Serie A 2021/2022 Season Review Part One #1477 (late)

Serie A Review

Insane Title Race ends with Milan Winning once again

In Italian football this Season, we saw one of the most intense and dramatic title races we have witnessed for a long time. During the last campaign, we saw Inter Milan win the title for the first time since 2010; this Season, we saw Roma win their first Trophy since 2008, and we saw AC Milan capture the scudetto for the first time since 2011. It was a long and hectic season that had so many storylines as it all unraveled. We saw a three-team title race for the majority of the season, and at the end, the city of Milan battles down the closing stretch of the Season to see what color a celebration was going to be at the end of the Season whether red or blue. It was a fight to the Finish between three teams going against the grain of what is expected. Napoli appointed Luciano spalletti, which took Napoli all the way until the end of the Season; a lot of the first half of the season, they were driving the title race, and multiple times throughout, they seemed like they could be the favorites. That eventually faded, but the influence he had within Naples was tremendous. Napoli fans would never even acknowledge it, but Napoli is always a teen that has the squad put together but always come up short; they flame out once they get a hint of adversity. During this campaign, they were in this race until the very end. Stephan El Shaarawy’s late equalizer and a brace from Andrea pinamonti pushed Napoli out of the title race in the end; however, they took it much further than they have in past years. Napoli has been classic Pretenders this Season; despite not having a squad that meets the requirements, they found their way rustling feathers at the top of the League. Napoli’s activity in the title race is partly what made the League so exciting. It was an unexpected reality for them, putting pressure on both AC and Inter Milan throughout the Season. It was between Simone Inzaghi and Stefano Pioli to decide what flag will be raised in the city. Inter Milan and AC Milan battle on multiple occasions, clashing four separate times. Those four results ended up being an indicator of both teams winning trophies this Season. Inter Milan knocked AC Milan out of the semi-final of the Coppa Italia over two legs. Olivier Giroud took AC Milan from behind two in front in a manner of 4 minutes, setting the pace for the second half of the Season. They battled until the end, coming on the last day of the season, both teams playing in difficult environments, with AC Milan ultimately getting their hands on the Trophy for the first time in a long time. It was one of the greatest title races in Italian football history. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Inter Milan, from top to bottom, had a more complete Squad going into the Season and ultimately probably should have won the title. AC Milan is incredibly sound with the right leadership with a good combination of veteran leadership and experience and young players that will take this League by storm in the coming years. Conducted by Stefano Pioli, someone who was harshly criticized as the choice for AC Milan, they were certainly hiccups during this stretch. Many believed that he would never leave AC Milan trophies, myself included. You look at the totality of AC Milan this season in terms of the strength of the roster; they are one of the weaker teams in a decade. Not to say the team is bad; the team is exactly what it needed to be, but in terms of quality within the squad, top to bottom in terms of talent, this would not be considered one of the strongest teams to win the League. However, things like that just don’t matter; whether or not they were built to win this League may not be the most concerning thing; the work they did to do this it’s nothing short of magical. AC Milan, just like Inter Milan, went through an era where they were more or less irrelevant; they are one of the biggest clubs in football history; the Dark Ages was very complex and difficult to manage. All the work they did behind the scene brought them into this moment. Paolo Maldini was one of the worst executives in football for several years. In 2019, AC Milan’s transfer window was one of the worst in history. They would have been better off taking 200 million and lighting it on fire; that’s how erratically bad it was because that was the case with some of the idiotic decisions that Paolo Maldini made. It took a couple of years to get over that and improve upon it, but Paolo Maldini made the Right Moves at the right time when given the opportunity. Sandro tonali, Raphael Leao, Theo Hernandez, Franck Kessie, and bringing Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He lost Gigi donnarumma and managed to find an adequate replacement that went on to be the second-best goalkeeper in the League this season. All the moves he made with starting going to fruition. It may be risky hire, Stefano Pioli. Despite the pressure on his back, he stuck with him and drove into the Promised Land. His son Daniel Maldini in this team also picks me up a Winner’s medal, which must feel surreal. However, the risk of bringing in a 39-year-old Ibrahimovic ended up being one of the best decisions he made here; when he arrived, he said by the time he left, AC Milan would have won a trophy. He fulfilled the prophecy leaving with the league title. It has truly been a magical season; when you look at it, their last seven games were incredibly difficult; it did take a little bit of luck as it always does. Raphael Leao scored against Fiorentina in a brutal performance to keep the hope alive. Inter Milan dropped points and critical moments of the season, especially against bologna; their game in hand put AC Milan in the driver’s seat, and they never let go until it’s finished. But if I were to highlight one moment from this season, it would be the game against Lazio coming in a vital part of the season when all the pressure was on them to continue to deliver the perception was that they would flame out when the pressure mounted them because this has been what AC Milan has done in the last couple years the perception was it was going to be the same an Inter Milan would have the mental strength to do what they needed to do to win the League. 90th minute against Lazio Sandro tonali sticks his foot outscoring the winning goal that one touch of the ball won the title for AC Milan it was and intent season that came down to the very end but AC Milan away at sassuolo a very good team that is especially difficult to play away from home handle their business like that one touch from Sandro tonali weeks prior handed AC Milan their first scudetto in 11 years how they approach this next stretch going into next Season could be crucial as they should be in the thick of it again, but for this moment in this season, AC Milan holds that Trophy up as if it was their first time.

