Roma edges the dutch to win the Conference league as Nicolo Zaniolo’s Strike ends Roma’s 14-Year Trophy drought #1476 (Late)

A.S Roma 1 Feynoord 0FT

Roma ended their season on Friday night with a 3–0 victory against Torino as they secured qualification for the Europa League. However, their season wasn’t over quite yet. We arrived at the most anticipated and important match in 14 years on Wednesday night. It has been 5114 days since Roma last lifted a trophy. Roma stood one step away from Glory as it all came down to this the conference League final in Albania as Roma fans patiently waited for something to celebrate once again. To get to this stage on what was expected to be a historical night, Roma went through Vitesse, Bobo glint, and Leicester City playing their first Europan final 1990. Jose Mourinho had an opportunity with a win to be the first manager ever to win five different European trophies. The highest-scoring team in the competition, Arne Slot’s Feyenoord, is on the opposite sideline, trying to ruin the party. The Dutch side that finished third in the League this season battled through Partizan, Slavia Prague, and Marseille on their way to this final. The conference League final approached kick off one of these teams 90 minutes away from lifting the first-ever conference League trophy. We witnessed a sold-out Air Albania Stadium as the events unfolded.

The match got underway after preparations and predictions as the conference League final kicked off in Albania. In the opening sequence of the game, Malacia directs a cross into the box, but Rodger Ibanez alleviates the ball from danger. Feyenoord, the highest-scoring team in the competition, put pressure on Roma in the early goings with most of the ball while pushing Roma into their own box. The Dutch side instigated the attacking play and set the pace for the final. Almost classic Mourinho letting the game come to them. With the defensive structure that Roma has put forth in this competition and the majority of this season, that is precisely what Roma wanted. Let the Feynoord have as much of the ball as they wanted to sit back and defend and then hit on the break when they pushed too far forward. Not many teams in this competition are capable of that mindset. Still, given Roma’s strengths, especially with rui Patricio in goal very infrequently, is this Roma team going to feel threatened by attacking mindedness. Eventually, Roma got some rhythm with Lorenzo Pellegrini directing the play in the Midfield. It wasn’t very attacking fluid in large portions of the first half. Roma pushed back a little bit as henrikh Mkhitaryan found space, sending a well-timed ball into Rick karsdorp against his former side, the Dutchman looking to relish an opportunity and make an early statement. He drove the ball into the flank before sending a cross into the box, looking for Tammy Abraham, but the Feyenoord defense managed to head the ball out of danger. Sinisterra has been one of the breakout stars of the tournament, the main man, especially in this competition going into this game; he was the one that Roma looked to break down. He was tightly marked by Gianluca Mancini and Chris Smalling all game long; he tried to find a little creativity by sending a cross, but none of his teammates were there to get on the end of it as rui Patricio caught the intended cross. Roma looks to hit back a few minutes later with Lorenzo Pellegrini putting through Nicolo zaniolo a brilliant run and pass but doesn’t get there quickly enough as Feyenoord can clear. Not the most entertaining final this far, with Roma controlling Feyenoord as they’re taken out of the Rhythm. Unfortunately, Roma would be forced into making an early change as Henrik Mkhitaryan, who recently returned from injury, found himself unable to continue. It has now been confirmed that he has received an offer from Inter Milan; as it stands, there is no confirmation of whether he will accept it, but if this is the last time we see him, it is a heartbreaking ending. Sergio Oliveira immediately starts warming up is the Armenian can’t continue a vividly emotional Mkhitaryan tries to go on, but cant as Jose Mourinho makes the change bringing Sergio Oliveira. A very different look as far as what he brings to the team. Mkhitaryan is a playmaker that sits behind the striker, often the reading opportunities to the outside and upfront. Sergio Oliveira is a classic Central midfielder box-to-box but with a different set of skills than the Armenian. Slightly changed the way Roma was going to approach the game but also gave Roma a little bit more security as he is defensively capable. At that point in the game, Bryan cristante was the only defensive-minded midfielder. Feyenoord continues to push with their explosive front Sinisterra and Dessers as they try to link up in the box on multiple occasions but continue to get stuff out by Chris Smalling. The English Center backs handled every Ariel ball I came into the box, really handling himself against the two potent attackers. Lorenzo Pellegrini continues to take a more creative approach trying to find Nicolo zaniolo yet again, but Feyenoord remains compact. A few minutes later, Abraham, it’s a long ball inside to Pellegrini with Marco Sensi on his back; he stumbles in the box after a deflection, but it doesn’t get the corner kick as the El Capitan is livid. Feyenoord continues to press forward, but Roma remains comfortable; this time, Sinisterra tries releasing till tightly guarded by Mancini, taking a slight deflection into the hands of rui Patricio. A defensive toughness of Roma caused frustration towards their Dutch counterparts as the flow of attacking football wasn’t exactly working. An incredibly dull final found some life in the 32nd minute Gianluca Mancini of all people, hits a beautiful cross from well outside the box that hooks down, finding Nicolo zaniolo; the young Italian collects it with his chest as the keeper begins to come out to get to the ball quickly Nicolo zaniolo with not a lot of time needed to react quickly as it came off his chest he pokes the ball with his foot before finding the back of the neck as the game breaks open with Roma taking a 1–0 lead scoring his eighth goal of the season. Still, no goal has been more important than this one.

