 hours, henrikh Mkhitaryan considered both options as we reached the final stages of his decision. As reported by Fabrizio Romano over the last couple of days. A decision was finally made as he rejected Roma’s contract extension this afternoon before sealing a move to Inter Milan as he departed the Stadio Olimpico after three seasons. Having made 117 appearances with 28 goals and 29 assists since joining from Arsenal in 2019, As his Rendezvous in Rome comes to an end.

It has been a tremendously successful tenure for The Armenian wizard Mkhitaryan. He joined on a initial loan from Arsenal in 2020 before the gooners terminated his contract allowing Roma to sign him on a free transfer. During his three-year stretch he turned out to be a very critical piece to Roma as they were going through a transition. He arrived at the end of the transfer window along with Chris Smalling that came from Manchester United around the same time. Henrikh mkhitaryan thrived under Paulo Fonseca getting a start on his debut and finding the back of the net. That first campaign he was one of Roma’s best players as Paulo Fonseca found him to be a weapon in multiple ways. He showed his qualities as a starter while also being a Super Sub coming up in big moments off the Bench. Roma finished fifth in the league Roma Advanced through the Europa League group stage before eventually being ended by eventual Champions Sevilla. The next season he was one of the best players in the league and there were shouts for player of the season at the beginning of the year. Being one of the most important to Playmakers in Italian football. Individually he had a terrific campaign for the team it was a toxic atmosphere with a lot of dysfunction they eventually got over it but certainly took a toll on the season as Roma finished seventh in the league but in Europe they thrived making the Europa League semi-final. His last campaign he was a very critical piece especially when it comes being the playmaker that Roma needed under Jose Mourinho once again but this time the relationship was much more fluid becoming very important. Roma finished sixth in the league but as We Know Roma win the conference League with him playing a big part in it. Over this three-year stretch he did suffer injuries in each of the seasons had it not been more available he could have done even more. He leaves Roma playing 117 times with 28 goals and 29 assists A pretty remarkable era ultimately the best thing for the club going forward as he is already 33 years of age but that doesn’t undermine the importance of the Armenian has he leaves on top helping Roma a win a trophy once again. He will head to Inter Milan to try to win the title and should get a big reception in his return for the importance of his work during a transitional stretch that may have just taken Roma back position to win things.

As crucial as henrikh Mkhitaryan was and has been for this Roma team, this was ultimately the best thing for them going forward. We can talk about his playmaking ability and the influence of on the rest of the team and how noticeable it was when he wasn’t there; all we want very factual basis there. However, looking at the situation in hindsight, this will be the best decision for everyone. Inter Milan has another playmaker that they can use as a depth trying to reclaim the league title as they lost it or Neighbors, someone that comes with experience and quality. On the other side of the coin, henrikh Mkhitaryan is 33 years old; by the time his Inter Milan deal expires, he will be 35. Certainly still has the capabilities to be effective, but it was probably the right time to move on. Roma can get re-energized as they should be in for a big summer. The impact of his departure could it directly affect Sergio Oliveira. Roma has a buy option at 15 million to sign the 29-year-old midfielder permanently. It was reported earlier this week that Roma wanted to keep him but at a price closer to 10 to 12 million. They still might want to do that, but now that henrikh Mkhitaryan’s wages will be off the books, it makes activating the buy option a little bit more logical. In addition to that, a younger and more vibrant midfielder might be exactly what is needed, certainly something they’re going to approach this summer. The moves on the rise only do good things are trending in the right direction. Bryan cristante is closing in on a contract extension that will be one of the more essential issues that Roma had to resolve; it looks like they are on verge of agreement. Roma is likely going to cut bait with several parts as they are negotiating deals with Ola Solbakken Striker and Winger Bobo glint, and wingback from Lille Zeki Çelik has both agreed on personal terms. At the same time, Tiago Pinto is that work reaching an agreement with the clubs. Roma has also looked at a various amount of Midfield options to replace the outgoing Armenian the ownership is going to back Jose Mourinho and give him what he needs. While the Armenian playmaker will be missed building a young team with experience and depth will take them that much closer to where they need to go. This will turn out being the best thing for both parties.

When Mkhitaryan arrived in Rome 3 years ago, I was very sceptical. Even though he was moderately successful in the Premier League with Arsenal and Manchester United, I didn’t think he was the type of player that Roma needed at the time. He came with the arrival of Chris Smalling, The English Center back I was convinced was going to be a critical piece for the Roma defence. However, with the Armenian, I hesitated; the move itself didn’t give me any sort of excitement or optimism in terms of where the club was going with their Acquisitions at the time. It’s not that I didn’t think believed in his qualities as a player more or less had to do with I wasn’t sure how he fit in the team, how he was going to be utilised and whether he could get his feet underneath him in Italian football. While the Premier League is full of athletes, Serie A was they very tactical quick thinking about why it is vitally important I just wasn’t convinced by the signing. I turned out to be bitterly mistaken. Mkhitaryan, within the first month, showed his value and importance. Scores in that first game and never look back coming up and really important moments in the first season, and the quality of his play in this team only continued throughout the last two years. He turned out to be precisely the type of playmaker Roma needed when he wasn’t there due to injury; you could feel his absence. He’s been so instrumental to everything that Roma has done over the last three years and the progress they have made through this transition. He was a big part of all of that happening. Inter Milan isn’t a club many Roma fans are fond of; however the Armenian playmaker with part of Breaking the Barrier Roma hadn’t won a trophy in 14 years he was part of the team that broke the trophy drought. He was a crucial part of their European Journey; it’s sad the last time we saw him was getting subbed off in the conference League final due to injury; it is a heartbreaking way to see his final game; he rushed back to be ready for the final before having to leave none of us prematurely truly realised, but that would be the last time we see him in the Roma shirt. Still, regardless of what I think about where he is going and my extreme feelings about Inter Milan, I’ll never hold it against him; every player associated with this team that ended the trophy drought will always be to me Remembered in high regard henrikh Mkhitaryan is no different as he was an important piece that has gotten Roma to this I Don’t Give A Farewell to everyone, but he deserves it. Grazie Mkhitaryan!

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