Serie A 2021/2022 Team of the Season #1481 (late)


Defensive midfielder; Marcelo Brozovic, Inter Milan

Marcelo Brozovic is the type of player that flies under the radar; many don’t appreciate the types of things he can do and the importance of his role in The Inter Milan team. While he may not put off gaudy numbers that may Grant more attention, his importance to the structure of Inter Milan is essential. I’ve seen multiple people leave him out of the team of the season, including the bench. I am incredibly confused by that perspective. He was Far and Away Inter Milan’s player this season. Martinez has been fantastic, but Marcelo brozovic positioned himself as the most important player on this team. Not to mention one of the best in the league at what he does. His game isn’t flash in statistics; it’s gritty and ugly, the dirty work of the Midfield. We have been somewhat ruined by A football society that sees players like Joshua Kimmich put together 20-goal involvements from the Defensive Midfield position that sometimes we lose sight of what the objective is. We cannot compete with Joshua kimmich; he’s one of the eight best players in World football; he is an alien in regards to what he can do in the attacking sense from the defensive Midfield, but in totality, a defensive midfielder’s main objective create a bridge between defensive and attacking play. Marcelo brozovic’s most crucial role in this team is when Inter Milan loses possession to be there either to gain it back immediately or to create movement to disrupt a counter-attacking situation from the opposition. Secondly is a link-up between transitioning from the defensive area to counter-attacking football. A player like Marcelo brozovic is also a capable goal scorer; his numbers are not going to look insane largely due to the fact that his objective as a defensive midfielder in this league is not to score goals the reason he’s not getting assists and goals is that he is starting to counter-attack even if there are no statistics credited to what he does in this area the best defensive midfielder in the league by a country mile he provides so much quality without showing up on the stat sheet. Inter Milan is loaded from top to bottom, but this team doesn’t thrive without all the Dirty Work he does; he would be another player, but I highly considered for player this season; he’s just been that good, and it’s a sad fact that so many don’t realise it.

Central Midfield; Serge milinkovic-savic, Lazio

Serge milinkovic-savic is one of a kind when it comes to what his ceiling is as an attacking midfielder. She’s Not Just clearly one of the best midfielders in Italian football; he is one of the best midfielders in the world. I would classify him as a world-class player. I don’t typically like to be complementary of Lazio players if I can help it, but Serge, it’s just a different level. There are very few midfielders at his size that can do what he regularly does. He meets all the Surplus requirements that you would look for in an attacking Midfield. His versatility makes him very adaptable in any system let you put them in. Under Maurizio sarri and Simone Inzaghi, his standard has not dropped; he has been constantly at the level he’s been operating; he doesn’t get different performance you rarely see and have a bad game or a bad season for that matter. You can play him as a central midfielder and place him underneath the striker as either a central attacking midfielder or as a false 9. Has an extensive range of skill set; he is physically very big and an absolute machine in the air not only because of his height but because of his power; he’s very imposing; sometimes it feels like a man amongst boys, especially on set pieces. With exquisite passing and vision and good with the ball at his feet can strike it from nearly anywhere, and when they count on him the most, he steps up to the plate. There is a benefit in playing with Ciro immobile, meaning only half an inch of space. This season has been no different from the season he’s contributed both and goal scoring and supplying opportunities. He had double digits in goals and assists this season, and his link-up play with Ciro immobile has been phenomenal. In every aspect of the game, he has been incredibly efficient and effective. He checks all boxes for what you need as a midfielder. Truly one of the best in the world at what he did last season under a new manager, he still is, all the same, he is a box office attraction, one of visually the most pleasing players to watch always coming up in the big moments as much as I don’t want to give him his flowers he’s the type of player that you put into the team in a season before a ball is kicked you know what you’re going to get from him and he gets the best out of the those around him he’s versatile you can even see him wander in the Defensive Midfield position when needed he has a complete set of skills a complete midfielder also had the physical gifts that make him such a dangerous player in so many situations with man united it needed exactly what he has hopefully he leaves the league so he can leave me in peace.

Central Midfielder; Lorenzo Pellegrini, Roma

When Francesco Totti and Daniele de Rossi retired, there was a lot of talk about the heir to the throne. Lorenzo Pellegrini wasn’t the first choice when asking that question, but he has been the answer. On multiple fronts, he is Roman born and Club captain, which in itself sees him following in similar footsteps. However, in terms of the quality of a player to take this team forward, he fits the bill, as we have seen it multiple times this season. You know the famous quote from Jose Mourinho saying he wishes he had 11 Pellegrini’s. Francesco Totti was consistently one of the best players in the world and a top-five at his position. As much as people want to sneeze at this, Lorenzo Pellegrini is the best Midfield in Italian football; now, it’s not that close; at least this season, Lorenzo Pellegrini is an all-around midfielder that can play in any area. Defensive, Central, and attacking Midfield underneath the striker, the skills that he possesses puts him among the very elite. If you were to grade his ability with these different traits, he is a A- or better across the board. People may not be ready to have this conversation, but it is the reality Lorenzo Pellegrini is a top 5 midfielder in the world; only Kevin De bruyne, Joshua kimmich, Luka Modric, and Leon goretzka could you argue are superior to the Roma captain. 9 goals and five assists this season, the most set-piece goals in the league, 3 absolutely insane free kicks, and a big game player that made it his mission this season to get on the same mind frame as incoming Striker Tammy Abraham. The relationship did they have created this campaign without really speaking the same language for at least half the season has been one of fascinating things about this Roma team. Tammy Abraham now can understand Italian, but Lorenzo Pellegrini doesn’t really speak English with minimal vocabulary. Yet the two of them were on the same page repeatedly. Not to mention all the other things he has done this season; whenever creativity was absent in the Midfield, Lorenzo Pellegrini provided it. This season there’s absolutely no doubt he’s in this team this is one of the best players in the world, even if no one will admit that. He has been the captain of this ship. The leader of Mourinho needed this season, a big reason why Tammy Abraham had such an outstanding campaign and why Nicolo zaniolo started looking like his former self at the end of the season. Without question the best passer in Italian football and certainly one of the best in Europe. He has genuinely impeccable vision and can ping the ball and very tight windows and areas. Five assists in the league doesn’t do justice to the type of tunnels that he opens with his movement and ball control. It is very difficult to get it off of him, and he’s always a danger to find it in Europe as he was the best player in the conference League, leading Roma to the trophy. There’s not enough words to really explain how and why Lorenzo Pellegrini was such a player this season last year. I believe he was a top-15 midfielder in the world this year; he’s in the top five those who watch him play; there’s no real disputing that. By next year I fully expect him to be able to crack the top three. He was the best playmaker in the league the way he stepped up in big moments, and you can see his value as when he wasn’t in the team, they just felt like something was missing. I love Tammy Abraham; he’s been a fantastic replacement for edin Dzeko, but without Lorenzo Pellegrini putting him into those dangerous Spaces, Tammy Abraham doesn’t have quite the season; he did everything starts and finishes with Lorenzo Pellegrini as he has been a revelation this season.

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