Serie A 2021/2022 Season Review Part Two #1478 (late)

League Review

Allegri Puts Juventus out of the Trophy-winning business

Juventus lost their grasp on the scudetto last season after having a reign of terror over Italian football in the last decade. Even with a highly challenging season, they still won the Coppa Italia under Andrea Piro, promoted from the under-23. There were undoubtedly some problematic issues regarding the former Serie A Legend and midfielder. However, there was a sign of growth throughout the closing stages of that season. Everything seemed to be going in the right direction, but after just one season, Agnelli Pavel Nedved had seen enough and pulled the trigger relieving Andrea Piro of his duties. Juventus decided to go in a different direction that felt oddly similar. Max Allegri was brought back into the fold after being out of the sport. In an interview shortly in January of that year, he admitted that he hadn’t watched the sport in 2 years. This was their big idea bringing back someone unaware of what was going on and hasn’t been surrounded by the game in years. Peak Max Allegri was one of the best coaches of this decade in Italian football getting Juventus the two Champions League finals and a barrage of League titles, not to mention winning the league with AC Milan. However, all the success that he has had in Italy is in the past. This was an erratic decision being made by Juventus; he showed consistent acts of cluelessness and horrific tactics and is mainly responsible for the disappointing season they had by their standards. Juventus’s start bringing him back would take Juventus back to the top; this move did more harm than good. Max Allegri wasn’t qualified to handle a job with the amount of pressure on Juventus; there are certain qualities within the team, and Juventus’s success during the last stretch of the season was down to the talent he has rather than his influence. Going throughout the season, he didn’t do anything that would have suggested he had a plan in place. The decision-making and his tactical ineptitude put Juventus in an incredibly problematic situation. Going into this season, the gap between Inter Milan and AC Milan was manageable as it was quite close. Fast forward the right here right now, and Juventus are nowhere near the qualities of AC Milan and Inter Milan. The scary thing is teams are going to get a lot better; not to say Juventus won’t improve, but the Gap is so wide based on the decision they made to appoint a manager it hasn’t seen the pitch in 2 years and doesn’t have a sense or a strategy or a game plan for the future of the club. Ultimately they finished fourth this season, got bounced in the Champions League by Villarreal, lost the Coppa Italia final to Inter Milan, and saw a significantly weaker Napoli team finish ahead of them in the league. Juventus may not have been an ideal situation to start the season had Cristiano Ronaldo left the club in the summer to join Manchester United. Max Allegri had an opportunity to bring someone in to cover the goals that were being departed; he brought in Moise Kean with Alvaro Morata. They had a horrific start to the season as Juventus were as low as 14th in the table. They eventually caught on and took advantage of the poor form of Atalanta. Bringing in Dusan Vlahovic and Denis Zakaria certainly helped them close the gap and ultimately qualify for the Champions League. However, in the same January, he let go of one of their most explosive players Kulusevski who has gone on to join Antonio Conte at Spurs and absolutely killed it. Looking back, Juventus will realize the mistakes they made by putting Max Allegri back in charge. Paulo Dybala couldn’t agree to a new contract with Juventus with likely Landing with Inter Milan or Roma. Giorgio Chiellini is also leaving the club after the season as their leader is likely making his way to America. They are falling further and further behind the projects at Inter Milan and AC Milan. Max Allegri is the most dysfunctional figure at the club at the moment, and Juventus is trapped with him; there’s nobody that’s ideal that they can replace him with, and as long as Max Allegri is the manager at Juventus, they will struggle to win real trophies. They are not in the trophy-winning business anymore as long as he is there.