Roma still had control with the defensive masterclass they were putting together. Roma was in front; they would be tough to break down even further. Tensions continue to rise after karsdorp sends a cross into the box into the hands of the keeper. The Dutch side pushed forward has Dessers collapsed by Chris Smalling as the defensive work of the Englishmen continues to be the stand out of the game. However, tension was flaring Dessers, and Chris Smalling got into it before not too long red and white shirts were surrounding the situation. Lorenzo Pellegrini gets the yellow card as the captain comes to his team’s defense, pushing Dessers away from Chris Smalling. Rick karsdorp being the one to alleviate the situation, cleared out, putting his hand on the shoulder of his former teammate to defuse the situation. It’s clear, but the Feyenoord attack was being silenced by gritty Roma defense, and the frustration was clear. Kokcu a sequence later, showing their first real look on goal blasting from 25 yards out a powerful shot hit with great pace; however, Rui Patricio manager to collect it the power of the shot did cause him to stumble the ball before grabbing it. They came forward again, but miscommunication between their two attackers highlighted the continued frustration. At the end of the half, a live ball in the Box was punched away by rui Patricio. Still, unfortunately, Rodger Ibanez ended up at the receiving end of the Portuguese punch as rui Patricio clocks his teammate in the head and goes down for a few minutes. Still, it turned out to be okay as he did continue. After 45 minutes, Roma held a 1–0 lead thanks to a goal from Nicolo zaniolo, becoming the youngest Italian goal scorer in a European final as the Romans were just 45 minutes away from their first trophy since 2008.

A terrific opening 45 minutes for Mourinho and Roma. They had minimal possession; they let the opposition have most of the ball and let them come straight at them. The defensive setup was a menace to deal with as they were significant frustration from Feyenoord. However, it was highly speculative that they would up the intensity and the aggressiveness at the start of the second half. Feyenoord came out in the second half with their head on a swivel; they came out absolutely flying. Roma seemed to be up against in the second half and needed to match their level defensively. Kokcu from outside the box; it’s a low cross Gianluca Mancini gets on the end of it, trying to clear it out but almost sticking it in the back of his own net Rui Patricio pushes it into the post; they regain possession as Malacia looking for the back of the net on the other side somehow someway Rui Patricio manages to adjust himself from the ground throwing himself on the other side making another world-class save. If you take any of Roma’s last three goalkeepers, that is a goal 34-year-old rui Patricio to make that save at that moment could have ultimately saved the game for Roma; it does not make any sense that he managed to pull off a double save proving his importance. Feyenoord goes forward again, but this time strike on goal goes wide. Moments later, controversy hit as a potential red card wasn’t shown to Marco Sensi as he pulled back on Tammy Abraham shoulder; the attacker didn’t go to ground, but it is a stone wall red and should have been sent off a free-kick that would have put the ball in Lorenzo Pellegrini’s range. This is why we have so many players throwing themselves to the ground. Tammy Abraham stays on his feet, but that doesn’t mean the call shouldn’t stand should have been a red card no ands or buts about it. Feyenoord is absolutely dogging Roma in terms of attacking football; they’re going straight at them. Roma’s defensive approach is starting to be overwhelmed. Kokcu blasted a strike, but Chris Smalling put his body in the way. They’re down there a moment later, but the attempt on goal goes just wide as Malacia and Reiss Nelson connect on the attempt. Roma wasn’t providing much of anything going forward but managed to get a corner. Lorenzo Pellegrini accurately places just at the far post as Nicolo zaniolo looks to kill it, but Sinisterra gets in the way. Roma would make two changes as we got late in the second half. Leo spinazzola replaces Nicola Zalewski, and Jordan veretout replaces the goalscorer Nicolo zaniolo. After the changes Roma pounces. Rick karsdorp immediately perfectly supplies Tammy Abraham the English striker looks like he’s about to end it. Still, a goalkeeper makes himself big as Abraham can’t funnel the goal into the window as his strike coasts over. Roma seems to have a late spurt Leo spinazzola showing that inch of explosion forcing a corner; Pellegrini fires it in and clears out by the defense; however, Jordan veretout viciously hits it, Bigelow manages to push it away. There were less than 10 minutes left; now, time was running out for dutch to turn it around. With some crafty work to get into the box before trying to thread the ball towards Sinisterra, Feyenoord turns out to be a poor lapse in judgment as Gianluca Mancini grabs it before cleaning it out. They came forward again Sinisterra cut into the side of the box trying to test Rui Patricio, but the Portuguese a shot stop hugs the ball. Just 4 minutes left of regular time, and Roma nearly kissed it as Jordan Veretout put through Lorenzo Pellegrini taking a touch before firing it at Bigelow but somehow manages to keep it out. Roma makes their last changes, bringing in Shomurodov and Matias Vina. On a free kick from Feyenoord, can’t very well by Dessers Linson getting on the end of it trying to hook it into the top corner but can’t deliver on it Bigelow had pushed forward from the free-kick. Now it was bombs away. Roma looking at an open net shomurodov does everything he can to convert on it, but the defense wasn’t trying to offend and prevented the opportunity. In the closing moments of The game, everyone pushed forward a late free-kick; it’s overshot as the full-time whistle goes; the wait is over. Roma’s won a trophy for the first time since 2008 as they lifted the conference, League. Nicolo zaniolo goal is enough to see them through 1–0, a historical night for Mourinho a Roma as it is party time in Rome.