Mourinho and Sarri In Roma

Two incredibly significant personalities came to Rome this summer. Jose Mourinho, the special one, came to Roma in an attempt to change the culture at the Stadio Olimpico. Meanwhile, Maurizio sarri joined the blue of Rome with Lazio as they replaced the departing coaches at the time. With totally different characters and personalities, it added a certain intrigue to the city of Rome in what was going to be an interesting battle for the capital. That’s precisely what it was both Rome-based clubs were battling through transition seeking validation to winning once again. The level of success has shown historically in Milan and Turin, the capital city, with a certain respect, have been Outsiders in terms of success and winning. Maurizio sarri and Jose Mourinho landed in Rome to change the culture of the clubs to guide their transition and projects back to the top with the input of growth during this past season. Maurizio sarri inputted Sarri ball with Lazio. Lazio heavily relied on Ciro immobile, who was the top scorer in League with 27 goals and my opinion, was the best player in the League this past season. Along with Serge milinkovic-savic but not nearly having the pieces in place to realistically get to where they want to go yet. However, from my visual standpoint, his influence on the team was fantastic. One of the most visually pleasing attacking teams in the League. A reason for that is they conceded more goals than they would like, but when watching this Lazio team, they were incredibly entertaining and showed qualities inside it. There’s a lot of work to do to get this team where it needs to go, but the impact and influence he had put on put in the right direction. He won the first Rome Derby and finished one point in front of Roma. However, Jose Mourinho as Roma made the biggest waves in Italian football in Rome. Roma is a team that has lacked a sense of mentality and a winning attitude but what the special wanted to build in the capital was nothing short of spectacular. It took some time for him to get going, but once everyone was on the same page, this Roma team looked like one to be feared. Lazio is heavily relied upon by their star player. Roma has a more deep squad on the surface. Adding learning from the mentality that Mourinho had shown in his career Roma found themselves in difficult situations and was able to adapt to them. Dominated in the second Rome Derby with a three-goal victory the way Lorenzo Pellegrini has taken his team by the Scruff of the neck, and then the guy takes this Roma team. Jose’s captain set up the city this season. They finished one point behind their Rivals, but that was primarily due to the fact that they had a European Adventure To Remember. They finished one point ahead of Fiorentina in the grand scheme of things; that’s not ideal, but the progression that we saw week in and week out it’s taking this team in the right direction; they are a few signing away from really charging for that Champions League spot next season the owners have backed him completely and have given him the resources he needs this summer. Roma had a better season than Lazio despite their table position, probably not reflecting their performances this season. They have been inconsistent, but they’ve been one of the best teams in the League since January. They had one match they would rather want to forget and have had low moments, but the totality of the season is that Mourinho was taking this team to the heights that the predecessors have lacked them to get to it was never about making the Champions League this season he was about closing the Gap and building something he’s done that. The most satisfying thing about their season was the European Adventure; even though it had some Fair shares of difficulties, Roma got themselves to the conference League final against a really vibrant and young Dutch side but managed to score and close things down, winning Roma a trophy for the first time in 14 years as Roma took the conference League into the city with Incredible support and stands that have been waiting for something like that for such a long time his arrival in Rome has been exactly what Roma have needed going forward Maurizio sarri may have picked the wrong time to come to Lazio as the future of this city despite the League this season has a suede towards the giallorossi two incredible personalities coming to Rome and what was a gripping Clash of the Titans something we will only see more of in the upcoming season.

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