Fiorentina is back in Europe

Fiorentina finally gets it right. They have been Italy’s biggest Underachievers over the last couple of years. The talent that Fiorentina has been able to produce it’s quite remarkable. They have a well-balanced team with the potential to do some great things. Looking at Fiorentina top to bottom, while they may not be good enough to get into the elite European competitions, they certainly have had the squad who at least push Europe and get into that conversation. The problem is they have a negative influence at the top. Rocco commisso has repeatedly said things and made checks, but his team can’t cash. Ever since he’s coming ownership, he has made some legitimate appalling decisions. Still, he has fed into this narrative that Fiorentina can make the Champions League in a couple of years. He has hired the wrong coaches and has put them back even further. Even with Dusan Vlahovic and Federico Chiesa, his team couldn’t get it over the line; they have continually finished in the bottom half of the table more or less ever since he took over. Things finally changed as the perfect man to lead them fell in their lap. Fiorentina hired Gattuso before they had a difference of opinion on ideas as he resigned. They targeted Ivan juric, who went to Torino; Maurizio sarri going to Lazio; Daniele De Rossi, who stayed as an assistant on the Italian national team at the time; he has since resigned and could be, the next manager at SPAL, leaving one man left regardless of being the fifth choice for Fiorentina they got lucky. Vincenzo Italiano came into the team and completely changed the entire mentality and was getting through a play group of very talented players. He helped Spezia Escape relegation; even though his CV may not have looked incredible on paper, he is a fantastic up-and-coming coach and Italian football. There was this narrative around that maybe he would be the one to get the best out of the team in Florence finally. That’s exactly what they did; they managed to finish in seventh this season, beating some big teams along the way and qualifying for the conference League. Fiorentina is back in Europe once again, and he dealt with so much. His main man that scored so many goals for Fiorentina during the first half of the season, departed as Dusan Vlahovic wanted. Fiorentina was able to bring in the right pieces in January, and the summer kept the team afloat; going the departure was expected to be demoralizing, but it honestly, Vincenzo’s Italian was unfazed and got through to Fiorentina as they became big overachievers. There’s still a lot of work to be done, and there’s probably a fair bit of distance between themselves and the likes of Lazio and Roma, but they’ve got themselves back into European football.

Inter Milan threw away the Title

Inter Milan is the best team in Italy by far from top to bottom; they have quality piercing through it. They are only a few signings away from potentially winning the Champions League. We have to understand the circumstances of the season were what they were, but there’s no escaping the fact that Inter Milan is far away the best team in this league, and there’s not a real debate about it. Over the summer, they went through some brutal changes. Losing Romelu Lukaku; Hakimi and Antonio Conte. There were many adjustments and transitions in order Inter Milan brought Simone Inzaghi from Inter Milan. They added the likes of and Denzel Dumfries, edin Dzeko, and Correra. Even with the absentees of some crucial pieces going out of Inter Milan, we’re still an incredible threat as some of the pieces that came in were very effective in an already incredibly strong team. They were leaving the title charge for the majority of the season; it looked inevitable that Inter Milan would win the league again. Even when they began to fall behind slightly after a difficult stretch to start the second half of the season, the majority still believed that they will close the gap and win the title. They went the farthest among Italian teams in the Champions League and really is a side that didn’t appear to have many weaknesses. Even with the absence of Antonia Conte and romelu Lukaku. Lataro Martinez stepped up to the plate and was one of the best strikers in the league edin Dzeko supplied fantastic deaths at the striker position. Hakan calhanoglu in the blue of Milan was a difference-maker in the attack, and defensively Milan skriniar and Alessandro Bastoni was just a different level. Samir handanovic in goal was a bit hit and miss at times, but the majority of the season, he was consistent. It was theirs for the taking for a team with the best starting 11 in the league and probably the most depth. They had a game in hand all the way until the end of the season before managing to throw it away. They needed to beat bologna away, and the league was more or less going to be theirs. Considering the difficulty of AC Milan’s schedule regarding the last six or seven games of the season, everything was in their favor if they took care of business. Bologna was a horrific performance; they lost after a considerable goalkeeping mistake that ultimately lost them the title. That walking it significantly less talented AC Milan team lift the trophy at the end of the season they controlled what they could after their defeat. They won the rest of the game that season but couldn’t entirely close the gap between themselves, and they seemed a lot when it was all there sitting for them; they couldn’t come up to the plate and deliver. This isn’t necessarily a Simone Inzaghi who did an excellent job the more or less the vibe of the entire season; they were The Hunted, and they couldn’t coexist with it the majority of the season. They could have had back-to-back League titles, and instead, because of this, they had to witness the red of Milan explode in the city after they won the league. This was a brutal moment for Inter Milan as they probably felt like they threw it away. However, this will be a blessing in disguise. This will put more pressure on them to bring in the right signings next season. Inter Milan needs no more than three signings to challenge for the Champions League next season. Keeping the team intact and adding a few pieces required. AC Milan will be under immense pressure, and Inter Milan given how the season ended, will make a dress of moves to win it back next season, which I expect them to do; however, this season, it was in their hands, and they watched it slip away.

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