The wait is over. Roma is crowned conference League champions. Jose Mourinho delivers, silencing his doubters as he becomes the first manager ever to win five different European trophies. The new ownership and the sporting director were incredibly aggressive going after Jose Mourinho agreed to the project, and we see the final resolution of that. The last time Roma fans have something to celebrate was May 24th, 2008, 5,114 days ago. On that night, Roma won the Coppa Italia beating Inter Milan at the final whistle. Roman-born Francesco Totti brings the Coppa Italia back to Rome into his city with his people. 14 years later, Roman-born captain, Lorenzo Pellegrini lifted the conference League bringing a European trophy back home to Rome with his city and his people. As Lorenzo Pellegrini enhances his legacy as the 25-year-old has already proven himself to be a legend of the club, but with a Trophy last night only enhances himself of where he sits in Roma folklore. In the steppes of Francesco Totti and Daniele de Rossi, there were questions surrounding who was Worthy to fill the shoes left by the two icons. Among many storylines, last night, Lorenzo Pellegrini, the Roman-born captain, delivers silverware to the club that was longing for it; we have a player that one day could belong in the same sentence as Daniele de Rossi and Francesco Totti. Lorenzo Pellegrini, his entire life dreamed of playing for Roma; he’s now captained the side and delivered a trophy; this is a player that’s not going anywhere; he views his hometown Club the same way Francesco Totti and Daniele de Rossi did before him. Nicolo zaniolo incredible young player that suffered two knee injuries comes back this season and ends up being the man to score the only goal for Roma, delivering the conference league on a silver platter. The signings that Mourinho brought in Tammy Abraham and rui Patricio, both played a huge role in Roma’s historic night and campaign. Rui Patricio making three absolutely Dynamo saves to keep Roma in front. Tammy Abraham is Roma’s top scorer this season. We look even further at someone that was brought in before Mourinho arrived as the new ownership brought in Chris Smalling put it in a man-of-the-match performance; the opposing attackers, who have been one of the most dangerous in the competition, were silenced by Chris Smalling a player taken out of the England squad push that a man united and never given the respect he probably deserved. Comes to Italy and has been a breath of fresh air; being a part of the first trophy Roma has won in 14 years was a big part of his motivations, and after last night and this season, he’s played a massive part in Roma coming away with the trophy with his defensive Excellence last night. From the ownership to the players to, everyone played a role in Roma winning a trophy once again. Roma has tasted glory on a historic night in Albania; the emotions shown show how much it means to them and the impact Mourinho has had when the dust settles, I will break down further how this all happened and everything that contributed to it but for this week we celebrate as Roma fans around the world finally have something to be proud of Roma have in their possession a European trophy it was an emotional moment for everyone at the final whistle my emotions got to me just like they did in the semi-final Lorenzo Pellegrini brought the trophy back to Rome and was greeted by thousands of Roma fans in the streets at this morning they rode around the city as they celebrated with their own after historic night in Albania.

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